Inconceivable Lord Krishna

The cows had younger calves who had started sucking milk from their mothers, and some of the cows had newly given birth, but now, because of love, the cows enthusiastically showed their affection for the older calves, which had left off milking. These calves were grown up, but still the mothers wanted to feed them. Therefore Balarāma was a little surprised, and He wanted to inquire from Kṛṣṇa about the reason for their behavior.

04-48 'Intoxicated State Of Prema' Lecture by Radhanath Swami

H H Radhanath Swami By the mercy of Sri Guru and Gauranga, we have come to Sri Ram Ghat, flowing just beside this temple is Yamuna devi. After our discussion today everyone please do go down and offer your prayers…