sa vä idaà viçvam amogha-lélaù

såjaty avaty atti na sajjate ‘smin

bhüteñu cäntarhita ätma-tantraù

ñäò-vargikaà jighrati ñaò-guëeçaù

(SB 1.3.36)


The Lord, whose activities are always spotless, is the master of the six senses and is fully omnipotent with six opulences. He creates the manifested universes, maintains them and annihilates them without being the least affected. He is within every living being and is always independent.


The prime difference between the Lord and the living entities is that the Lord is the creator and the living entities are the created. Here he is called the amogha-lélaù, which indicates that there is nothing lamentable in His creation. Those who create disturbance in His creation are themselves disturbed. He is transcendental to all material afflictions because He is full with all six opulences, namely wealth, power, fame, beauty, knowledge and renunciation, and thus He is the master of the senses. He creates these manifested universes in order to reclaim the living beings who are within them suffering threefold miseries, maintains them, and in due course annihilates them without being the least affected by such actions. He is connected with this material creation very superficially, as one smells odor without being connected with the odorous article. Non godly elements, therefore, can never approach Him, despite all endeavors.

The Lord, whose activities are always spotless, is the master of the six senses and is fully omnipotent with six opulences. He creates the manifested universes, maintains them and annihilates them without being in the least affected. He is within every living being and is always independent.

Mystery of Krishna’s appearance

The supreme Lord is here addressed by the name amogha-lélaù one whose divine pastimes are spotless. Within this material creation every condition soul is subjected to fall down and suffer due to the six defects and even in the liberated state no one can really be said to be perfect within this material existence in the sense that there so many powers, so many condition that are beyond our control, and so many thing that we do not know. It is said that every endeavor is covered by some sort of flaw. It is said that one who is engage in devotional activities in pure devotional service is perfect but that perfection is not due to his own abilities or potential. But because such a humble devotee is offering whatever he does to Krishna, Krishna makes it perfect. Krishna is the source of all perfection and whatever is purely connected to Krishna becomes perfect and when we forget things connection to Krishna and use it for some other purpose that is the cause of all the illusion of imperfections. Krishna appeared in this world as the son of Devaki Vasudeva in Mathura and to Yashoda Nanda Baba in Vrindavan Gokula.

He appeared to be like an ordinary baby child. He was lying like a helpless infant at the side of mother Yashoda. When she saw Him she considered that He is my child I must protect Him, I must feed Him, I must teach Him how to be a good boy so that His father would be proud of him. Although just to reveal His transcendental nature in the prison cell of Mathura before Krishna appeared like a little tiny baby first from the womb of Devaki He manifested His majestic form of Narayana holding the conch shell, the Cakra, the Shanka, Gada and the Padma the lotus. Sri Radha Gopinathji ki jai! Decorated with such beautiful jewelry and garments that are not to be found within this mortal creation and on the request of Devaki He became like a little baby child.

Vishvanath Cakravarti Thakur and the great Vaishnav Acaryas who have dived very deeply into the conclusions of the scriptures have discovered that Krishna simultaneously incarnate in the womb of Devaki and in the womb of Yashoda. The original Krishna who is Vrindavan Bihari Govinda appeared with the womb of Yashoda along with His sister Yoga Maya and Vasudeva Krishna Mathuresh, the Lord of Mathura the king. He appeared within the womb of Devaki. They are the same person but revealing different transcendental qualities according to the loving relations that He has to have with His particular devotees who endowed with particular Rasa’s of love. So that Lord Narayana when He spoke to Vasudeva, He requested him to bring the baby child that He was about to become to the Gokul Braj residence of Nanda and exchange Him for the baby girl child.

Degree of love of Vasudeva and Devaki made them to sacrifice Krishna’s childhood

So as Vasudeva carried out this order imagine the sacrifice, imagine the debt of the love of Vasudeva for Krishna. Love means the willingness to surrender for the pleasure of the beloved; love cannot be selfish, when love is selfish it is called lust. When it is selfless it is called love. Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami explains that the difference between love and lust is like the difference between gold and iron, they are both metal but one is precious and one is worthless. When the affection of our heart selflessly sacrifices itself for the pleasure of Krishna, the only supreme object of the soul’s love that is love and when that same affectionate nature within our heart wants to selfishly enjoy either on the gross or subtle level that is called Kama or lust. Vasudeva loved Krishna therefore even though six children were killed, one child appeared to be a miscarriage and was transferred to another womb and he never got to see that child. Finally the child that they were always longing to love was born on that very night. Krishna said, you remain here to live in Mathura and take me to Gokul where I will reside. So Vasudeva went through great difficulty through the rains, flooding of the Yamuna but because of his desire to please the Lord.

Although Krishna puts obstacles in the path of His service of His devotee, He always protects the devotees and makes His service success. Just to glorify that devotee, just to show the unflinching determination of that devotee for others to see and be enriched, thus Krishna puts great obstacles in their path. Sometimes devotees immaturely think that is the supreme controller of everything that exist, He is avijïaù and svaräö, He can do anything, He is independent and He knows that this particular service that I am rendering it’s for Him, I am not doing it for myself I am doing it because I am ordered to do so. So why is He making it so difficult? Why is He allowing so many obstacles to come? He is doing it to give us a chance to be purified, to give the opportunity to surrender in a more conscious and deep mood of service. So here is Vasudeva finally seeing the son that he has been waiting for so long. Vasudeva and his wife Devaki though had so many hearts breaking experience, they are finally witnessing the Lord of their lives who they have sacrifice everything for. Instantly He is saying I am leaving you, no one can imagine the motherly affection that the Devaki had for child Krishna but yet Krishna said I am going not only I am going but you are going to take me to where I am going. So from Vasudeva own personal interest, it was probably the difficult thing that he ever did was by taking his child away from himself though there were so many obstacles. The Yamuna was flooding, there were heavy rains but he was determined that this is what my beloved wants and this I must do.

ananyäç cintayanto mäà

ye janäù paryupäsate

teñäà nityäbhiyuktänäà

yoga-kñemaà vahämy aham

 (Bhagavad-gétä  9.22)

So one who surrenders to Krishna in that service Krishna protects what we have and He carries what we lack. Anantaçeña appeared over Vasudeva’s head just like an umbrella so that not even a drop of rain would touch the baby child Gopal. Kälindé Devi Yamuna she also arranged a nice path way so that wherever Vasudeva would walk the currents would become very low and very peaceful. When Vasudeva brought little Krishna to Gokul the transcendental form of the Lord merged into His original source because Vasudeva Krishna is emanation of the original Krishna or Brajbhumi. Just as it is said in Brahmä samhita that of all the Vishnu’s they are like so many little candles but Krishna is the original candle who lights all others, “govindam ädi-puruñaà tam ahaà bhajämy”. He is source of everything, even all the forms of Narayana. So to prove this Lord Narayana merged into His source of Govinda, Krishna.


Krishna is the source of all Vishnu’s

In fact in the Garga Samhita there is a very elaborate explanation of how before Krishna appeared within this world. Krishna appears at a schedule time once in a day of Brahma in every universe. Sometimes He appears in a slightly different way than the time before. So on this particular occasion when the Demi-gods approached Kshirodakashayi Vishnu Swetadvipa which is the Vaikuntha planet on the shore within the ocean of milk in this particular universe. He told them that we should all go to Goloka Vrindavan and there we should request Krishna to appear in the world because that is the time when He comes to perform His wonderful pastimes and then He will also kill this great demon Kamsa and relieve the burden of the demons for mother earth who appeared in cow. So what they did is the, Ganges that was flowing form that little crack, of course it’s not such a little crack, that crack that was made by the toe of Lord Vamana Deva when He took the second step. All the Demi-gods, the leading Demi-gods along with Kshirodakashayi Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva and others they all just started floating up stream through that Ganges and they went through the crack, through universe. Maha Vishnu also joined them and then they went beyond Virajä river into the spiritual sky. They went by all Vaikuntha planets and then they entered the gates of Goloka. There one of the Gopi servants was guarding Goloka. She greeted them very nicely and they said we want to see Lord Krishna. She asked “who you are?” We are all the great Demi-gods, the Devatas in the Purusha Avataar of the universe. She asked “which universe?” the Demi-gods were thinking there is only one universe. You know the universe? She asked. No there are so many universe like mustard seeds in Barrel of mustards. She said did you know there are so many millions and billions and trillions of Brahmas and Shiva’s and Indra’s? So any ways they were very humble and then they were given entrances.When they came before Krishna, the Demi-gods saw to their surprise that Maha Vishnu, Karanadakasayi Vishnu He just came before Govinda, Vrindavan Bihari and Maha Vishnu’s body just merged into the source of Krishna, Garbhodakashayi Vishnu came and merged into the source of Krishna and then Kshirodakashayi Vishnu the source of Paramatma the Lord Swetadvipa merged into the body of Krishna and then they saw Lord Narsimha Deva appear and He also merged into the form of Krishna. At time they could realize that Krishna is the source of everything and everyone.

Om tad viñëoù paramaà padaà sadä

paçyanti sürayo

(Åk-saàhitä 1.22.20)

All the great saintly persons, their constant meditation is the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu but govindam ädi-puruñaà tam ahaà bhajämy, the original Vishnu, the original all auspicious personality of Godhead is Krishna. So Mathuresh Krishna at that time appearing like a little tiny infant child merged into the body of Gopal, Gokulananda Gopal.

Appearance of Supreme Personality of Godhead called Janmastami

Then Vasudeva took Yoga Maya back to Mathura. Meanwhile Kamsa attempted to kill this little daughter Yoga Maya but she went into the sky and she proclaimed him “The son that is meant to kill has been born and He is somewhere else and there is nothing you can do”. Of course Kamsa so desperate not willing to humbly accept the will of destiny that he was meant to die at the hands of Krishna. He sent his Asura’s, his demons in all directions to murder all babies that have been born anywhere in the recent time. When that message came they were causing havoc. But in Mahavana Gokul Dham mother Yashoda by the Yoga mayä potency she was so much tired from giving birth and it was a divine process. She was actually was laying there tired and the baby just appeared it’s not that she went through the normal process of labor. But just to make the Lila nice Krishna made her tired even though she wouldn’t do it. Mothers generally do but she became tired anyway and thought she did it perhaps she didn’t have to do it Krishna just appeared. She forgot that she gave twins and there was little baby Gopal and this is Janmastami. The next morning Nandotsava is where Yashoda Mai discovered the little child They had a wonderful festival where they performed the Abhiñek and everyone in Braj was so happy because Nanda Maharaj was without a son for so many years and he was the king. Brajendranandana, Krishna is the son of Brajendra the king of Braj.

Govinda performs sweet Madhurya Lila in Goloka Vrindavan  

Everyone loved the king and it was the happiest moment of the life when queen gave birth to a prince not in a Kshatriya way but in a Vaishya way. He was not a prince in royalty and opulence but He was the prince of the cowherd boys, Nandulal, Dulalchandra. From Krishna’s infancy in order to increase the Vatsalya Prema, the parental love of Nanda and Yashoda and the other Gopis and Gopas. He really appeared just like an ordinary Baby, He appeared just as helpless, just playful and mischievous. But there was only one difference in the Aishwarya Lila of the Lord. The Lord performs such incredible super human activities that no one else could possibly imitate and for this reason, this conditioned people must love Him and worship Him as the God the supreme truth. But in the Madhurya Rasa which means the Rasa of Vrindavan Krishna doesn’t necessarily have to do anything extraordinary. He acts just like anyone else with one exception the quality of how He does it. It is so attractive, so charming. It is so sweet that it just completely captivates the hearts and fills their very souls with infinite ecstatic love. When Krishna would drink the milk from mother Yashoda is that anything extraordinary perhaps you drink milk from your mother at one time what is the difference, the difference is that when mother Yashoda saw the beauty of Krishna and felt the touch of His hands upon her she would just tremble with all the symptoms of ecstatic love because Krishna’s opulence was not reveal through His powers and His supernatural abilities but it is through His beauty and the manner in which He attracted everyone’s love. You see in Goloka Vrindavan, in spiritual world there are no demons Krishna just appears like a child but He is just so beautiful, He is Rasaraj, He is Rasabihari that is His opulence. When Krishna appears in Vrindavan the original Govinda doesn’t waste time killing demons, in one sense He does every day demons would come to Braj but He would assume the role of His own partial expansion, through His own form the partial expansion of Väsudeva to kill the demons because that is not Krishna Rasabihari the demon killer. When He is appearing with His opulences of sweetness not power that is Govinda in His original highest most divinely attractive form. So Krishna would crawl and He would always be just about to in danger Himself through His curiosity and mother Yashoda was always running after Him, to stop Him from doing this and stop Him from doing that. In this way she was completely immersed in His loving service. Sometime He would grab on to the tale of a calf and then He scare the calf. The calf would start running. He would hold on and would be getting dragged through all the dust of Vrindavan. All the Gopis would clap their hands and laugh to see how Krishna is having so many nice playful games. But yet when Krishna appears in Goloka that’s all Krishna does these wonderful sweet pastimes but so that we will not misunderstand Him in this world at times He acts in a very majestic and powerful way.

Krishna gave eternal position of nurse to Putana in spiritual world

When He was just in His infancy the great Rakshasi Putana appeared before Him. She was khicaré witch. She had the mystic power where she could disguise herself in any form she desired and she had already killed so many little tiny children. So when she came to the house Nanada Bhavan, she smeared her breast with very deadly poison but in her disguise she looked like a goddess and no one in the house dared to check or approach. They were thinking that Krishna was going to get some very nice blessing. She picked Him up and placed her breast into His mouth and He began to suck. First thing He did is He sucked all the poison out. But Krishna is transcendental to material nature, He is transcendental to birth or death. Poison comes under the modes of material nature. Everything created comes under the material nature this is important to understand. tribhir guëa-mayair bhävair, Krishna says I am above the modes of material nature. The modes of material nature cannot even touch me and yet everything within our creation of this universe is composed of various mixtures of the three modes of material nature. Your body, mind, intelligence, ego and all the sense objects, all are the products of the three modes of material nature and no modes of material nature can approach Krishna. They cannot touch Him because He is above Him, He is transcendental to it. So how is it that when we offer something to Krishna He accepts it, when He can’t be touched by anything of the three modes of material nature, how can He accept our offerings?

Patraà puñpaà phalaà toyaà

Yo me bhaktyä prayacchati

Because when it is offered with pure devotion, pure devotion is transcendental to the modes of material nature and that thing when it is offered with devotional becomes impregnated with that devotion and Krishna accepts the devotion in which it is offered. Therefore we should know that a materialistic person cannot offer anything to Krishna, he has no power Krishna won’t accept it if it’s done under the mode of material nature. The only way a condition soul can offer anything to Krishna is through an exalted devotees of the Lord who by his blessings offers it on our behalf to Krishna or allows us to offer on his or her behalf to Krishna either one. When we are empowered to offer something to Krishna on behalf of a great devotee of the Lord then the bhakti of that devotee is in our service and then it is acceptable by Krishna. So those people who think that they can just serve Krishna according to their own whims without connection to a great Sadhu or spiritual master they are in illusion. Krishna is not accepting any of their offerings because their intelligence, mind, feelings and the thing they are offering are all in the three modes of material nature. They are mundane; Krishna is beyond it. So this is why it is so important to serve Krishna through the system of Parampara with humility and devotion, to be the servant of the servant is factually the only way Krishna will receive our offerings. So after He sucked out the poison He began to drink her milk and by drinking her milk He accepted her as His mother, as His nurse. Through the process of sucking out the poison He also sucked out all of her material condition, all of her envy, lust, greed and pride. All of her anger, viciousness, He sucked out all of her material attachments along with the poison and then actually she became pure and then He drank her milk. But to further purify her He sucked out her life, by sucking her life it became so painful that she suffered terribly, she again resumed to her original demoniac form 8 miles long, terrible witch with huge fangs and bulging protruding eyes and raged, atrocious hairs everything about her was terribly fearful. Her breast was like a mountain and Krishna was just like little baby crawling around on this huge mountain. Krishna just continued to drink very nicely until she died Bhagavan Shri Krishna ki jai! When Krishna killed her He was thinking in His own merciful unique way no other incarnation we have seen could be so merciful. He was thinking that she came to kill me and generally when I killed demon they get Säyujya Mukti, they get liberation and merged into the impersonal Brahman but she came as my mother so I will give her eternal service in the spiritual world as the assistance of Mother Yashoda where she can be my nurse, just like my mother. Putana was elevated to such a pure liberated position where she was given the eternal loving service to the Lord, so this is Krishna.

Krishna is beyond three modes of material nature

When He was in infancy, He killed the mighty demon Putana, when He was just a small child and He had eaten dirt mother Yashoda looked in His mouth and she saw within His mouth the entire universe with all the planets and all the Demi-gods and all the oceans and the entire river and mountains and all living beings. When He was only seven years old He lifted the Govardhan Hill with the little finger of His left hand. Krishna is always Krishna; He is completely transcendental, fully omnipotent with all six opulences and all of His pastimes are absolutely spotless. It explains here that Krishna is so wonderful that although He is the creator of all the manifested universes He also maintains them and annihilates them. He is not in the lose bit affected. He is completely transcendental, the example is given here just you can smell something through fragrance without even directly coming in contact the object of that fragrance. In the same way Krishna expands Himself into the Purusha Avataar’s Karanadakasayi Vishnu, Kshirodakashayi Vishnu, Garbhodakashayi Vishnu and they take care of all the affairs within the creation of the material universe. Krishna directly has nothing to do with it. But at the same time it is the same person, it is Krishna doing it but He just expands Himself so He has nothing to do it what He is doing. It’s very inconceivable. Even as these great Vishnu’s they never come in contact physically or on any level with the creation that they are creating. MahaVishnu is lying in the Karana Ocean and simply by His glance He never physically touches any of the material elements that He is creating just from His glance He creates it all. Garbhodakashayi Vishnu when He appears how transcendental He is, He desires to have a son, now if a father wants to have a son he needs the help of his wife. But Laxmi Devi she is massaging Garbhodakashayi Vishnu’s feet, she is just sitting, massaging His feet and Vishnu says I want a son and He doesn’t have to say Laxmi help. She is just massaging, she is just sitting. There Prabhupada explains it like this from His own naval a lotus flower is born and it grows and upon the whirl of that lotus flower a son is born Lord Brahma, ätmabhü, Svayambhü self-manifested directly from the Supreme Personality of Godhead. So that Garbhodakashayi Vishnu also He never touches the modes of material nature, He is completely transcendental He creates Brahma and  through empowering Lord Brahma all the creation work is done. Vishnu maintains, Shiva destroys but Vishnu the maintainer. He maintains through His divine will, there is no work for Him to perform. In this world somebody is a big owner of a factory just Vijayänanda prabhu is not here perhaps I don’t he has some work in his factory before coming back to celebrate Janmastami. There is so much work to do. He is doing all of his work as a servant of the servant of the servant of the Lord. But for the Lord it is another thing, He doesn’t maintain one factory He maintains the entire universe and He doesn’t do any work. He is just sitting in Swetadvipa just enjoying and everything is being maintained simply by His will. MahäVishnu creates everything, when He is in Yoganidra, sleeping He is doing everything while He is in sleep. Everything is being maintained. Kshirodakashayi Vishnu although He is situated within the heart of every living being, He remains even though He is within your heart. He is in a completely transcendental position. He is not the slightest being touched with your body or with material nature. He creates the spiritual abode around Him right within your heart and He is just watching and waiting and willing to guide when you so desire. Krishna, kåñëas tu bhagavän svayam the Krishna of Vrindavan that we are worshiping Shri Gopinathji is the source and the full manifested power and potency of all of these great Vishnu incarnation. So we should know the greatness and the glory of the spotless transcendental attributes of Krishna.

Janmastami means pleasing Krishna with our humble service 

Today on Janmastami, it is the day that we celebrate His appearance in this world and we also celebrate the wonderful activities that He performed when He was in this world. How do we celebrate? By remembering them, by remembering Krishna, by remembering how He has revealed Himself and the most wonderful way that Krishna has given us to remember Him is to hear His glories to see His beautiful, wonderful form of Shri, Shri Radha Gopinath to offer loving service to Him in the company of His devotees and to chant His Holy names Hare Krishna hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna Hare Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama, Rama Hare, Hare. But we should know the Janmastami for us is a day of service, we want to take part in wonderful kirtan, we want to take part in wonderful hearing of Pravachan and we want to take part in making this festival a wonderful day for the pleasure of Krishna. In this great movement of Shri Caitanya Mahaprabhu as it has been so lovingly and mercifully directed by His divine grace A. C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. It is a movement where we are all assisting Him in preaching the message of Krishna. We do not want to selfishly try to enjoy Krishna for our self but we know that Krishna says in Gita that, that devotee is most dear to me who reveals the science of Krishna consciousness to others. So together this is our mission. To create such an atmosphere to attract so many people to come see the beauty of Gopinathji, to take His Prasada, to take Srila Prabhupada’s books and understand the goal of life, to meet devotees that is our life and soul because that is what we can do to please Krishna the most is reach out to others. This is a very special empowered day ‘Janmastami’ because it is a day that Krishna arranges where almost all classes of and men women especially here in India it is their custom to compassion me to a temple of Krishna to receive some sort of blessing. Devotees as well as non-devotees, Srila Prabhupada writes in his Krishna book that on Janmastami he says it’s like Christmas in America. In America Christmas is such a festival that really is very important whether you are Christian everyone celebrates Christmas. Even Jews and Muslims and people who don’t even necessarily pay much attention to Jesus Christ they celebrate Christmas because it’s just culture of America. So Prabhupada explains that people who worshiped any of the different Gods and even people who are not even of the Hindu nature even atheist and Muslims people celebrate Janmastami because it’s the glorious festive day. So on this day thousands and thousands of people they are willing to come if we just open our hearts and open our doors for them to see Radha Gopinath. So in this way this day Janmastami is one day of the year where we have the opportunity to do this most wonderful service of bringing tens and thousands of people to the lotus feet of Sri, Sri Radha Gopinathji and giving all of them the chance to make spiritual progress. So this is how we should make our sacrifice of loving service today to make this possible by working very hard to make the temple so beautiful. We want to make the temple beautiful for several reasons, first of all because on Krishna’s birthday He should see everything so beautiful. He should see everything done so meticulously with so much labor and done with so much devotion. Just like last night people were up till very, very late just making these flower arrangements so many people till after midnight and later just making little flower arrangements. Someone will, why are you working so hard? So many days and hours and the flowers are going to wilt after a day or two anyway. But that is not the idea, the idea is that on this day even if it takes us centuries to make one nice flower for Krishna to see and be pleased with it, that is the perfection of our lives. So first of all we want that everything is so pleasing for the pleasure of Krishna on this day that He can see with all of His transcendental senses He can enjoy the atmosphere of the loving offerings of His devotees. Also we want to make all of these elaborate arrangements because it enthused the devotees. When they see so much bhakti, so much hard work in the service of the Lord devotees enthused and their hearts become enliven and we want to enthused and enliven devotees hearts because enthusing their hearts we are further giving pleasure to Sri, Sri Radha Gopinathji. Non-devotees who really don’t even believe who Krishna is, they don’t really care so much they just come because it’s the thing to do on Janmastami. When they come and they see so many elaborate arrangements, when they see, when they experience the energy of so much bhakti, so much devotion and so much work in Krishna’s service that affects their heart. It actually makes them submissive. So by the time they come before the Lord when they see all the beautiful bhakti that surrounding him their hearts are in a place where they can gain some appreciation for the beautiful Darshan of Lord Shri Krishna and they will be submissive to chant His names or they may also be submissive to take Guru Maharaj Srila Prabhupada’s books and to taste Prasada. They will see that these devotees have done so much, so nice that they will appreciate the work we have done. Srila Prabhupada explains the real beginning of a person’s spiritual life is when he appreciates the work of the devotees in devotional service, that appreciation is the beginning of bhakti. When a person comes before the deity and says oh! He is so beautiful! that appreciation is beginning of real spiritual life or when a person comes and says oh! That garland or that decoration is so beautiful that is beginning of his spiritual life or this Prasada taste very nice. So thousands upon thousands of people would be benefitted and enthused and appreciative upon seeing what the devotees have done and this is also most pleasing to the heart of Sri, Sri Gopinathji on this day of their appearance. So on every level we are simply giving pleasure to Krishna. So what is required today is  not only we should make beautiful loving decorations for people to see and wonderful Prasada for people to taste  and have beautiful sweet melodious kirtans and pravachans for people to hear and have so many nice efficient well booths for people to learn and nice pujas for Krishna’s enjoyment. But we must also by displaying the real quality of Vaishnava we must let this people experience what Krishna consciousness is, not only on Janmastami but every day of the year. We should have policy in this temple that anyone who comes into this abode of Radha Gopinath should be cared with such attention, with such compassion and with such love and care. This more than anything else we do will make our temple successful in preaching. We should have a format by which anyone comes, no one is neglected but they have the personal association of the devotees and they feel the love and the care of devotees. We should really try to establish this principle. So today when people come just be so kind, be so friendly, and be so lovingly that people think that oh! This Krishna must be good.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.