Cleaning our heart is not an easy task
When Shri Caitanya Mahaprabhu roamed to the twelve forest of Vrindavan, he not only experienced the supreme happiness of coming to his eternal home. But he also envisioned Vrindavan Dham opening his doors for the whole world to come, back home back to Godhead. Sometimes we think that going back home back to Godhead is something far away, however Madanlal prabhu has explained wherein Vrindavan Dham, Barsana, this is the spiritual world, it is non-different from Goloka; we are already gone back home back to Godhead, Haribol. We are here; it is just a matter of realization. Prabhupada told devotees back in 1960’s that you are liberated and devotees didn’t know what to think; Prabhupada is saying we are liberated but we know what’s in our hearts and in we know what’s in our minds and we know what we do when people don’t see us, we do even when people do see us, Prabhupada is saying we are liberated. Prabhupada said, when you are following the process of Krishna consciousness you are in a liberated state, as we purify the mind we realize that. So by Prabhupada’s mercy we have come back home back to Godhead but in the association of devotees performing our Sadhana, our Bhajan we can purify our heart and actually to purify our heart is something very difficult. Have any of you ever had to that realization, when we first come to the Krishna consciousness movement and we read some books and we hear from devotees we think oh! Simple and sublime, just all I have to do is to purify my heart and then I will go back home back to Godhead and I can see Krishna, its sound so nice and it’s so easy. But then we start chanting and hearing and associating and doing some Seva and then we realize more and more, what a job it is to clean this heart. Its insurmountable, it’s like an insignificant insect moving the entire Himalayan mountain range and where you going to put it multiply that by trillions of time and that is how difficult is to clean the heart. But when we chant the holy names which is the Yugadharma it is possible,

harer näma harer näma

harer nämaiva kevalam

kalau nästy eva nästy eva

nästy eva gatir anyathä

Why is it the only way in the age of Kali, in previous ages by your effort just meditation focusing, somehow other clean your heart to some extent? Our hearts are so dirty in this age of Kali; the heart of a saint in Kali is despicable by someone in Dwapara Yuga, Satya Yuga, yes. We are talking about saint and speaking about holy man, Sadhu. But to actually clean this heart so difficult, so impossible; only if we attracts Krishna mercy then by the mercy of Shri guru and Krishna everything can and be done,

Ceto-darpaëa-märjanaà bhava-mahä-dävägni-nirväpaëaà

Therefore it is the only way in this age of Kali, I can’t do it, I am helpless, I am hopeless, and I am fallen. Therefore Krishna I am crying out your name, oh! Srimati Radharani mother of devotion I am crying out for your mercy, please make my heart a suitable place to please you. When we chant the name in that proper spirit and Radha and Krishna who are non-different from their names they clean our heart. It is in this spirit that we practice the Yugadharma, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna Hare, Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama, Rama Hare, Hare. Chanting Hare Krishna is crying out for mercy and thus we could realize even today that we are back home back to Godhead.


Teachings of six Goswami’s

So Shri Caitanya Mahaprabhu it was his desire while tasting the sweetness of Vrindavan in the ecstasy of Radharani love for Krishna he was simultaneously meditating on giving this nectar to his fallen, sinful, entrapped children in the age of Kali. That was his instruction to the six Goswami to teach people what is Vrindavan and what is Vrindavan consciousness? The six Goswami’s of Vrindavan are Manjari’s, confidential maid servants of Srimati Radharani and the eight Sakhi’s in the eternal Goloka, Nityasiddha. They are not ordinary living entity; they are manifesting their mercy to give the land of Vrindavan accessibility even to fallen souls. Srila Prabhupada explains that the six Goswami’s taught how to cultivate feelings of separation, he rädhe vraja-devike ca lalite he nanda-süno kutaù. Prabhupada explained that when we think when we are near to Krishna the tendency is we become proud; pride is such an envious demoniac serpent can just curve in any way to somehow other unfulfilled our consciousness. Therefore the six Goswami’s taught us to cultivate the feeling of separation from Krishna. Mahaprabhu he jumped in the Ganga and he went under water and didn’t come up and Nityananda and Haridas had to pick him up by the head and by the feet, literally drag into the bank of Ganges and they said my Lord, why did you try to end your life and Lord Caitanya said, why did you try to save my life? The only purpose of life is to love Krishna, and I have no love for Krishna, if I even have the drop of love for Krishna I would died in separation, the fact is I am still that means I have no love for Krishna what is the use of my life. That is the mood that Six Goswami taught, when we feel our self separate from Krishna we become humble by that, if it’s a real feeling and then long and you yearn with great eagerness to please the Lord, to serve the Lord as his servant of his servant, crying for mercy. The six Goswami taught us that in this spirit of separation we should aspire always to be servant of the servant of Srimati Radharani.


Radharani’s only desire to please Shyamasundar in any situation

We do not aspire to approach Krishna directly because Krishna is Radharani’s property; Rightwing Gopis are thinking I am Krishna property leftwing headed by Radharani they understand Krishna is my property and Krishna loves that most. So is Krishna Radharani’s property because he has supreme love, she is the ultimate embodiment of selfless devotion, she lives only exclusively for Krishna. There is the beautiful Shloka in Lalita-mädhava that Srimati Radharani is in separation from Krishna she is telling Lalita Sakhi that I owe my life, I cannot live in separation from Shyamasundar, cannot live. My life is only for his pleasure, only for his service; I will offer my spirit soul to the Lord in whatever, when my body falls to the ground let my every element of my body be utilized for Krishna service. The earth elements of my body will merge into the earth and become soft dust for Krishna to walk and give him pleasure. The fire element of my body will become light so give light for Krishna to look at himself from the mirror and see himself and be pleased. The water element of my body will fill the kunds, emerged into the kunds of Vrindavan and be very cooling and pleasing for the pleasure of Nandanandana. The air aspect of my body when the devotees are fanning Krishna with chamara I will merged into that air and I will refresh and give a cooling experience to Govinda. The ethereal elements of my body will merge into the space of Vrajabhümi and give Krishna the pleasure if performing his Lila in that space. So in every sense body, mind, words life she sacrifices for Krishna pleasure. Srila Prabhupada explains that the Gopis of Vrindavan have absolutely not the slightest inclination for their own happiness; their only desire in life is the happiness of Krishna that is love. Where there is selfishness, as soon as there is selfishness thinking in terms of I and mine that is Kama that is lust. Real love is utterly selfless and exclusive expression for all the eternity, that my body, my mind, my words, my life are for Krishna’s happiness. It is that love that Srimati Radharani out of his supreme compassion wants to give us through Mahaprabhu Shri Caitanya by chanting the holy name, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, krishna, krishna Hare, Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama, Rama Hare, Hare.


Lord Shiva surrendered to Krishna

Krishna he proved his supremacy in so many ways, how he just killed so many incredible powerful demons when he was living near Vrajabhümi and in Dwarka, Mathura. Even the greatest of the Demi-Gods, yes; when he was living in Dwarka Lord Shiva had a fight with Krishna it was a major battle, it is describe by Sukhdev in Srimad Bhagvatam Lord Shiva and Krishna had a raging battle over Bäëäsura, when you become influence by your disciple it becomes very difficult, very dangerous if you become influence by a neophyte disciple. Bäëäsura was a good disciple of Shiva, good in the sense he was very much wanted to please Shiva but he has his selfish motives. He knows that Lord Shiva likes to dance, so he pray to Lord Shiva give me a thousand arms so I could play drums then all how you will dance. Shiva was dancing and dancing and dancing and Bäëäsura was playing so many nice drums, Lord Shiva gave him the benediction of thousand arms but he wanted to beat somebody with those arms and ultimately he challenged Krishna. When Krishna was about to defeat him, Shiva had to come to save his devotee. Then Shiva and Krishna having fight and Shiva throws the Shiva dwaram, just make everything burning hot like millions of sun by Shiva Dwaram. So because of an inconvenient in the sun light in the month of Kartik, the summer son is something is much hotter but multiply summer suns by millions of time that Shiva Dwaram. It is coming right at Krishna and sent Narayan Dwaram which makes everything very cold. Prabhupada said, too much heat is austerity and too much cold is misery, so ultimately Lord Shiva was conquered, surrendered his life and soul to Krishna.

‘Shri Radhika’ the Queen of Vrindavan

Similarly Brahma, in a few days the second half of the Yatra we will go to the place where Brahma surrender to Krishna. Lord Brahma tried to show his mystic powers before God and little Krishna who is then still in his Pauganda  Lila, taking care of calves, actually it was Kaumara Lila taking care of Calves. The Lord manifested such opulence’s that Brahma was bewildered and surrendered, Govardhan Lila Indra surrenders defeated by Krishna, at Nandagaon Varuna understand the supremacy and worships Krishna, yes. Indra Brahma and all of the Demi-Gods at Govinda Kund perform the coronation ceremony of Krishna; this is a very important incident in history. After Krishna defeated Indra, Shiva, Indra, Varuna, Vayu,  everyone all the Demi-Gods they all appeared to perform abhisekam and proclaimed Krishna to be the true Indra, the controller of all controller and our Lord, Govinda. But Krishna he wants to reveal to the world who is the supreme controller of the supreme controller of all controller. Rupa Goswami, Raghunath Das Goswami they instructed and blessed Jiva Goswami to reveals this pastime to the world, would you like to hear a very short summary. So Krishna has been coronated by all the Devatas the supreme king of all kings, Krishna want to proclaim Srimati Radharani as a supreme controller of his heart. So Krishna approached Vrindadevi and express that I want to have an Abhiñekha ceremony to coronated Srimati Radharani as Vrindabaneshvari, the queen of Vrindavan, the supreme unrival authority of Vrindavan, Vrindadevi was very happy. So in an unembodied celestial voice she spoke to Purnamasi and said that, on a jewel throne perform an abhisekam to proclaim Radharani as the supreme queen of Vraja and then all the world would flourish. Then that same voice of Vrindadevi spoke to Srimati Radharani and told her do not hesitate to accept the role of queen and participate in this abhisekam because it will be the ultimate welfare of all. Then Kundalata Gopi, she announced to all of Vrindavan that this abhisekam is going to take place. So Srimati Radharani very humble in the service of her Gopis friends and the transcendental voice that spoke to her she ascended the throne, there was glories abhisekam ceremony. Purnamasi arrange water from Manasi Ganga, water from Yamuna and bathe Srimati Radharani, there was the Panchamrita with ghee and Yogurt and milk and honey and sugar and Panchagavya which is ghee and Yogurt and milk and cow dung and cow urine, wonderful, wonderful abhiñekha ceremony. Then singing of celestial song, dancing everyone is in bliss and the Gopis dry Srimati Radharani’s body with silken towels, then they dressed her beautiful Garlands, fragrant oils ornaments, they decorated her body with a lovely forest flowers of Vrindavan and sat her on the throne. Then Vrindadevi appeared and she proclaimed Radharani as Vrindabaneshvari, the supreme queen of Vrindavan. At that time the Demi-Gods they showered fragrant flowers, the Devas and their wives came and presented gifts, played instrument and danced beautiful dances for the pleasure of Shri Radhika.


Krishna proclaiming the greatness of Shri Radharani

Now that she is queen, the Gopis and Radharani entered into a kunj in order to arrange how they are going to take care of this state of Vrindavan. There was a sign role of various Gopis and Lalita Sakhi was made prime minister. So Krishna he appealed to Lalita Sakhi, he said I want to do some service and Lalita Sakhi said, today Radharani has been coroneted as queen so every one’s desires in all over the Vraj will be fulfilled, fill out an application. So he filled out application and essence he wrote that he wanted to be the chief constable to travel throughout Vrajabhumi and proclaimed Srimati Radharani’s glories and in his application he wrote, all glories to the queen of Vrindavan I begged your folded hands every day I will announced the glories of our queen and I will ensure there is no thieves or any misbehavior in all of Vrindavan. So the Gopis gave him a uniform, a turban, a coat, medallion and a golden rod. Krishna taking this role he travelled through all the twelve forest of Vrindavan crying out very loudly Vrishabhanu Nandini is our only queen and I am her lowly servant. This was his pride to proclaimed this to all of the devotees in Vraindavan, everyone was supremely happy seeing Krishna’s divine love for Srimati Radharani. But Krishna had to come and report his activity on a regular basis, so one day when he came to report he secretly hid his flute under the Vail of the prime minister and she didn’t know, and Krishna after explaining what he had done today in a very innocent voice but today someone stole my flute and Vishaka Devi said very good, finally we can get peaceful sleep. Prime Minister Lalita Sakhi she said, you lost your own flute you are suppose to keep thieves out of all of Vrindavan, and someone stolen from you, you are incompetent handing your resignation. Thakurji, Lord Krishna I think one of the supreme cabinet members stole it from me; everyone should open up their Vails. So all the leading Gopi’s open up their Vails and then Lalita Sakhi open her Vail flute fell to the ground, Krishna said, I think the prime minister should resign. Lalita Sakhi said, you hide, you hide your flute in my Vail because you want usurp my position as prime minister. Now you must stand before the queen Srimati Radharani and taken a promise whether you hide your flute in my Vail or not, Krishna was trembling, he came to the throne of Shri Vrindabaneshwari and he approached and bowed his head at Radharani’s lotus feet. Srimati Radharani Smiled, she said by your desire oh! Nandanandana you made me dance by making me the queen of Vrindavan, I fulfilled your desire but now please fulfill my desire take off this costume of being a constable put on your peacock, your vaijantémälä and sit on this throne beside me. In this way Shri, Shri Radha and Krishna sat on the throne together and Krishna proclaimed to the whole though this pastime, that it is by only by the mercy of Srimati Radharani that he is sitting on the throne by her side.




preñöhälébhiù sevyamänau smarämi

Shri, Shri Radha and Krishna sitting on a beautiful throne, worship by all their confidential pure hearted devotees in the land of Vrindavan. Here in Barasana when we meditate on these beautiful pastimes with grateful hearts, we get some idea of the importance of the mercy of Srimati Radharani in our lives. Madanlal prabhu was explaining so nicely he is the original guru on the highest level of sweet loving services to Lord Krishna. Our Parampara especially from the time of Madhavendra puri to the present day all of our Äcärya’s are only aspiring to be the servant of servant of the servant in the camp of service of Shri Radha.


Service to Guru means pleasing the heart of Radharani

So many pastimes here that we can hear but please know the substances and earnestness of our devotion and dedication and service to Guru and the Vaishnava’s is the only possible way to qualify our self. We have seen how devotees, Prabhupada, Çréla Bhaktisiddhänta Sarasvaté Öhäkura they came knowing nothing and by their mercy took the holy name, learn the holy scriptures, had access to the teachings of the Goswami and then wanted to leave their service and just live in Vrindavan and do their Bhajan. Prabhupada was so disappointed, he wept tears of sorrow for such people; can you imagine most people were thinking this is the greatest thing in the world living in a city like Chicago, St. Louis, Bombay, and Calcutta. In fact we have devotees from London and from Kiev and from Moscow and from Melbourne so many places in the world assembled with us during this Yatra, Rome. So it’s seems like a nice thing, a great thing renouncing everything and coming and living in Vrindavan. But Prabhupada practically cried in sorrow for these people, what will you understand of Vrindavan; you will understand Vrindavan through dedicating service to your guru, this is the way you will find Vrindavan. In fact there was a Sanyasi who was in charge of building Krishna Balaram temple and was just too much, it was too much for him; arguing with constructing people who are trying to cheat him, you know counting the bags of cement and dacoits making threats, he wanted just to do Bhajan. Prabhupada said, Seva to your guru is what is going to win the heart of Radharani, but that Seva to guru that must be understood in full. There were other devotees who were so absorb in just doing service they neglected chanting their rounds, they neglected reading the Holy Scriptures and attending Srimad Bhagvatam class. When they actually lost their taste all together and their faith, Prabhupada was not surprise, these people were doing so much immense service it’s unbelievable, they were leading hundreds and hundreds and hundreds devotees, they were taking so much responsibility but they have no time to chant Hare Krishna, factually they had but they didn’t see it as important so they fell alone. So service to guru means dedicated to the mission and working very hard but part of that dedication and working is the instructions to chant at least sixteen rounds attentively every single day, to worship the deities or assist in some way, to hear the glories of the Lord regularly, is the service, very balanced approached. That is the way by which we can actually please Srimati Radharani, her servants who have given their lives to do her mission in this world, if we don’t satisfy them, will she cast her loving glance upon us. So let us understand Vrindavan in this way, Sahaja means to take something very high very cheaply.


Wonderful pastime “Krishna as tax collector”

Some of the pace we will be visiting, I will explain briefly, we describe that Lord Brahma appeared as the mountains of Barsana. He had four heads, there are four hills one is Mangad which is the home of Vrishabhanu Maharaj, Kirtida and his three children Sridama, Radharani and Anaìga-maïjaré, the eternal place of that home is where we have just been Sriji Mandir or Ladli Lal Mandir. On great devotee of Shri Caitanya Mahaprabhu of the name Narayan Bhatt Goswami he lived in Uchagram which is the birth place of Lalita Sakhi. He performed his Bhajan there and in the service of the six Goswami’s and Lord Caitanya he performed a very, very great service to humanity by reviving the many Holy places in this area of Braj and he discovered the ancient deity that was personally made by the great grandson of Krishna Vajranäbha and it is that deity that is in the temple where we have just come from. Where we are now, this is called dangad, dan means charity; now usually you think charity means something you give willingly from your heart, where the type of Lila’s that took place in Barsana of millions of times more unconditional and selfless then that. We will be visiting Sankrikor where there is two hills one representing Vishnu and one representing Brahma and they intersect at certain point where leaves only a very, very thin passage way to cross from one side chiksoli side to the village of Barasana. So Srimati Radharani and Gopis they would bring their butter and yogurt and ghee through that passage way, now some people say they were going to the market to sell but actually Vrishabhanu Maharaj ‘s palace was magnificent, he had hundreds and thousands of cows. Whatever Radharani and Gopis did only in excuse, they would tell mother that Babaji and Muni is performing a Yajna, there is nice Brahmans doing Yajna there they need some ghee so we are going to go, oh! Yes, yes, whatever the Brahmans need, we are all servants of Brahmans, but their only purpose was with the hope that Krishna would be there to meet them and he would be there as the tax collector. He would block the paths, along with his few of his friends Madhumaìgala, Subala and you have to pay tax, if you want to cross this toll station. What is this? What is your authority to ask us for taxes, Krishna said, ‘I am the servant of the king Gandharva and he has ordered me to excise proper taxes from all of you, according to your beauty and according to all beautiful parts of your body you must pay tax and we will began by taking milk, yogurt and ghee, Hare krishna. So they refused, who is this Gandharva? The queen of Vrindavan is Radharani; you should pay her tax because your cows are eating grass from the ground that belongs to her. So they would have these nice arguments and ultimately Krishna, so many things happen; sometimes they would have sticks Nityanand they put the butter and the ghee off from the heads of the Gopis and there are still places where the spill marks of those butters and ghee are in the rocks just to glorify that Lila. But one day the Gopis decided we should teach Krishna good lesson, so they sent just a few Gopis with pots of butter on their heads and hundreds of Gopis were hiding in the caves and in the bushes, it was an ambush. Krishna came with his friends, there were only few of them; you have to pay the tax, what is our tax? Then all of a sudden all of the other Gopis appeared and they tied Krishna, Madhumangala, and all other, they tied their seekers to the tree and to the rocks and they chastise them in so many ways. Madhumangala was really in desperation, he was saying I am a Brahman, I am a Brahman you cannot cheat a Brahman like this. I am innocent, I didn’t do anything wrong, it’s because that I am associating with Vaishya Krishna he is getting me in so much trouble, release me, release; you know what will happen if you offend a Brahman. Then the Gopis just laughed and laughed. So ultimately they only released Krishna who was tied from behind, they snuck up tied his hair to tree and said, you have to bow down pay your tax to the queen of Vrindavan Srimati Radharani. So he bowed down and he said, I begged forgiveness, what can I do in return? Now you can tax me.

Amazing Lila of Radha and Krishna

Srimati Radharani said how I can tax you, it’s only proper for me to tax you if you become me and I become you. So Radharani took form of Krishna and Krishna took form of Radharani and then, actually the Gopis dress Krishna as Radharani and then they dressed Radharani as Krishna. Then they performed and all the Gopis dressed up as Gopas and the Gopas dressed up as Gopis and they performed the same tax pastime but this time Radharani in form of Krishna was stealing from Krishna in the form of Radharani, yes. This one pujari from this temple just next door told me that those deities that this is Dangad, place of these taxes that these deities he was worshiping the deity of Krishna as Radharani and the deity of Radharani as Krishna in honor of this Lila. Another time they did the same thing, they dressed Krishna as Radharani and then they put the pot of yogurt on his head and he helplessly, at this time his hair was still tide he was dressed as a Gopi and Lalita Sakhi was on a mountain and she threw a stone her stone and it broke the pot and all of the yogurt spilled all over Krishna body, abhisekam. So many beautiful pastimes of love took place here on Dangad. There is also Vilasgad which is just across the way which we will be seeing very beautiful temple on a mountain, where very sweet loving pastimes of Radha and Krishna would be enacted. There is Mangad, the place where Srimati Radharani would take shelter when she wanted to please Krishna with her anger, perhaps we will go there a little later.


How to spend every moment in Vrindavan

So let us in our Yatra really try to take shelter of the chanting of the holy names. As we are chanting in Kirtaan, as we are chanting our Japa, as we are travelling places to place please don’t allow your mind to wonder here and there and everywhere.

yato yato niçcalati

manaç caïcalam asthiram

It is the nature of the mind, even in Vrindavan. After millions of life time we come in contact with Parampara and we come to Vrindavan and sometimes our mind is running to some other place for some mundane thoughts, how many of you had that experience since you have been here? How many have not had that experience? Thank you for your honesty. So this is Tapasya, Tapasya doesn’t mean just fasting till your skin and bones or depriving yourself of all sleep. Six Goswami’s they did that stuff too but that wasn’t really what their Tapasya was. They were always absorb, totally absorb  Kåñëotkértanagänanartanaparau, they were constantly absorb in Harinaam Sankirtan, Japa, constantly absorb in discussing one another topics of Krishna, mission of Mahaprabhu that is Vrindavan. So while we are here so let us really perform this tapasya trying to force our mind to just be fix absorb in Krishna. I know I talk too much, it is our habit I am trying to ductile in Krishna service; really I don’t know what’s happening because before I was a devotee I never said anything. Every teacher would tell my mother in report card, your son is so shy he never talks, in all my grade schools and high school and whatever little college, I can honestly say I don’t remember one question to any of my teachers. Even I had a question I was just shy, I am making confession like this. So the teachers would say he is so shy he never talks, and my mother would write back, well you should come and visit our home and see what’s happening. So I am actually like that, but somehow other Prabhupada ordered us that, whatever you had heard from me, whatever you are hearing from the Acarya’s through me you must tell others, how is this possible what I am going to say. When I came to New Vrindavan I was just a Pujari, I didn’t have to talk I was just doing Seva all so nice. I never had to give class because during class, New Vrindavan wasn’t like where you chant Japa and you greet the deities and then you Bhagvatam class and then breakfast, then Brahmacari class and all this things. No, wake up 1.30 or 2.00 in the morning finishes all your rounds before Mangal Aarti, right after Mangal Aarti, Tulsi worship, guru Puja, breakfast and then work, Srimad Bhagvatam class. So I was always dressing deities during class so I never had to talk but Prabhupada said, you must speak what I say. So I am sorry somehow other I am making up for lost time, somehow you have to tolerate while I am going through whatever I had to go through in my life. Whatever, if the subject matter is Krishna consciousness we should be eager to hear, we don’t want to waste a second, Rupa Goswami describes this sincerity in Krishna consciousness means not to waste time, every moment is so precious death is fast approaching. So while we are here in Vrindavan we should actually be practicing for the rest of our lives, training our self to think of Krishna at every moment by attentively listening to classes, by participating in Kirtaan as were walking from place to place, so much energy is going to the sound system so as were walking through roads everyone can participate in Kirtaan, yes. I don’t know how much it’s working, almost one thousand nine hundred people in this Yatra. Could every one hear the speakers, Haribol! Could every one hear it now, Haribol! Sorry about that. We should be really eager focus your mind, absorb yourself. Bhakti means absorption; bhakti doesn’t mean just some formality of chanting with your mouth. Bhakti means absorption, absorbing yourself in the holy name, that is why Kirtan is there absorbing yourself in your Japa, and when you are meeting each other absorb yourself in speaking about Krishna, reminding each other of Krishna, reminding each other of service to Krishna. That will really be the great fruit of supreme benefit of this Yatra, in the holy land of Vrindavan which is so conducive to always remember Krishna and never forget Krishna, surrounded by almost two thousand devotees. Where could it possibly an easier more favorable place to always remember Krishna never forget krishna and chant his holy name Hare Krishna hare Krishna, krishna, krishna Hare, Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama, Rama Hare, Hare. This temple Radha kushalbihari Mandir is built by one of the great kings of Jaipur, it is said to build this temple because Ladli Lal temple at time was very small with this ancient worshipable deities. So he built this temple here to move those deities here and you can see what a beautiful magnificent temple this is. Can you imagine what it cost today to make such hand craft stone, we have fraction of realization at Radha Gopinath temple. But when it was complete the actually he was going to come and have retreats himself, his ministers and all to come spend time here and together worship the supreme king of all kings and supreme queen of all queens, Radha Gopinath. But everything was done and installation has to take place Srimati Radharani appeared to him in dream and said my home is the next hill, do not move me. So Vishnuji Mandir was built in might in a very nice way, let us pray that in Dangad the pace of charity that we will offer our hearts through our words, our thoughts, our actions and our lives in the loving service of the servants of Shri guru and Gauranga. Jai, jai Shri Radhe Shyam!


Radharani’s mercy on Brahmana

Krishnananda wants me tell one more story, should I tell, Haribol. On the order of Krishnananda I will speak something, when Krishnananda prabhu gives an order it is very fearful proposal to consider disobey. By the way while we are on the subject of Krishnananda prabhu I liked to announced something very auspicious, are you ready! Haribol! Anything regarding to Krishnananda prabhu is auspicious, he is really absorb in Krishna, sometimes to extent, that people don’t know what to do. Krishnananda prabhu as of yesterday, the first day of Braj yatra was commission by the Bhaktivedanta book trust to translate into Hindi, Sanatan Goswami’s Brihat-Bhagavatamrita. Let us all pray for Radharani’s blessing upon him and her holy abode of Shri Barsana Dham. Ultimately the Brihat-Bhagavatamrita is simply to glorify Srimati Radharani love for the whole world. Would you like to tell the story? Radha and Krishna you will see at Dangad there is a beautiful place where Radha and Krishna would perform their Jhulan or swing pastimes. So Radha and Krishna were together there with Gopis, at that time Brahman approached, that Brahman was in a very pathetic state because his wife told that he wasn’t allow to come back home until he came with enough dowry to marry the daughter, Hare Krishna. So he approached Krishna and he said oh! Krishna the whole world knows that you always protect the Brahmans so please protect me, I have no money, nothing but I have daughter but she is on marriageable age and be the son of Nanda Maharaj who has nine hundred thousand cows so please give me enough charity to pay the dowry for my daughter’s marriage and thus protect me. Krishna asked, who am I protect you from, the Brahman replied, ‘my wife’, if I come home tonight without enough money for this dowry she won’t let me in the door and you know how that is. So said, I am sorry I don’t have anything, I am just a simple cowherd boy, I don’t have anything. So Brahman began to cry, he cried and walked away. He came back and said, you must have something, Krishna said, I only have one thing that is of great value, he said the greatest wealth I have is Srimati Radharani. So on this day I vow to give in charity Srimati Radharani to you, as a donation. Brahman, he was in greater anxiety; he said I am already in trouble I have one daughter and no money for dowry and you are giving me another daughter, my wife will never accept this, I cannot accept her. Krishna said, I have already done the Sankalpa, I have already vowed she is yours, I can’t take her back, and she is yours. The Brahman cried and cried, I cannot accept, I cannot accept and started walking away. Srimati Radharani who is the mother of compassion, who is the ocean of compassion, she said, ‘when someone comes us he should not walk away in such an unhappy state, let us help him. So Krishna called the Brahman back and they put Radharani on a scale and all the Gopis put all of their precious jewelry on one side of the scale and equal until weight of Srimati Radharani and they gave all of that to the Brahman and he became very happy. But what is the supreme jewel of al jewel that Brahman received the mercy of Shri, Shri Radha Shyamasundar. So these are the some of the wonderful pastimes that took place. Did I tell the story right, is anything else? Oh best of the editors and translators.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.