HH Radhanath Swami

First of all, we beg for the blessings of Srila Prabhupad and our all merciful previous acharyas. We beg for the blessings of the assembled Vaishnavas and for the causeless unlimited mercy of Sri Giriraj, the Supreme Personality of Godhead who has appeared on this earth to bestow pious treasure of the love of Vrindavan to all who seek refuge of his lotus feet. Today we are especially blessed by illustrious special personalities who have come. We have amongst us sitting in a very inconspicuous and humble way. One of the most exalted Vaishnavis in the fourteen worlds, Prabhupad’s intimate daughter and loving devotee, Malati Devi Prabhu. (Everyone greet “Haribol”)

We also have an extraordinary sadhu who has very very deep love for Vrindavan and who is one of my very dearest friends, His Holiness Damodhar Swami Maharaj. Let us welcome Maharaj to our Yatra (Everyone greet “Haribol”) and also amongst us is my dear god-brother, Radha Kund Prabhu, who is always the great ocean of enthusiasm for Kåñëa consciousness. Everyone let us welcome him. (Everyone greet “Haribol”)



Mahaprabhu’s Love for Govardhan hill:

Hare Kåñëa! We read in Çré Caitanya-caritämåta, how Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu had one small stone or Shila from the expansive form of Sri Giriraj. He worshipped that little stone with Mahabhava, with the ultimate love that exists in all material and spiritual worlds because he saw that Govardhan Shila to be the body of Kåñëa. He could see the three fold bending form of Kåñëa, playing his flute. He could see Kåñëa performing his intimate loving pastimes. (Nobody goes too close to the Govardhan hill. Please keep a respectful distance.) He saw the pastimes of the Lord, the form of the Lord. He saw the abode of the Lord because the Govardhan Shila is Kåñëa. And when Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu worshipped that Shila, he would sometimes put it in his eyes, put him on his heart and it is explained that for several years he kept that Shila always on his heart and it was always soaked with the tears of Lord Chaitanya’s devotional affection. When Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu came to Govardhan hill and when he saw a beautiful stone, Mahaprabhu embraced the stone; in the mood of Radharani embracing Kåñëa and he wept in ecstasy. And he would never climb Govardhan hill because he considered it to be the body of the Lord and it should be honored and worshipped like the deity of the Lord. Therefore, he would never place his foot on Govardhan hill. And his followers to this day, try to follow in his footsteps, with faith.



Sanatana Goswami’s Love for Govardhan:

We have spoken about Sanatana Goswami, who lived at Chakaleshwar Mahadev which we would be passing soon. But he would do parikram of Govardhan everyday as an act of loving worship; worship of Kåñëa. Doing parikram of Giriraj, how is it worship? “mahäjano yena gataù sa panthäù” (CC_Madhya_17.186) The highest worship we can do is to follow in the footsteps of the great souls and in this case, we are very literally following the footsteps of the great souls. And just to confirm this, the cows have come to bless us. This is the most beautiful sight in all of creation. He taught us following in the footsteps of Madhavendra Puri, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Kåñëa himself, how to worship Govardhan by doing the parikrama. To circumambulate a great personality, keeping them on a right side is a very very profound act of respect and it is to be done properly with the heart. And when Sanatana Goswami was circumambulating Giriraj as an act of love, he was immersed constantly in a spirit of service to Giriraj by hearing his glories, by chanting his names, by chanting his glories and by completely immersing his mind in remembrance and it’s so beautiful. It’s pooja. There is a particular prescribed type of pooja for different times and circumstances for the Lord. Just like for the deity and the temple, our pooja is we offer Bhoga, we offer arati, we bathe them, we dress them and we fan them. So many nice offerings like this in a very personal way.


So the deity of Giriraj, he takes pleasure when the devotees perform the parikrama with their minds absorbed in his loving names and pastimes with their hearts praying; praying to please him through our endeavors. So Sanatana Goswami, with so much feeling himself to be the servant of Giriraj that he committed himself everyday to perform this parikrama and he did 24 mile parikrama. Even when he was in his 80s and Kåñëa felt pity on him. He was taking so much trouble just to please him, that Kåñëa came and gave Sri Sanatana Goswami a very nice Shila that he had stepped upon and played the flute and melted it and thus, imprinted it with his footprint and also his cowherd stick and hoof of the calf. He gave that Shila to Sanatana Goswami and told him, “You circumambulate this seven times and it is equal to circumambulating Govardhan hill.” So this is our sambandha acharyas, teaching us. Sri Kåñëa revealed one of his most beautiful pastimes described in Srimad Bhagavatam and expanded upon by many realized souls who have witnessed this Lila within the love of their hearts.


Krishna presents a different philosophy to Nanda Maharaj:

I would like to briefly share this narration with you. It is very very auspicious and purifying to submissively and very attentively hear and speak the story at the lotus feet of Giriraj Govardhan. The anniversary of this event was yesterday, Govardhan pooja. Every year, the cowherd men of Vrindavan were performing this pooja for Indra. So Nanda Maharaj was directing the preparations; they were very very grand preparations for Indra’s worship. So Kåñëa saw and he asked Nanda Maharaj, “What are you doing? And what do you hope to accomplish by this? And whom are you doing it for? Please explain to me. There should be no secrets amongst relatives.” Nanda Maharaj told that “We are cowherd men. And our livelihood is based on the cows giving milk and for the cows to give milk there must be nice grains and nice grass and also our bulls are ploughing the fields to grow grains, but in order to be grains or grass for our survival, we depend on the rain. Indra is the Lord who provides rains. So it is the tradition for many generations amongst the Vrajvasis, that every year at this time, we perform a pooja to Indra to satisfy him so that he will give us nice rains. So Kåñëa, he presented very nice philosophy to Nanda Maharaj. He said, “It’s not the demigods, it’s our karma that determines our destiny, the demigods cannot hear anything more than what is destined by our pious and impious activities. The ocean doesn’t need rain but it is raining on the ocean just as it is raining on our pastures.” In this way, Kåñëa presented very nice philosophy. And he openly told Nanda Maharaj that actually it is Govardhan hill and the cows that are providing our sustenance. Why should we worship this demigod, Indra? We should worship Govardhan hill, the cows and the Brahmins. And Nanda Maharaj would always want to please Kåñëa. He said, “Yes we will do according to your desire after we worship Indra.”

But Kåñëa, seven year old child said, “Why should we waste all this energy in worshipping Indra? Let us take all the paraphernalia that are meant to use for Indra and use it to worship the cows and Girigovardhan.” And then, Kåñëa told how to do it. First it was Annakut; wonderful offerings and he said, “After those offerings, we should make sacred fires and then we should feed everybody, without discrimination the Mahaprasad and then do parikrama around Govardhan hill.



Worship of Govardhan under the instructions of Krishna:

Nanda Maharaj; for the pleasure of Kåñëa, took a big risk and offered all Indra’s paraphernalia to the cows, the Brahmins and the Govardhan hill. And there were big big mountains and mountains and mountains and mountains of lakes of various types of Bhoga. And they offered. And Kåñëa personally assumed the form of Govardhan hill. And everyone saw with own eyes Govardhan hill, just personified as the Supreme person and eat all the offerings. There was nothing left except Govardhan’s hunger. And then he loudly, with a roar of a mountain but with the sweetness of Kåñëa’s love called “Anniyore” “Anniyore” “Anniyore” – “Give me more”. There was nothing left. All the Vrajvasis were bowing down and Kåñëa himself who was also remaining as a small cowherd boy bowed down to the glorious form of Govardhan. Ultimately Govardhan was offered a Tulsi leaf and he was satisfied. And suddenly everything appeared again, all the food all the mountains of prasadam, lakes of liquid prasadam. And it was distributed to everyone, to the Brahmins and to the cowherd men and to the cowherd ladies and to the aborigines and even to the animals; prasad was for everyone. This was Giriraj prasad and then Kåñëa lead all the Vrajvasis in doing Govardhan parikrama; circumambulating Govardhan hill.

It was such a glorious festival because Kåñëa was pleased. When you water the root of the tree, every part of the tree is satisfied. When Kåñëa is happy, all the devotees find the ultimate bliss. It was a wonderful festival of joy and everyone enjoyed it except for one personality. Indra was outraged. He is the king of heavens. And we were speaking last night at Surabhi Kund; he is very much conditioned to accept the regular worship of the Vrajvasis every year. Generation after generation after generation and he said, “Now this talkative, little seven year old boy has interrupted and broken that tradition and he has taken all the offerings that is meant for me and offered it to a hill?” He is furious. He wanted to teach a good lesson. “ dhyäyato viñayän puàsaù saìgas teñüpajäyate” (BG 2.62) that Kåñëa tells in Gita that when there is attachment, there is lust. Lust means a desire to enjoy; gross or subtle, and when that is interrupted anger and from that anger bewilderment of memory, he forgot that Kåñëa is his Lord of the Lords. His intelligence was lost and then Indra engaged in horrible activities. He decided to destroy Kåñëa in Vrindavan; called for the most powerful clouds, the Samvartaka clouds that come at the time of the deluge of the end of a Kalpa. And these clouds of devastation, he ordered to flood and destroy Vrindavan.

Indra’s Wrath; no match for Krishna’s Govardhan Lila:

Suddenly, the Vrajvasis saw these massive black clouds forming in the sky. Some of you have seen monsoon rain clouds but you’ve never seen the clouds of devastation. There was thunder lightening and torrents of rain. The cows were just crying out in distress and the bulls pounding against the hump and the back, just spitting up and the bulls are just looking up at the sky and roaring. Vrajvasis were desperate. They all came before Kåñëa. Although they believed him to be just their friend, their son; when times of distress came, they had no other shelter. “kåñëa kåñëa mahä-bäho” (SB_1.7.22) “Kåñëa, you are full of all opulences. You are very strong. Look at your cows are in distress and so are we. Please help us. Kåñëa smiled and he came to Sri Govardhan and performed the one of the most beautiful pastimes that has ever been seen. Kåñëa, who is just a small seven year old, little cowherd boy, lifted the Govardhan hill; with the effortlessness of a small boy, picking up a mushroom. As he lifted the Govardhan hill, there was a massive tumultuous sound. Massive sound; as he was lifting the hill higher and higher and higher. And as the hill was being lifted Govardhan’s trees were showering flowers to proclaim Kåñëa’s victory over Indra’s pride.


Little Gopal was holding the Govardhan hill with the little finger of his left hand. How insulting that is to Indra? The little finger of his left hand, it’s the weakest of your fingers. He really wanted to show Indra, how insignificant he was! And then, Kåñëa invited all the Vrajvasis very happily, “Please. Everything is safe now, please come. Govardhan hill will serve as an umbrella and protect us from the rains of Indra.” And all the residents of Vrindavan gathered around Kåñëa under Govardhan hill. Sri Girigovardhan appeared like a beautiful jeweled umbrella to protect the Vrajvasis. They were all in circles around Kåñëa, gazing upon Kåñëa in such love and each and every devotee, each cow, each calf, each Gopa, each Gopi, everyone; they were feeling that Kåñëa is directly looking only at me. Kåñëa was reciprocating with love of each of his devotees’ hearts personally and intimately, simultaneously. The Gopas were gazing at Kåñëa and they were laughing; laughing and enjoying seeing what Kåñëa is doing today and they were praying “Let Kåñëa be victorious! Let Kåñëa always be victorious!” They were smiling and telling jokes to Kåñëa and the young Gopis, they were gazing upon Kåñëa like a Chicora bird gazes upon the moon; through the eyes they brought Kåñëa into their heart and lovingly embraced him again and again and again in their hearts. All of the Vrajvasis were in ecstasy. Everyone wanted to serve Kåñëa according to their particular relationship. The Brahmins were offering blessings, the elder Gopas were just encouraging Kåñëa and smelling his head and the elder Gopis were serving Kåñëa in their anxiety for his safety.



Madhumangal’s words of wisdom and Mother Yashoda in distress:

Madhumangal; he proclaimed to Kåñëa. He said, “Do not have any concern or any fear, my brother.” He said, “It is by my Brahmin tejas that this hill is being upheld. He said, “With my power as a Brahmin, with the tip of my golden cowherd boy stick, I’ll hold up this hill. You can relax and be happy.” Meanwhile mother Yashoda, “Oh! My Darling Son, you are so impudent, you are so restless due to your uncontrolled senses. For so many years, we have peacefully  performed Indra pooja and this year you caused a great disturbance by displeasing the demigods, there can never be auspiciousness” and she very lovingly touched Kåñëa’s hand and then she said, “ Oh Gopal, My Darling Son, your hand is a soft fresh butter and Govardhan hill is very hard and very heavy.” Then Yashoda Mayi; with tears of love in her eyes, she began to pray to Sri Girigovardhan. She said, “Oh most compassionate Govardhan hill, please answer my prayer. Please fulfill my desire. Please become very soft and very light, float on the finger of my child so that he does not feel any distress.” Madhumangal, he said, “Oh Maa, don’t speak like this! If it wasn’t for that insignificant Indra becoming angry, we would not be here together enjoying the festival of nectar, seeing Kåñëa lifting Govardhan hill.” Sri Giriraj Maharaj ki Jay! Yashoda Mayi did not appreciate that like you did. She said, “Oh bold one, Madhumangal, lifting a heavy load is never sweet. What are you saying? Look at my son, he is pale, he is trembling, he is tired. His beautiful lotus face looks like a lotus flower that has been riddled by the snow. How is it possible for a mother to tolerate such a hardship as this?”


Then Kåñëa, he smiled at his mother and said, “Oh mother, nothing can be more fun than this. Giriraj is floating. He has no weight. By the compassionate loving mercy of Giriraj, he is floating on my finger. He is just using me as an instrument just to stand here.” Mother Yashoda said, “How can it be that after all of these hours, you are still not tired? If it is true what you are saying then I want to see Govardhan float in the sky.” Yashoda said, “I want to see Giriraj fly around in the sky.” And Madhumangal said, “Do not be afraid, mother. Giriraj sits on the lotus hand of Kåñëa by my Brahminical powers. Therefore, because I am chanting mantras, he feels no pain and Yashoda replied, “Oh impudent one, my heart burns in motherly love and you are making jokes? My Kåñëa is so independent; He does not take guidance from anyone.” Nanda Maharaj then intervened and he said to Yashoda Mayi, “Why are you scolding Madhu? He is speaking very nicely. At times like this, you have to be little diplomatic. Madhumangal is trying to encourage Kåñëa and is feeling very happy hearing his words. Besides that Kåñëa needs encouragement of his friends.”


All the Vrajvasis gazed upon the tribhanga, three-fold bending form of Sri Kåñëa and they all were speaking very loudly; something that they really ever did. All the different camps of Vrajvasis, the young Gopis, the older Gopis, the Gopas, they were loudly expressing their deep appreciation for Kåñëa’s beauty in public. All of the residents of Vrindavan were loudly praising Kåñëa’s beauty. One Vrajvasi said, “Look, in Kåñëa’s left hand, he is holding Govardhan hill on one finger and now with his right hand, he is placing his flute to his beautiful lotus like lips and now he is playing a beautiful song with his flute.” Kåñëa smiled and with one hand was playing melodies with his flute that was enchanting the hearts of each devotee. And Madhumangal, he became very much worried. He said, “Oh protector of your friends! Please put down your flute, do not play your flute. If you play your flute Giriraj might become ecstatic and fall off your finger and then we will be finished because we have all seen, when you play your flute, mountains turn into rivers and rivers become still like stone.” Then another cowherd boy said, “Yes, what Madhumangal is saying is true. If Kåñëa continues to play his flute, Govardhan hill will melt into a river and then Giriraj will be the cause of all of our destruction.” And then all the cowherd boys began to pray, “Oh Govardhan, Oh Giriraj, please please maintain your composure.” And another cowherd boy says, “Govardhan will maintain his composure. Let us just enjoy the sound of Kåñëa’s flute.”



Krishna’s Love for Radha:

One Vrajavasi, one of the Gopis turned to Srimati Radharani and said, “Oh Sri Radharani, your face is so beautiful. Please do not allow your eyebrows to dance because if Kåñëa sees that, his hand will shake and the hill may fall.” And Radharani and Gopis were speaking to each other, words of love describing the extra ordinary beauty of Kåñëa lifting Govardhan hill and one sakhi told to Sri Radharani, “Because Kåñëa is gazing upon you, there are tears in his eyes and his limbs are trembling and there is perspiration but the cowherd men don’t understand this. They think that these symptoms are coming because Kåñëa’s tired. Therefore, look they all are not putting their sticks under Govardhan hill, thinking that they are helping him but they don’t know that is it actually your gaze upon Kåñëa that is empowering him to lift Govardhan hill.” Srimati Radharani looked at the ground and then she gazed upon Kåñëa with a beaming glance that was like a shower of nectar that gave Kåñëa ultimate pleasure, as he lifted Govardhan hill and trembled and as he was trembling, yes, all the cowherd men were putting sticks under the hill thinking that they were holding the hill and Madhumangal started laughing at them.


Yashoda Mayi’s Concern:

Madhumangal said, “All of you are just scratching the bottom of the hill. You don’t understand that my friend Kåñëa is the brother of Lord Balaram. He needs no other people’s help to do what he wants to do.” And Kåñëa he told the Gopas. He said, “No no, don’t laugh at these cowherd people. Out of parental love, out of fatherly affection, they are trying to serve me. Please do not disturb the mood of love, let them hold their sticks.” And he said, “But I am not the least bit tired.” Yashoda Mayi said, “An entire day passed and you have not eaten anything, Gopal! You must be affected by hunger. Look, your face is dried up, your belly is caved in, then even cows would grieve, they won’t eat grass until you eat something Kåñëa. Please stop playing your flute and I will feed you. I’ve made some nice soft cakes with yogurt. Please enjoy it.” and Madhumangal again spoke. He said, “What your mother speaks is correct. You must follow what your mother teaches you and besides that I am also very disturbed by hunger.” Krishna looked at Yashoda Mayi and said that, “I do not feel that I have been holding Govardhan for even a moment but if you like you can feed me.”



Krishna brings Endless Happiness Under and Above Govardhan during Indra’s Wrath:

These are the wonderful pastimes that were taking place under Govardhan hill. Now we will hear about what was happening above. Indra was absolutely furious. Indra is burning the mountain with thunderbolts and high winds and twines of rain. Prabhupad explains that it wasn’t drops it was pounds, pillars of water just pouring down at high speed. And yet, on top of Govardhan hill, deers and the birds, the birds were just going branch to branch singing nice songs and the deers were just looking out. But there was no distress. This angered king Indra so much, he was screaming at the Samvartaka clouds to do their work harder and the Samvartaka cloud, in fear of Indra, with all of their might, with all of their strength which were destructing Vrindavan. Meanwhile, there was another type of stone going on underneath Govardhan hill. Kåñëa was like a rain cloud and his peacock feather was like a rainbow. The Gopis were like lightening and Kåñëa’s beauty was like the rain that was showering upon the Vrajvasis with the love of His beautiful form.


Krishna’s mercy on the Vrajvasis for twenty-four hours a day:

By the mercy of Giriraj, all the Vrajvasis were immersed in endless happiness. It was a special time. It was the only time when everyone in Vrindavan could be with Kåñëa twenty four hours a day, feeling the love of His glance. Although Kåñëa was standing there, playing upon his flute and lifting the Govardhan hill, with His glance, with His smile he was perfectly reciprocating with each one of his devotees and each one of his devotees were offering their full love to Kåñëa in that situation. Some were rendering various services to Kåñëa in Dasya Ras. The Brahmins in shanta-ras, they were offering blessings and chanting mantras for the protection of Kåñëa and those in Sakhya Ras were joking with Kåñëa and laughing with Kåñëa and Subhala was encouraging Kåñëa and the elder Gopis, Gopas, they were smelling Kåñëa’s head and just offering beautiful prayers for the Narayan for the protection of Kåñëa. And the Gopis simply through their gaze, they were just bringing that beautiful form, deeper and deeper and deeper into the cores of their heart. And they embraced him with their love. However, Yashoda Mayi and some of the older Gopis were very sad. They could not tolerate seeing Kåñëa in this situation. In their ecstasy of love, mother Yashoda, “Kåñëa, you are so hungry! Please put down your flute and eat this nice tambula that I have made for you that I know you like very much.” And then she turned to Subhala and said, “Subhala, please put this into Kåñëa’s mouth.” Subhala with his left hand held Kåñëa’s flute and with his right hand was putting the tambula in Kåñëa’s mouth to eat and for the pleasure of Yashoda Mayi, Kåñëa smiled and was chewing upon the tambula and then mother Yashoda smiled.

Her heart was very much pacified but Indra was not pacified. He was so furious. He was just, literary on his elephant just ordering, screaming and then terrorizing the Samvartaka clouds i.e. if they were not successful, what that would mean? So the Samvartaka clouds extended all of their energies until there was nothing left, they were totally exhausted. They just came to Indra’s feet and said, “We are defeated, there is nothing else we can do.” Now that made Indra even more determined and he personally took on himself. With all of his force and all of his assembly of helpers, just created immense winds to blow Govardhan off Kåñëa’s little finger. But they couldn’t and Indra sent thunderbolt after thunderbolt after thunderbolt. It was like the grand finale of the storm. It went on for seven days and seven nights continuously  and when Indra looked to see what damage he had done, of all the millions of trees on Govardhan hill, with all of his powers, he was not able to disconnect a single leaf from the trees. He was not even able to bend a single blade of grass out of the countless blades of grass. He was not able to even cause the slightest cry from any of the animals. They were all singing in bliss. Why- Because Giriraj; of Haridas varia was the greatest servant of the servant of the servant of the Lord. He was in ecstasy. The gigantic mountain of Girigovardhan in one little part of Kåñëa’s little finger and just the touch of Kåñëa’s little tip finger was bringing him so much ecstasy that his whole body was transcendental to anything Indra or anyone else could do.


Indra’s Surrender:

Indra, those seven days seemed like seven millenniums. But for the Vrajvasis, they seemed like the seven most joyful hours of their lives. Indra surrendered. He ran out of all strength, he gave up. The rains stopped, the sun began to shine and Kåñëa told the Vrajvasis, “Now you may all return home.” Even the cows and the calves and all the Vrajvasis, they were very happy that the storm had ended but they were also very sad that they had to go home. But it was Kåñëa’s will, so they left; first the elder Gopis, the elder Gopas and the young Gopis. As they were walking out, they kept looking back at Kåñëa, looking back at Kåñëa, looking back at Kåñëa, just gazing upon him with great love.  It was very difficult for them to leave after seven days of nonstop gazing upon the beautiful form of Shyamsundar Giridhari. Then the Gopas were herding the cows out and after they came out from the umbrella of Govardhan; all the cows; they could not give up the association of Kåñëa. They just went against the wish of all the Gopas and then ran back and gathered around Kåñëa and then Giridhari, while lifting Govardhan hill, with the eyes herded cows out from under Girigovardhan.


The Reciprocation of the Vrajvasis after the Govardhan Lila:

Then the Lord placed Girigovardhan back into the ground, just as he was previous and when Kåñëa came out, all the Vrajvasis, according to their particular love welcomed him. Nanda Maharaj embraced him and smelled his head with great affection. Balaram embraced him and was weeping tears of affection. All the Gopas were embracing him and were joking with him and congratulating him and Yashoda Mayi, she massaged with motherly affection, she put Kåñëa on her lap and massaged his left arm and kissed it again and again and again, to bring it relief. Mother Rohini offered arati to Giridhari. The elder Gopis offered blessings, the Brahmins offered boons and again the Gopis; they worshipped Kåñëa by a little distance away, embracing him within their hearts. Then the Gopas approached Nanda Maharaj.


There is a beautiful chapter in Kåñëa Book which Prabhupada entitled “Wonderful Kåñëa” where they are explaining the incredible activities of Kåñëa. When he was a little infant baby, he killed Putana and when he was only three months old – Shakatasura and when he was only one year old – Trinavarta and then later on, when he was just three years old – Vatsasura and Bakasura and Aghasura. How is it that Kåñëa can perform such wonderful activities? And Nanda Maharaj again revealed the words of Garg Muni that ‘your son will have powers like Narayan himself and he would always protect his devotees, the Vrajvasis.’


Kåñëa, then went around this area, just to inspect how all of the trees and leaves of Girigovardhan was and at time, as we spoke yesterday, Indra along with Surabhi came before him. With the appeal of Surabhi, Kåñëa accepted Indra’s forgiveness and Indra realized how opulence in the form of beauty, strength, high birth, knowledge could be great disqualifications. “janmaiçvarya-çruta-çrébhir edhamäna-madaù pumän” (SB_1.8.26) Bhagavatam tells like this. Everyone in this world wants to be of the respectable position in society. People want wealth, people want beauty, and people want strength. People want to be seen as learned. Kunti Devi said, these are greatest disqualifications because they make you proud and this pride (false pride) it spoils your devotional service. Nothing you do can really be pleasing to Kåñëa, if it is done with pride, unless we are humble.


“tåëäd api su-nécena

taror iva sahiñëunä

amäninä mäna-dena

kértanéyaù sadä hariù”



Unless we are really living by these principles, we cannot feelingly call out Kåñëa’s Holy Name –

“hare kåñëa hare kåñëa

kåñëa kåñëa hare hare

hare räma hare räma

räma räma hare hare”



Indra – A Very Special Devotee:

Indra is a devotee and we should understand he is a very, very special devotee. I mean, how many of us, when we become proud, Kåñëa lifts Govardhan hill and perform a Lila that people are going to talk about for the rest of eternity. Indra is a special devotee and for Kåñëa to take so much trouble to resolve his problem, his disease of pride, means he is very dear to Kåñëa. What is opposition? We become proud and we just fall down. Kåñëa protected Indra, so he is a very exalted person. For most of all, he wanted to teach the world through Indra. He wanted to teach the world that we should not worship the demigods, we should respect and honour the demigods but we should understand that Kåñëa is the cause of all causes. And by satisfying Kåñëa,


“devarñi-bhütäpta-nåëäà pitèëäà

na kiìkaro näyam åëé ca räjan

sarvätmanä yaù çaraëaà çaraëyaà

gato mukundaà parihåtya kartam”

(Srimad Bhagavatam_11.5.41)


Respect the Demigods, but Worship Krishna:

When we worship Mukunda, then we have fulfilled all our obligations to all the demigods, all of our forefathers, all the Rishis and Sages and everyone else. Because he is “sarva-käraëa-käraëam”, he is the cause of all our causes. So Kåñëa wanted to teach exclusive devotional service to him and not to divert our attention to any other rituals to anyone else. That is one of the great lessons of Govardhan Pooja and another great lesson is that however great or powerful we are, Kåñëa does not tolerate pride. It will spoil our relationship with him.


Therefore, as Mahaprabhu taught in the spirit of the servant of the servant of the servant of the servant, giving all respect to others and expecting none in return; with that aspiration, Kåñëa will very pleasingly reciprocate with us. And appear within our heart and cleanse all of our Anarthas, when we feelingly chant his name –

hare kåñëa hare kåñëa

kåñëa kåñëa hare hare

hare räma hare räma

räma räma hare hare

Sri Giriraj Maharaj ki “Jay”!

Written by

Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.