Thank you very much for taking your precious time and joining us this evening. Tonight I was asked to speak on the subject of “How to find peace in an age of Chaos”. Of course, I do not think that any of you are in need much convincing that this is an age of Chaos. Today when we read the news we find practically 99% bad news. We find terrorism, we find war, violence, crime, disease, drug addiction, alcoholism, various forms of greed, and exploitation etc. Now sometimes it is described that the society of ours is like a body. It is like a social body. Now a doctor must first diagnose according to the symptoms of the disease. What is the cause of that disease? Within our society today, sometimes we find that by social, medical, or other philanthropic devices we can make some solution to the chaos in this world. Just like for instance, we simply, I was in USA and while I was there the news came that they are going to open up the wall in Berlin in Germany. And people were celebrating all over America, because you know America is very proud of being the guide in the world for freedom and of course, it is the primary proponent in the world against communism. So this was considered very symbolic positive auspicious appearance in this world. The Berlin wall, when I was young, when it first erected in 1960s it was full page news in every news paper in America. It was considered the greatest atrocity and to the degree something is causing disturbance to that degree there is great reason for rejoicing and celebrating, when it is dismantled. So is this really the end of problem? Political systems are constantly changing. At the end of the World war II that was called the war that ended all wars and was great rejoicing. There was great rejoicing in my country at the end of the world war I. They thought now everything is alright. There was also the revolutionary war, the civil war, the American-Mexican war. There is always wars in this world. And even know there is temporary appearance of that there is a cure. Unless we understand, what is the disease? That has caused that problem in the first place. There is no solution. I remember our spiritual master His Divint Grace A.C. Bhakitvedanta Swami Prabhupada, when he was in New York city, for the first time in 1966, he was standing in front of the United Nations Building with someone of his new disciples and then he looked up and then he saw so many flags waving in the wind. He commented that they are talking about United Nations. He said that however many flags there are that many nations disunited. And all of their endeavor for peace, but still violence, hate and politics that are meant for destruction throughout the world. Because these may do not understand what is the reason of rchaor? Factually even though the world has comedown in Berllin. I guarantee you with 100% certainty that every single person on the east side of the world and west side is going to have to old, get disease, and die and that is chaotic miserable situation. Therefore Lord Sri Krishna described Bhagavad-Gita “mäm upetya punar janma duùkhälayam açäçvatam” this means that this material world is a place of chaos and misery by nature. Why? Because everything is temporary. By the force of time everything is in the process of destruction. Time is terrorizing everyone’s life. From the moment you are burned the heart starts beating, actually at the time of conception there is light and then heart starts to beat and then every beat of the heart that every tick of the clock the power of time is use surfing the duration of life. Even at the time of peace and freedom in a nation everyone has to face this ultimate conclusion of life, old age, disease, and death. Krishna describes in Gita, it is due to the temporary nature of this world that can be real happiness. That can be know real peace. As long as we are identifying our self simple as a product of this material existence. Therefore we want find peace. We have to diagnosed the most real problem and that is we are identifying our souls as being composed of temporary dying material elements. Bhagavad-Gita describes that we are not this body, we are eternal souls. The soul is eternal, it is full of knowledge and it is full of bliss. Because the soul is full of bliss the soul is constantly looking for unlimited bliss or happiness, peace. When the soul is trying to find peace or pleasure through a temporary vehicle that is descend to old, to get disease, and die. What real piece can we find? What real happiness can we share with another? We are talking about the inevitable. That some of may say that this is a long way ahead of us. We are still young, we are still strong, let’s enjoy now. There is nothing to fear. But the wage of this world is everything is uncertain. You can make so many guaranties, through your insurance agencies, so on and so forth that everything will be provided that you are protected. That really how much you can protect you self in this world. Recently I was driving in a car. The driver was one friend and he told me that, in that morning one of his best friend who was only 27 years old, he was in very good health, he had asthma since he was a little boy, he has had medical track and within 20 minutes he was dead. No body could anything to help him. Absolutely least expected thing in that person his friend’s family life. How uncertain this world is. So then I was thinking what that person had asthma so that some possible way that he could in a minute. So we can say expective he had some physical disorder. So then just I was saying that the car in front of us stop very suddenly and our driver was inattentive and this car smashing into the car and go through the -. I was thinking my god, just driving in a car we are probably a thousand times more susceptible to unexpected death. Then some one who has disease, even if chronic disease, even if the terminal disease, what to speak walking down the street. This world is full of uncertainties and the fact is you can never change the condition of this world. We can make so many arrangements to change to adjust the environment. And we must as far as possible create an environment that is conduces to peace prosperity and happiness. But ultimately this environment is beyond our control. Therefore intelligent man rather than simple trying to adjust the environment he tries to adjust his own consciousness in such a way “The flies like me I should like them also” somebody likes me. You know affection is I have to combine. So the environment of our society, we are working so hard to change it. But the real solution is we have to change ourselves. We have to learn how to live harmoniously within this environment. And for this reason the process of self realization has been expected by great saintly persons, by great philosophers, by great persons of various religious, throughout history. Now you may ask, when you are talking about trying to make piece in this world. Please do not talk about religion. Because most of the violence’s in this world in terrorism is based on religion. Just here in India most of them Hindus my god any second it’s like gasoline, if the slightest spark falls on, it just explodes. And the Shiks and Hindus, and Hindus and Buddhist, they are fighting, violence, terrorism. In the previous time fighting had some honor likely read on the Mahabharata. About this great fight between Kuru’s and Pandavas. It was a very great war. But there was no terrorism in that war. The armies they agreed on the policies of fighting and they went way of to the battle field of the Kurukshetra, where there was no women, no children, no old people, no civilians and they all armed, they had equal strength. They said alright now let’s fight. Let’s fight with honor and integrity. And who ever wins can control the world as king and who ever loses they will go to heaven that was there believe. There was the scripture said, because they died in the battle field in an honorable way. But now, my god the last place the war was on go in the battle field. They blow up airplanes; they pu
t bombs on buses, on cinema houses where women children and completely unarmed people are sitting. The most of the terrorism in this world is in the name of religion. The really does have anything do with religion. They have to do only with sectarianism and ignorance. Real religion is universal. According to Srimad Bhagavatam, it describes that the religion is based on four principles. These four principles are called the four pillars of religion. And they are austerity, cleanliness, mercy, and truthfulness. Whether you call you self a Hindu, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Christian, or a Sheikh. This is not so important, the real question and the real message to answer the question is how you developing your love of god through the process of following these four principles. Actually our spiritual master he suggested that a sectarian government, the government will give all facility to anyone to follow the religion of their choice, not interfere. But each religion profound very strongly austerity, cleanliness, mercy, and truthfulness. The law must protect those religious principles by any means. And by following these four principles we can realize in truth through direct experience the eternal blissful nature of the soul and we can realize our eternal relationship with the supreme creator and then we can factually look harmoniously in any condition that the environment such before us and remain peaceful and remain and actual well wisher and contributor to the peace and wellbeing of society. So tonight let’s discuss the four principles of religion.

First is Austerity. Austerity means to be willing to be accepting inconvenience for the purification of one’s heart and in the service of god and in the service of humanity. Unless one is willing to accept sacrifice or inconvenience, nothing great can be a composed in life. People take religion to be so cheap often times. When it comes to making money to provide for oneself and family, one is willing to accept tremendous sacrifice. Some of our guest this evening, I see they are doctors, perhaps they have to go, I know in America at least eight to twelve years of medical schools to become a doctor and is very highly competitive and you practically had no time for anything. You just after studies, studies and then the exams come and you are completely in anxiety about these exams. Because you want to have the profession and money of doctor. You are willing to go to so much sacrifice. And then of course you become a doctor, my god, people are calling you all hours at night. You have to deal with so many situations that are very difficult. This yesterday, I was on the train on going from one part of Bombay to the next, then I could see that my god, just to earn some money how much inconvenience people are going through. Standing in the trains or you just think, people are punching you and elbows are going in your eyeballs, and people are stepping on you and you are practically be forced off the train on the tracks. Everyday, sometimes for an hour of everyday, the morning and evening, people are just standing like this ….. Is anyone like that? No, but because they have to feed their family, or willing to do it. They are willing to do anything for that, so much austerity. Some people say that this spiritual life is very difficult. But life is very difficult. The question we have to ask is not whether something is difficult or not? Or whether is right or not? If something is true, we should be willing to do anything and give everything for that purpose. Even talking about mostly man, how much they have to go just to support their family? How much to be relation sacrifice in inconvenience? How many things they have to accept that they do not like? But what about the women? My god, a woman becomes pregnant, you know what is right for or what is the inconvenience, it is having this baby living in your body. The women, they know that is the need. -. First of all this baby is kicking the women can hardly do anything and then birth, you how difficult birth is. It is utterly painful. Usually the women is just, she just wants to scream with agony. Practically every women after she gives birth, she said, I’ll never have another child. Of course the nature of the mind is to forget. I know friend of mine, she has fourteen children. I remember the first one, she said so painful, such an austerity I’ll never have another child.  After the second one she said, now I am completely convince I’ll never have another child. After the third one she said, my god, it is worse than ever, I’ll never have another child. Of course after about the tenth nobody believe do any more. She has fourteen still running. But it is a very painful experience. But it is the misery over when the child is borne. It is thinking I relieved. Now I can be happy that this big baby is now out of my womb and now the pain of birth is finished, whoever no I can be happy, when she go to sleep. (The sound of baby crying) my god, I have to wakeup. I have to change it’s -, I have to clean his body, I have to feed it. Screaming with all hours of day, with running around, breaking everything in the house, making completely embracement out of everything, very difficult. The job of a mother is incredible difficult, what is the mother is think, well I won’t do, it is too difficult. I’ll not do it, it is tough, it is difficult, forget it. Let the child die. Some others do that. The most mothers are considered the most cruel hearted, demoniac species on her. If a mother cannot love it’s own child, even in the animal world, the mother’s love to their children. Even a cow an innocent animal, who has no human brain, she will protect her calf with her life. If Someone comes and takes away the calf, she cried tears from her eyes. Because she loves that cow. And you find that practically every specie of life, how degraded can human civilization be or even the mother has no affection and love for the child, because why because it is too much trouble to raise it. A mother will is for the child, she will stay all hours of the night, she will accept so much inconvenience. Just I like, one lady she wanted to come very much to this program tonight, but she has a baby, she could not come. There are so many things you cannot do in with your baby. But because it is right you do it. Anything valuable, anything great in this world you have to accept tribulation and you have to accept pain and inconvenience to take care of that and to attain that. What is the greatest detainment in life? What is the most precious treasure in the life? It is the realization of one’s eternal soul. It is the fulfillment of all one’s heart desire to real awaken our eternal love of god. That is the purpose of religion. You are not talking about sectarian idea, we are talking about loving god and loving all living beings, who are part of him. Now to achieve that love, why do we take it so cheep? How it is difficult? Therefore I won’t do it. I don’t have time. The most petty things in life or willing to endure pain. When we comes to the greatest thing we take it so cheaply. Austerity means to be willing to accept inconvenience, sacrificing even pain, for the purpose of purifying our consciousness in the service of God. In every religion we find fasting, this is one type of austerity. In the Christian world, there are many days, where they fast. There is the period of – where they fast for one week. In Jews tradition there is Yam keeper from sunrise to sunset you must fast, eat nothing. In Islamic faith there is in Ramjan, where for one month you fast everyday from sunrise to sunset. In the Hindu society on days like Janmastami, Rama Navami, many people who are sincere twice a month in ekadasi they fast, on appearance days of great saints, and great avatars is just fasting. So we find that the principles of austerity is common in every religion. The names may be different, why they are fasting, but the purpose is the same, to show the Lord that you are willing to make some sacrifice to purify your heart for His shake. Regular fasting not only makes the body healthy, not only does it increase the abandoned food grains in the society, but it also teaches one how to become detached from the longings and cravings of the body. I remember when I was studying Islam, one of the reason is Mohammad get for fasting was because the rich people they generally have no mercy for the poor people. Because they never suffered like the poor. But you have to fast then you will know, what hunger is like and one he know hunger is like yourself, then you will actually feel for somebody, who is hungry. And it makes you a compassionate person. So some in this spiritual practices of rising early, chanting the names of the God, giving up sinful activities. It may be inconvenience, some other say very much addicted to watching nonsense things on television, nonsense things in cinemas, my god in India; you are really catching up through American as far as degraded cinemas. I think may be a little ahead, I do not know. I never go to see. I can told that the babblers. The babblers are definitely heard about. What seen in the movie, theater all the honestly I do know? But these things are very enjoyable, but the question is, what can do to our self realization or as it, destructive to our self realization. Austerity means to accept things favorable for the purification of our heart and to reject things unfavorable for the purification of our heart, whether we like it or not. If we are not willing to say no to the things we like, in the pursuance of the truth and you are not worthy of the truth. Human life is meant for sacrifice. The animals, t
hey are simply, whatever their senses and mind tell them they enjoy. But human beings are meant to sacrifice for higher cause. And that is the highest cause devotion to god. We follow four principles, no illicit sex, no intoxication, no meat eating, and no gambling. Sometimes we like these things, does not matter if these things further implicate me in the laws of karma, the laws of action and reaction, if they impede my promise in the spiritual path, we should be willing to say no. And to accept positive things in the god’s service, like going to the temples, offering the prayers, chanting the names of the god, doing the puja, and giving in charity. These things, whether there is difficulty or not difficulty, does not make any difference, they must be done, if we want to achieve the goal. So we have to stop thinking our religion in so cheaply. We have to understand that we have to work, we have to give up, we have to accept pain for the highest purpose of life for god. We will do it for our selves. We will do it for everyone else, who are comes to the God. If it is perfectly convenient my dear lord and everything is just the way I like it, then I’ll go to the church, then I’ll go to the temple, then I’ll do my puja. Whether there is any difficulty hidden, I do not have time. This is an austerity. Austerity means making priority is in your time. How much time are you dedicating to purifying your heart for god? How much time you allocating to your business, to your family? You have to balance everything, so your life is full both materially and spiritually, that has to be balance. And that is an austerity. Sacrificing time everyday with a bow to the dedicated to the purification of your heart, through meditation, through Yatra, and through reading of the scriptures. That is the greatest austerity.

The second principle of religion is cleanliness. It is cleanliness is next to godliness. Cleanliness means for the body and the mind. For the body cleanliness we should bath at least once a day. Because of your body is dirty, if your environment is dirty, it is very difficult for your mind to be clean. In the Vedic culture the brahmanas they would bathe at least three times a day, before chanting their Gayatri mantra. So by bathing with water we clean this body, which in fact is god’s temple. The body is the temple of god. It is not our body. This is a great illusion to think anything is mine. Krishna says in Bhagavad-Gita “bhoktäraà yajïa-tapasäà sarva-loka-maheçvaram”. This means everything within this entire creation and beyond is the property of God. And everything is meant to be utilized for His service. So we are saying this is my body, but proprietorship means you have control. Just have to use the example of America, because India does not apply so much, although you are. In America you have proprietorship over something, no one can take out from you legally. Just like, if I owned an apartment building, I cannot, somebody to use that apartment. But if I do not want person there any more, I say you get out and he has 30 days to get out. There is nothing you can do. That person may be using the apartment but because he does not own it, he has to get out and you told him to get out. Now in India my god, -, you better you do not owned something. Possession is 99% of proprietorship. But realistically if we own something, we have control over that thing. Now we are calling this body ours. Do any others want to go old, do any others want get disease, do any others want to die, it is forced upon us. Therefore we are not the proprietorship of this body. It is time which is consuming our life’s duration, it is the power of time then we are evicted from this body, we are told get out at a certain days. So time is the real proprietor or controller, or owner of this body. In Bhagavad-Gita Krishna says, time I am. In this material world god manifests Himself as all powerful all devour of time. Therefore Krishna or God whatever name you called, in Bhagavad-Gita Lord Sri Krishna says I am the proprietor of everything.

“mayädhyakñeëa prakåtiù

süyate sa-caräcaram

hetunänena kaunteya

jagad viparivartate”

Bhagavad-Gita 9.10

Krishna says this material nature is working under my control and everyone is forced to act helplessly, according to the laws of nature. So therefore this body is a temple of god. Krishna also says in Gita.

“éçvaraù sarva-bhütänäà

håd-deçe ‘rjuna tiñöhati”

Bhagavad-Gita 11.37

That I am living in the heart of every living being. If god is in your heart, then any residence that god is living is consider as a temple. Is it not? Some people ask why you put this tilak on your head. It’s the designate that we are accepting the body is God’s temple. After all we walked on the street, there is a cloth merchant and he has his shop and there is a brass merchant, he has his shop, there is a restaurant and that is their shop, and there is a hotel that is their shop and there is so many shops. When we come to the temple, there is drum and chakra on the top, correct. Or in the Christian world there is a cross. In the Islam world there is a moon and star. In the Jews world there is a star. Now why is that on the top of the building? To dedicate that building in people’s mind, to the service of God. You know there are so many buildings with so many purposes, but this particular building the only function of it, is the worship of god. That is only thing going on in side. So therefore we have to know that our body is god’s temple. God is within our heart. The question is, are we willing to accept the fact, that He is there and worship Him there? All we are going to neglect Him. So the putting on this tilak this clay on our four heads is to simply make a sign that this body is god’s temple and the only thing that this body is for and only thing taking place within his body is the worship of god, whatever we do, or whatever we think, whatever we say. It is the most service and glory of God. So we accept the body is the temple of God. We must keep the temple clean. That is proper respect. So put water, we cleanse the body and cleansing of the mind takes place through the process, which is most bitterly available for all of chanting the name of the god. It is described by lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the great incarnation of Lord Krishna in this age. “ceto-darpaëa-märjanaà bhava-mahä-dävägni-nirväpaëaà” he says that the mind is like a mirror. It is meant to reflect the glory, the effulgence of the soul and of god. Just like if you put a mirror to the sun, the mirror reflects the light of the sun but if that mirror is full of dust and dirt it cannot reflect anything. God is within our heart but due to that dust and dirt based on material misconceptions due to material attachments, it cannot reflect the glory of god within us. More can we even perceive our real self to the mirror of our mind. When you look at the mirror what to expect to see, expect to see you. But if the mirror is covered by dirt, all you see is dirt, you are completely obscured. So our mind has to be cleansed and the process of cleansing the mind is chanting the name of God. The name of God is all pure; the name of the god is none different from God. And the every religious scripture in the world the chanting of the name of god is not only recommended but the demanded. When we cleanse the dust form the mirror of our mind then the true glory of the soul is revealed. Not only to us but to all others. It is explained in the Srimad Bhagavatam

“kaler doña-nidhe räjann

asti hy eko mahän guëaù

kértanäd eva kåñëasya

mukta-saìgaù paraà vrajet”

Caitanya-caritamrita 6.242

That in this age of chaos of cruel and – we living, there is one great benediction that anyone who simply chants the name of god attentively and sincerely, regularly, taking it like medicine. Understand we have the terminal disease, which is called death. And there is a medicine can cure that disease. And there is a name of god. Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu he was not a phonetic, he pray to the lord “nämnäm akäri bahudhä nija-sarva-çaktis taträrpitä niyamitaù smaraëe na kälaù” that my lord you have many names, if you do not like the name Krishna, what ever name of god is authorized in a particular religion chant that name, it is the medicine to curing from the disease of death. If you will not take the medicine seriously, unless you understand the gravity of the crisis that you about to face. The duty of a doctor is he must convince the patient, what a dangerous predicament then otherwise the patient just going to waste this time to buy the medicine and take it, correct. But you understand the gravity of the situation; you will not miss that medicine, even one dose for your life. So therefore the chanting of the name of the god must not be done whimsically. It must be done regularly with attention, with care, with the philosophical and logical understanding, why we are chanting the name of god. What are it’s effects? Why I absolutely need this medicine? Because you are eternal and you identifying yourself the body then you about to die. The disease is ignorance. Ignorance of the truth, that we are part of God. Just this god is supreme eternal, we are eternal. Just as the god is supremely full of knowledge, we are full of knowledge. And just as the god is the reservoir of all pleasure, it is our nature to be always peaceful in every condition of life. That is our real nature. That is our healthy condition. So we have to take this medicine very seriously. And this is how we cleanse our body and our mind.

The next principle religion is Mercy. How to be merciful within this society? Again every religion of the world teaches that you must be merciful and showing mercy it is sacrifice, is an austerity. Ahmisha, Mohandasa Gandi treats very strongly on this religious principle of Ahmisa or nonviolence. That is an act of mercy. As it is said in the Bible “Do you want to others, as you will have them do to you”? But I heard one great saint in Himalayas, he once told me better than that do not do to others, you would not like to do to you. That’s more practical within our society today. Because mostly we are not doing but we are thinking in terms of doing bad things to others. So never do to others but you would not want them to do to you. Whoever they are? And do onto others but you would want them to do you. That is basic principle of nonviolence. And of course Gandhi he made a major contribution of dispatching the entire British empire from India based on his faith in the strength of Ahmisa (nonviolence) and he whole world was simply watching in astonishment. He will have he British Empire on one side, they have manipulated and exploited more of the world than any other Empire in our modern history. They had millions of soldiers; they had the most incredible sophisticated political plans and organizations of policies. He was one jut skinny old little man and he conquered them. India was the jewel of the British Empire. The British Empire was willing to give everything off but not India. This is the power of nonviolence. But that nonviolence was based on faith in god. Faith can move mountains, what to speak of British Empires. We must have faith. It is said in the bible, Jesus said if you have enough faith the disciple must to see it. If you tell a mountain to move into the ocean, that mountain must move into the ocean. That is said faith in the mountain. There is no power stronger than faith. And we must have faith that god will protect us, if we are willing to protect what is His. Because according to the laws of karma. What ever you do, must comeback to you? If you cause harm to another human being you will suffer that harm and you cannot escape. But factually every living entity is trial of God. And the Vedic literatures teach, that event the most insignificant animals have the right to live livelihood and pursued of happiness just human being do. And to interfere their pursued of happiness or to cause them unnecessary pain, you are responsible and liable to accept the same reaction upon yourself. Our guru maharaja used to say. That you can judge a society, spirituality very simply. You just see how the cows being treated. The cow is the mother for the society and every society, every devi practically is brought up in the milk of cows. When I was in my teenage in the America, the president of United States, do you know how he was made all his money? To become rich and famous and ultimately become president, by slaughtering cows. He had a huge – in Texas and under his name, he was making property for hundreds and thousands of cows being killed. More than cows he killed for his own children, because he is the father of the country, the president, correct, who are sent to Vietnam jungles to be slaughtered. The Vietnam jungles like a slaughter house and there hundreds and thousands innocent youths of America that he was sending to the slaughter house. According to the sashtra, this is reaction. If you killed the cow, your children will be killed and ultimately you will be killed. Bloodsheds breeds bloodshed. George Bernard show was great play writer. He explained that he was Christian, but he was very very powerful person. He said, everyday we go to church and praying god, give us peace, give us peace and then when we go home and we feast on a dead hopes. So mercy means to be consider it of the life, of the liberty and pursued of happiness of all living beings. Not to unnecessarily cause pain or death to anyone. This is religious principles. Charity means out of mercy for those who are a need, I’ll help them. It is the duty of the strong to protect the weak. This is a civilized society. It is the duty of the wealthy to maintain those who have no wealth. Now you can make so many political endurance by socialism, capitalism, and communism. But this will never work, it will never be successful. Because in communist countries all those trying to make give all equal, everyone is still exploiting one and other. Until there is purification of the heart, until a person lives by the spiritual principles, there is no question of real mercy within the society. And of course what is the ultimate charity? The ultimate charity is to give the most precious thing to another. To give that person what he needs most. To giving food is a very good charity. To give free medical assistance is wonderful charity. But again still dealing with the symptoms of that person suffering. But to give a person knowledge or the eternal nature of the soul. To give a person means by which the direction by which he can attained that destination of eternal life. Means you solve all that ………….. Therefore the time most and most intimate active charity or welfare is to enlightenment a person in one’s spiritual heritage. And of course just like you may not be a doctor, so you give money to the hospital, where the doctors can utilize your donation for that purpose. Through our words we should try to enlighten others. Through our acts, our example in life, we should try to enlighten others. And through our wealth we should keep contribution to those compassionate spiritual doctors who know how to really give the true welfare of enlightenment to others. This is the highest charity. This is the highest mercy.

The fourth principle of religion is truthfulness. Now of course, there are many quotations of realizations of what is real truthfulness. When I was a young boy, there was a very very great story of George Washigton. That every child learns in schools. Who George Washington was? He was the first president of America. And the story is, when he was little boy, his father gave him an axe. Then he went into his fathers garden and there was a cherry tree, very beautiful father’s favorite cherry tree and the little George cut down the cherry tree. You know this story, very famous. So the father asked, who cut down the cherry tree? Of course little George hold the axe so he was like so honest. He said, father I cut down the cherry tree. And everyone was thinking just see, he was so truthful, he was so honest, this is the integrity of our first president of America. Though what is truth? Simply do not tell a lies in our practical daily affairs is important. We should be honest and straightforward in all of our dealings in this world as far as possible. That is called morality. Krishna says in Bhagavad-Gita that the definition of truth is to know that all living beings are part of me and they are in me and they are mine. The truth is that we are part of God. That everything is the property of God. Unless we know the truth, unless we understand the truth how can we truthful. Often we use this example that our guru maharaja used to often use. It is the example honor among thieves. Let’s say in this room we are deciding that we are going to rub all the money from the state bank of India. So we make our very very elaborate plan as every person here has his specific duty, one person waits at the door, one person tries break the – outside, and other person is standing whether … so many, you know rubbers are very sophisticated especially in New York city. My god, even though insignificant rubber on the street he has such a sophisticated plan out of what he wants. So thieves are very very intelligent. Actually our guru maharaja says in order to a thief we have to most of the intelligent and we search for people of all occupation in the society, a good thief. So we have to understand we are going to rub this state bank of India we have to very intelligent and very resourceful. Ok, that’s magic we done it, we have millions and corers of rupees and we bring that back in this room. And then one of our stance often says, now let’s divide this money honestly. No cheating going on, no stealing this is called all among thieves. Now the police come in the door and he say every one under arrest. And we tell what do you mean, we are dividing honestly. You may dividing honestly among yourselves, but it all belongs to the state bank of India. You are all going to jail. This is our situation in this world. We may be very charitable and honest in our ordinary dealings but factually every thing is the property of god. And if we not using according to His will, we are thieves. The real truthfulness has to be based on understanding of the truth. The truth is “sarva-loka-maheçvaram” everything is the property of god and we are part of him in our natural function is that we are eternal servants, to act on that capacity as to eternal servant of the god. That is truth to act on behalf of god in the service of other. People asked are you talking about serving god, what about the humanity, if you serve god. You will serve humanity is ought most. Because you are seeing god in heart of everyone. You will not be envy of anyone. You will love everyone. You will feel for every living beings, what ever their cast, whatever their nationality, whatever their religion, whatever their specie of life. You will see a beloved brother in heart of every living being. That is compassion. We find in this world that the people who reach out on all levels even in most physical level to help others, are generally the people who have faith on love for god. In Calcutta mother Teresa she just living in the street for the poorest most, suffering disease people. Because she sees god in their hearts. She is not just doing it is profession, she is doing out of love. So on all levels, we can really serve the society best, if we understand the truth and how? What is the process of understanding the truth? Through countless ages the process has been given to hear from those who know the truth. In Bhagavad-Gita lord Sri Krishna describes

“tad viddhi praëipätena

paripraçnena sevayä

upadekñyanti te jïänaà

jïäninas tattva-darçinaù”

Bhagavad-Gita 4.34

He says if you want to know the truth you have to approach a guru, enquire from him submissively and render service to him. The self realized soul can impart knowledge into you. Because he has seen the truth. This is not something that within this Hindu tradition. In the Vedas it is also explained “tad vijnam tams guru…” that even in your study of the Vedas without understanding it, through the guides of one who knows the truth, a guru, can never understand the essence of your own religion. In the Bible Jesus Christ, he said, those who have ears to hear, you hear from me. The Christians the only way they can understand the truth, because they heard form the Lord Jesus, who is the guru. Mohammad spoke the truth. So every religion, you find only means of understanding what is truth is by a person saying to persons. Therefore it is said, “’sädhu-saìga’, ‘sädhu-saìga’—sarva-çästre kaya lava-mätra sädhu-saìge sarva-siddhi haya”, There is no work, precious and – gift that god gives us the association of saintly person. Because a moment association of the saintly person can open the door to the liberation for us. “mahat-seväà dväram ähur vimuktes tamo-dväraà yoñitäà saìgi-saìgam”. By associating with sinful people we become sinfully minded. Everyone of us know we have children that the biggest concern is who the children associated with especially their society, my god. If your children associating with children they take drugs, your child will take drugs. I guarantee it. If your children are associating with people who are smoking and drinking, they will smoke. Because you become what you associated with. If you associated with saintly persons, you will become a saintly person. If you hear from one who knows the truth, you will understand the truth. Maharaja Parikshita he had seven days to live. He was the king of the world with all of his money, all of his power, and all of his influence. He could have done anything for his last seven days, correct. But what did he choose to do? He chose to sitting in association of saintly persons and heard from them the truth. There was a story told by Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu to Sanatan Goswami. There was a hunter named Mrugari. This man was so sinful from his very birth. He was born and raised to love bloodshed and to see others suffer. Some people are like that. May be hard to imagine but it is true. His father taught him to half kill animals very expertly, so for hours they would just screaming in pain and ultimately they would die. So the great saint Narada Muni he came wandering to the forest. As he was wandering to the forest he saw all these animals flapping in pain and crying and screaming. He saw the arrows in very stitched in places in their body, just to cause them torture. He was thing who could possibly be so cruel. And then the hunter came before him, Narada Muni asked do you know who has done this? He was very proud, he said yah, it was me. He said I did it with my bow. For generation, our family has been carrying on this tradition and there is no greater pleasure that I find in life. Then seeing my hands other living entities are crying and screaming. So Narada Muni, he explained to him. Do you know what the law of natures? For every action there is equal corresponding reaction. And he explained him to the laws of karma and he gave him a vision of the types of suffering, he was going to have accepted. And Mrigari, he hunter became very fearful and he said please what can I do to release myself from this horrible destiny that I have created for myself. Narada Muni said first you break your bow. He said, my bow, so how my life, this is my maintenance for my family and I am providing for them. Narada Muni told okay, I make you an idea, you go to your family, and you ask them, you tell them all these sufferings that store for you, ask them they are willing to share those sufferings with you. He went back, he told them exactly, what kind of tortures he has to be go through in future. He all will come with me, right, because I have done and offer you. They said no, no, we are not going with you for that. So he came back to the Narada Muni, he said, looks like I am only to suffer. So Narada Muni said break your bow, ultimately god is providing for everyone. If you become true, if you dedicate your life and pursuance of the true, god will provide for you. You do not have to be sinful to maintain anything in this world, if you have faith in God. You do not have to give up your occupation. You can be a business man, you can be a doctor, you can be a lawyer, you can be a teacher, you can be a farmer, an architect, an engineer, stock broker, you can be a house wife, you can be a sannyäsé, what ever your natural affinity is for occupation, carryon. But perform your occupation on the basis of truth. Otherwise your whole life is lie, it is illusion. So Narada Muni told him to broke his bow and he broke his bow. And he became a very great saintly person. Narada taught him how to cleanse his mind by chanting the names of god. He taught him what the real goal of life is. He became such a celebrated saint that people came from all countries around to have his darshan and to hear from him. One day Narada Muni came with one of his friend Paravat Muni to comeback to that place and they were approaching Mrigari the Ex hunter, he could see my guru is coming, is only by his mercy is only by the words that emanating from his lotus mouth, that I have been purified. So he wanted to just offer his obeisance to him, to greet him with love of affection and as he was walking, he saw ants on the road. And he stopped and very carefully waited them to pass. And put a cloth to try to brush them away. Parvat Muni told to Narada Muni this is the glory of the saint like you. That the most cruel hearted horrible killer simply by hearing from you, he is not even willing to cross from to an ant. The culture of India is most famous and most worship throughout the world for the saintly persons, who have been born in this world. This is the glory of India the saints. People do not come to India for economic purposes. Millions of the Indians go to the west because they want money but westerners come to India because they want to meet the sadhus. Because they wants spiritual knowledge. We have to know that our spiritual knowledge depends and how much we willing to humble ourselves and hear from saintly persons. Because with our process people never understand the truth. We must read the scriptures regularly that we must read them under the guidance of self realized souls and through this process as an austerity as sacrifice. It is describes in Srimad Bhagavatam “Nasta prayeshu abhadresu nityam bhagwata sevaya Bhagawati uttama sloke bhaktir bhavati naishthiki”. That regularly hearing the message of the God from Srimad Bhagavatam or from the scriptures and by regularly serving those persons who are living those teachings and hearing from them, then all the impurities in our heart are eradicated and truth will shined by sun and the moon within our own heart. When that sun of truth illuminates our heart through our words, through our actions, through our every aspect of life, through our occupation, through our family, we can enlighten the world. We can reflect the illuminating truth of god in all directions. And that is the greatest service that we can render to the human society. Through this process we can find peace in this age of chaos. And we can also spread peace, real peace, not superficial, artificial – peace. That we can give real peace to the others in this age of chaos. Because we need attain the plat form of truth, loving devotion to god, you will find that there is no chaos any where. “oà pürëam adaù pürëam idaà pürëät pürëam udacyate”. When you know God, you understand that He is perfect and complete and everything emanating from Him is perfect and complete. I may appear inconceivable and impossible to imagine how things in this world are going on perfect. But they are the only imperfection is our vision. Our spiritual vision is cataract by ignorance. But
understanding and pursuing the truth, we can move that cataract and see how everything within our environment is perfect. How everything is the loving grace of god. Not simple to intellectual understanding, but we can experience from the core of our heart. God’s expression of love in every condition of life. This is real peace. And it is not intangible, it is not something impossible. It is as close as your own soul. We are running every other direction to find pleasure and peace. We simple have to redirect our priorities in life towards our soul and towards our service of the god. By associating with saintly persons, by hearing the truth, we will learn how to practice this four principles of religion, austerity, cleanliness, mercy, and truthfulness. Whether we are Christian, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, or Buddhist, whatever religion we may propose to be. There is no need to change your religion. Sanatan Dharma is the message taught in Vedas. The Vedas do not teach Hinduism, the Vedas teach Sanatan Dharma, Hinduism is basically the modern understanding of Sanatan Dharma. But Sanatan Dharma means to understand that you are eternal, essential, constitutional possession of life is the you are the servant of god. And to engage in His loving service and to love Him, that is Sanatan Dharma. Every religion is teaching essentially Sanatan Dharma. We can capture that realization within our heart. Within our life. Then we will be peaceful. Not only we will be peaceful in this age of chaos, we will not even see chaos. We will only see how I am the humble servant to help every living being come out of this illusion of chaos. It all like a dream that is wake up. That is the greatest goal of life to wakeup out of this dream of chaos and understands our eternal glory and eternal glory of god. Thank you very much.

……Just like you are a doctor, now what about somebody has cancer and you say, my dear sir you have cancer and if you take the treatment right way, you can be save from this disease. Otherwise you are going to suffer and die and he said, why you are so fascinating, why are you criticizing me? Is it fascinating? It is realistic. You may be very happy now, you may be very healthy now, but the cancer is there. Just like sometime people they are very healthy, they just go for regular check up and to detect the disease which is about to kill them. They are not suffering, the symptoms of disease yet. But it is coming. So when the doctor diagnoses that disease and tells the patient that this is the cure but you have to be convinced you have the disease. The patient says no no, this is fascinating. Why are you? Be positive. Just I can young and happy. I am running and doing athletics. The compassion of doctor does not convert them current sate of health. He is concern of the future of the patient, is not true. After all, people smoke cigarettes and drinks alcohol. It feels good, do it. What doctor would tell you? No, you are telling, you may get lung cancer or you may get heart disease. Stop doing it. So people are so intoxicated by the so called pleasures of life. They do not understand that birth, old age, disease, and death are emanate coming upon them. That facimastic is realistic. Do you have to die or do not have to die, tell me. Do you die or you not die. So you being fascimastic too. Why you are calling me facimatic, you are saying you have to die, you very facimystic, rascal. This world is a fascimistic place. So be realistic. But for you to say, there is nothing more than death, that is really facimistic. But god’s devotees are telling it is an alternative. There is eternal life. This is the greatest optimistic. When Ostrich is chased by the tiger and he runs as far as he can and he sees the tiger is about to devour him, he digs a hole in the ground and puts his head on that ground and closes his eyes, and he thinks ahaa the tiger has gone. Now I am safe. Is he safe? Isn’t it said that ignorance is bliss. Ignorance is very blissful, but knowledge in this world is very painful. Because you understand the predicament you are in that Ostrich is about to develop whether he opens his eyes or closes his eyes. Whether he admits it or not. You are about to die, if you admitted or not, correct. You about to go old, whether you admit or not. That is not facimastic. That is realistic. Because there is cure, there is the way you can eternally wants for all avoided. You simple have to take the medicine. A medicine is there for you and it works, guaranteed. Just to take it, accept it. Accept the mercy of the god as he is giving it. Follow these four principles of religion. And there will be no more death. You will simply watch this temporary frame go to his natural course, but you will be unaffected. It is described in Bhagavad-Gita that a self realized soul his peace and happiness is like an ocean, the soul in itself is like an ocean of bliss and happiness of pleasure. Now in this world there are so many pleasures coming and so many pains coming, correct. Sometime pains sometimes pleasure, sometime honors, sometime dishonors, sometime happiness, sometime distress. It is like a river into the ocean. To the river disturb the ocean. During the dry season, the river is just skip is on it, but during the rainy season there is million of billons of liters of water coming at every second. The ocean is unaffected because the ocean has such depth in on itself that the rivers very small and insignificant in comparison. Now – water anything that comes in to disturb the whole thing, correct. If our peace and happiness we are experiencing within like a – water. That when happiness comes wherever joy and when distress come when it is totally just down by the turbulence of waves and we suffer. But the peace within our heart is like an ocean. Although we experience and understand was taking place in this world were above it or beyond it at a self realization. That is your nature. Any human being who is not experiencing that nature is cheating his own self and cheating all others. Because it is out duty not only experiencing that nature our selves but to share that great treasure with others. Lord Caitanya explained “bhärata-bhümite haila manuñya janma yära janma särthaka kari’ kara para-upakära”. That every person borne in the land of Bharatvarsha or India which is the land of Dharma, the land of religion, the land of the Avatars as in the sense. The heritage of the people of India are so highly spiritual. That it is the duty of Indians to do paraupakar. The highest welfare work for the world by realizing the truth themselves and sharing it. Then we will be beyond of fascinism. We will be establishing the truth.


QD:  Maharaja you said that we are going to old, disease, and death. How is chanting the holy name is go to -, what is also we will die one day. How do chanting-?

AM: First of all devotees are not going to die and atheist are not going to die. Only difference is devotees not they are going to die and atheist not they are going to die. They are not, the soul never die.


“na jäyate mriyate vä kadäcin

näyaà bhütvä bhavitä vä na bhüyaù

ajo nityaù çäçvato ‘yaà puräëo

na hanyate hanyamäne sarire”

Bhagavad-Gita 2.20

For the soul there is nether birth or death nor having one been it is ever sees to be. “na hanyate hanyamäne sarire” the soul is not slain when the body dies.

“väsäàsi jérëäni yathä vihäya

naväni gåhëäti naro ‘paräëi

tathä çaréräëi vihäya jérëäny

anyäni saàyäti naväni dehé”

It is described that the body is like a set of cloth for the self realized soul. Death is no more than change of garments. The conscious force within you is spiritual. Whether you are atheist or -. Whether you are a Hindu or Muslim or Buddhist or sheik or a Christian. The soul is within is eternal. Jesus Christ says in Bible “what is your gain, is you gain the whole world, you lose it the eternal soul”. People are so ignorant in our society that they put so much enfranchises and gaining things of this world and they are cheating themselves of eternal life. Spiritual life is the most practical way of life. People think this spirituality is impractical. It’s for people who failed that everything all. It is the most practical the most intelligent. Because it is based on truth. Are you the body? Or Are you the soul? If you are the body, then religion is totally impractical. But if you are the soul, then material life is totally impractical. So the question is are you the body or are you the soul? If you are the body, then while death everyone is crying the body is still there. What is the difference between the living body and dead body? There is no consciousness. Consciousness is not a composition of material elements. Consciousness is the energy, which is emanating something spiritual, the soul. Matter has no life, until the soul enters into it. So it is very practical. So we never have to dry. I never have to die. It is the question of realization, who you are? One who realizes, never dies. One who does not realize, he is thinking and suffering death.


QD:  What do you mean by truthfulness and integrity and honesty we are dealing with others, you said, you had – as far as possible. So how far is the ….?

AM: In ordinary business dealings. Sometimes just to survive. The relative truth’s must sometimes be twisted, correct. Just like our guru maharaja used to always tell us, that every business man tell the customer that we are making no profit. This is the best price. I am losing money for you. Do you believe money, would he lose money for you. Even he say anything for no profit. But he said like this. Because he has to be support his family and he has so much competitors. He has to say something to convince to you to buy it. So of course as far as possible we should not tell any type of untruths. But it is absolutely necessary to maintain or we must maintain. We can sometimes trust relative truths, if it is central but not to the point what is based in greed. Not we will try to cheat another or harm another. If our intense is to cheat or to harm or if what we say is causing harm to another living being or cheating another living being then it is sinful. This is relative truth. Sometimes out the necessity you have to say certain things. But you should understand that there will be some reaction. Even if you said like that out of necessity. Therefore it is described in the Vedas, that “one who is doing business or has a wildly occupation, should give a percentage of that money to the propagation of god consciousness. By doing that he claims is whatever unavoidable reactions may be their”. If they avoidable you must avoidable. But if they unavoidable then you can atone for that by giving a portion of that in the service of God.


QD:  What is the credibility and derivative of fulltime of life in goes to back to home back to godhead?

AM: This question is against that. That is very good. That is philanthropic work, that is mode of goodness. Work in the mode of goodness will give you very pleasing karmic reaction. You will elevate your consciousness. You will also purify your consciousness. So that work must be there and that work should not be stopped. But if you do it in the consciousness of god consciousness then at same work is not only practically philanthropic but it is practically spiritual. Another words if you do that philanthropic work of giving medicine to the sick. But you doing it with a understanding of the truth that you are eternal servant of god. And you are doing it consciously in the service of god to help.


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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.