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Radhanath Swami Says Give Credits to Others

Radhanath Swami describes Uddhava Chanting Lord Krishna’s Glories Just to expand Himself according to His transcendental features, the Lord begot in each and every one of them ten offspring with exactly His Own qualities. tasv apatyany ajanayad atma-tulyani sarvatah ekaikasyam dasa…

Eight Sons of Mother Devaki

Only the pure devotees can know the transcendental name, form and activities of Lord Krsna due to their being completely free from the reactions of fruitive work and mental speculation, the pure devotees have nothing to derive as personal profit from their unalloyed service to the Lord they render incessant service to the Lord spontaneously without any reservation, everyone within the creation of the Lord is rendering service to the Lord indirectly or directly no one is exception to this law of the Lord.

Vidura's message of real peace By Radhanath Swami

To the degree you are attached to peace in this world to that degree you are going to suffer when there are changes. When it will change? It is just a matter of time. Change is must and that is guaranteed. Therefore those religious people who are trying to promise you peace in this world they are cheating you, they are giving you something cheap. Ultimately it would be taken away and you are going to suffer.