naite srti partha janan

yogi muhyati kascana

tasmat sarvesu kalesu

yoga-yukto bhavarjuna



The devotees who know these two paths, O Arjuna, are never bewildered. Therefore be always fixed in devotion.


Purport by Srila Prabhupad

Krsna is here advising Arjuna that he should not be disturbed by the different paths the soul can take when leaving the material world. A devotee of the Supreme Lord should not worry whether he will depart either by arrangement or by accident. The devotee should be firmly established in Krsna consciousness and chant Hare Krsna. He should know that concern over either of these two paths is troublesome. The best way to be absorbed in Krsna consciousness is to be always dovetailed in His service, and that will make one’s path to the spiritual kingdom safe, certain, and direct. The word yoga-yukta is especially significant in this verse. One who is firm in yoga is constantly engaged in Krsna consciousness in all his activities. Sri Rupa Gosvami advises that one should be unattached in the material world and that all affairs should be steeped in Krsna consciousness. In this way one attains perfection. Therefore the devotee is not disturbed by these descriptions because he knows that his passage to the supreme abode is guaranteed by devotional service.



The devotees who know these two paths, O Arjuna, are never bewildered. Therefore be always fixed in devotion.During the time that the Pandavas were training under the great Brahman, military instructor, Dhronacharya, they were being taught in very, very tremendous discipline, how to properly perform their duties as Kshatriyas.


Whatever we do with consciousness in spirit is Bhakti:

Some people ask, when I am going to school it appears that I am not doing any service to the Lord. I am just studying and studying and studying and these books do not say anything about Krishna. They are simply talking about engineering or business or commerce or talking about human anatomy or various diseases just like recently one of our devotees, was studying some medical book and I happen to look in to medical book and I don’t think I understood more than three word on the whole page. It was all sophisticated, technical, medical language and they were pictures of all these horrible diseases and she said to me, ‘How am I supposed to think about Krishna when I have to study eight to ten hours a day this book? So sometimes we think, we are wasting our time. Possibly you are, but on the other hand, if it is the desire of Guru and the desire of Krishna that you study then you should know that in the end whatever you learn will be used in Krishna’s service. This is the preparation and the preparation itself is devotional service. It is the service to the Lord. If your consciousness is that in the end, whatever I learn will be offered to Krishna. Therefore with this consciousness while you are engaged in your studies, you are factually engaged in bhakti, devotional service. It is not so much what you do but the consciousness in spirit in which you do it.

So the Pandavas were simply learning how to organize military troops? How to create military check, formation on the battle field? How to fight with club? How to fight with bow and arrow? How to fight with hand to hand combat? How to ride a chariot? But because this was their service, to be Kshatriyas, their training was bhakti. So ofcourse, in any training, there must be a test. Nobody likes to be tested. But it is necessary. Because the purpose of the test is that you are forced to digest, understand and assimilate what you have been learning.


Krishna tests us and puts us in forced urgencies:

You can sit in classroom all day long, all semester and you can pretend that you are learning but how much are you really absorbing the subject matter? At the time of a test, you are forced to show how much you have absorbed the subject matter. So similarly in spiritual life, Krishna tests us, first through the Sadhus, through the Guru. They give us so much theoretical knowledge? But what will inspire us to really absorb this knowledge? There are so many persons who can quote so many shlokas but they do not have any realization of Krishna. You cannot attain Krishna consciousness by scholarship. You cannot attain Krishna consciousness by any amount of memorization of the shastra. You can only attain Krishna consciousness in a spirit of other humility by applying these teachings to your life and assimilating them. So therefore Krishna puts us in testing conditions from time to time just so that we are forced to understand the urgencies. We understand that it is an emergency situation that I must practice Krishna consciousness from the bottom of my heart now. Just like there was one devotee who is a very good friend of mine and back in the early seventies he was quite a sincere devotee but there is always a tug of war in spiritual life. Krishna is all attractive and he is pulling your mind and consciousness this way. But Maya is also presenting herself very attractive and trying to pull your mind this way.

The illusory energy is trying to take you away from Krishna and Krishna trying to take you away from illusion. You are the marginal energy. You are in between. You are forced at every moment to make one choice or the other. You cannot stand in the middle. You cannot stand between Maya and Krishna. You have to choose one or the other at every moment. Anything, you choose one then it is finished. That every moment you have the choice and you must make that surrendered choice every moment. Will I surrender to Maya, to the illusion of the senses and their objects or will I surrender to the Supreme, all loving Personality of Godhead. So this devotee, we should criticize someone if they are little week, we should have sympathy for them. This person became weak and he succumbed to Maya and he would never criticize devotees. He was always very respectful in that sense. He always accepted that this is the highest philosophy and this is the highest path and this is really what he wants to do. But he was just too weak. So he was not able to get up to perform his morning Sadhana. He was not chanting according to the wow that he made to his spiritual master. Infact, he was not even following the four regulative principles and he gradually drifted away. But his heart was always thinking that what I really want is Krishna consciousness but I just cannot do it. So one time he was talking to a devotee and that devotee said, ‘So when are you going to become more serious about your spiritual life? You are wasting your life away’. That person started to cry. He said, ‘I don’t know. I just cannot do it. It’s too difficult for me’. He said, ‘I think the only thing that’s going to make me serious is if I get cancer’. Now as you know Krishna is in your heart. He is seeing everything you do. He tastes everything you eat. He is smelling everything you smell. He is hearing everything you say. He is witnessing every thought through our senses. Krishna is fully cognizant of our life. So he gave Krishna the information not that Krishna needed it. But it is his Lila.

He gave Krishna the information of whatever takes to make him serious. So not more than one year later, he came down with a terrible, terrible case of cancer. It was such a sudden and abrupt and intense attack upon his body that as soon as it even manifested when he went to the hospital, to the doctors to the specialists, they said, ‘If you have six weeks, you be lucky to live but we can try this chemo therapy and all these other methods’. So he went and performs all these methods. Then he tries some natural cures and everything and nothing was working. Then he realized it was hopeless. He was about to die. Then he moved to new Vrindavan and he was chanting crying out for Krishna all day long and he was praying to Krishna thank you very much this is just what I need. Who knows, if I would have gone on for hundred years living a nice life, the way I have and die at older age. I don’t know where I would have gone or if I would all of a sudden died in an accident, to some other accident living the way I was, I don’t know where I would have gone. But you given me this little bit of time and now I understand that it is my life’s urgent business to become Krishna consciousness. It is an emergency. Whatever I heard years ago now I must apply to my life. I must assimilate it. I must strive into everything and anything possible to realize it. He became very serious. He was practically an instant Paramhamsa. He became very serious and he was inspiring all the devotees. He was just thanking God with such gratitude. ‘Thank you for giving me this gift. Now I am serious. Now I don’t care about anything except your Lotus feet and he was chanting and chanting and chanting. He ended up living about six months, but he lived that six months in such a way that when it was time for him to leave the world, there was a whole assembly around his bed, having kirtan and he said, ‘My only regret is that, I could have done so much more for my spiritual master in my life. I have no other regrets in life’. One devotee was trying to make him very comfortable physically and he said, ‘What are you trying to bother me with these material comforts? Let me just think of Krishna that is my only shelter now. If you want to make me comfortable have kirtan with me. Forget all these pillows and all these massages. Just have kirtan with me. That is the only thing that will comfort my soul’. So this is a test because this was a very final exam. over then this life before the final exam of death, a good teacher will give you so many pre exams to prepare yourself to the final exam, just to show that you are serious, to inspire you to become serious, to make Krishna the object of your life.

Dhrona testing Pandavas:

So I am explaining this story, how Dhrona decided to test the Pandavas? How much they were learning? So what he did, is, he took an imitation bird, small bird and put it on top of a tree and then he called Maharaj Yudhistir. He said, ‘Yudhistir’. ‘Yes Guruji.’ ‘You see that bird in that tree?’ Yudhistir said, ‘yes’. He said, ‘Point your bow to shoot the eye of that bird’. Yudhistir strung his arrow and pointed it to the eye and Dhrona said, ‘What do you see?’ He said, ‘I see the bird’. Dhrona said, ‘Do you see anything else?’ He said, ‘I see the trees. I see my four brothers. I see you. I see the sky’. Dhrona said, ‘Step aside. Bhima! come forward. You see that bird in the tree. Take your arrow and pierce his eye. He strung his bow on arrow. Dhronacharya asked him, ‘What do you see?’ Bhima said, ‘I see the bird’. Do you see anything else?’ He said, ‘I see the branch that he is sitting on and I see the leaves around him’. Dhrona said ‘Step aside’. Then he called Arjuna, ‘Arjuna, come’. ‘Yes Guruji’. You see that bird in that branch of the tree?’ ‘Yes Guruji’. ‘Aim towards its eye’. Arjuna took his mighty Gundiva bow. With one of his celebrated arrows from the quiver and pointed towards the eye of the bird. Dhorna asked ‘What do you see?’ Arjuna said, ‘I see the eye of the bird’. Dhrona said, ‘Do you see anything else?’ He said, ‘No nothing else’. He said, ‘You see the tree that he is sitting on? He said, ‘No, there is no tree’. ‘Do you see the body of the bird?’ He says, ‘No, I see no body’. ‘Do you see the head of the bird?’ He said, ‘No I cannot see the head, I can only see the eye’. Dhoronacharya said, ‘Now you shoot’. Arjuna pierced the eye.

In spiritual life, if we want to actually achieve the goal, we have to have this one pointed fixed vision on Krishna. We have to make Krishna the object of everything that we do in life. We have ductile all of our activities in his loving service. This is what Gita is teaching.


yat karosi yad asnasi

yaj juhosi dadasi yat

yat tapasyasi kaunteya

tat kurusva mad-arpanam


All that you do, all that you eat, all that you offer and give away should be done as a offering for me.


samasrita ye pada-pallava-plavam

mahat-padam punya-yaso murareh

bhavambudhir vatsa-padam param padam

padam padam yad vipadam na tesam


That those who are the great souls they make no goal in their life, anything having to do with this temporary material world. But their only goal is the Lotus feet of Lord Hari, Mukunda. Because they know that this material world is the place


padam padam yad vipadam na tesam


where there is danger at every step. We are investing our valuable, precious human energy and we do not know whether there would be any return. Infact in the end, we will lose everything. Our Ashok Parikh is the stock consultant I believe. If you have to council someone that this particular stock you have to put huge sum of money to buy even one share and it is guaranteed that in the end you lose everything. How many people would buy that stock? Nobody? That’s what is you are saying but factually 99.9% of the population of the world is buying that stock because there is nothing more precious than every moment that we have in our human life. Chanakya Pandit said that, ‘If a man losses a crore of rupees he still has a chance of making it back in this life but if a man wastes one moment, can he get that moment back? For a hundred crore of rupees can you buy back one moment that is passed? That has been wasted? So every moment of human life is more valuable than anything within the creation because that is the only thing that you can never get back. So that which has the most costly value our human energy, the time within our human life, we are investing in the stocks of these world where it is guaranteed that at the time of death you lose everything. You invest in a car. At the time of death, the car is gone forever. Everything you have is gone forever. If you try to consider this matter realistically, this world is crazy but because we are so much blinded by the illusion, we cannot even perceive the reality in front of us. We are investing all of our wealth and it is guaranteed that there will be no eturn. We will lose it all. Therefore Krishna says in the second chapter of gita,


nehabhikrama-naso ‘sti

pratyavayo na vidyate

sv-alpam apy asya dharmasya

trayate mahato bhayat


That in spiritual endeavor there is no loss. There is no demolition. Whatever you invest, what do you call it, when something is always carrying on your investment? In spiritual life whatever investment is always in the process of appreciation, according to the stock consultant here. It is always growing. Even if you die, if you are 20% Krishna consciousness, you began at 21%. Nothing has lost. Therefore this is the one pointed vision of one who is serious about solving the problems of this world. One had to have this fixed purpose


vyavasayatmika buddhir

ekeha kuru-nandana

bahu-sakha hy anantas ca

buddhayo ‘vyavasayinam


Those who are on this path, says Lord Krishna, they are resolute in purpose and their aim is one. Their aim is one. Those who are not in this path, their intelligence is many-branched. Whatever object of the senses come before us we want that. We see something on the television, some advertisement, we want that. Our neighbor has some new material form of sense gratification and our wife says, ‘I want that’. In this way this illusory energy, Maya


daivi hy esa guna-mayi

mama maya duratyaya


Very difficult to overcome because she is constantly twenty- four hours a day, presenting an alternative to Krishna. Krishna is saying


aham sarvasya prabhavo

mattah sarvam pravartate

iti matva bhajante mam

budha bhava-samanvitah


That I am the source of everything that exists. The wise who know this perfectly engage in my devotional service and worship me with all their hearts. He says, ‘With all their hearts’. But Maya is always trying to take our heart somewhere else at every moment. Those who are most unfortunate, who are not on the path of yoga, they are simply imprisoned. Durga means prison, literally from Sanskrit language. They are imprisoned by the illusion that I am the enjoyer. They are the slaves of Maya. Their mind, their senses are constantly being dragged from one sense object, from one goal of life to the next, from one aspiration to another. Therefore Krishna says in Gita




vyavasayatmika buddhih

samadhau na vidhiyate


That those who are too much attached to material enjoyment and opulence of this world, for them the resolute determination for devotional service cannot not take place.


tani sarvani samyamya

yukta asita mat-parah

vase hi yasyendriyani

tasya prajna pratisthita


Krishna says that one who restrains his senses, restraining your senses means to be willing to say no when Maya presents an alternative. But how long can you just go on saying no? Saying no to everything has no pleasure. It’s just avoiding pain but


ananda-mayo ‘bhyasat


We are all pleasure seeking by nature. We cannot just go on saying no all day and all night. We have to say yes to something and find pleasure in that. Therefore Krishna says ‘One who restrains his senses and fixes his consciousness upon me is the man of steady intelligence’. So Krishna consciousness means these two principles. Yama and Niyama. To accept things favorable for devotion to Krishna and to reject things unfavorable. To say yes to Krishna and say no to Maya. But the only way we can constantly say no Maya is if our minds and senses are constantly saying yes to Krishna. That must be our goal, our priority in life. In the bible Lord Jesus Christ was also saying like this. All the great acharyas have spoken about this one pointed fixed goal in life, without that you cannot attain Krishna consciousness. Just you cannot attain the kingdom of God. Jesus said that the road to the kingdom of God is very narrow. But to the road to illusion is very wide. He also said be it hot or cold but if you are a luke warm, I will pick you out. His Guru is speaking on behalf of God. So hearing this someone may be thinking, ‘My God, I am in hopeless condition. What to do? I have a wife and family. So I have to just fix my mind on Krishna and completely neglect them? That is not what Krishna is saying. In Bhagavad-Gita Krishna is explaining to Arjuna

karmany evadhikaras te

ma phalesu kadacana

ma karma-phala-hetur bhur

ma te sango ‘stv akarmani


You have a right to perform your duty. In fact you must do your duty. It is sinful to give up your duties. But the goal of your duty must be to offer the fruits to me. That means whatever your duty is must be seva for me, bhakti. Bhakti means that whatever we do, it is an act of devotion to the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha Govinda. That is our goal. That is what we hope to attain in everything we do, everything we say, everything we think. We are hoping to enrich our Krishna consciousness. We are hoping to enrich our life with deeper and deeper realizations of love of God. The propaganda of this world is constantly trying to tear our minds away from this goal. Therefore we need counter propaganda and that’s what the temple of Lord is meant to be giving. The temple of the Lord whether it be Sita-Ram, Laxmi-Narayan, Radhe-shyam. The temple of the Lord is meant specifically for the purpose of making counter propaganda against the influence of Kali, the illusions of this world. As soon as you step outside, buy this, eat this, have this, earn this you will be happy and here we say forget it all. Your only happiness is in bhakti, in devotion to God. So whatever you may be in life, if you have the association of Sadhus and you are regularly engaging in the process given by the sadhus, chanting the holy names, giving up sinful activities, illicit sex, intoxication, gambling, meat eating, speaking only things that are constructive to the welfare of others’ spiritual life’s, engaging our life’s energies in our resources in the betterment of society, to uplift our own life and uplift our loved ones and uplift all brothers and sisters around us, every living being is our brother and sister. This is bhakti. So let us not be slaves to the enemy of Maya. But let us whole heartedly agree to be Krishna’s slave. It is a fact. Spiritual life is slavery. But it is not slavery that it is forced upon you. It is being out of love. Allowing yourself to be the slave of God and that slavery is the ultimate pleasure, the ultimate joy of the soul. If you love someone, there is no greater fortune than being that person’s slave. Let your will be done. I have no separate interest. All of our problems in this world is because we have separate interest from that desire of God. Bhakti means no separate interest. In Bhagavad-Gita Krishna was teaching Arjuna that you want like this and like this and like that but I want like this and this why and he spoke all seven hundred verses of Gita to explain why and how. In the end Arjuna said, ‘Krishna I have no separate interest. What you want that I will do. That is love. That is surrender.


sarva-dharman parityajya

mam ekam saranam vraja

aham tvam sarva-papebhyo

moksayisyami ma sucah


So why should we go on boidering in this material existence thinking that we are happy. It is a grand illusion. Let us fix our consciousness on the true goal. Let us not be deviated or diverted from the true path of life. That is the only means of happiness, real happiness.


Story of Bharat Maharaj from Bhagavatam:

In the Bhagvatam we read the story of Bharat Maharaj. He was a great king. He ruled the whole world. He was the son of Vrushab dev, who was an incarnation of God himself. You can imagine exalted position of Bharat Maharaj. But when he reached an age, he performed his duty very, very carefully with very great devotion but when his son old enough to take over the kingdom, he did not want to hold on to his position till the fag-end of his life. With great jubilation he turned all of his wealth, all of his power, all of his opulence, everything over to his son and he went off to the Himalayas, where he living on the bank of Gandaki river. There he was simply engaging in devotion to God. He was making deeper, deeper, deeper advancement towards the Lord in his heart. But it is explained that one day as he was sitting on the bank of the river, he heard the roaring of a tiger. Running from that tiger, was an innocent mother deer, who was pregnant with the baby. She was running for her life. ‘Jiva jivasya jivanam’.

In this world, one person’s pleasure is another person’s death. Isn’t that the world is? The survival of fittest. One business man works so hard to be a success and in the mean while because of his success, the business man next door goes bankrupt. Isn’t that the way this world is? Not a very compassionate place. My success is your failure. One Politician is out trying to get so many votes and when he wins he is crying in great happiness. I have won, I have conquered. In meanwhile his opponent is in the bar somewhere trying to get so drunk that he forgets that he even exists, lost everything. This is the way of the world. For that tiger to eat the deer, he is thinking, I have a very nice dinner tonight. But the deer is thinking that I am being eaten alive. So the tiger was chasing the deer. Now if you are tiger, you are thinking, the success is if he eats the deer. If you are deer you are thinking that if deer gets away, that is his success. So everyone has their sides in this world. That is why there is so much conflict. Everyone is thinking take care of no.1 and they all make their sides who has a common interest for sense gratification and then they have wars against each other. Battles, wars, fighting, quarrels that is this world.

So Bharat Maharaj saw the deer trying to escape from tiger began to jump over river ghandhaki and as she was leaping over the river, the tiger roared and when the tiger roared she became so frighten that she had a miscarriage and the little tiny baby deer fell into the water and the mother was on the other side and she went in to a little cave and she thought my baby is dead and she felt so bad, the love of a mother for its child in any species of life is so sweet and so deep that the mother could not bear living seeing her child drowning in the river. So she laid down and died. So Bharat Maharaj was thinking, ‘My God, what to do? I have to help this little baby. So he went in the water and such a beautiful. Deers are so beautiful as they are. Can you imagine of baby deer, so sweet, so nice, so beautiful. He began to nurse the deer with his own hands, protected and pretty soon he became the mother and the father of the deer and after same time he became so attached to the deer. He couldn’t live without it. As the deer was getting little older, the deer would go out, if he was coming little bit late, Bharat Maharaj would be looking all around. ‘Where is my little deer?’ He would be crying out to the moon, ‘Have you seen my deer?’ He would be crying out to the trees, ‘Where is my beautiful little deer?’ and he would see foot prints on the earth my earth you are so fortunate, you are bearing the foot prints of these most beautiful deer. In this way he became very attached to the deer. So much attached, that he had no more any time to chant the holy names of the Lord and he gave up practically all. Even he was sitting in meditation, he was just thinking of these deer. ‘What to give my deer? Where is my deer?’ You see at every stage, even if you are at very high level, Maya will always give you a free sample knowing that you will be addicted after one time.

There is something in America called crack. You have heard of crack, crack is the most dangerous of drugs because it’s very cheap but you take it one time, you are addicted for life. So what these drug dealers do is they go around and they say, ‘Free sample, I am your friend’. After all if anyone give you anything free in this world they must have really your friend or I am your friend, take this free sample. Just try it. You don’t have to be my regular customer, just try it once. Tell me if you like it. You try it once, you are addicted and from then on, you simply be chasing after that person give me more, give me more, give me more; ‘No, you have to give me five hundred dollars for another one’ and you go out, rob banks and beat up old women, that’s what they do. New York City means beating up old women and robbing banks and doing anything for a little crack. It’s everywhere. It’s the biggest problem in the city. They don’t know what to do. So Maya is like a drug peddler. She gives you a free sample. ‘Just take this, try it once. Yes, I know you are devotee. I know you are worshiping the deities. You are chanting the holy names but don’t be a fanatic. After all you have to have some relief from this bhakti all the time. It has to have some outlet for your natural life in this world. So just try a little. Just once’. ‘All right I will try it once. But don’t ever bother’. ‘No, no. You just try’. Once you try then you hooked to become a slave. You cannot give it up. Very difficult.

Even on the elevated platform of Bharat Maharaj, he became so much attached to this deer, that at the time of death, he was thinking, ‘Who will take care of my deer? Now I am dying, who will take care of the deer?’ and everybody knows what his destination was, after he left that body. He became a deer. One of Krishna’s names is Priya, Priya means dear. He did not become Priya. What is the Hindi word for deer? He became a deer, an animal. But by God’s grace, because he had made such spiritual advancement before this, accepting the alternative of Maya, he could remember his previous life. He could remember all of his mistakes and he was thinking, ‘My God! What a crazy fool I am? I was this far from the spiritual world. I had renounced kingdom. I have renounced children. I have renounced family. I have renounced power, army, gold, palaces everything, only for Krishna and then at last minute, Maya sent a deer and I surrendered’. In this deer body he simply associated with devotees. Wherever the devotees were in the forest, reciting Srimad Bhagavat, reciting any of the pastimes of the Lord or narration of the goal of life, the deer would just be simply listening absorbed and then that deer, after a short time, died and he became the son of a Brahman. That is the long story.


The story of Jada Bharat:

Jada Bharat. In this birth he could remember his two previous births. This was the gift of Krishna because of his exalted devotion. Krishna never abandons his devotee. He will teach you many lessons but he will never abandon you. Once you take the devotional path sincerely, even if you make the most horrible mistakes, you must be punished. You must learn your lesson but Krishna will never abandon you. He will always be giving you newer and better ways to come back to Him. So at this time, his name was Jada Bharat. He decided that I am not going to let anything take my mind away from Krishna. The more you enjoy in this world, the more you are prone to be diverted from the real path. So therefore, he was pretending that he was completely crazy. He would do everything wrong on purpose. His father would say, ‘When you go to the bathroom, what you do is, first you go near the river and then you respond to nature and after that you take this loota of water and wash your hands very simple. Alright, like that’.  He would do just so that everyone think he was crazy, he would go to the river, he would wash his hands very thoroughly and then he would respond to nature, then he would clean himself then he would come home. When I meant clean himself, not with water, he would do everything backwards. He would wash his hands, eat and then he wouldn’t wash his hands. He was like a mad man. He was like a crazy man. He was so crazy that at one point, his brothers thought he was such a reject of the family, he couldn’t do anything properly. They decided we have to give him some service. So they put him in the field and told him to stand and keep the crows away from the corn. At that time, some dacoits captured him and wanted to offer him to the Goddess Kali and when they were about to chop his head off, Kali Mataji from the deity, manifest and cuts off the heads of all the dacoits. ‘You dare to try to harm Krishna’s devotee!’ Of course it is a very long and beautiful story but in the end, Jada Bharat ended up becoming up the Guru of the king Ruhugana, instructing him the true goal of life and after instructing the king, who later on made the whole kingdom God-consciousness.

If you imitate him, you will die very soon. We can follow the principle, what is the principle


vyavasayatmika buddhir

ekeha kuru-nandana

bahu-sakha hy anantas ca

buddhayo ‘vyavasayinam


That you must be resolute in purpose and your aim must be one. You must make Krishna, the priority of your life and do not let anyone or anybody or anything create any other priority, any other goal except devotion to God. This must be our conviction. This is the purpose and the goal of life. It is simple and it is sublime. Krishna is non-different than His name. Keep your mind fixed on Krishna. It is very simple.


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare


Always chant the holy names. With this determination, come to the temple. See the beautiful form of the Lord. Taste the wonderful prasad of the Lord. Hear the pravachan, glorifying the Lord. Your works, whatever you do in the world, whether you be a business man or a house wife or a student or a doctor, dovetail whatever you are doing, so that ultimately it is for the pleasure of Krishna. What pleases Krishna? The ultimate pleasure to Krishna is when we live for the upliftment of others in His service. Let us concentrate on this. Let us transform all of our energies, as this offering to Krishna. All of our endeavors let them combinate, as this type of offering to the lotus feet of Krishna. That is the natural pleasure of the soul and that is the price of liberation from the cycle of birth and death and that is the key to the door of Vaikuntha, the spiritual world where there is no anxiety, where there is only love.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.