Radhanath Swami on Pleasing Krishna is our aim

On July 7, 2015, in 1996, Chapter 18, by Radhanath Swami

The whole world is enchanted by three modes of material nature. Those who are bewildered by these three modes cannot understand that transcendental to this material nature is the Supreme Lord, Kṛṣṇa. Every living entity under the influence of material nature has a particular type of body and a particular type of psychological and biological activities accordingly. There are four classes of men functioning in the three modes of material nature.

Radhanath Swami on Surrender with Humility

On June 29, 2015, in 1996, Chapter 2, by Radhanath Swami

Respectable superiors like Bhishma the grandfather and Dronācārya the teacher are always worshipable. Even if they attack, they should not be counterattacked. It is general etiquette that superiors are not to be offered even a verbal fight. Even if they are sometimes harsh in behavior, they should not be harshly treated. Then, how is it possible for Arjuna to counterattack them? Would Krishna ever attack His own grandfather, Ugrasena, or His teacher, Sāndīpani Muni? These were some of the arguments offered by Arjuna to Krishna.

Radhanath Swami on “Supreme Person Is Understood By Service”

On June 27, 2015, in 1996, SB 11.2, by Radhanath Swami

Today we are reading from Srimad Bhagvatam, eleventh canto, chapter two. Herein Narada Muni is explaining to Vasudeva, the father of Lord Krishna, a beautiful narration in which the essential truths of spirituality are revealed. It describes how Maharaj Rishabdev who is the great incarnation of the Supreme Lord, took his birth in this world as a son of king Nabhi, who was the descendant of Ägnédhra, who was a descendent of Priyavrat and he ruled this world as a great king and spread the glories of devotional service in all directions.

Radhanath Swami on “Attach To Krishna Detached From Maya”

On June 25, 2015, in 1996, SB 2.5, by Radhanath Swami

This phenomenal world is impersonally the representation of Vasudeva because the ingredients of its creation, their interaction and the enjoyer of the resultant action, the living being, are all produced by the external and internal energies of Lord Krsna. This is confirmed in the Bhagavad-gita (7.4-5). The ingredients, namely earth, water, fire, air and sky, as well as the conception of material identity, intelligence and the mind, are produced of the external energy of the Lord.

Radhanath Swami on Krishna in the form of time

On June 22, 2015, in 1996, Foreign Lectures, by Radhanath Swami

The impersonal time factor is the background of the material manifestation as the instrument of the Supreme Lord. It is the ingredient of assistance offered to material nature. No one knows where time began and where it ends, and it is time only which can keep a record of the creation, maintenance and destruction of the material manifestation. This time factor is the material cause of creation and is therefore a self expansion of the Personality of Godhead. Time is considered the impersonal feature of the Lord.

Radhanath Swami explains The Exalted Position of Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva

On June 22, 2015, in 1996, SB 2.6, by Radhanath Swami

We have many times mentioned the names of twelve selected authorities (dvädaça-mahäjana), of which Brahmä, Närada and Lord Shiva head the list as the first, second and third in order of merit of those who know something of the Supreme Lord. Other demigods, semi-demigods, Gandharvas way. But what can the scientists know?

Radhanath Swami on Quit Home Timely

On June 18, 2015, in 1996, SB 1.15, by Radhanath Swami

It is understood from this verse that Maharaj Yudhistir followed the footsteps of his forefathers and the great devotees of the Lord. We have discussed many times before that the system of varna-ashram dharma as it was strictly followed by the inhabitants of the world specifically by those who inhabited the Aryavard province of the world emphasizes the importance of leaving all household connections at a certain stage of life. The training and education was so imparted and thus respectable person like Maharaj Yudhistir had to leave all family connection for self realization and going back to Godhead.

Radhanath Swami on Kaliyuga

On June 13, 2015, in 1996, Latest, by Radhanath Swami

Where does Kali reside? by Radhanath Swami   Radhanath Swami explains  Kali by the directions of Maharaj Parikshita, the son of Uttara was allowed to live in those five places. The most important of all scriptures of the world gives us the clearest understanding of what is the Absolute truth and how to achieve realization […]

Radhanath Swami on Self Management

On June 9, 2015, in 1996, Latest, by Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami explains, In terms of Bhagavad-Gita Krsna explains to the world, the most profound and essential system of management, how to manage our mind, our senses in harmony with the true nature and purpose of the soul, of god in our life.   Radhanath Swami on Big Zero   Radhanath Swami explains, that the educational […]

Radhanath Swami on Teachings of Lord Rama

On June 9, 2015, in 1996, Latest, by Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami on How Krsna Consciousness process brings change in society   I would like to first of all offer my great thankfulness to all of you who are so kindly assembling here this evening, to celebrate this wonderful occasion in which he have come together to hear and chant the glories of the Supreme […]

Radhanath Swami about Efficacy of Bhakti in the Present

On June 3, 2015, in Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 7, Latest, by Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami establishes the Eternality of the Bhagavad Gita We are reading this evening from Chapter 7, Text 29 of Srimad Bhagvat Gita. I would like to thank all of you very much for coming to participate in this Krsna consciousness movement which is established by Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu who is the Yuga-avatara for this […]

Center Marriage Life Around Krsna by Radhanath Swami

On June 1, 2015, in 1996, Latest, by Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami explains owing to ignorance, one does not know that this material world is a miserable place where there are dangers at every step. Out of ignorance only, less intelligent persons try to adjust to the situation by fruitive activities, thinking that the resultant actions will make them happy. They do not know that […]

Radhanath Swami explains “Lord Never Appears Alone”

On May 30, 2015, in Canto 1, SB 1.18, Srimad Bhagavatam, by Radhanath Swami

Translation (SB 1.18.9)   O sages, as you did ask me, now I have described almost everything regarding the narrations about Lord Kṛṣṇa in connection with the history of the pious Mahārāja Parīkṣit. Purport  Śrīmad–Bhāgavatam is the history of the activities of the Lord. And the activities of the Lord are performed in relation with the devotees of the Lord. […]

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