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There is a famous verse from the 10th canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam. This particular verse, which is one of the most often, quoted verses of our spiritual master His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. The reason is for a devotee who is aspiring to advancement in spiritual life. The proper understanding of this verse in our day to day activities is most essential.


Brahmavimohan Lila

This sloka is spoken by Lord Brahma. It took place during the famous Brahmavimohan Lila. For Lord Brahmaji was greatly bewildered by the divine – Sri Krishna. You know the story, how Lord Brahma forgetting the only potent supremely glory of the Supreme Personality of Godhead tested Him by stealing all the cows and the cowherd boys of Vraja dham. He took them to his secret place and one year later he came to that place to see all the cows and all the cow herd boys was to present playing with one another as usual. In fact this was because Lord Sri Krishna expanded himself personally to take the place of His friends. And then as he was very much disturbed in mind, how can this possibly be. I am the supreme creator of this universe, how is that? I do not understand. He went back to that cave, in which the boys were – and he saw that they were still there sleeping and then he came back to the pasture ground and he saw the same boys were still playing with Lord Sri Krishna. Back in forth he went and he became terrible confused. And of course as we know confusion in this world was source of great suffering. When one is confused and bewildered, this is one of the most miserable conditions of life. Mental pain is more painful then physical pain. The proof is one who is in utter distress often times commit suicide. How many times in history, do we find in records that people commit suicide due to physical pain? Somehow or other people can always tolerate, no matter how that physical pain is. But we find practically every suicide is due to mental pain. When someone’s mind is in such confusion, bewilderment, and distress that they cannot either live.

So Lord Brahmaji was in greatest mental distress. Because he was confused. He was bewildered. He lost his entire composer. Similarly we find him Bhagavad-Gita that Arjuna, when he was in bewildered and confuse state of mental distress; physically he was strong and healthy. But there tears are rolling from his eyes, his complexion became white, he could not hold his bow, he was shaking, his hairs were standing on and his mouth was dry. In this condition, he turned to Krishna and said, Krishna I surrender.


påcchämi tväà dharma-sammüòha-cetäù

yac chreyaù syän niçcitaà brühi tan me

çiñyas te ‘haà çädhi mäà tväà prapannam”

Bhagavad-Gita 2.7

I have lost composer due to weakness. I do not what is to be done and what is not to be done. In this condition of life, I surrendered to you. You are my guru, I am your disciple. Now you please instruct me. I do not know.

So Lord Brahma when he was in this condition. At that time to make matters even more confusing, Lord Sri Krishna by his divine potency, each and every cowherd boy and each and every cow and calf transformed into a form of Narayana. The Lord of Vaikuntha. And around each one of those Narayanas was all the great sages and all the great demigods after prayers and worship and when Lord Brahma saw this. He was utterly confused. Although he was so great, he could not contain himself. At that time when Krishna saw that has in the ultimate extent of mental bewilderment then the whole scenes disappeared and all those were left, there was little – Krishna standing with a lump of flute in his hand, looking for his friends. Just as an innocent child. At that time Lord Brahma, he realized that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is almighty. And with his golden crown, he placed upon Krishna’s lotus feet. He said Krishna, I thought I was very great. Just like glow worm, a fire fly in the night thinks she is very-very powerful and how much light he is emanating. And among other fireflies the firefly is boasting “I can give more light than you”. And other fireflies are very envious, thinking ah, only I can have most light than him. And the other fireflies are telling their friends; actually he is not giving up that much light than me. May appear that but actually he is not. Actually he is a rascal. Whatever light is getting is actually he stolen from me. So there is envy among fireflies and competition among fireflies. There is so much pride. But then in the morning, when the sun rises. Nobody could even see the light of the firefly. It is so insignificant. So Lord Brahma was explaining that forgetting you Krishna I was thinking, I was great. But in your presence I am like a firefly before the sun. I am nothing, I am insignificant. Now what is Brahma’s position compare to our. His one day is something like 311 billion years. He lives for trillions and trillions of years. You may have family to three children or you may have a family of five children. And you may think oh, I maintaining them very nicely. But Lord Brahma, every living creature on this earth is his child. His children great grand children and so on. You may think you have nice house that you have done good work to establish. But Lord Brahma in Bhrahma Loka, it is the most magnificent luxurious and opulent of all planets in the universe. He has created all the planets on this universe and all species of life within it. There is no one compares to him and he is considering himself as a firefly compares to the sun of Krishna. And we are thinking we are very great. We only think we are great, when we forget Krishna. As soon as you think Krishna, you think he is great. As soon as you forget Krishna, you want to become great. So therefore Lord Brahma in this condition of utter humility, he offered this prayer to Krishna.


Prayers Of Lord Brahma

“tat te ‘nukampäà su-samékñamäëo

bhuïjäna evätma-kåtaà vipäkam

håd-väg-vapurbhir vidadhan namas te

jéveta yo mukti-pade sa däya-bhäk”

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.14.8

He has explaining who is qualified for liberation. There is only one person that is qualified for to be liberated. And that is the person who in the most distressful and suffering condition of life, when they come upon him. That person with gracious heart folds his palm and offers his obeisance to the Supreme Personality of Godhead and says thank you very much my dear lord, this is just what I need. It is by your mercy that I am in this condition of life. It is all due to my previous activities that any sufferings come upon me and by your divine arrangement, you are just giving me a small sample of what I deserve, because of that condition, I can thank you from the bottom of my heart and surrendered to your lotus feet. If the person is not willing and ready to offer his obeisance with the heart, full of gratitude to Krishna in the most distressful and suffering condition of life. He is not fit for liberation. And until you come to that platform you will never attain pure Krishna Consciousness.

So how the world can be thankful in the conditions of distress. First of all, know as long as you are in this material world conditions of distress will come upon you. You cannot avoid it. You can try. But Krishna says in Gita.

“ä-brahma-bhuvanäl lokäù

punar ävartino ‘rjuna

mäm upetya tu kaunteya

punar janma na vidyate”

Bhagavad-Gita 8.16

From the highest planet of this material world than to the lowest, there all places of misery. Because repeated birth and death takes place everywhere.

“mäm upetya punar janma

duùkhälayam açäçvatam

näpnuvanti mahätmänaù

saàsiddhià paramäà gatäù”

Bhagavad-Gita 8.15

The wise souls they know that this material world is a miserable place by nature. Because everything is temporary. The eternal soul can never find real peace in the temporary existence of this world. So therefore first, we must understand it is the nature of this place that we are living that it is a place of dualities. Whether there is happiness and distress, pleasure and pain, honor and dishonor. But we must understand the source of this material existence. “janmädy asya yato” the source of everything is god. The absolute truth. “janmädy asya yato”. In Srimad Bhagavatam it says “om namo bhagavate vasudevaya”. That I offer my obeisance to Vasudeva. The supreme Lord Sri Krishna. Because he is that cause of all causes. He is Him from whom everything is emanates. And Krishna conforms in Bhagavad-Gita.

“ahaà sarvasya prabhavo

mattaù sarvaà pravartate

iti matvä bhajante mäà

budhä bhäva-samanvitäù”

Bhagavad-Gita 10.8

I am the source of all material and spiritual world. Everything emanates form me. The wise who know this perfectly and engage in my loving service and worship me with all their hearts. So everything is coming from Krishna.


viñëor dhäma paraà säkñät”

Srimad Bhagavatam 3.11.42

He is the cause of all causes. He is not only the cause of the things you like. He is the cause of everything. And it is explained in isopnisada

“oà pürëam adaù pürëam idaà

pürëät pürëam udacyate

pürëasya pürëam ädäya

pürëam evävaçiñyate”

That the supreme absolute truth is the cause of all causes. From whom everything emanates is perfect and complete and everything emanating from Him is perfect and complete. And not a blade of grass moves without his sanction. Therefore everything that is happening is perfect and complete. If you see its relationship with Krishna. Therefore whatever comes upon us, we should know is god’s grace. It is coming by his divine arrangement upon us. This verse by Lord Brahma is explaining that whatever suffering condition comes into our life, whatever reverses, we know it is due to our own past karma and Krishna by his mercy is given to us for our purification. So therefore what crazy person will blame the circumstances or the environment around him for what is his fault.

False Pride – Ego (Aahankar)

This is the nature of the condition soul, who is insincere about trying to make spiritual advancement. He is very quick to blame others. He is very quick to justify. He is predicament of life by blaming upon either other persons or material circumstances. How give your example? If a carpenter makes a mistake just he blames his tools. And if you have a carpenter and he destroys your house that he says, do not blame me. It’s the fault of my tools. Do you accept that? That means he is crazy. Or give another example. When you pass stool is it nice thing. Not a very nice thing. For a hog it is very nice thing. But for you, hopefully it is not a very nice thing. Now do you blame the stool for not being nice? The fact is stool is born because you have eaten. It’s a product of what you have done. So do you blame the fact either you have eaten or blame the stool. You must blame the fact that you have eaten. Because you are the cause of it. So the laws of material nature is what ever you do there will be an effect. But the cause of that fact is you activities, based on your desires. So therefore a devotee who is sincere about Krishna Consciousness never blames anything or anyone for what comes upon him. He takes a very humble position and accepts that this is the reaction of my activities and Krishna is so merciful that he is putting me in this condition for my purification. Lord Brahma says, until you are willing to see life like this, you are not qualified for Krishna Consciousness. And as soon as you can see things like this on the basis of your desire, then life becomes blissful then you attain peace in all circumstances. You become fearless. In this condition we can create a sense of harmony among each other. What is the greatest cause of disunity? The greatest cause of disunity is false pride (aahankar-ego). We want to think we are very nice. We are very great. We want to think, we are very expert. We want to think we are the enjoyers. When there is a predicament of life that is pitting my sense gratification and pitting my development of greater and greater false ego. What happens is we became very anxious to blame other, to condemn other. To justify our weakness by pointing toward another. Because we are discontent in a humble position, we want to attain a bigger position. Therefore we become envious of someone who is bigger than us. Isn’t this the cause of practically all disunity. It is because we are not humble enough to just thank Krishna for the position wherein and understand it is result of our own past karma.


Lord Chaitanya in Jarikhanda Forest

When Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu was traveling through the JariKhanda forest, He practically demonstrated to us. How we can overcome all these differences Karma, which is manifested to our ego. It is by unifying on the basis of the chanting of the holy name. It is described by the great acaryas “There is only one place where there is complete harmony in this entire creation and that is where people are gathering together to glorify the lord’s name and qualities. It is described in third canto of Srimad Bhagavatam that the great souls they gather together to discuss and chant the glories of the lord and as long as their engaged in this process with sincere hearts there is no envy or competition amongst them, so there is peace and there is harmony. As soon as the subject matter changes we are potentially envious of even the nearest and dearest one in our life. We are quick to blame them and hate them rather than except the blame upon our self. One who is a pure heart puts all blame of upon himself. Considers I deserve so much worse therefore such a great soul has no time to defend himself. He is too busy in glorifying Krishna. This takes place amongst one another, when we put the name of god first. It does not matter how degraded and fallen our condition of consciousness may be. Sometimes we maintain that I am a lust cause. May be for some few great souls in the sashtras and in the scriptures they can attain perfection by seeing according to their vision. But not me. My heart is so filled with pride, envy, lust, and greed that I am defeated again, again, and again. In fact I am like an animal. For Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu has shown us, how even if you are in animal, all animosity between you and the other animals will be gone as soon as you make the name of Krishna the centre in relationship. You see Krishna is in the heart of every living being. Lord Caitanya when he was traveled to Jarikhanda forest, he saw tiger laying in the road and He placed His foot on that tiger’s head and he began to chant the holy names and that tiger was normally most vicious creature of this earth. He raised his arms and began to chant the holy name in the love of god. He gave up all his sense of cruelty and violence and became a pure Vaishnava. Caitanya Mahaprabhu then took bath in lake and he saw a herd of elephant. Elephants are most dangerous of all animals in the jungle. A tiger can kill a few people. A serpent can kill few people but a herd of mad elephants can destroy the entire town or village within minutes. That is why an offence to great soul is called the mad elephant offence. It is not called the mad tiger offence or mad wolf offence mad Cobra offence. Called a mad elephant offence, why? Because there is nothing more dangerous than a mad elephant. A mad elephant within minutes can destroy your home, your garden, your whole family, you and everything else. That’s taking all your life to build up.

Lord Caitanya was amongst an entire herd of mad animals, was he fearful? He understood that God is part and parcel is within every hearts. Even of the mad elephants. Ever he was not afraid. He splashed them with water and he told them to chant Krishna, Krishna and they began to dance in ecstasy, crying out Krishna, Krishna. And they were dancing tears were flowing from the eyes. They fell to the ground and began to roll in the ground in ecstasy. Screaming in divine bliss. Then as he was dancing along during the forest path while he was chanting “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare” and then a beautiful bear began to follow him. And then as he was walking tigers began to follow him. Now generally in the forest deer and tigers are worst enemy, why? Because the tiger wants to eat the deer and the deer wants to stay away from the tiger. They are very violent toward one another. When Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu brought them together with the holy name of Krishna, those deers who are normally, they are inimical and hateful all creatures toward one another. They began to embrace with tears of love in their eyes and they began to kiss one another on the lips. Each tiger with a deer, dancing together. How was that possible? This is the power of the name of the god. This is the unifying power of Krishna and in the form of His name. And in this age of Kali Yuga, this is the age of quarrel and hypocrisy. There is endless quarrel and endless hypocrisy amongst practically everyone. Because everyone is so anxious to blame others. Everyone is so reluctant to take the humble position. That is the reason for all quarrel and hypocrisy. But the name of God purifies the heart and unifies us in that humble position that I am your servant. The pure state of the soul is that “jévera ‘svarüpa’ haya—kåñëera ‘nitya-däsa’” We are the eternal servants of Krishna and how do we serve Krishna? “gopé-bhartuù pada-kamalayor däsa-däsänudäsaù” by becoming servant of the servant of the servant of the Lord. This is the natural state of the soul. That is the awakening through the process of chanting of the holy name. Therefore when Krishna becomes the unifying element between us, then there is real intimacy. That is love, that is trust. There is the feeling of the desire to be humble servant and that is Krishna Consciousness. Nothing else is Krishna Consciousness. Everything else is illusion, until we attain that state.


Following Lord Chaitanya

A devotee cannot attain that state amongst each other. How is it possible for them to the spread the glories of the lord to the rest of the world. You see Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, He was playing the role of a devotee, although He was god Himself. And he because personally was experiencing the harmony in the peace, derives in the chanting the holy name. Therefore he was able to even create that atmosphere amongst the most deadly inimical animals of the forest. The acaryas tell us that you may not be able to imitate Lord Caitanya, you may not be able to go to forest and get the tigers and dears to dance, embrace one another in love. But at least you can try to create this atmosphere amongst human beings. At least you can begin by creating this atmosphere and love in trust based in the glorification of god the humble service of god amongst devotees.

“mac-cittä mad-gata-präëä

bodhayantaù parasparam

kathayantaç ca mäà nityaà

tuñyanti ca ramanti ca”

Bhagavad-Gita 10.9


The Real Preacher

The devotees, Krishna says, “on me they derived great satisfaction and bliss. Conversing about me and enlightening one another”. That peace, that bliss is derived from love, trust and harmony. We should know that as a servant who actually has feeling through the master. We should be willing to do anything what everything to put our self seconds to help another, make advancement in spiritual life. That is the quality of a preacher. We may know the philosophy very nicely but that is not the quality of a real preacher. That is the preliminary external quality. We may be very convincing in our arguments. We may be very austere in our life style; we may be very strict in following any detail of the principles or sadhana. These are all simply also preliminary qualifications of a good preacher. A real preacher is one who is willing to put himself last and put all others first. Therefore in the service of others, we are willing to into a great pain and suffering to help them make spiritual advancement. We are willing to be abused, misused, misunderstood, and anything to help elevate others. That is the natural quality of the soul and some others may think. What is he talking to me about this, I am a grihasta. May be sannyasies they should be like this. But a grihasta said, I have a family and I’ll take care of it. How I am supposed to be like this? The fact is the duty of every human being to be like this. You may think, it’s very far away. But it is very closer to your only soul. These qualities are within your soul. So we have to make a priority in life we should not be attracted by the littering objects of this world. We should be always attracted by this substance of the essence of Krishna Consciousness. There is a story in Caitanya-caritamrita, Krishnadasa kaviraja Gosvami refers to that particular story that is found to _ purana. Very instructive story.

Story of the Brahmana and the Prostitute

This story is about a brähmaëa, who is diseased with leprosy. He had a most chaste and faithful wife. She was always very-very anxious to please him and to serve him. She loved her husband so much that she did not care, what abuse or inconvenience she had to go through to make him happy. She was the very beautiful woman. She was coming from the most aristocrat brähmaëa family. And yet she was the servant of a leper. He was in such a diseased condition; he could not even bath himself. Everyday she would take him to the river and give him bath. So one day while they were by this river, there was very-very beautiful prostitute, who was also taking her birth near by. I believe her name was Lakshhira. She was very beautiful and after the bath the wife took her husband back home and was trying to make him very happy. She saw that his mind is in very great distress. So she asked, “my dear husband, what is wrong? How can I make you happy? Is there some reason for your distress?” he said yes there is a very great reason for my distress. He said you remember that beautiful prostitute. I am so much attracted to her that I cannot get her out from my mind for even a second. His wife had tears in her eyes. She said, my dear husband. You want to that prostitute. He said, I am afraid to say you, yes I will do. She said, yes I will do the best that I can. She had no money. They were poor brähmaëa. She went to the house of that prostitute. Whether there was many others living like her and she began everyday to clean, every woman and every aspect of the house very-very meticulously. And after several weeks, this woman began to ask, why is the house so clean? It never been see clean before. And the other ladies were here to clean. They see the brähmaëa lady she cleans everyday. She would not, let us do anything. She will not accept any payment. She will even want anyone to help her. So that prostitute called that brähmaëa lady. What payment do you want? You are making us so satisfied by your service. She said I want no payment but my husband wants to be with you. But we have no money. So the prostitute said alright. You and your husband come tomorrow for dinner. She said, thank you very much. So the leper brähmaëa and his wife, they came in the next night for dinner. The prostitute made a very wonderful feast. There are two sections of this feast. On one side she served very nice simple Prasad. That Prasad was on simple plantain leave and there was Ganges water in a clay cup and on the other side there was pure bowls and plates made up of silver and gold. In their plates was very rich preparations, each one made out of meat, very opulent. So she told the brahmana, you take your choice. This one, the silver and gold plates and bowls with very opulent ghee shot meat dishes or you want just simple Prasad on the plantain leaf. He said I’ll take the Prasad. Because I am a brähmaëa, how can I eat those other things? So he ate the Prasad and was very satisfied and after he completely ate the Prasad the prostitute looked at him and she said, your wife she is like the Prasad on the plantain leaf. She is very satvik. She is very simply to look at but she is very pure in heart. She said me, I am like the meat, this is in the gold and silver bowls. I may look very luxurious and very beautiful. But inside I am simply rajasik and tamasik. I am very contaminated. So she said, why you have come for me? Obviously this is not pure opulence and enjoyment but in side is nothing but suffering condition of bondage. When the brähmaëa heard this, he became enlightenment. He lost all his desire to enjoy this prostitute. He lost all his attachment for everything of the glitter of this world. This world has glitter that is attracting us. It is a Phantasmagoria. But a devotee who has wisdom, who understand the truth, knows

“ye hi saàsparça-jä bhogä

duùkha-yonaya eva te

ädy-antavantaù kaunteya

na teñu ramate budhaù”

Bhagavad-Gita 5.22

Whatever appears to be pleasurable in this world, pain is deeply seated at the core of it. Therefore devotee looks from within. He does not judge things by the external appearance. Therefore Krishna Conscious is means to analyze and appreciate the substance within. Not the external form. That was the lesson that was apart to the leper brähmaëa. The prostitute saying I am very beautiful but what’s within my heart. You life may be very simple but what is within her heart. The Brähmaëa became with so thankful with folded hand and he said my dear mataji you are my guru, thank you very much. Krishna is speaking through you.

It is our great duty to learn to see beyond the bitter of this material existence. And to create a sense of love and trust amongst one another on the basis of the real substance of humility. And that is why this verse by Lord Brahmaji from the Srimad Bhagavatam is most important to understand.

“tat te ‘nukampäà su-samékñamäëo

bhuïjäna evätma-kåtaà vipäkam

håd-väg-vapurbhir vidadhan namas te

jéveta yo mukti-pade sa däya-bhäk”

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.14.8

One who is humble to accept misery, accept physical suffering, mental suffering, accept abuse, misused, disease, what ever comes upon us as the results of my own sinful reactions. There is no one else to blame accept me. And Krishna who is perfect and complete, he is arranging the whole concept of the laws of Karma, simply for our purification. Nothing happens without the will of the Lord. He is perfect and complete. Therefore every situation that I am facing is perfect and complete for me. Therefore let me thank Krishna for this arrangement. Let me remember him with love in this amazing arrangement. Let me never again accuse or try to justify by blaming others any of my won inadequacies, any of my own problems in life. There is only one problem that we are forgetting that Krishna is perfect and everything happening by his arrangement is perfect and everything is happening by his arrangement without exception. To my notice detail nothing can take place anywhere within all of creation without the sanction of God. As soon as we recognize that, as soon as we look for Krishna we will find Krishna. If you are looking for finding fault, it does not take a great meant to find fault. Any common man can find fault, wherever he looks. He takes a great name to see the good quality of another and he takes the great man to the will of god, manifesting in any circumstance of his life. And god is all merciful and He is all perfect. That is our faith, because that is the truth. So Krishna Consciousness is very natural and it is very simple, providing we look for Krishna everywhere. In the bible Lord Jesus Christ says “If you seek you shall find, knock and the door will open”. If you are looking for Krishna, you will find Krishna. He will reveal Himself to you. If you are looking for faults then Krishna will reveal faults to you. Even a person is faultless. Krishna is perfect and complete. But Sishupal he was nothing but faults. Sishupapla he could not count the numerable faults on Krishna. His mind was simply finding one fault after twenty-four hours a day, why? Because he wanted to see faults, Krishna was revealing to him faults. It was not Sishupala’s power to find fault. Krishna says

“sarvasya cähaà hådi sanniviñöo

mattaù småtir jïänam apohanaà ca”

He is the source of knowledge, forgetfulness, and remembrance. You cannot find fault in anyone without the help of god. You cannot think without the help of god. You cannot breathe without the help of God. But if you want to find fault, Krishna will show you faults. Either in him or in any of the part and parcels and if you want to see His glories, He will reveal His glory to you, to everything and everyone. And the greatest opportunity is the time of suffering. If you look for Krishna in a humble state of mind in the time of suffering, you will become a liberated soul. So this sublime consciousness, we should aspire for. If we aspire for something, we must be willing to work for that thing. And the process of attaining this divine consciousness is to create the atmosphere of love and trust amongst each other by putting the name of god, always between us.


The One and Only Process

Therefore the process in this age quarrel and hypocrisy the only process for self realization is Sankirtana. There are two types of Kirtan. They are both essential. But it is said,

“kåñëa-varëaà tviñäkåñëaà


yajïaiù saìkértana-präyair

yajanti hi su-medhasaù”

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.5.32

Sankirtana means congregational chanting the holy name amongst the others. Coming together to glorify god. Japa is the essential method of purifying our own individual consciousness. But the specific method to counteract the affects of Kali Yuga, which means quarrel and Hypocrisy amongst each other, is sankirtan to come together and congregation to chant the names of god. There may be different place according to different styles and traditions. That is not very important. That is external. But the principle of coming together. Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu with congregate hundreds and thousands of people sometimes and have them all with around various the chanting of the holy names and dancing. He would get the animals to raise their arms and dance and chant. So therefore

“kåñëa-varëaà tviñäkåñëaà


yajïaiù saìkértana-präyair

yajanti hi su-medhasaù”

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.5.32

Those who have sufficient intelligence in this age of Kali Yuga, they come together and harmonize and bestow all differences due to ego through the simple process of congregational chanting of holy names of God. Then the verse by Lord Brahma.

“tat te ‘nukampäà su-samékñamäëo

bhuïjäna evätma-kåtaà vipäkam

håd-väg-vapurbhir vidadhan namas te

jéveta yo mukti-pade sa däya-bhäk”

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.14.8

Then we can understand through realization and in true significant. Thank you very much. Hare Krishna.

In this spirit let us take Prasad together. There are six intimacies amongst devotees. Six form of love, that is shared amongst devotees. To give gift and receive gift. To very sincerely reveal one’s mind and confident and to hear another’s mind and confident with patience and compassion. To give Prasad and to receive Prasad. So with the name of Hari dancing from our lips, let us together honor Krishna’s Prasad.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.