Narada Muni answered to Yudhisthira Maharaj’s question

It is the day of the appearance of that most extraordinary incarnation of Lord Narayan, Narsimha Dev. This narration is found in Srimad Bhagvatam, it takes place where Maharaj Yudhisthira is having conversation with Srila Narada Muni. Just before Maharaj Yudhisthira witnessed at the Räjasüyayajïa where Shisupal was killed Krishna and he was very bewildered by what he saw. He inquired from Narada that this Shisupal he was such a demon, he was constantly from his very infancy he was blaspheming Krishna with envy and with hate, he was the worst offender against the Lord.  Yet we find during his life he was quite healthy, he was very, very effluent, wealthy and at the time when he insult Krishna beyond even his own control out of envy, Krishna took his Sudarshan Chakra and severed his head and I was present there to see, that the spirit soul of Shisupal merged into the body of Krishna, which means he had attain liberation, säyujyamukti. How is this possible? At this time Narada Muni began to explain, it is true Shisupal hated Krishna but in his hate he was constantly immersed in thinking of Krishna and Krishna is so pure that any way you think of him and you get purified. In fact Narada Muni was saying, I wish I could be as Krishna conscious as Shisupal.  In dreams he would just be thinking of Krishna and all day long he would be thinking of Krishna, he was so afraid that Krishna would kill him. Then he began to explain that the supreme lord is equal to everyone and remembrance of Krishna is like fire, whoever you are, if you touch fire you get the benefits.


Offense made by Jay and Vijay

Then he began to explain as an illustration to this story about another great demon that got the special mercy of the Lord. He explains that one time in Vaikuntha the four Kumaras approached in order to gain entrance to have the Darshan of Lord Narayan. At that time two of the gatekeepers Jaya and Vijaya they saw these five year old little children not even wearing clothes, they want to come in to see Lord Narayan. Just like sometimes during our lectures, during the Kirtaan the children are here but during the lecture we ask them to go because they just make noise, they are not so grown up to really understand philosophy, right now they are downstairs making all noise, Mahaprabhu like Jaya and Vijaya. Mahaprabhu is modern days Jaya and Vijaya he is telling the children’s to be quite. The four Kumaras very, very great saintly persons, they were devotees and because Jaya and Vijaya offended them they cursed that you fall down to the material world and become demons.  According to the Srimad Bhagvatam, Lord Vishnu appeared right at time and pleaded on behalf of Jaya and Vijaya, he said I am their master they are my servants and whatever mistake is done by the servants the master has to take the blame.


Disciple indicates the character of his master

Today was initiations, I like to share with you what Prabhupada says in a purport to this verse.  He explains that whatever the servant does the whole world will see the master through those activities. If a disciple is pure in heart, a proper servant of humanity, very God conscious then the whole world will glorify that persons Guru but, if a Disciple acts as nonsensically, acts whimsically and the whole world would think what a useless Guru.  Not only would they think the Guru is useless, they will think Krishna is useless. Whatever a devotee says, whatever a devotee does he should know that, that would be the impression everyone has of his Guru and Krishna. Therefore, if we have any trace of love for our spiritual master and Krishna we will behave the way they want us to at all cost. In fact Lord Vishnu said, that because they have offended you I must atone for their offense, if you want I will cut off my own arms and offer them to you as atonement because I am responsible. When Lord was coming out to meet Jaya and Vijaya at that time a breeze came carried of scent of Tulsi leaves that were on his lotus feet. When the four Kumaras smelled those Tulsi leaves mixed with Sandal wood and saffron they became completely purified and from their Brahman realization they entered into pure devotional service. Anyways the curse of great souls never goes rid off, so Jaya and Vijaya were given choice you can either six births as great devotees or three births as demons. They were thinking this earth planet, the Material world is a place of birth and death we do not want to separated from our lord longer than possible let us be demons and get back faster, so they fell.


Birth of two demons Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu

It is explained that Kasyapa and his wife Diti they conceived an inauspicious time by the arrangement of the Lord. The process of having children is very scientific, according to the particular consciousness in which conceive children that will determined what type of child will come into the womb, there is Samskara, the first saàskära is Garbhädhäna saàskära where you thoroughly saturate your minds in the thought of God for the whole day both the husband and wife then they come together in a mood not of lust but in the mood of prayer and devotion, to attract the great personality into their womb. Our Guru Maharaj made this Garbhädhäna saàskära very simple that you chant at least fifty rounds, the whole mantra on every beat fifty rounds, it takes about six seven eight hours and you read the scriptures together and eat only the purest foodstuffs Mahaprasada then you invite the Lord to sent one of his divine representatives. Anyways Kaçyapa Muni and Diti at a very inauspicious time, in a very unfavorable Krishna consciousness mind they conceived and Kaçyapa Muni by his Mystic powers immediately knew that two terrible, terrible demons would come, they fell from Vaikuntha. It is described in a place called ‘Pushkar’  Kaçyapa Muni was doing the Yajna and part of this Yajna it was açvamedha-yajïa, it is there were five throne made out of different ingredients. They were presiding in the five parts of the Yajna, just during this Yajna when it was taking place, just toward the conclusion of it; Diti who had been pregnant, this is in Satya Yuga for thousands of years she gave birth to two children. One of those thrones was made out of gold and it was called Hiranyakashipu and one of the children as soon as it was born climbed upon that throne, so they named him Hiranyakashipu.


Varähadeva killing Hiranyaksha

As he grew along with his brother, younger brother Hiranyaksha they were causing terrible fear to all living beings, they were so strong and powerful and so super intelligent. This is all gifts of God health, strength, intelligent, wealth but every gift of God we have the choice to use them in his loving service or to use them in the service of our own senses. To the degree we use them for our senses we become either divine or demoniac. So with this entire entire incredible God talent did they had, they used it all for the most terrible, horrible purpose of their own aggrandizement and sense gratification, in fact they wanted to conquer the entire universe. Narada Muni explains to Maharaj Yudhisthira that he Hiranyaksha on behalf of his brother was going out with his fine club and he was conquering every direction and ultimately because of him the entire earth planet cast into the ocean, Garbhodaka Ocean. At that time Vishnu appeared as Lord Varaha Dev to rescue the earth and Hiranyaksha knowing the Vishnu was his worst enemy slandered, blaspheme him and attacked him and ultimately Varaha Dev killed Hiranyaksha. Hiranyakashipu he was biting his lips in anger, as Hiranyaksha’s wife and mother Diti upon their lost of their son. Hiranyakashipu began to preach incredible philosophy from the Vedas, Hiranyakashipu was the son of the Brahman, Kaçyapa was the first class Brahman and he was a Pandit, first class Pandit. He knew the Shastra excellently but his conclusions were off. So he began to explain, why are we weeping? Don’t you know that the soul is eternal, this body meant for death no matter what you do, we are all eternally spiritual nothing can kill soul. He gave beautiful, beautiful example explaining how no one should weep over the loss of the loved ones. One should know that, that person has simply changed residences temporarily. After pacifying his relatives he went to his demon friends and he said we must get revenge on Vishnu, he said I will sever his head and I will drink his blood, because my brother Hiranyaksha loved to drink blood. If I drink Vishnu’s blood all of it on his behalf he will be satisfied. And, if Vishnu is dead all the Demi-Gods will die because he is the Lord of all of them.


Hiranyakashipu acquire benediction from Brahma

So while I am after Vishnu to kill him I want all of you to go down to the earth where ever there is Brahmans kill, where they are devotees kill them, wherever there is offering of Sacrifice studying of the Vedas, reciting of hymns performing any pious acts like charity you destroy that place completely, you burn it, you devastate all goodness, all piety and all religion in my name, wherever there is protection of cows you demolish that place and kill everything and everyone around. In this way the Rakshasa armies went down throughout the entire universe completely causing Havoc. Meanwhile Hiranyakashipu being the scholar of the Vedas knows that you can get the greatest powers from the Demi-Gods. So he went to a place called Mandara Mountain to perform Tapasya and there he stood on the tips of his toes, with his arms raise, with his eyes focus on blinking into the sky fasting without sleep for hundred celestial years, were just equal to about a hundred thousand years our time, this was in Satya Yuga. Through his austerity he became so incredibly powerful that they the flame pouring from the top of his head and it was scorching even the higher planet, these were not ordinary flame they were mystical flames. Demi-Gods they were in such fear, they were being scorch to the Tapasya of Hiranyakashipu was practically ruining universe. So they approached Lord Brahma and Lord Brahma came down on his swan carrier along with many of the other Gods, Devatas and they were looking for Hiranyakashipu at the Mandara Mountain but they couldn’t find him because over all that long period of time of his Tapasya ants and worms built a huge anthill around him, so he was under the ground and ants and worms literally ate every bit of his flesh. But by his powers he was able to keep his life air alive in his bones and that’s all that was left of him. But yet from that bone skull there flames pouring out and when Brahma saw this he struck with wonder. Brahma said, Hiranyakashipu even the greatest Rsis, the greatest of Devatas no one ever done Tapasya like you have done, so I have come to fulfill whatever desires you have. Then Brahma took some celestial water from kamaëòalau water pot and he sprinkled upon the Hiranyakashipu’s body, he immediately became youthful, beautiful like molten gold and every limb was more powerful than a thunderbolt. Hiranyakashipu not with humility but with expectations in his minds he offered his prostrated obeisance’s at the Lotus feet of Lord Brahma. You should know that sometime when people bow down to a great soul sometime they are actually humble, I am your servant; but sometime when they bow down they think by my offering obeisance’s to you, you owed me something and I expect to get something nice out of this. So Hiranyakashipu prostrated at Brahma’s lotus feet and then he began to offer prayers, calling Brahma the supreme God trying to flatter him; you are the almighty, you are the cause of all causes, you are past, present and future everything is coming from you. Then he said you have offered me benedictions my wish is that I do not die at the hands of anyone created by you and that I do not die in day or night, in the land, in the air or in the sea, either inside or outside, by any weapon, by any Demi-God, by any human being, by any Naga, by any Rakshasa, by any demon, by any human being. He very, very cleverly made his benediction so that he felt insure that nobody could ever kill him, just like today people take life insurance, right, so that they have a sense of security. Hiranyakashipu had the supreme life insurance policy but if Krishna wants you to die nothing works. So Brahma told him alright I bless you that you can have these entire benedictions.


Terror of Hiranyakashipu

Then Hiranyakashipu was so proud, he was so puffed up that he had become immortal. He cause complete havoc, he went to Indraloka, he went to all the different planets of the God Devatas and they all had to run for their lives and he occupied everyone’s kingdom and thrones and he became the king of the universe. All the Demi-Gods and all the saints and sages had to become his menial servant, he was so powerful that even the earth was so afraid of him, that without even rain she produce flush, flush vegetation and all the most sumptuous fruits and vegetables. The whole universe became heavenly out of Hiranyakashipu and he had the most beautiful full of all ladies to enjoy, he had all wealth, all power but it is describe that he was always frustrated and in anxiety because one who cannot control his senses no matter what they have they will never find peace or satisfaction in life.


Pastimes of Prahlad in school time

Anyways he subjugated everything and he had four children one of them his name was Prahlad, Prahlad was his favorite, he was so beautiful, he was such a good person, he was so obedient and so respectful, he was just a ocean of good qualities. So one day Hiranyakashipu, he sent Prahlad to school. There was a school to teach young children how to by hook or crock succeed in material world, how to rule over others subjugate, cheat, blaspheme, lie anything to advance in your position. One day Hiranyakashipu he called Prahlad and Prahlad very respectfully bowed to Hiranyakashipu and then Hiranyakashipu brought him on his lap and with tears of affection in his eyes he began to smell his head and embrace him. Then Hiranyakashipu in very sweet language Prahlad what is the best thing that you have learned in your school? Prahlad replied,

tat sädhu manye ‘sura-varya dehinäà

sadä samudvigna-dhiyäm asad-grahät

hitvätma-pätaà gåham andha-küpaà

vanaà gato yad dharim äçrayeta

O best of the asuras, O best demons, as far as I have learned from my Gurudev, any person who has accepted a temporary body and temporary household life is certainly embarrassed by anxiety because of having fallen in a dark well where there is no water but only suffering. One should give up this material conception; one should go to Våndävana, where one can cultivate Kåñëa consciousness and should thus take shelter of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Haribol. Hiranyakashipu he was very angry but because these words were coming from the five year old child in angry he began to laugh, he said my child has been polluted by the enemy by Vishnu and his devotees. This idea of renunciation and devotion is the propaganda of my adversaries therefore he called Ñaëòa and Amarka and he told them, what is this non-sense? I want you to train him in the proper art of living like a demon, I want him to learn how to be a good materialists, I want him to learn how to conquer all his enemies rule, Ñaëòa and Amarka said no problem, we will take he is only a child what can he do? What does he know? So they brought him to the school and Ñaëòa and Amarka said Prahlad, actually Hiranyakashipu you know what he said, he said I think that the devotees of Vishnu are disguising themselves in entering into our compound to teach the non-sense philosophy. Anyways they asked Prahlad how is it, what is that you are learning those things form and Prahlad Maharaj told them that everything you are teaching me in this classes is all useless non-sense you this person is your enemy and this person is your friend and how to exploit the most you. But what I have learn from my gurudev is that no one is your friend or enemy everyone is part and parcel of Krishna and if were Krishna consciousness we can be loving servant of all living beings, we will not discriminate friend and enemy we will see Krishna everywhere and they heard became curious they picked up sticks and trying to beat him, they began to blaspheme him, what is this non-sense? You are the enemy of Vishnu, Ñaëòa and Amarka use the example that Vishnu is like an axe and sometimes when someone wants to cut down a tree one will take the branch from that same tree as the handle to the axe to cut down the rest of the tree, similarly Vishnu who is our enemy, who is like the axe has taken form the very body of Hiranyakashipu you to make you the handle to destroy him. Therefore you go to class and learn from us and just keep your mouth shut. Prahlad was just, he was actually very nice boy, he just went to class and he was quite and he just sat and appeared like learning everything and Ñaëòa and Amarka thought he is brainwash, he is properly brainwash, he is a good demon now and they were so proud of him because he was just sitting listening so they brought him to the mother and they told Hiranyakashipu that your son is doing well in school we are very proud of him. So what happen is his mother decorated him nice with jewelry and with nice soaked clothes and gave him nice bath and put nice perfumes on him and then she brought him to Hiranyakashipu.


Hiranyakashipu decided to kill Prahlad

Hiranyakashipu seeing this beautiful little child just affectionately kissed him and put him on lap. So Prahlad tell me, what you think is the best thing in life and Prahlad Maharaj replied,

çravaëaà kértanaà viñëoù

smaraëaà päda-sevanam

arcanaà vandanaà däsyaà

sakhyam ätma-nivedanam

iti puàsärpitä viñëau

bhaktiç cen nava-lakñaëä

kriyeta bhagavaty addhä

tan manye ‘dhétam uttamam

Hearing and chanting about the glories of the Lord, remembering him, serving his lotus feet, offering respectful worship, becoming his servant, offering prayers and becoming his friend and ultimately surrendering everything to Lord Krishna. These nine processes are pure devotional service and one who is dedicated his life in the service of Krishna through these nine methods should be understood to be the most learned for he has acquired and complete and perfect knowledge. Upon hearing this Hiranyakashipu he was disgusted. He just took Prahlad and with rage he roared and he threw him off of his lap on to the ground and he called Sanda and Amarka, what are you teaching? You have all become agents of the enemy, what you teaching him in school. They said, ‘No, no, don’t you know we are sons of Sukracarya we are good demons, we have not taught him any of these things, we don’t know where he is learning this from. At time Hiranyakashipu said to Prahlad, I want to know, if your teachers did not teach you this devotional service to Vishnu where have you learn it I want to know tell me. Prahlad replied,

na te viduù svärtha-gatià hi viñëuà

duräçayä ye bahir-artha-mäninaù

andhä yathändhair upanéyamänäs

te ‘péça-tantryäm uru-dämni baddhäù

Persons who are strongly entrapped by the consciousness of enjoying material life, and who have therefore accepted a leader or guru in similar illusion they like a blind man living on another blind man and they both fall into the ditch of ignorance. They bind by the association with one another they bind each other in the ropes of fruitive labor and again and again they have to suffer miseries of material life and attachment. But my dear father there is a solution to this problem,

naiñäà matis tävad urukramäìghrià

spåçaty anarthäpagamo yad-arthaù

mahéyasäà päda-rajo-‘bhiñekaà

niñkiïcanänäà na våëéta yävat

Unless we smears upon our body we perform the abhiñekha of our self’s with the dust from the feet of the devotees, no one can become free from material contamination. Only by becoming Krishna consciousness through this process of serving the lotus feet of the Vaishnav and taking shelter of the Lord can one be free from material contamination. When Prahlad spoke these words Hiranyakashipu decided that this boy must die, he said although he may be my son he is born from my body, he is like diseased to the entire Rakshasa race. He said, just as one has arm or limb of the body and it is suffering from the disease of some cancer malignancy it’s to chopped it off and to let it spread and infect and kill the rest of the body. Therefore although you are my own son born of my own body, if you are not killed, you will cause the destruction of everything, therefore he ordered his Rakshasa murdered this child.


Prahlad Maharaj defeated all the Rakshasa by the weapon of faith

In whole group of Rakshsa’s surrounded Prahlad in with sharpen tridents they began stab his soft his five year old body. Prahlad just sat peacefully remembering Krishna, Krishna I am yours; not a blade of grass can move without your sanction, for one who you protect no one can kill and for one who you want to kill no one can protect, I am your service do as you like with me, all I ask is in life or death in always fixed in loving thoughts of your lotus feet. Because of this faith and devotion all these powerful, powerful Rakshasa’s could not penetrate his flesh with their tridents. Hiranyakashipu ordered somehow other you destroy this demon, that demon is devotees, if he is a demon he would have been very popular, destroy this devotee. They took him to a high mountain and threw him down, they put him on a ground and drop massive rocks like mountains upon him, they threw him in a raging fire, they threw him under the feet stampeding elephant, they tried every possibly needs of destroying him and Hiranyakashipu watching, they even threw him in boiling oil but Prahlad was not even the slightest bit affected. Hiranyakashipu was going crazy, he didn’t know what to do he was in such fear. At that time Sanda and Amarka they told Hiranyakashipu please don’t be so upset, he is only a child, he is only five years old; let us bring him back to school we will make him just the way you like.


Prahlad preaches to his classmate

So they pacified Hiranyakashipu and Prahlad went back to school but happened is this when Sanda and Amarka would leave his classroom Prahlad Maharaj began to preach to his friends and because he was such a loving compassion soul when he would speak all of his friends were just give up all their play, give up all their other studies and they were just sit around him in rapt attention and listen,


kaumära äcaret präjïo

dharmän bhägavatän iha

durlabhaà mänuñaà janma

tad apy adhruvam arthadam

He said, my dear friends now this is the time at the tender age of childhood to take to spiritual life. You are thinking let us play now and later on you will take to spiritual life, let me tell you something. The average person let say he lives a hundred years, a material person spends half of his day sleeping that means fifty years of his life is completely wasted in sleep and what about the other fifty years he says the first ten years of life you are just a child and you are completely bewildered and you are just playing, playing, playing in this way you waste ten years. Then next ten years you just completely engrossed in just try to figure out who you are? What you are, you are doing all your studies everything else. The last twenty years of your life you are so old that you practically can’t really get higher incites of life, you just waste it in the misery of old age. In between you have a family and you are just working, working, working, for what, for money. He says for material people money is like honey, it is so sweet that would do anything for money, would work day and night but that money will never bring you happy, it never did and it never will. In fact Prahlad condemned spending ones hard, ones precious life in perusing this, what Prahlad called the enemy of money. Why is an enemy, because attraction for it wastes so many valuable moments of your life? In this way Prahlad said, moment after moment after moment a human beings entire live is wasted; now is the time to take the devotional service, now is the time to make bhakti first and foremost in your life. Children they heard him, he explained by worshiping the supreme Lord with faith by chanting his names we can attain the perfection of liberation, then he taught them how to chant and they were having wonderful Kirtaan’s, Hare krishna hare krishna, krishna, krishna Hare, Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama, Rama Hare, Hare. Sanda and Amarka they know this they all the children they were becoming so gentle and so compassionate and so loving, they didn’t care about the demonic studies of divide and conquer and diplomacy and they realized that Prahlad is contaminating the entire school with bhakti, very dangerous.

So they took this Prahlad back to his father and said Hiranyakashipu this child we have expelled him from school because he is bad association for our children’s, terrible association, whoever comes in contact with him they star chanting Hare Krishna. Hiranyakashipu he gets too much angry, you cannot even explain the type of anger he manifested, his lips were trembling, his limbs were trembling, his eyes were red in rage; he said Prahlad do you know that I have conquered this entire universe, even Indra and all Gods are trembling and fear of me, why is it that you do not fear me? How is it that I have conquered everything and everyone but I cannot kill you, with all my powers I cannot even disturb you, where do you get this power from? Hiranyakashipu also gave Prahlad deadly poison, Prahlad offered it to Krishna and ate it and by offering it to Krishna, Krishna took the poison. Prahlad where did you get this powers from that you dare to challenge me. Prahlad with great humility and conviction he replied my dear father, I get my powers from the same place you get your powers, from the same place everyone gets their powers, from Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he is the controller of everyone, he is the source of all knowledge, all intelligent, all strength. Now when you praise an enemy in front of somebody’s enemy they become very much disturb, even in this days if you have the competitor, if anyone says anything good about your competitor it just creates fire in your heart, what you speaks if your own love ones says it.


Manifestation of Narsimha Bhagavan

Hiranyakashipu, he is saying you always talk about this Vishnu, you always chanting this Vishnu, you say he is everywhere, is he in this pillar. Prahlad said, father he is everywhere, then Hiranyakashipu drew his sword and he was about with all of his power to severed the head from Prahlad’s little tiny body, he said, if he is in this pillar, I am about to kill you Prahlad let me see him save you now. Just as he was coming at Prahlad with this sword he smashed the pillar with his hand. At time Hiranyakashipu was bewildered, he had never heard such a sound before; he was looking all around where it is coming from, who is this? As he saw the pillar trembled, the most extraordinary manifestation of godhead, as the pillar broke Narsimha Bhagavan appeared, he appeared just at the time of sunset between day and night. I was thinking the Lord’s Lila is very wonderful because when we were having the Yajna that fire is not different than Narsimha Dev and it was just not day and not night when the fire became unmanifest like in the pillar and then some of the devotees bhatti they went like they done some sound and the Lord manifested himself right exactly at the time between day and night, he didn’t go out he just unmanifest and manifested by the appropriate time, it’s very exciting, most fire sacrifice is quite boring but this is very exciting, lord’s Lila is very exciting. Hiranyakashipu saw this form he was neither a man nor of these, he was half man and half lion with the head of a lion and the body of a man, with the nails of the lion and began to roar and the sound of his roar was so thrilling, so deafening not only to ears but to the mind, to the heart that instill unlimited fear in the hearts of all living beings. His eyes were red with anger, nails it was effulgent just lighting up the entire planet, entire sky, his chest and his shoulders were broad, his waist was thin. Hiranyakashipu’s ears could not tolerate the sound roar of the Lord and he couldn’t even stand even seeing him he was such frightening, just a being or creator no one has ever seen.


Narsimha dev Bhagavan wore the garland of victory

Hiranyakashipu with his sword and shield he leaped at Narsimha Dev to kill him. Narsimha Dev was so gigantic, enormous in size that it appears that Hiranyakashipu disappeared in his body. Hiranyakashipu was smashing the Lord with his clubs and Narsimha Dev was applying with him just as cat plays with mouse, he grabbed Hiranyakashipu in his grips and then Hiranyakashipu was struggling and straining and Narsimha Dev let him go. When Hiranyakashipu was freed all the Demi-Gods were thinking that he has escaped he is more powerful then the Lord and Hiranyakashipu became so proud that you see I am more powerful, I have escaped your clutches, that means I have the power to kill you. The Lord deals with demons in this way, sometimes the Lord allows the demoniac being to appear if they are going to be victories for sometime but it is all his play. Hiranyakashipu again attacked the Lord and this Narsimha Dev he was so angry, Narsimha knowing what Hiranyakashipu did to his little child devotee Prahlad he didn’t want to just kill him. We read about Krishna killing so many demons, when demons come and attack Krishna he kills them and chops up their head, it’s usually a pretty clean death. But because Hiranyakashipu has done so many injustices to this Prahlad the Lord he wanted to him just tear him apart. So he lift it Hiranyakashipu, he carried him right to the door way it was neither inside or out, it was just after sunset it was neither day or night, he placed him on his lap, so he was not in the air on the land or in the sea and Narsimha Dev was not any being created by Braham, in fact he is the creator of Brahma, he was neither a human neither an animal he was no particular category, he was unique. Without any weapons but with the Lord nails he took those nails and he totally ripped Hiranyakashipu too pieces and Narsimha Dev’s face, his entire body was covered with the blood of this demon and he ripped out his heart and he ripped out his intestine and he wore it like a garland of victory, Haribol! Then he took Hiranyakashipu and this bloody messily body just threw it on the ground. Then all hundreds and thousands millions of Rakshasa solders started attacking Narsimha Dev and he effortlessly with the tips of his nails ripped them all to pieces and killed all of them. After they were all dead he was still in such anger, the Demi-Gods were so happy Hiranyakashipu and all the Rakshasa’s were finished, all the great saints and sages they were rejoicing.


No one could pacify Narsimha Bhagavan except little Prahlad

But at the same time the sound of the shrilling roar of Narsimha Dev and sight of his angry trembling form brought fear to everyone. So they all try to pacify him, first Brahma offered prayers, then Shiva offered prayers, then Indra offered prayers, then Vayu, Varuna, the Gandharva’s, the Apsara’s, the tambura’s everyone they were all offering prayer after prayers after prayers, the Bhagvatam is full of these prayers but none of them could pacify Narsimha Bhagavan, because the Lord cannot tolerate injustices to his devotees those who are surrender to his lotus feet. At time Brahma approach Laxmi Devi, Laxmi Devi he is your husband, your consort please talk to him. Laxmi said, yes alright, she approached and when she saw Lord Narayan in this form, he said I don’t know this man. This is not the person that I massage the lotus feet of Narayan in Vaikuntha. Even Laxmi could not approach him she was so much afraid. So then Brahma approach little Prahlad, so Prahlad Narsimha Dev is so angry because of your demoniac father Hiranyakashipu, please offer him the prayers, Prahlad hearing the words of Brahma with all respect, after all Brahma is his Paramguru. Prahlad Maharaj explain to his friends that when he was in the womb of his mother Hiranyakashipu went to Mandara mountain to do Tapasya, at that time the Demi-Gods they captured his mother to kill the child after it took birth. Thinking that it would be of the same quality like father like son, but at that time Narada said to the Demi-Gods headed by Indra that this women is a very nice lady, you have no fear of her and the child in her womb is a Mahabhagwat, he is a pure hearted devotee. So they have faith in the words of Narada Muni. So he took the mother to his ashram and the mother with great devotion rendered service to him and he instructed in the science of Bhagavad Dharma and Prahlad heard those instructions from within the womb and became completely purified, became a devotee.


Prayers offered by Prahlad Maharaj

Anyways Brahma is the guru of Narada Muni, so he is Prahlad’s Paramguru. So Prahlad was very obedient, you want me to approach the Lord, alright. Little Prahlad came to this enormous mountainous beast of Godhead and he prostrated his obeisance’s at the feet of Narsimha Bhagavan. Then when he rose up Lord Narsimha Dev placed his hand on Prahlad’s head and upon placing his hand on Prahlad’s head, Prahlad became completely purified of all material attachments, contamination that could have ever been there. He became completely ecstatic in love of God. By touching Prahlad Narsimha Dev became completely ecstatic and peaceful; all his anger disappeared at the touch of devotee. This is the reciprocation between the Lord and his devotees and then Prahlad began to offer wonderful prayers. His first prayer was, my dear Lord Narahari please know that I am demon, I am born in a demon family, I have no good qualities but somehow other by your mercy you are being so merciful and kind to me. All of these great Demi-Gods have offered wonderful prayers to you, who am I compared to them? But still because it is the desire of my gurudev I will offer prayers to you. Prahlad Maharaj was offered any benediction from Lord Narsimha dev, you have undergone so much torture, so much pain, so much danger because of your love and devotion to me, I must repay you; anything you ask I must pay you. Prahlad replied my Lord, are you taking to be a business man, did you think I approach you expecting something in result. If someone worships expecting some material result they are not Bhaktas, they are doing business with you. I am your servant unconditionally, I ask nothing of you except let me always engage in loving service of my Guru Maharaj, the Vaishnav’s and you good self, that’s all I ask. But if you insist on giving me some benediction, this father of mine he is the murderer, he is the worst criminal in Rakshasa has ever lived but I love him, purify him and give him liberation. As far as I am concern I do not even go back to Vaikuntha, I am your servant, as long as any fool and Rascal is trying to enjoy this material world in forgetfulness of you, let me remain in this world to help them to become Krishna consciousness, that is the only benediction I ask. Lord Narsimha dev appeared not to kill Hiranyakashipu but to show the greatness of the love of Prahlad. Hiranyakashipu could have been killed by so many indirect energies of the Lord; Narsimha dev appeared simply to glorify his devotee Prahlad. Prahlad his whole existences was simply to glorify the Lord of his life Shri Krishna, this is the love between the Lord and his devotee.


Narsimha Bhagavan protects his devotees

sädhavo hådayaà mahyaà

sädhünäà hådayaà tv aham

Lord Narayan has said, my whole life is for me therefore my whole life is for devotee, because I am only one in my devotee’s heart and devotee he is the only one in my heart. What is it that the Lord will not for his Bhakta? What is that Bhakta will not do for Krishna? In this way Narada Muni concluded this talk with Maharaj Yudhisthira by saying, Prahlad Maharaj wherever sincere and devoted people come together to discuss the glories of the Lord, they will always describe the wonderful devotion qualities of Prahlad. So it was on this night Narsimha Caturdaçé, that the Lord fulfilled all the desires of Prahlad. Lord Narsimha dev although he appeared long, long ago his Lila is eternal, in his name he is eternally available to associate with his devotees. Lord Narsimha Bhagavan is the Lord who is protector of the Bhaktas and whenever in danger if we pray to the Lord, he should for sure that he will protect us, how he protects us that may be inconceivable to our temporary limited mind.

kaunteya pratijänéhi

na me bhaktaù praëaçyati

That the Lord will always protect his devotees, I remember when our guru Maharaj will become very ill, and sometimes he would have heart attacks, Srila Prabhupada. The devotees ask what we can do for you Srila Prabhupada, he said you chant Hare Krishna, do your services but we want to do something else you are in a very difficult situation, and he said you can pray to Lord Narsimha Dev. Do not demand anything of him but you can pray my dear Lord, if it is your will please protect my guru. He will protect but how he will protect that is inconceivable. By hearing this wonderful narrations you developed faith, faith is the most powerful weapon in this entire creation. Hiranyakashipu conquered the entire universe but ultimately he was defeated by the simple innocent child like faith of Prahlad. It is to be having that innocent faith of Prahlad that is the goal of life. When a child is in danger he simply cries for his mother, the child doesn’t how to protect itself but the child has faith that the mother will protect me. Prahlad had that faith in the Lord and to have that simple faith, to take shelter of the Lord of the universe with such devotion, that is the culmination of all knowledge that is the perfection of our life. It is with this goal in mind we come together to chant the holy name of the Lord. To please the Lord is the ultimate goal of life, if Krishna is pleased by watering the root of the tree, there is nothing else to be attained in this entire existence. Whatever we do, whether we do students, whether we be doctors, whether we be businessmen, whether we be Sanyasi’s, whether we be architects or lawyers or farmers, if we simply perform our in the spirit of devotion our life is perfect.

Do you know after Hiranyakashipu was killed by Lord Narsimha Dev, Lord Narsimha dev personally put Prahlad on the throne and made him king. Prahlad wasn’t a Sanyasi, as a king he had to get married. He had children, he had a child name Virochana and Virochana had a child name Bali Maharaj, he also was a very great king. Anyways Prahlad became the king of the universe, he became the king of all the Rakshasa’s but he did it all in love and devotion to the Lord, that is the perfection of life. So on this day let us pray to Lord Narsimha dev, to protect us from falling into the Maya of illusion, to protect our body is not a good prayer because is going to die no matter what it’s, it’s material nature, natural course. But we should pray to Lord Narsimha dev please protect me from falling into the temptations of Maya and from forgetting your lotus feet and the service of your devotees. So now we have wonderful opportunity to glorify Narsimha dev, this time we will celebrate the Aarti of the Lord. I would like everyone to stand up, when I chant you be in folded palms this is the standard pose of Prahlad Maharaj in Murti’s and photos, he always has his hands folded in humility and devotion. As I am chanting you fold your palms, in India is called ‘Namaskar’, it’s greeting, we are humble greeting the Lord as his holy name entering through our ears into our hearts and when you chant you lift your arms high, like Prahlad as he was falling from high mountain or going into pit of serpents, just lift arms and say as you are calling out the name of Krishna my Lord I am yours, I offer my life to you.

Thank you very much!

Srila Prabhupada ki jai!

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.