Madchita madhyata Prana

Bodheyata parasparam

Kapiyam tashchayam Nityam

Dushanti charamam ticha.

The devotees of lord, Krishna explains, derive great satisfaction and bliss, discussing topics of Me, worshiping Me, finding pleasure in Me alone.


Durlabha manava janama lobhiya samsare,

durlabha manava janama satsange

taraho bhava sindure.


Human form of life is most rare. And the most precious and valuable of all benediction in this human form of life is to have the association of person who are dedicating their lives in the loving service of the  supreme personality of Godhead. Do not take full opportunity when it comes in the association of devotees, is liken to neglecting, mishandling the most precious jewel. If you are given a jewel which is most valuable you will be constantly conscious of caring for it, knowing that if you neglect  it, it will be stolen away. When people have large sums of money they put it in the most secure place they could possibly find. Knowing that  in this world did you very this likely that you to neglect would be lost or a stolen. But what is the worth of money. People work very hard for money. And then when they gain it they take so many measures to protect the security of that money haa. Can money bring you happiness? The answer is no, can money bring peace of mind?  The answer is no the wealthy people of this world who have peace of mind. Can money stop knocking upon your door? The answer is no. so what is the worth of money. you can buy a little food, you can bring some social security, but it cannot give happiness, cannot give peace of mind, it cannot give you relief from birth, old age, disease and death. And how much we are working day and night simply for money. And how much Protestants we are on our money. How much we scrutinized the every aspect of our life to best use of our money. Which is such nominal and minimum and temporary values. How many people do not agree with me raise your hand, how many people agree? The more money you have the more you have greed right? Unless more money you have the more you want to try it. And then keep your opinion that is the great illusion but what is the value of a movement association of a devotees. Sri chitanya mahaprabhu said sadhu sanga sadhu sanga sarva shatra kohe lava matra sadhu sanga sarva sidhi hoi. The association of sadhu is so valuable that even one movement of such association can open the doors to eternal liberation. Prahlad maharaj in the 7th canto of  Bhagvatam describes that if you want relief from the reputation of birth and death, if you want the eternal peace and the happiness of being eternally situated in the feet of the god there is only one way. You must take the dust from the feet of the devotees of the lord. You must roll in the dust and swear on every core of your body and raise your arms and chant hari hari bole! Now you are willing to that you are not qualified. For the peace of the spiritual world. What is it mean to roll in the dust in the feet of the devotees. It represents service just like laxmi devi she is always at the feet of Vishnu. But what she is doing at the feet of the Vishnu. She is massaging them as his humble obedient servant. That is called pada sevanam.

The lotus feet of Krishna are the supreme reservoir of all pleasure. Os much that Krishna himself inspire to take the dust from his feet. One markandeya muni was loading in the ocean of the devastation from many many millenniums through storms and winds, cold and hits alas he find great relief when he saw a beautiful Ireland that coming from that ocean. And on that Ireland beautiful banyan tree leave floating close by in water. And floating on the boat of that banyan tree leaves the child mukunda who had his throat in his mouth. Why god takes the form of a baby to suck upon his thorns because baby is naturally suck up on your thorns. It is not inappropriate and lord Sri Krishna was aspiring to understand what is it about my feet that even the greatest personality in all creation they surrendered their lives just for one drop of the taste of my feet. I want to taste it myself. But then krishna explains sadhunam bhaja deham mayam sadhunam rudayam yam maramepi na janobhi naham deham managapi. That the feet of my devotees are even more worshipable than my feet that are the conclusion. Because the great souls.  who have surrendered their lives at the lotus feet of the lord. Their lotus feet is considered as boat which carry us across the ocean of birth and death. So to associate with such persons is the most valuable and most precious thing in the entire human life. Within all existence we work how many hours a day for money? 8, 9 hours ha, how many days of hours we spend on our money? How many hours a day we protecting our wealth and our resources which are all depending on our money? And we already describe what is the value of money is? It cannot give you happiness, it cannot give you peace, and it cannot save you from the reputation of birth, old age, disease and death. But the association of saintly persons that alone can bring you eternal peace. Ever lasting happiness they can carry you across the ocean of birth, old age, dieses and death and how much are we attentive to care and protect for the valuable jewel that we have been given. Most people simply they don’t have time because simply busy with their money with the matters. They are too busy seeking after broken peace of glass to take of the real diamond. According to Srimad Bhagvatam this is called misfortune you are given the ultimate fortune of life that how much we are really really taking care of that, how much we really meditate of it and conscious of the value of the association of the sadhus. And who is the sadhu. Sri chaitanya mahaprabhu asked how do I know who is the devotee of Krishna. Is that anyone who sincerely chants my name is a devotee? How much are we imbedded to Krishna one another. Maharaj pratap rudra he was the king of all Orissa. He had a palace and queen and so many nice children. When had army he is the most powerful king of this time. During this time in India. the great concorer of the mogul roll. They were defeating practically every town and village through out of land in India. But they were few places the king were so powerful they could not concord even the Muslims, the inviters   Aurangzeb, labri they were afraid of the king jaipur. And the nawab Hussein shah. He concord all of Bengal and brought it on his room and then he took all of his army and personally laid them to Orissa. But when he mate the powerful soldiers of maharaj pratap rudra he was defeated and ran back to Bengal concord. He was one of the greatest kings of all time. But he understood that his life only had meaning so long he could attain the mercy of the lord. Other wise all of his money, all of his kingdom everything was useless, waste. All of his family attachments simply were disturbance they were not engaged in gods service. So he went to his guru said I have heard from you that Sri Chaitanya mahaprahu is Krishna himself please grant me in audience. With him. In the kingdom of Orissa every citizen wanted an audience with the king. Doesn’t everyone want to meet with great man. Even if you don’t believe in what he says still want to meet him just because he is famous. Just like in America Jorge bush is president. Most people in America do not like him, do not that he is doing good job. But how much they at all very honored to beat him.  Oh I had break fast with Jorge bush ahh really you had break fast with Jorge bush. Unbelievable, fantastic wonderful yes yes. So I had a break fast with pure devotee. I don’t believe in what he is doing I don’t a like a person but I had break fast with him because he is famous. Therefore I am very happy. Everyone likes to meet with famous people. I remember some very very grate sadhus from India they went to Europe.


There is one very big man and he got his pictures taking shaking the hands of the Hitler. And in his ashram today there is big blone of picture that he is shaking the hands of great of Hitler and everyone think ohh you mate with Hitler yes yes I had mate Hitler and he thought my philosophy is very good. How many people like Hitler nobody likes Hitler. Oh because he was so famous if you meet him everyone will think ohh you know he mate Mr. Hitler really you did what did he said what did he doing is it not true? The potency of fame is so attractive that every once what to meets or have something to say that I was with one famous person maharaj pratap rudra was the famous man in all the land. He was the king and everyone wanted his audience. But he was thinking if only I can have the audience of Sri Catania mahaprabhu then my life would be some meaning otherwise. What is the use of all this na dhanam na janam na sundarim kavitam va jagadisha kamaye mama janmani janmani bhavatad bhaktir ahaituke tvayi. I do not want money, I do not want beautiful women, I do not want fame and recognition amongst man, I do not even want liberation, birth after birth I simply want your service my lord. So Sri Chaitanya mahaprabhu would not meet this king. He would not meet him because in nature king is so much involved in worldly activities that he felt that he was below his integrity to meet such a person. Akinchana schah bhagavan sarasya lord chaitanya said a person who is desiring to cross over the ocean of birth and death to intimately associate with people in involve in sense gratification is more deadly than drinking poison willingly. He meant this literally if some one offer you poison ohh no no that’s poison. But when you intimately associate with sinful people it is more deadly than drinking poison because poison can only temporarily finish one deadly incarnation. But the association of sinful people can destroy cause death to all our all spiritual capacities. So mahaprabhu  would not meet him and the king was thinking ha he will not meet me because I am king. Then what is the use of this dam kingdom. I will give up my kingdom, I will give up my family, I will give up my palace, I will wear the bark from the trees, I will make my heir, I will live in jungle’s like a mad man. Today I will do all this and for the rest of my life if that is what is required to get the mercy of lord chaitanya mahaprabhu. He wasn’t only saying this politically. he  was about to do it and then the devotees they realize oh my god he is such a good king and such a good devotee. Just be patience the lord will be king upon us be a patience pls pls pls. and he was giving the blessings of all the souls because they saw he is dyuta rata he is the part of determination. And then the glories of ratha yatra took place in sri purushottam puri dham and jagannath was sitting upon his cart jagannath means the lord the king of all the universe. We are little kings but he is the supreme king. The husband is the king of his little family. And he is thinking ohh hhaa my home my kingdom Right. Secretly wife is thinking I am the queen and everyone knows the king is ruling by the queen. All women know this secrete that man had never thought on too usually you have to take sannyas to be able see it fruit. So everyone is thinking that king and the queen they are the rulers  I am the king of my company, I am the king of the country, the jagannath is the king of the universe. And maharaj pratap rudra understood that all my hundreds and thousands of horses, millions of soldiers and all my millions and millions of subjects. I am nothing but a menial servant of lord jagannath and he took his broom and accepted the position of the street sweeper and began to sweep this before lord jagannathji and that activity not only that he was sweeping the streets before lord jagannath but he was sweeping the roads that all the devotees of lord jagannath could dance with all the instruction of this stones and babbles. So in this way he was voluntarily willingly taking the position of the servant of the feet of every devotee and the lord himself. He was meditating of the feet of every devotee of lord jagannath. Let their feet not be inconvenient by the stones and pebbles and dust on the road, let them dance nicely and let jagannath see with his lotus eyes every clean and very beautiful streets. When lord gaur sunder saw this humble approach to the service of the feet of the lord and his devotees his heart melted and surely after that lord not only gave him his audience but he embraced him and again and again and again and bestowed upon him his opened mercy prema bhakti divine love. Eternal liberation, eternal peace, eternal happiness. When he did not even have to give up his kingdom and be a mendicant. He continued his service to the lord.

Why was he given that benediction, why was he given the highest goal of life pure devotional service and still he is allowed to keep his family to keep his palace, to keep his kingdom because he proved to the lord that in his heart there was nothing so valuable nothing so precious, nothing so meaningful in life when the association of the lord and his devotees.

He showed by his own life, example that he was willing to give up everything for that knowing it before that nothing has any value. As the amount of light of a fire fly is compare to the light of the sun that is the difference between everything possibly we can acquire in this world. And the value of the association even one movement with the great souls. All with great source. MadChita madhyata murana bodhiyanta parasparam kapiyan taschayatam nityam tushchamti charamam ti cha. Therefore Krishna says my devotees their greatest happiness his to come together and chant my glories and lord Sri chaitanya mahaprabhu who is god himself taking the form of devotee to show us what it means to be a devotee. Where did he find his pleasure. Hare nam hare nam hare nam eva kevalam  kalau nasteva nastev nastev gatir annyatha. He found his joy, his bless in praying the devotees together raising their arms and chanting hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare hare ram hare ram ram ram hare hare. People thing what are these people doing in the middle of the night dancing around and chanting. Sometime we think what my nabour will think. I will chant and dance and somebody else’s nabour hard but not my nabour  because what will they think of me they will think I have gone crazy. Even worst than that they will think that I have become hare Krishna, they will think I am too much religious after all everyone knows religion means too little pooja and Sundays we give some donations and do a little charity work and besides that you are a normal human being. What you think tatva not like that tatva is a normal human being because the real normal position of human life to remember Krishna 24 hours a day that is normal for the soul. So come together chat the holy names, to share each others hearts and glorification of god. Sri chaitanya mahaprabhu tought us this is the most valuable the most precious and the most worthy Endeavour in life. To engange in the service of the  great souls and hear from them, to chant and dance with them. There is nothing so precious than this then never will be and never was. So that is calculate how many hours of day are we thinking of earning and protecting a money, how many hours a day we thinking of the value of association of devotees and protecting that and nourishing that. To the degree we take this principle seriously that degree we become spiritually advanced. To the degree we neglect that to that degree we remain as we are off course if we like it the way we are then all power to be my friend and to get all the disease and die then you regret what I have done with my life. You know what last thing Jesus cries what he did when he left this world. The last example he gave to his devotees into this world they were all setting for dinner called the last suffer and lord Jesus he rolled up his rope and put at all themselves, he got a bow of sent him water and he went to each of devotees to wash their feet and first devotee pitter he said my lord Jesus I cannot allow you to do this your are my master, you are the representative of god how can I allow you to touch my dirty feet. What you speak of wash them and lord Jesus cries said “no no if I am your master you must obey”. I must show you by my example that I am the servant of this feet of all of my devotees and if you want to be my servant then you have to follow my path and to be the servant of the lotus feet of my devotees. And then he washed each and every once feet. You know how painful it was to their master their guru the lord of their life washing their feet. But as the water was cascading along their feet they were thinking my god this is to be extent and my guru wants to be the servant of his devotees. And then after he finished his feet washing ceremony, he said I have one last commandment to give all of you to love one another as I love you. You must see how much I love each and every one of you and if you want to be my servant you must love one another the same way that I am loving you. That is what we need when we associate with devotees to develop that atmosphere amongst each other.


The atmosphere of love and trust, the atmosphere of seeking out the nectar from each devotee and every devotee has a nectar because Krishna is in every once heart. Every devotee has something aroly unique to contribute to the association of devotees. Who ever we are we must see that unique quality in that devotee, even if the person is sometime is very obnoxious and in tolerable and we just don’t like him and we gets our falls ego sometimes it happens. Oh we must seek out we must search that unique quality in that devotees he has to contribute to every one else and every one has that quality that we look for it. And we should love that quality and we should become his servant or her servant this is how we take advantage, this is how we fully grasph the opportunity in hand. When Krishna played upon his flute the gopis they left their parents they left everything to join Krishna. Well I will tell you my friends when ever the kirtan the holyname is going on in the association of saintly person. The flute of Krishna is playing only the mood of a gopis. They were willing to risk everything to run to khar station to join kirtan. That is the qualification to understand the value. And someday Krishna is playing his flute not only they playing his flutes all they long at radhagopinath mandir but his flute is resounding the sound of his name as all the devotees are chanting and dancing as his glories has been discussed in Srimad Bhagvatam and Bhagavad Gita discourses are we in the mood of the gopis, nothing has any value accept that in comparison to that, the gopi’s renounce and attain the highest position of Krishna’s true blessings and they lose their families, they didn’t lose anything. Rupa goswami says do not think if you surrender to Krishna that you will be the looser you will not loose anything accept bondage, anxiety, frustration and suffering that’s how you loose. And what will you gain the ultimate goal of Krishna consciousness.


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare


Any question?

Devotee – chaitanya mahaprabhu embraced the son of pratap rudra.

Maharaj – we see what happened is before lord chaitanya mahaprabhu directly embraced pratap rudra maharaj, he first wanted to give world another example. Pratap rudra maharaj he was feeling so periapt this was immediately when he made up his vow to give up everything. The devotees were thinking we have to be something to keep on retiring from the kingdom we need him in his game. So they convinced said send them to see the lord. But when his sons before lord chitanaya saw his son has beautiful lotus eyes  in a very dark complexion and his son reminded the lord of Krishna and lord chaitanaya mahaprabhu thinking that this boy is reminding me Krishna and there was no dear to me, no one so beloved to me as one who reminds me if Krishna embraced the boy again and again and again. And the news came to maharaj pratap rudra the special mercy came upon on his son. And when son return home maharaj pratap rudra he was tears in his eyes embraced the son and just because son has just embraced the Sri chaitanaya mahaprabhu. He felt the very embraced of the lord upon his body. And embraced each other. So what is the lesion we learned from the story. The lesion is that it was the arrangement of the devotees that his son got the blessings. It is only by the arrangement of the great souls that we can gain the embraced of the lord Krishna. Other wise it is impossible. And also the king he experience infall the divine mercy of the lord by coming in contact with someone who had been embraced by god. so similarly we come in contact one who is near and dear to Krishna through that person we can actually feel the embraced of Krishna Direct.

Maharaj – A you just contradict to your self, first you said it is impossible when you said it was very difficult

Devotee – impossible

Maharaj – it may be very difficult mukham karoti vachalam pang gum vriyate giriya yat kripa tam mahat vande guru sri dina taranam. By the mercy of a guru even if you layman you can cross over the mountain. Even if you are blind man you can see the stars in the sky, even if you are dong man you can speak beautiful poem. The one who gains the mercy of the guru nothing is impossible. But one who is touch by the mercy of the guru. We can see Krishna in every once hearts. At list theoretically we have to act according to our intelligence not according to our emotions. Our emotions may think this man is just speak off even though he is the guard of the devotee that nothing about him that I can tolerate I simply want to a poets that I cost after all I am a great vaishnava and he is below my integrity to associate with a you know how san Francis cc attain liberation enlightment you have heard about san Francis he is a very great saint in Christian tradition. It is described that they were many stages in his life. What brought him to the point of surrendering to the god. but in his own narrations one of the three most important stepping stones to his enlightment and salvation in the service of god was a very very into lasting experience. He was a son of very very wealthy clock merchant. He was the biggest clock merchant in all of the cc. and his father wanted to turn over everything to him. Some thing right now in that village on the out sculpts was a leppercy colony because in those days leppercy was very bad disease in Europe and they would not all people leppercy with ordinary people in the society because they considered very contagious so they would make them in caves. But they would send them to desert or Ireland. They would just make very very minimal existing type of a building put them all like cattle.

They very most miss use, miss understood and the most untolerated people of society. And from the time of san Francis birth. He had absolute tear of leppercy and any one would leppercy in so disturb stage he could even look at that person. Just surge and the puss, deformation and the miseries and the suffering and the dartytiness and the contagiousness. It was a part in his cart so much was just intolerable that he could not even look it the face of a leper. If a leper came and beg something from him he would just immediately practically run away huff horrible away from you dirty thing. One day he was riding on a beautiful horse. He became on night he was decorated with very shining, beautiful armors. He was very prestigious and recognized position in the society. A leper came up to him and put out his disease eaten hands and begged for donation. But then san Francis something came offered him he took the leper hands in his hands he put them to his mouth and kiss them with great affection and then he took all the money that his father has given him and gave it to that leper. And at that point he actually felt love with that leper. And that act please the lord so much that he became enlighten. That austerity is so dear to the lord. That was the qualification of that saint so more intolerable person appears to you specially a devotee. The more lord is giving you the opportunity the more you become enlighten by tolerating him by being his servant. Anyone can serve you like but how many can be servant when you don’t like. Out of love the god, out of love for your guru that is the test of our sincerity. That is called tapasya or austerity it is not impossible, it is very difficult but the most difficult is the more credit you get if you do it. This is the test of our sincerity. Can you do it ? with the grace of guru and Krishna you can do it. Raised your hands if you think if you can do it with the grace of guru and Krishna. On your own you cannot. Sanatan goswami had puss and sore of all over the body and lord chaitanya would embraced him everyday he get puss and blood, everything everyday. Sanatan said why you are doing this its horrible, smelling it nobady wants to get really. Lord chaitanya said I see all this puss and the blood is nectar. Losing from lotus like body.

Thank You Very Much  Hare Krishna.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.