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Surrendering to Krishna’s Plan by Radhanath Swami

Surrendering to Krsna’s plans Yesterday we were reading that how the assembly of asuras being defeated by the demigods, took shelter of Maya Danava, who by his incredible mystic powers, is a mahayogi, created three mystical residences in the sky….

Radhanath Swami explains The Exalted Position of Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva

We have many times mentioned the names of twelve selected authorities (dvädaça-mahäjana), of which Brahmä, Närada and Lord Shiva head the list as the first, second and third in order of merit of those who know something of the Supreme Lord. Other demigods, semi-demigods, Gandharvas way. But what can the scientists know?

90-081 'Vaishnava Activities are Incomprehensible (SB 08.07.33)' by Radhanath Swami, in Mumbai

ye tv ātma-rāma-gurubhir hṛdi cintitāńghri- dvandvam carantam umayā tapasābhitaptam katthanta ugra-parusam niratam śmaśāne te nūnam ūtim avidams tava hāta-lajjāh  (SB 8.7.33)   Exalted, self-satisfied persons who preach to the entire world think of your lotus feet constantly within their hearts….