Chapter 2

Radhanath Swami on "King Shivaji Took Shelter of Holy Name"

In this beautiful Shloka from the second chapter of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Krishna is explaining the true meaning of yoga- Perform your duty without attachment. Krishna explains in the next verse that the only process by which we can truly remain free from attachment to success and failure is to perform our work for the highest purpose, which is devotional service to the Lord. Bhagavad Gita teaches essentially this principle that any work that is done for any purpose other than the satisfaction of the supreme Lord will only create karmic bondage. Arjuna was a great warrior, and he was in a position in life…..

Radhanath Swami on Surrender with Humility

Respectable superiors like Bhishma the grandfather and Dronācārya the teacher are always worshipable. Even if they attack, they should not be counterattacked. It is general etiquette that superiors are not to be offered even a verbal fight. Even if they are sometimes harsh in behavior, they should not be harshly treated. Then, how is it possible for Arjuna to counterattack them? Would Krishna ever attack His own grandfather, Ugrasena, or His teacher, Sāndīpani Muni? These were some of the arguments offered by Arjuna to Krishna.

Radhanath Swami on Spiritual Chastisement

The Lord at once took the position of a teacher and chastised the student, calling him indirectly a fool. The Lord said, “You are talking like a learned man but you do not know that one who is learned—one, who knows what is body and what is soul—does not lament for any stage of the body neither in the living nor in the dead condition.” As it will be explained in later chapters, it will be clear that knowledge means to know matter and spirit and the controller of both.

91-161 'Name Ultimate purification (BG 2.44)' by HH Radhanath Swami, in Mumbai

bhogaiçvarya-prasaktänäà tayäpahåta-cetasäm vyavasäyätmikä buddhiù samädhau na vidhéyate (BG 2.44)   Translation: In the minds of those who are too attached to material opulence and sense gratification, and who are bewildered by such things, the resolute determination for devotional service to…

90-082 'Seperation (BG 02.66)' by Radhanath Swami, in Mumbai

nasti buddhir ayuktasya  na cayuktasya bhavana  na cabhavayatah santir   asantasya kutah sukham  (BG 2.66) One who is not connected with the Supreme [in Krishna consciousness] can have neither transcendental intelligence nor a steady mind, without which there is no…

90-041 'Everything Is In Krishna (BG 2.44)' by Radhanath Swami, in Mumbai

bhogaisvarya-prasaktanam tayapahrta-cetasam vyavasayatmika buddhih samadhau na vidhiyate (BG 2.44)   In the minds of those who are too attached to sense enjoyment and material opulence, and who are bewildered by such things, the resolute determination for devotional service to the…

90-024 'Lecture on Discipline (BG 2.64)' by Radhanath Swami, in Mumbai

“räga-dveña-vimuktais tu viñayän indriyaiç caran ätma-vaçyair vidheyätmä prasädam adhigacchati” Bhagavad-Gita 2.64   SYNONYMS räga—attachment; dveña—and detachment; vimuktaiù—by one who has become free from; tu—but; viñayän—sense objects; indriyaiù—by the senses; caran—acting upon; ätma-vaçyaiù—under one’s control; vidheya-ätmä—one who follows regulated freedom; prasädam—the…