I offer my sincerest gratitude to our distinguished special guests. Which include everyone who is attending today’s discussion. The topic I was asked to speak on was “The Power of Inquiry” and there was a clause that I should not speak very long.Hare Krsna In the 1st canto of SB our Beloved Guru Maharaj AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada He writes that everyone spends their lives within a series of questions and answers. When the bird rises in the morning it begins asking questions and searching for answers. When it comes back to the nest at the night it is still asking questions and trying to find answers.In human existence the business man, women, politicians, lawyers, artists,farmers..Life is a series of questions and answers. How to resolve our problems? How to find happiness? How to avoid suffering? Of course in today’s age the series of questions and answers is how to make money? How to make friends? How to gain power prestige? All the television shows, cinemas,all the newspapers,magzines, they are all about these questions and answers. Now the Vedic scriptures explains that ” Artartho Brahma Jigyasa” When we ask the relevant questions which relate to our true identity then human life qualitatively begins. ” Artartho Brahma Jigyasa” Now that you are a human begin inquire into Who you are? The questions of eating sleeping mating and defending and all of their various sub divisions is the basic trend of human intelligence in today’s world but, these are unimportant questions. Who am I? why am I suffering? Where am I coming from? Where am I going? Who is GOD? What is the nature of this universe? and what is my relationship with God within this Universe? When a human being comes to the elevated platform of making serious inquiry on these subjects then the human life has real spiritual value. Kamas yani Indriya pritir……….jivas ya taava jigyasa…(5.2.23).Life’s desires should not be simply be aimed at temporary pleasure of the senses and their objects. Because such pleasures are available for lower species. One should live as far possible a healthy life to supply the body and mind the needs that are required and utilize one’s valuable human energy to inquire into the absolute truth. Then only can we be on path of real happiness.

The next verse of Bhagvatam describes what that absolute truth is? .(6.32.36) sb that this non dual substance called the absolute truth has three features Bhraman the impersonal all pervading aspect of God, Paramatma-the lord who is seated within the heart of every living being as a constnt witness and Bhagvan- the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Supreme enjoyer who performs unlimited pastimes in the Spiritual world and comes to this world again and again to invite us into our original natural relationship with Him. In the 4th chapter of BG krsna tells “tad vidi paripartena pari parsnena sevyaa, updeksandite jyanam jyana tadva darsina..” If you want to know the truth you must approach Guru inquire submissively with an enthusiasm to render service. Because the self realized souls they can impart knowledge because they have seen the truth and we find throughout history that this has been the system. sakritis in ancient Greece he predominantly taught his disciples through questions and answers. In our vedic scriptures as the Jesus Christ questions and answers. In our vedic scripture we find the spirit and the content of the questions and answers between sincere people. And it is a continuous theme to emphasis the importance of this spirit for all sincere beings for all times. We have Bhagvad Gita. In the 1st chapter we read about Arjuna’s dilemma on the battle field. On that battle field there were two sides the Kurus and the Pandavas. He was ready to fight enthusiastic to fight. He was waiting for that war for 12 years. But when he saw with his eyes who the participants were he was distort. Friends ,relatives people he loved adored on both sides. It was too much for Him. He tried to resolve the answer within his own mind. But ultimately it was beyond himself. And then he turned to Krsna. Karpan ……(10.6)………. he did not inquire from Krsna as a curious student. He inquired in sense of dire urgency. Tell me What is my duty? I do not know what is to be done? And what is not o be done?”

Similarly Parkishit Maharaj as Arjuna desperate urging question was the setting of the Bhagvad Gita Maharaj Parakshit was cursed to die in 7 days. His questions were not out of curiosity. His questions were with a real sinscer urgency to understand Who am I? Where am I coming from? What is the duty of the man about to die? What is the essence of all religion? I do not have time to go through the technicalities of various religions. What is the essence? That is what I am looking for. Please instruct me.And he did not just ask anyone.Arjuna asked Krsna. Parikshit Maharaj asked Sukhdev Gosawmi who happened to be son and disciple of Veda Vyasa. A fully learned person in parampara who lived by the truth. So this is very important. If we really want to digest food we have to have hunger. Yes? If you have no hunger you have very weak digestion. Hunger is a very important part of life because it gives power to digest and that holds to for the spiritual knowledge. When we feel the urgency, and need a hunger to solve the real problems of life and we inquire from people who act truly are in a proper disciplic line who reveal the word of God then our human life really begins. Sanatan Goswami was a great scholar a multi millionaire a powerful politician, he was prime minister of Bengal. but he renounced everything for the sake of self realization. and It was in Varanasi that he apporached Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and he fell at Lord’s lotus feet. Here is a man with such power Sarasvat Brahmin of the highest caste. Thoroughly learned in the vedic scriptures the Persian and Arabic scrpitures. He was the top of the line in every sense of academic social political considerations. When he approached Lord Chaitanya, he fell at Lord Chaitanya’s feet and cried and he begged please answer my questions Who am I? Why am I suffering? Why do I have to die? Where am I coming from? where am I Going? Who is GOD? What is my relationship with God? I do not know answers to any of these questions and people here call me a learned scholar and I am so shameless that I believe them. Please help me. He was sincere.

Lord Chaitanya cried He said,”Sanatana Goswami, your humility is breaking my heart” . You know the answers to all these questions, but just to teach the world by your example you are asking these questions to me. And then Lord Chaitanya Maharaprabhu, he began a very very long distortation explaining in great detail the nature of God the living entity universe karma and the spiritual world. But his first sentence and answer included everything he wanted to speak. “Jivera svrupa hoye Krsnera nitya dasa” that every living entity is eternally the servant of Krsna. When we understand our relationship with Krsna, our realtionship with our bodies, our relations with the universe and every other living entity around us that is called sambandha gjyan. and when we act according to that relationship in the spirit of servitor to God ad every living being that is called abhi deya gyana and when we realise, through purification of devotional service to the Lord the ultimate fulfillment of life eternal ecstatic love of God that is called pryogana gyana. Sri Chaitanya mahaprabhu He declared that these are the only three subjects in any scriptures in the world, essentially. What is our relationship with God? And everything around us and all living beings? How do we act according to that relationship,and what is our constitutional fulfillment-the fulfillment of pure love. Most of you all this evening are college students. You have many exams where there are questions and you have to give answers. In preparing for your exams your asking the questions and trying to get the answers. The scriptures tell us that there is a final exam. That final exam is called death. Its not a horrible thing unless we fail it. Death is neither good or bad if we fail the exam of death its a miserable situation. But if we pass, that exam its the most glorious opportunity in all of creation. To be re-united eternally with the all-beautiful, all-mearciful, all-loving Lord.So these are the most important questions. (19.13.)

This human life is so precious and whatever occupation we may perform within this human life, its perfection is when we gain a taste for hearing and chanting the glories of the Lord otherwise whatever we have done at the time of death, its a waste of time. We cant’ take anything with us except whatever spiritual progress we have made. You are all young and intelligent and vibrant and have the energy to perform such wonderful work for the benefit of the whole world. But what is most critical at this time for your spiritual future is that what questions you ask, how you ask those questions and the answers you receive. Yes, we all have to deal with the superficial questions that come upon us in our daily lives, in our working place in our families,just dealing with these bodies but we must put preeminence in the crucial questions that have eternally being glorified throughout the ages the question of how to realize our true self and understand our relationship with God. The only answer that can actually remove the suffering form the human heart. And I will end the short talk with the beautiful verse spoken by “Shaunak risi” in “Naimishranya” Actually it was spoken by “Suta Goswami” in response to the qusetions of “Saunak risi”. Murna ya………………………..21.42….The sages of naimisaranya they were performing a yagna for the auspiciousness welfare of all humanity. But through all their yagna for so long nothing was happening. It was just burning wood beginning blacken the face, then they enquired from Suta goswami … What is the goal of Life? What did you here on the bank of the Ganges from “Sukhadev goswami” in relationship to Krsna and His most benevolent avatars who come to this world. Please tell us this. And Suta Goswami said,”Your questions are glorious”, Because the subject matter of these questions is Krsna The Supreme Lord and therefore the answers to these questions are to the greatest benefit and welfare of all living beings. Srila Prabhupada our beloved Guru maharaj He was speaking Bhagvat Dharma to people from all over the world. He did not want blind followers. He wanted independent thinking people who by their own free will were convinced of the substance of the scriptures through sincere and submissive enquiry.

Srila Prabhupada welcomed questions. Especially today’s youth with scientific mordern education. One or two generations back here in India, you just did what your parents told you to do.But not anymore with western educational system. Last summer I was at the Venkateshwara temple in Pistuburg and I am going to end.. I might end with this last story and I was speaking to the president of the temple and he was giving me a tour. He bought me to a auditorium and he told me that once a year they have a youth festival.And I was curious. I said most of your children are born and raised in America, although all of you are from Andhra Pradesh and South India. I would like to know how your children born and raised, in Pennsylvania, America how are they adopting to your religion? Because their religion is very much based on rituials.They have philosophy, but a lot of pujas, a lot of yajnas, a lot of samskaras and like that. Would you like to know the answer? Hari bol…….. He said, None of the children will have anything to do with the rituials,or the yajnas, or the samskaras or anything like that. They just think its a waste of time. However, they ask us, the parents, why we do it? and I considered that they were more exalted than us. Because we do it all and we dont even know why we do it. Our whole lives in, and the man who was talking to me was in late fifties.He is the professor at the universtity at Pitsburg witha P.Hd. He said,”that my whole life since I was a child, I have been performing these pujas everyday for hours because my parents told me to. But I never asked them why we were doing it. and all the adults in this temple, none of us have ever asked why we were doing it. We just do it because we are supossed to do it, becasue the family does it. Its our tradition to do it.But our children are asking why do you do it? So he said,”I think my children are more advanced than us because they are asking a good question.” Now Srila Prabhupada wanted to ask questions. He did not want us to be bilnd followers.”Religion without philosophy is either fanatism or sentimentalism and philosophy without religion is simply mental mental speculation.

Philosophy means to enquire, to understand and religion means to practice with faith. So the marriage between philosophy and religion makes us spiritual foundation very strong and it can grow in the right direction. So yes, you have learnt education through western systems which teaches you how to doubt, which teaches you how to question and the vedic literature have the most perfect and precise answers to those questions. Krsnaraj Kavi Raj Goswami said,”If you have qusetions,if you have philosophical or scientific enquries just apply them to the teachings of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and you will find something extraordinary that will transform your life…Gaur premanand De…hari hari bol….Thank you very much.

Question & Answer

Devotee : So now we will circulate the mike and those who have any questions can raise there hands.

Before that I would like to welcome special guests this evening. We have Nila Suka Prabhu. A very senior devotee in the ISKCON movement,assisting the GBC body,Hemant Taskar,Deputy Director of Techincal education and his good wife Mrs.Madhuri Taskar who is a Computer Professional.Mr Harshad Parekh who is a Professor of Business ….(29.34.03) and Advocate at Mumbai High Court and his wife Veena Parekh mataji and daughter Swetha and son Yash, Sri Radha Raman Prabhu from Bhakti Vedanta Manor London and his wife Anand Sakhi mataji, HG Gurudas Prabhu and his wife Syndi mataji. Gurudas Prabhu and HG Shyamsundar Prabhu,senior disciples of Srila Prabhupada and were responsible for preaching to the Beetals and Srila Prabhupada gave the task of spreading the Krsna Consciousness movement in London and Europe. Very very historical personalities in ISKCON movement. We are very fortunate to have them today with us. Dr Subangi Parkar,Professor Hera Physractric department KM Hospital. Mr Santosh Patil, he is Adhyaksha of Vaypare Udyodak Mahasanga. Mr Suresh Patni,Hg Vamsidhar Prahu and HG Adiguru Prabhu.Both are well known devotees in our congregation,successful professionals.Mr Rajiv.B.Kambli,technical officer in IT firm. Mr Subash Desai,Charted Accountant and Professor and his wife Swati Desai and Vyasa Latlitasaki mataji-Parimal group of Industries. We would like to welcome all these special guests who have come this evening for this program by HH Radhanath Maharaj. Let us welcome them and thank them by loudly chanting-hari bol..!!! hari bol….!!! hari bol…!!!


So, those who have questions may raise their hands and we will pass the microphone please.

Question: Hare krsna Maharaj, My question is like , as we know in spiritual life like whatever studies we do in college and all like they are not of much importance. Even though we do for the sake of doing and for some wealth and at times we become so complacent that they are not very important. So, we land up going from both sides not even spiritual progress and not even that. So, please instruct.

Maharaj: There is a very distinguished way of saying that your lazy. (laughter) We sholud not be lazy. A lazy person makes no progress in any field. But let us take Arjuna as an example. He was a solider, he studied at a college the acadamy of Bhramachrya. And Dronacarya was teaching him how to perform his profession, how to shoot arrows, how to organize military…(33.13.07) how to fight with swords. So many subjects for several years they studied and he learned well. Infact, whatever Dronacarya taught Arjun he listened so carefully that he perfected that subject par excellance, by the next morning. He did his homework. When others were sleeping he was up all night,just studying,praticing..praticing..and he had it perfect by the next morning.That’s what kind of student he was. But what made Him such a great personality? Because Duryodhana learnt the same subjects. He also learnt how to fight with swords,clubs and arrows and bows and organised military felines and the strategy of using spies to get confidential information from the enemies.He learnt it all.The difference is Arjuna used it all fro Krsna. Duryodhana used it for his own false ego,for his own temporary greed.Yes,so this is a great example.If you are in college whatever your studying,study well with the intention of serving Krsna throughout your life. That’s spiritualises it. And in order to do it honestly we should have a strong spiritual foundation.We should balance our education with our spiritual life so that we integrate the two.If you are regularly reading Srimad Bhagvatam,Bhagvad Gita, the holy scriptures and regularly chanting the God’s names, if your living high moral life of intergrity,if your associating with people who are inspiring your heart with spiritual enthusiasm, and then you study, weather its engineering, or law or business, whatever your studying, your doing it in spiritual consciousness. your doing it as an offering to Krsna. Your doing it with intent to utilize for welfare of humanity in krsna’s service.Then it becomes,Sanatana Dharma. So that is important. We should not be lazy in our domestic responsibilities and we should not be lazy in our spiritual pursuits. We should be dynamic, we should be enthusiastic. So many of our devotees who are excellent in their spiritual character and spiritual practice have been number one students in their class from some of the respected colleges in Bombay,in Poona.Why? Because,they have a greater motivtion.They are studying to use their work for Krsna like Arjuna did. Others are studying because they have greed or whatever some sense material security. There’s no higher more powerful motivating factor than love of God and if its used properly it can be of the greatest benefit to ourselves and to the whole world. So do not be lazy.Do not look for excuses. If your going to be a student, be a student for Krsna and if your going to be a student for Krsna, you should be the best student possible, because it is for Krsna.Whatever we do for Krsna,we should do wholeheartedly. Does that answer your question? I know your not lazy,but I said it,just in case. (Laughter). Incase,anyone has any lazy propensities.


Question: Hare krsna,Prabhuji,I want to ask,how to control and purify our senses?

Maharaj: That is a very important question. Its the essence of life.That question and that answer is the path of perfection.Krsna tells and actually describes “Sarvo padri padem muktam tat pade na nirmalam, hrikeikena hirikesha sevam bktir uchate” That by engaging our senses,and our mind which is our sixth sense in the service of the Lord, we become purified. Of all illusory designations.”Om apvita pavirto va sarva avasta gatopiva, yasmare pundri kaksam sabhya antra suci.” Weather we are purified, one who remmebers the beautiful lotus eyed Supreme Personality of Godhead, becomes purifed from within and without. We become what we associate with. If we associate with impure people,impure ativities, impure thoughts, we become polluted. If we associate with people who are pure,activities that are pure,thoughts that are pure then we become purified. Srila Prabhupada gave example of -if we put an iron rod in fire, it becomes red and hot like fire. And if you still say its an iron rod,touch it and you’ll be burnt same way as if you touch fire directly. That is the power of association. Put that same iron rod in ice and it will beome as cold as ice. So.our purification or our degradation is based on what our mind and senses associate with. Krsna’s name is “pavitra” He is supremely pure.By remembering Krsna we become purified. By serving Krsns with our senses our senses become purified.And what is the easiest way to remember Krsna? “Seva mukti hi jiva do” Simply by our tongue we can invoke the presence of Krsna by chanting His name and disscussing His glories. Therefore this harinaam sankirtan is the most recommended process in this age of Kali..”harer nama harer nama hare nameya kevalam,kalyu nasteva nasteva nasteva gatir anyatha” In this age of kali the chanting of the holy names is the only pratical means for the comman people.To attain the supreme perfection of pure heart.”nam nam ni bhaunam nija sarva saktis” all the potecies,opulenses the Lord Himself is personally present in the holy name and the Lord is all pure. So simply with our tounge in any situation, and there are no hard and fast rules,you can chant anywhere.Absorbe your mind in Krsna and become purified. What a benediction! We often tell the story of one man who is constantly chanting the holy names,and one day he was going to the bathroom,this was in Jagnnath Puri. He had a lota in one hand,and he was chanting “hare krsna” ” hare krsna” and with his other hand he was trying to somehow or other stop his tounge.haaareeeee krssnnnaaaa hareeee ramaaa hareeee hareeeeeee….trying to hold his tounge.And that really looked strange. So one little five year old boy approached him saying”What are you doing?” he said “I have such a taste for chanting Krsna’s name,I can’t stop chanting.But at the same time I am going to respond to natures calls,I should not chant Krsna’s name when I am doing activity like that,so I am trying to control it but I can’t. And the little boy said”There are no hard and fast rules for chanting.” You can’t do puja for your diety when you are passing stool.Yes? You are not supossed to bring all the holy scriptures into that room either. But the chanting of the holly name, you can do it anywhere and everywhere and beome purified.That is the power of the name and the name is non different from Krsna. So this is the simple mercy of the Lord in this age of kali. By serving Krsna,by seeing the diety of Krsna,by tasting the prasad of Krsna,by bowing down to Krsna,by associating with the devotees of krsna,by touching the devotees of Krsna,by hearing the kirtan of krsna,by smelling the insence and flowers offered to Krsna,by eating the prasad of Krsna, all these things purify us beasuse they connect us to Krsna.but of all things at any time,at any situation we can be purifed by the presence of the Lord by taking shelter of His holy names. Hare Krsna Hare Krsna krsna Krsna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. And if your students and while studying, we may be studying Biological Engineering or Chemical Engineering or Architectural Engineering or so many other..Eletrical Engineering or Medicine, so, how are we going to get purified thinking about all those things? If our intent is to offer our service as students for the pleasure of the Lord and we live in harmony with the will of Lord and we have a nice spiritual foundation to our life,then we will be purified even in our studies because we are doing for Krsna.We are conscious of Krsna. Does that answer your question? Thank you.


Question: Prabhu: Hare Krsna Maharaj.

Maharaj: Hare Krsna Prabhu..(every one laughs)

Prabhu: Thank you very much Maharaj…

Maharaj: You are welcome very much….


Question: Maharaj,my question is sometimes we meet with arguments with people, some people ask us questions in an argumentative mood and if we speak they are going to mock us, we are preety sure about that,and if we don’t speak we will be defeated by keeping quite in front of others.So, how do we handle such situations?

Maharaj: With intelligence.That is important. We should not be concerned with being mocked. We should be concerned with doing the right thing. Because in this age of kali yuga if you do the right thing,you will definetly be mocked.Yes? I have spoken to socialites in Bombay and they say if they are not drinking alcohol people make fun of them. No body is going to make fun of you if your drinking cocktails at a cocktail party. but if you don’t..Ahh!!! what ar you? Ahh what are you some kind of saint? Hhaa!! I know who you really are? What you think you better than us,that your not drinking? So you’ll be mocked. In the West,to not have boyfriend or girlfriends when your a teenager,you’ll be mocked. Some kind of anti-social mis-fit. Yes? So the real question is “Samsiddim hari Dosanam” Are we pleasing Krsna? We want to live by truth. Whatever people say. So if people challenge us with arguements we sholud simple be honest. If we really want help those people and others,we should sincerly study Prabhupada’s books.So that we have the answers. Yes? I have seen…I have seen simple people with hardly any education, who just,you know,read Bhagvad Gita -As It Is or read Isopnishad, and they can answer the questions of Phd professors and defeat them. Yes? So let us arm ourselves with knowledge so that we have the answers. Yes? Not because we want to be marked. But beacsue we want to do service,we want to enlighten people.The more we have the more we can give.So according to our capacity let us try to understand,what is the truth.Our beloved GuruMaharaj, Srila Prabhupada He would stay up most of the night trasnlating and writing purpots to the Vedic literature.And I remember in one class in NewYork city where He was telling the devotees,that my primary reason for writing these books is for all of you! So that you not only understand with conviction and pratice with clean heart but so that you can also convince others. So,if somebody is challenging you,simply for the sake of challenging for absolutly no concern for the answers, then you can just politely explain that spiritual knowlege can only be exchanged when there is a dialgoue. Qusetions have to be with a desire to learn. And you can defeat them on that point. Are you asking me to learn or are you asking me just to show how much you know? If you want to tell me how much you know,just tell me.But if your going to ask a question,a real question is with a desire to learn. if you have the desire to learn ask your question and here the answer and then explain according to your realisation.And that is perfect.Krsna will be pleased. So if somebody is luricrstly, just egoisticaly challenging then you can eith try to defeat them or you can say that there us no sense for the dialogue unless you really want to learn.And be honest.There is a famous storyof Prabhupada in Delhi.Whn someone was really challenging Prabhupada in front of 20000 people and Prabhupada was explaning that piritual knowledege can only be transmitted where your enquiring submisively, not where your challenging.Bu at the same time Prabhupada could defeat all cahllenges as well as He’s given us the tools to do so. A real speaker of “Sanatana Dharma” does it not to defeat people but to show compassion for enlightenment of others. Our Gurumaharaj wrote this too.Our purpose is not to defeat people.Our purpose is to enlighten people.Our motive is to be instruments of compassion.Have that spirit and krsna will always be with you. And when Krsna is with us there is noting to fear from anyone.

Hare Krsna.


Question: What is definition of higher taste? How to get higher taste?

Maharaj: If you want to taste “gulab-jamun” what do you do? (laughter) Do you chemically test it? Do you look it under a micro-scope from all directions? Do you discuss the recipe? Or do you eat it? What would you do? Hari Bol!!! So if you want to get the higher taste we have to simply experience Krsna.The higher taste comes through practice. We here from the right source and get the right direction ,then we know what to do. But in order to realize it and taste it we must apply that knowlwdge to our life we must pratice.(54.43) One can only give up he lower activities of sensual mental enjoyment if one experiences the higher taste .Otherwise simply repression is superficial.Some degree of repression must be there that is “tapasya” But real repression is just not imply saying no to maya,its simenteneously saying no to maya and yes to krsna.The senses that have the tendency for many many materialistic immoral things, if these same senses are engaged in Krsna’s service dynamically; you want something beautiful, you can go to the bollywood movies and see these actress wooo…..What do you get out of it? you are just disturbed. You just get diturbed.Or you can come to the temple and see RadhaGopinath and you’ll be happy. Your eyes will give you pleasure. Through your eyes your soul will rejoice.Yes? You want to eat something? You can go down the street and eat this…what is it called? Ah! Pan! Yes, and it tastes good. I don’t know. I never tasted it.(laughter) But it may taste good. RadhaGopinath Ki JAI!!! (chrous) See as soon as we talk about seeing them they appeared. Yes? You can go down the block and eat pan or come to “Prerna” and eat Mahaprasad. Hari bol(everyone) What is the differance? One is the higher taste and one is the lower taste. So by praticing Krsna Consciousness and at the same time restraining it from lowering the tendicies we gradually become purified. And as we become purified we experience the higher taste. (57.22) Krsna says” We must restrain our senses from our lower tendicies”. But simultaneously we actively dynamically engage our sense in the service of the Lord.Contact with Krsna who i the resovire of the all pleasure then you’ll experience real taste of pleasure.


Question: Hare krsna Prabhuji…Maharaj.

Maharaj: Hari bol prabhu

Ya Hare Krsna , This whole world is creation of Krsna only. And our religion is the oldest religion. Christianity, Muslim religion all comes after Hinduism. But today we see that the population of all Christian and Muslim people is much is much more than Hindus. Then why so? Our religion was the oldest. Sometimes our friends question us. What can we tell them?

Ans: Because Hindus have become lazy. (laughter) Srila Prabhupada challenged everyone of you when He came “Bharta janma hoila…(58.58) Prabhupada challenged the Indians so may times. Yes? Shyamunder Prabhu, Gurudas Prabhu. You are born in India, the land of Krsna, the land of Ram. You have been given the highest philosophy, highest spiritual culture, the highest spiritual science and you are watching cricket on television. ( laughter Maharaj and devotees) And you are worried about you know, which I the bollywood movie actor is dating which actress (laughter) or you are just scoming for economic development. Yes? Srila prbhupada said” I am one Indian and I have taken the message of krsna to the world and millions of people have accepted’ Prabhupada said it I the duty of every Indian person to understand their true religion as it is. To practice it, and to enlighten the world with it. Yes? Christians and Muslims and all these people they are preaching all over the place and you are watching cricket and bollywood movies. Ah! And unfortunately, most of the hindus so not even know what a hindu is? If you ask somebody what is a hindu? What is your answer? What is a hindu? (laughter) speak….speak….

(devotee) The one who truly follows the teachings of Bhagvad Gita.

Very good (laughter) So now, practice the teaching of Bhagvad Gita and distribute the glories of Bhagvad Gita. Prabhupada, one man asked..He had ten and millions of Bhagvad Gita’s distributed all over the world in every language. One man. And Prabhupada just kept saying If.. especially to the youth of India “ If you all take up this mission of compassion we could make so ten and millions and millions of people all over the world Krsna Conscious. Because Krsna Consciousness is what every one is looking for. So many people they want something more than a vague conception of a God; who is an old man. Who, we don’t know he is. We don’t know what he does. People want to understand what is, why am I suffering? Why is somebody born in on situation? What is Karma. What is re-incarnation Who is God? What is the abode of the Lord? The Vedic scriptures teach all of these things scientifically with great prolific philosophical understanding. The world is longing for it and there are hundred’s and millions of people in the world who’ll accept it. But we have to turn the television off and give the time to offer it to them. Does that answer your question?

( devotee) : ya.

Maharaj: So, are we a part of the solution? or are we the part of the problem? We should be dynamic. Just like our Nityananda Prabhu, Gaurang Prabhu , our GourGopal, Vraj bihari. These devotees , they are students like you. But they are making thousand’s and thousand’s of people Krna Conscious simply because they have that inspiration. And we have Grihastas people like Murlidhar and Sridhama who have wives with children and everything like that and occupations.. Krsna Chandra. They are affecting hundreds and hundreds of people’s hearts individually and collectively.If we are actually compassionate we don’t want to see people die without Krsna. Prabhupada explained if we can make a Christian a better Christian that is success. We are not sectarian. No one on human life should die without developing “Love of God”. And we have such a glorious, beautiful understanding of God. Lets give our life through our occupation, our talents to enlighten people’s lives.

Does that answer your question?

Devotee: Hare Krsna.


Question: I am a student of science. I believe in Science. Still I do not get proper theory for explanation of life and its aim. How will you explain life and its aim? How will you explain life and its aim scientifically? People are trying to explain behavior of living by mathematical model. Do you think it is possible? Please explain why?

Maharaj: Who’s asked this question? Can you send the microphone to Him? What is your definition of Science?


Question: It’s the logical way of thinking in which we put forward the theory, we predict, we observe and get the result.

Maharaj: Krsna Consciousness can be understood as a science by your definition. First of all a logical thesis. The thesis of Bhagvad Gita is “Your not this body, You’re an eternal soul” Is it logical? “Dehino sim yatha dehe, Kauram yovanam Jara, tatha dehantar praptir, dhiras tatra na muhate.” Krsna explains very scientifically, from boyhood to youth to old age with the same person

Question: Although the body and mind are going through so many changes we remain the same person. Then at the time of death the soul enters the other body according to our desires and our experiences in life. Are you, your hand? Or is it your hand?

Devotee: sorry!!

Maharaj: Yes is it my hand or I hand?

Devotee: It is my hand.

Maharaj: My mouth or I mouth

Devotee: Its my mouth.

Maharaj: Hare Krsna. So who is the Proprietor? Is it I body or my body?

Devotee: Its my body

Maharaj: What’s the difference between the living body and the dead body?

Devotee: Soul

Maharaj: Consciousness. And what the scriptures tell us and what the great realized souls tell us is that the soul is the source of consciousness. There is no material explanation that has substance to prove consciousness. How the consciousness is manifesting through matter can be explained. But what is the source of consciousness? If we knew we could make the dead body alive again. Yes? So is it not logical that we are the soul rather than the body?

Devotee: Ya

Maharaj: So how to realize the soul? Is it not logical that the person wo created the entire creation has the power to come down and explain how he has done it and why. Is that logical?


Maharaj: Is it more logical to consider that everything comes from nothing or everything comes from something. Which is more logical?

Devotee: Comes from something.

Maharaj: Have we ever seen anything that has come from nothing?

Devotee: No

Maharaj: So, why should we think that ultimately everything comes from nothing. There’s no evidence. Its logical that everything comes from something. And that something is God. God is a logical thesis. Yes? Its scientific. The presence of the soul is logical and then we have a practice which is called “Sadhana”. Sadhana means ” the practice by which we realize and directly experience the presence of the soul in our relationship with God. That’s what spiritual practice is about. We chant the holy names we read the Srimad Bhagvatam, Bhagvad Gita, we perform seva,we engage in more ethical acitvities,we try to transform our greedy proud nature into a nature of humility and service and through this process we taste God, we see God, we experience God, we love God. And it happens to be that so many great personalities in all religions and all traditions throughout the world have said the same thing. Are all these great saints’ liars? When they are talking about their vision of God, their love of God? The most compassionate people who have lived on eart historically are they all liars? They are not taking anything for themselves. Dosen’t it make sense? Inst’nt it illogical? that what they are seeing, what they are tasting is real. And they are giving their lives.They are willing to die, they are willing to suffer. Gladly, so that taste what they are tasting. Is it not logical? Yes there is a theory; that we are not this body we are the eternal soul and there is a supreme soul who is the cause of all causes. It’s logical. It’s reasonable. It’s philosophical and it’s scientific. And there is a path to prove it within your own heart. Therefore Krsna consciousness is the grestest,most important of all sciences. Do you agree?

Devotee: Sir, What about the mathematical model? For the ( 1.11.32) Do you believe it?

Maharaj: I am not a mathematician. Infact, I won’t tell you my grade in Maths when I was a student (laughter) used to change my report card when I showed it to my mother. And after she signed it I changed it back. (Laughter) But Instine was a good mathematician. He was unanimously accepted as a great mathematician. And his conclusion after a mathematical investigation was that there is no way that the universe could be mathematically existing the way it is unless there is a supreme brain behind it. That is God. so its easier for me to accept Instine’s mathematical genius than to try to be mathematician myself and figure it out. And we have many nice devotees like Sadaputa who have explained and proved the existence of the lord in a very wonderful ways through mathematical presentations. And if you read some of their books I think you’ll be struck with wonder.

Devotee: Ok, Thank you Sir.

What Prabhpada explained that in spiritual mathematics 1+1 is 1 and 1-1 is 1. (laughter) Yes? Because Krsna is the causes of all causes He is the source of evrything.Prabhupada said without Krsna everything you do is like zero. If you have a thousand zeros, if you add it together, if you multiply it together, its all zero. But if you put a 1 in front then everything that follows the zero increases the value. Krsna is that 1. When we add krsna to our life everything we do, weather we are engineers ,weather we are doctors, or weather we are business man or weather we are bhramacaris or weather we are sanyasis whatever we do has eternal value, unlimited value if its done in consciousness of our relationship with the 1;with Krsna. So that much mathematics I like very much


(Applause- Hari bol!!!! hari bol!!!!!!)


Question: Swamiji, I would like to know what happnes to us after the death?

Maharaj: Krsna tells in Gita- ” Yam yam vapi bhavam…” This means whatever our conscious state is at the time of death that will determine the destination of the soul. The soul is etenal. There are eight milliion four hundred thousand species of life according to the Padma Purana. In all of those species are simply different karmic facilities for the soul to enjoy or to suffer. Now the soul is according to the natural order eolving through the lower species. Then it comes to the human life. “Artharto Brahma Jigyasa’ In the human life we have been given the developed sense of reasoning and intelligence. We have the power to question. The animals do not question their existence. They are just trying to resolve the problems of eating, sleeping mating and defending. We don’t see any…how many rats are in Bombay? There are so many rats. But you don’t see hundred’s of rats coming to the Prerna festival.(laughter) One reason is that there’s no female rats here (laughter) But rats just are looking for something to eat and someone to have sex with and try to defend themselves so that they don’t get killed. Yes? That’s what rat life is about. I have been watching them. They don’t come here to listen because they have no capacity to question their existence. Philosophy is meant for humans. Religion is meant for humans. And our human life really begins when we apply our developed consciousness to these principles. So, if a human being uses our developed consciousness to cultivate God then we are actually making the greatest value. Every moment of human life is more valuable than all the money in the world if in that moment we can come closer to God. That’s our choice. In the scriptures it is explained whatever we are most absorbed in, in our life will determine the last thought at the time of death. Even if you are in a coma. Still, you may not be able to externally communicate with people in this world, but in any state at the time of death whatever you are most absorbed in life will come to you as a final fact before death. And according to that thought that will determine the destination of the soul. If you are just absorbed in eating and eating and eating then in your next birth you may become an elephant. Where you can just eat all day long and never get indigestion.(laughter) If you are just absorbed in sex life then you can become a Pigeon. Pegions can have sex 60-70 times a day. And still be enthusiastic. (laughter) Humans aren’t good at those things. If your really a macho man..Yes? Aaahh!!! (laughter) then you can become a tiger, or a dog urffff urffff!!!!! (laughter) yes? or a Lion. Or if your a women who’s like Oh! I am so beautiful -you can become a peacock or a cockroach. (laughter). These female cockroaches really think they are beautiful. I’ve watched them (laughter). (applause) and every male cockroach will confirm what I am saying. (Laughter). So, depending on what we absorb our consciousness during our life that is going to determine where the soul goes. And why are people born in suffering conditions? Why are people born in nice conditions? That’s all due to karma. For every action there’s equal and corrosponding reaction. Everything we do determines what we are going to get in the future. So our desires our absorbtion and our activities determine where the soul is going to go. Weather it is elevated to a higher human plane or weather it is degraded to a lower species. But then tell us” Anata kalecha mam eva, smaran matva kalevaram” One who remembers Me at the time of death will attain Me without fail.” If our prominent consciousness in life is to be absorbed in Krsna then Krsna promises we’ll be with Krsna. “Man Mana bhava mad bhakto man…nams kuru….” Krsna says always think of me, become My devotee,wroship Me,offer your homage to me, in this way you’ll come to me without fail. I promise you this. Because you are My dear friend” And Krsna again appears as Lord Chaitanya and tells us the easiest, most accessable way for everyone to remember Krsna. It dosen’t matter what nationality,it dosen’t matter what sex or what educational bracket or what income bracket or what caste your in. These all are superficial desiginations. Everyone is a spirit soul and everyone can attain the supreme perfection by simply absorbing ourselves with Krsna and chanting His holy names–Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare..Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. Does that answer your question?

Devotee: Thank you

Maharaj: Thank you sir,Thank you very much.


Question: How can we develop the hunger for spiritual matter so that we digest it well? And desire to get more and more.

Maharaj: Becasue the taste is so sweet, if we jsut keep taking it the hunger will naturally grow. And we also have to stop eating junk food(laughter). (1.24.23) If we want to develop the taste for Krsna consciousness two things are required 1. To seek that taste, to seek hearing Hari katha rather than grmya katha. 2.To seek hari Kirtan rather than bollywood ..what are they? Gazals? (laughter) ghazals..ghazlas( laughter) that is cenema song. So we have to cultivate that hunger. If we fill our belly with all kinds of junk food we are not going to have appetite for nutrious food. So we keep chewing that which has already been chewed. Prahalad maharaj said people of this world are chewing that they have already been chewing and they spit it out and pick it up and they chew it and they spit it up and they pick it up and chew it and they pik it up and chew it birth after birth after birth. That’ what sense enjoyment is about. How many times have we had sensual experiances? And yet we make such a big deal about it! Now in acultured society they don’t make any big dael about this sensory things. They make a big deal about morality,ethics and spiritual enlightenment. Yes? This is culture. But when there is lack of culture then people make big deal about looking beautiful and being fasionable and eating this and owning this and all of this stuff. Yes? but its chewing the chewed. We had all this experiences in every birth. And we are still looking for it again. But if we Krsnaise everything,if we somehow or other restrain our senses from all of theses distractions as far as possible and fix our mind in that which is really nutrious,then naturally our hunger grows. If you assoiate with people who have unger you’ll become hungry for Krsna. That is the most important thing. If you associate with people who are hungry for Krsna you’ll naturally become hungry for Krsna. Shyamsunder prabhu and Guru das prabhu I won’t tell you what they were doing when they were living in Heydays , Sanfrancsico, California in the early 1960’s. But they met Prabhupada. And by just associating with Srila prabhupada they became hungry for Krsna. Yes? They became hungry for Krsna,thristy for krsna, they were dying for Krsna,they were doing anything for Krsna. But Prabhupada taught them no illicit sex,no intoxication,no gambling,no meat eating , chant the holy names, read Srimad Bhagvatam and by Prabhupada’s inspiration they were doing all these things and were beoming hungrier and hungrier for Krsna. So that is the process., proper association and following the inspiration of that association. Does that answer your question?

Devotee: Hare Krsna.

Question : What is the most humourous part of life? How to get rid of depression?

Maharaj: One time Srila prabhupad was absorbed in deep grave contemplation. He was sitting. His eyes..eyebrows were very much intense,very grave,silent and a devotee asked..”Prabhupada what are You thinking about?” Would you ask Prabhupada that question? What are you thinking about Prabhupada? And Prabhupada said “I am simply mediatting on what mother Yashoda put in Krsna’s lunch box today?” Krsna is the supreme most humorous personality. The most humorous part of life is understanding the humor of Krsna. He is the ultimate supreme source of everything.He is supreme source of humor. From a positive side the most humorous part of life is understanding the humor of krsna,who is the source of all humor. Even the greatest comedian his humor is only an infinity test of the parcel of the parcel of the part of the part of the part of the perverted reflection of krsna’s humor.When he can make us laugh so much how much Krsna can make us laugh? And the most depressing thing si people are suffering because they have forgotten Krsna. They have forgotten Krsna’s sweetness,Krsna’s humor and Krsna’s love. That is the source of all depression. So Prabhupada said “Chant Hare Krsna and be happy.”


Question: Hare krsna:

Maharaj: Yes Sir,

Devotee: Its said that service to man is service to God. So how to do it such a vast world?

Maharaj: Can you say again please?

Devotee: Its Its said that service to humanity is service to God. So how to do it such a vast world?

Maharaj: In such a vast world? We all can achieve perfection by doing what we can do. Recently we were at Rameswaram in South India, we also went to a place called Durvasan and that is where Nala the son of Visvakarma organised the building of the bridge across the Indian Ocean to Sri Lanka. And there is a beautiful story how Hanuman ji and the vanara solders’, they were bringing gigantic boulders of stone and making it float in the water. Sometimes even ripping off the peaks of the huge Himalayan mountains and putting them in the water. And there was a little squirrel. And what the squirrel was doing was it was jumping in the water getting its whole body wet and then he roll around in the sand, then he jumped onto one of the rocks and he rolled on the sand and the sand would come of his body onto the rocks. Yes? And Ramachandra told to Hanuman; He’s doing as much as you! He’s putting pebbles of sand and your taking mounatin peaks.But he’s doing the best he can do and you are doing the bet you can do. Yes? So yes, it is a vast world and we have a chance all of us,to do what we could do. Weather its big, or little. If we please Krsna by our effort,our life is perfect. krsna dosen’t simply see the quantity. krsna sees the quality. We try to do whatever quantity we can do. But the quality of how we do it determines how God is pleased with us and how we are going to effect the world. So if we are simply sincere we can make a difference. We all may be little people,with little capacity.But it is one of the most beautiful miracles of creations..how if we please Krsna, how he can empower is to do things far beyond our own capacity. “mukam karoti vachalam,Pangum pangayte girim,yad Kripam tamham vende parmananda Madhava”(1.35.23)?? by the mercy of Guru and krsna a lay man can cross mountains, a dumb man can speak and a blind man can see the stars in the sky. We are not the doers. We are just the instruments. Srila Prabhupada was 70 years old in the Jaladuta,a cargo ship. For over 30 days he was in sea going from Culcutta,the king George dockyards to NewYork city. And on the way He has several heart-attacks,sea sickness.He had no money,40 rupees.And he didn’t know anybody,to where He was going. But He prayed.He prayed Krsna I don’t know hoe to speak to these people.I don’t think Prabhupada met any American and He was going o America. And he didn’t know anybody.He didn’t know if anybody was going to be waiting for Him there.He prayed krsna just make me Your puppet.Make me dance as You want me to dance. And because He was willing to be the puppet of God’s grace,look at what God did throug hIm. The power of God is great.However small we are. however unqualified we are.If we simply humble ourselves and try to purify our hearts God could do great things through any of us. But as soon as there is false pride,thinking I am the doer then its all stopped.Yes? But if we are just humble instruments,what God can do through any of us,and if we all work together how much can we enlighten society and make an impact and that is a great thing.

Does that answer your question?


Devotee: Yes Maharaj.

Maharaj: It is a vast world.But Krsna’s mercy is infinitely more vast in this entire universe and if we can access that individually and collectively we can do wonderful things for humanity.

devotee: Thank you.


Devotee: Thank You HH Radhanath Maharaj.

Maharaj: Stoka Krsna Prabhu ki Jai!! Stoka Krsna prabhu ki jai!! Stoka Krsna Prabhu ki Jai!!

Srila Prabhupada ki jai!!!

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.