Go beyond The Three Modes by Radhanath Swami

On November 28, 2014, in 1994, by Radhanath Swami

Material nature consists of three modes—goodness, passion and ignorance. When the eternal living entity comes in contact with nature, O mighty-armed Arjuna, he becomes conditioned by these modes. The living entity, because he is transcendental, has nothing to do with this material nature. Still, because he has become conditioned by the material world, he is […]

Radhanath Swami explain how criticism ruins spiritual life

On November 21, 2014, in 1994, by Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami explain Kali-yuga: The age of quarrel In the age of Kali, the slightest provocation, the slightest misunderstanding can create hatred violence and war, is the age of quarrel and hypocrisy and the sin gem of quarrel and hypocrisy is endlessly cycling and spiraling into deeper and deeper complexities, perplexities and bondage.  In a […]

Accept Knowledge Humbly by Radhanath Swami

On November 17, 2014, in 1994, by Radhanath Swami

Hearing Çrémad Bhagvatam in proper spirit At the auspicious arrival of Närada, ÇréVyäsadeva got up respectfully and worshiped him, giving him veneration equal to that given to Brahmäji, the creator. Çréla Vedavyäsa is sitting here at that great holy place of Badrikashram on the banks of the holy river Sarasvati. Where everything all around him, […]

Material gains can be troublesome

On November 10, 2014, in 1994, by Radhanath Swami

What is being explained that the most ancient of all forms of knowledge is this great science of bhakti or devotional service to the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. When we say ancient, we are not speaking in terms of the material idea of being ancient or very old because in this case, bhakti, devotional service […]

Radhanath Swami explains how Krishna is centre of everything

On November 6, 2014, in 1994, by Radhanath Swami

The entire cosmic manifestations, moving and nonmoving, are manifested by different activities of Krsna’s energy. In the material existence we create different relationships with different living entities who are nothing but Krsna’s marginal energy; under the creation of prakṛti some of them appear as our father, mother, grandfather, creator, etc., but actually they are parts […]

Radhanath Swami on Real Morality and Immorality

On October 25, 2014, in 1994, Latest, by Radhanath Swami

A great mystery is being understood, Srila Prabhupada explains here that the natural chronological order of the 4 millenniums is – Satya-Yuga, Dvarpara-Yuga the 2nd age and Treta-Yuga age 3rd age and then Kali-Yuga. But it is being explained here that during the 28th round of this particular Yuga cycle of the 4 millenniums, the […]

Glories Of Radharani by Radhanath Swami

On October 20, 2014, in 1994, by Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami explains Decorated by the dress of Lord Damodara’s increasing ecstasy, you are the lady of the house of Lord Hari and the groves of Vrindavan. From the ocean of Vrishabhanu has arisen a new moon which is overwhelming the qualities of Lalita and Vishakha. O Goddess, Your qualities are described by Sanaka and […]

Strive for service of sakhis by Radhanath Swami

On October 16, 2014, in 1994, by Radhanath Swami

The spiritual world of Goloka Vrindavan by Radhanath Swami: Srila Narottam Das Thakur is praying to Sri, Sri Radha and Krishna, “Oh! Radha Krishna my living force, oh youthful couple in life or death I have nothing more than you.” He is praying in the mood of the servant of the servant of the servant […]

How much faith do we have by Radhanath Swami

On October 14, 2014, in 1994, by Radhanath Swami

Radhanath swami explains Faith is the base in which we perform our activities: In order to achieve supreme spiritual peace Krishna in this beautiful Sloka through Bhagavad Gita is describing the most fundamental and important attribute that must be integral within our nature and that is Çraddhä or faith. Srila Rupa Goswami is explaining his […]

Radhanath swami on submitting to Parampara

On October 11, 2014, in 1994, by Radhanath Swami

Radhanath swami explains In a meeting of learned men, when there are congratulations or addresses for the speaker, the qualifications of the congralulator should be as follows. He must be the leader of the house and an elderly man. He must be vastly learned also. Sri Saunaka rsi had all these qualifications and thus he […]

Radhanath Swami on Need of the Hour

On September 30, 2014, in 1994, by Radhanath Swami

Lord Shri Krishna explain the very purpose in which the Lord descends in this world. He explains that this science of self realisation in which we are meant to understand our relationship with the Supreme (Lord Shri Krishna) is a great mystery. And only one who accepts the humble position of the Lord’s devotee, the […]

Surrender To The Order

On September 23, 2014, in 1994, by Radhanath Swami

Radhanath swami explains how transcendental messages are received properly in the chain of disciplic succession. This disciplic succession is called paramparä. Unless therefore Bhägavatam or any other Vedic literatures are received through the paramparä system, the reception of knowledge is not bona fide. Vyäsadeva delivered the message to Çukadeva Gosvämé, and from Çukadeva Gosvämé, Süta Gosvämé […]

Greed for wealth ruins us

On September 23, 2014, in 1994, by Radhanath Swami

Radhanath swami explains how greed for wealth  can ruin us The fact this whole material creation was ultimately arranged by Krishna, the supreme personality of Godhead and the purpose of giving the chance for all living beings to come to the realization of totally surrendering our body, mind, words and lives at the lotus feet […]

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