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Radhanath Swami on Spiritual Chastisement

The Lord at once took the position of a teacher and chastised the student, calling him indirectly a fool. The Lord said, “You are talking like a learned man but you do not know that one who is learned—one, who knows what is body and what is soul—does not lament for any stage of the body neither in the living nor in the dead condition.” As it will be explained in later chapters, it will be clear that knowledge means to know matter and spirit and the controller of both.

09-020 'Advaita Acharya Celebrates Srila Mädhavendra Puri's Disappearance' by Radhanath Swami

ayi déna-dayärdra nätha he mathurä-nätha kadävalokyase hådayaà tvad-aloka-kätaraà dayita bhrämyati kià karomy aham TRANSLATION “O My Lord! O most merciful master! O master of Mathura! When shall I see you again? Because of my not seeing You, My agitated heart…