Sucking the Poison

First when putana came in contact with Krishna, Krishna created a condition in her life where when He began to suck from her body, she could feel the very life air coming out. She was struck with fear and then she was suffering terrible pain and she was trying to resist by all means this process of purification. First thing that happened when Putana saw Krishna she was attracted to this child, she killed so many babies but when she saw Krishna she became very attractive.

91-006 'Drinking Poison (SB 09.04.13-16), in Mumbai

näbhägäd ambaréño ‘bhün mahä-bhägavataù kåté näspåçad brahma-çäpo ‘pi yaà na pratihataù kvacit   From Näbhäga, Mahäräja Ambaréña took birth. Mahäräja Ambaréña was an exalted devotee, celebrated for his great merits. Although he was cursed by an infallible brähmaëa, the curse…