yuyutsatäà kutracid ätatäyinäà

jayaù sadaikatra na vai parätmanäm

vinaikam utpatti-laya-sthitéçvaraà

sarvajïam ädyaà puruñaà sanätanam

(SB 6.12.7)

Våträsura continued: O Indra, no one is guaranteed of being always victorious but the original enjoyer, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Bhagavän. He is the cause of creation, maintenance and annihilation, and He knows everything. Being dependent and being obliged to accept material bodies, belligerent subordinates are sometimes victorious and sometimes defeated.


The Lord says in Bhagavad-gétä (15.15):

sarvasya cähaà hådi sanniviñöo

mattaù småtir jïänam apohanaà ca

“I am seated in everyone’s heart, and from Me come remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness.” When two parties fight, the fighting actually goes on under the direction of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is Paramätmä, the Supersoul. Elsewhere in the Gétä (3.27) the Lord says:

prakåteù kriyamäëäni

guëaiù karmäëi sarvaçaù


kartäham iti manyate

“The bewildered spirit soul, under the influence of the three modes of material nature, thinks himself the doer of activities that are in actuality carried out by nature.” The living entities work only under the direction of the Supreme Lord. The Lord gives orders to material nature, and she arranges facilities for the living entities. The living entities are not independent, although they foolishly think themselves the doers (kartä).

Victory is always with the Supreme Personality of Godhead. As for the subordinate living entities, they fight under the arrangement of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Victory or defeat is not actually theirs; it is an arrangement by the Lord through the agency of material nature. Pride in victory, or moroseness in defeat, is useless. One should fully depend on the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is responsible for the victory and defeat of all living entities. The Lord advises, niyataà kuru karma tvaà karma jyäyo hy akarmaëaù: “Perform your prescribed duty, for action is better than inaction.” The living entity is ordered to act according to his position. Victory or defeat depends on the Supreme Lord. Karmaëy evädhikäras te mä phaleñu kadäcana: “You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of actions.” One must act sincerely, according to his position. Victory or defeat depends on the Lord.

Våträsura encouraged Indra, saying, “Don’t be morose because of my victory. There is no need to stop fighting. Instead, you should go on with your duty. When Kåñëa desires, you will certainly be victorious.” This verse is very instructive for sincere workers in the Kåñëa consciousness movement. We should not be jubilant in victory or morose in defeat. We should make a sincere effort to implement the will of Kåñëa, or Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu, and we should not be concerned with victory and defeat. Our only duty is to work sincerely, so that our activities may be recognized by Kåñëa.

How lord makes is devotees glorious

we are reading this evening from the sixth canto of the Srimad Bhagvatam.which describe the glorious death of a most extraordinary demon of the name vritrasura. Within the story we have read of how by the inconceivable arrangement of the lord even a great soul can make mistakes and have to suffer inconceivable reactions for those mistakes but in the end the lord who is in within the heart of all living being protects that devotee and ultimately makes him glorious.

What to speak of us? We are not in control of the circumstances around us. we are eternally dependent living beings. we are eternally either subordinate to the lords spiritual potency or his material potency .

Pleasing krishna is the perfection of all our duties

We have discussed the story of the greta king Chitraketu . Chitraketu maharaj had everything that a man could want beautiful palace, wonderful beautiful wives. He had power, prestige ,everyone loved him ,he was so popular but he didn’t have a son because of this one inadequacy in his life everything else was miserable. You see on the spiritual platform even if you have everything if you don’t have krsna, u have nothing .chaitnyamahaprabho prayed :-

yugaitamnimesena ……………………..govindavirhen me

that my dear lord govinda bereft of your blessed vision this whole world is like a dreamy void the whole universe is nothing in it is all like a desert without you dear Krishna this is how a sincere devotee must think. if we do not have k.c,if we are not pleasing Krishna in our effort then it is our failure ,

sham eve hinkevelam

Bhagvatam says that the very occupational duty , whatever you may responsibilities you may accept in this world if you are not please in Krishna and developing love for him in the performance of your duty then it is all a waste of time it is all one big zero it worth nothing

but on the material platform we are trying to find value, meaning ,purpose of life in so many of our endeavors but however successful you may be the nature of this world is that one thing goes wrong everything appear like a miserable failure.

The birth and death of chitraketu’s son

Chitraketu was a king of the planet of the earth and he was perfectly ruling all the citizen and he acquired the power to actually control the planet as far as politically , socially but because he didn’t have a son he was utterly miserable ,but anyways Angirmuni visited him, saw his miserable situation gave him a special mystical of blessing and from that blessing one of his wife beaded a son ,beautiful son but Angiramuni warned him that everything in this world has two sides ,it gives you pleasure &it gives you pain.

Bhagavad gita says that any pleasure in this world will potentially give you pain because. The more you like something the more you become attached that thing andwhen nothing goes is suffer .So Chitraketu was so happy and his wife was so happy and the whole kingdom was so joyful that a beautiful son has born but the other queen became envious , feed a poison & the son died .To the exact same extent Chitraketu enjoyed having the son he suffered at the death of the son he suffered so terribly that it was worst than ever. he was miserable before he have the son but the miseries increased thousands of time after the son died it would have been better if he have never at all. At that time narada muni came to the king and preached him don’t you understand that this the nature of this world everything is temporary



Chitraketu’s son preaches to Chitraketu

You should not make any goal in this world because it’s a place of misery by nature and there is nothing that any one can do to change that even you make everything so wonderfully and perfectly according to your expectation it still a place of miseries why “dukhalayamashaswatam” it is a place of birth& death, everything is temporary whatever you have whoever you are must die and before death there is a “adhyatmika , adidaivaka , adibhautaka”. Miseries is created by your own body and mind ,by other living being or by natural disturbances but Narada muni by his compassionate mercy he brought the son back to live and this little baby boy Harshashoka began to preach his parents, Narada said “why you left your father like this ?”.He said “what father I am not this body ,Ive had so many body ,I’ve had so many father ,I have had so many mother . I am the eternal soul and ultimately I am going wherever Krsna wants me to go” and after preaching so many nice philosophy the child lay down and again became dead ,but Chitraketu by the mercy of his guru Angira and narada is two great souls enlighten him and he decided to completely dedicate himself of to the loving service of the lord ,in that loving service he became blissful even without his son he transcended the material consciousness and entered into the ecstatic bliss of loving devotional service.

Chitraketu gets cursed by Parvati

One day he was travelling around glorifying the name of the lord and he happened to see lord shiva ,lord shiva had his beloved son and parvati sitting on his lap which is perfectly proper after all she is his eternal consort but there was something strange about it . while parvati was sitting on shankara’s lap ,there was a assembly of great sanysis’s, babajis and renounced sadhu hearing lord shiva giving discourse on vairagya(renunciation ) .When chitraketu heard this he began to laugh , “he is telling how the great sanyasis about renuntiation and his wife sitting on his lap” ,when parvati heared this she became very angry   “what you call yoursalf a devotee you call yourself a pious king but you have insulted a great soul ,you don’t know the power and the glory of lord shiva ,he is my husband” a wife cannot tolerate the insult of her husband this the nature of chastity so she cursed Chitraketu to die and to become , to take birth as a demon. “haribol!!!!” What was his fault, when Chitraketu heard this that I curse you to take birth in the hellish condition of DEMON .chitraketu he bowed down on the lotus feet of mother parvati and said “mataji I didn’t to heart your husband not in any way could I criticizing him , I was actually just glorifying him in humorous way and I was laughing because not what we usually see ,I meant no insult and I know that within my heart and I am sure sankar has also understood this but neverthless by your kind mercy you has cursed me to become a demon so I gratefully accept your curse and now mataji with your loving permission please allow me to take my birth as a demon and Chitraketu maharaj departed after worshiping them

Nature of a devotee of the lord

Just see the nature of a devotee before and after , bafore he receive the blessed mercy of narada and angira he was so attached to his wordly situations because he had everything but he wanted one thing he was miserable and he got that one thing he wanted ,he lost it he became more miserable but now he was cursed to loose his life ,to loose all his piety ,all his kingdom , all his family ,all his everything and to became a terrible ugly demon but for this time because of the grace of his guru he was a devotee he was not in any way suffering he was happy because he understood that whatever takes place by the will of krsna will ultimately for the good of the devotee


A devotee even in the most suffering condition which are inconcievably not even explainable why its happening to me such a devotee with folded hand say my lord sri krsna thank you this is your mercy I will remember you with great devotion such a person ,liberation is its rightful claim no one. Chitraketu maharaj was a great self realized devotee of the lord. He understood the devotional service is eternal and if the lord wants me to serve as a demon an asura then I will be happy to serve in that not attached to anything but serving to lord and pleasing the lord and although apparently there is no good reason it wasn’t a types of karma. Because he willing nothing wrong he has such faith that my lord my lord I may not understand why you are having this unfair curse upon me. Why you are giving me the destiny of a demon. He has that faith that it must be good , there must be some purpose behind this and my life is simply meant to serve purpose.

Characteristic of vritasura

So it is a wonderfull story explained by srila sukadeva goswami, now vrtrasura was a terrible demon and that is the next birth in which Chitraketu appeared and vritrasura became the greatest enemy of All the devotees and all the demigods so much so that he was the leader the devatas headed by indra for fighting the armies of asuras and they were actually defeating them until vrtrasura came he was so gigantically big , strong and powerful and undefeatable with his feet he crushing thousands of people to death and with his claws in his hand he was so beautifull he didn’t mind taking the side of the demon but in his heart he still remembered that he was the eternal servant of Krishna , Narayan. In fact this personality in his previous birth as chitrakethu, when he was cursed by parvati to become a demon. He bowed down greatfully , lord shiva began to glorify him. He Said “parvati just see the devotee of Vishnu.

Narayanpara srave……….

That the devotee of narayan, they are so peacefull they are so blissfull, in the rememberance of the supreme personality of godhead that to them whether they are elevated to heaven or demoted to hell. Its absolutely no difference , because they are always remember narayan, understand in this word to the circumstances anything may happen to you at anytime is no guarantee that we will live till tomorrow but there is one thing , if you are sincere devotee remembering the lord, nobody, nothing can take that gift away from you . People can take away your family, they can take away your home and your wealth. They can take away your health and they can take away your very life but no one can take the rememberance of Krishna away from your heart. If we are sincere that is all that is required.

Vritrasura preaches to Indra

So lord shiva was glorifying no situation can disturb a devotee so when he was, a demon he was fighting very and ultimately indra himself came to him and he began to battle and indra through his thunderbolt , the most undefeatable of all weapon of this, this material world creation and vritrasura effortlessly just took it and just pushed it aside. indra became very much discouraged , there is nothing I can do to defeat this demon so he gone up . at that time vritrasura began to preach to indra , what kind of nonsense coward are you , giving up , why are you so attached to such failure , don’t you know that nobody on this earth is guaranteed of allways being victorious, whoever you are you will be sometimes or other defeated there is only one person who is always victorious and that is krsna . we are depending on him . we are not attached with fruits of our result our action we understand , we are not ultimately causes of result of our activities . he was preaching to indra it is your duty to fight , you should not be attached to victory or defeat . this is the same identical teaching that krsna gave to arjuna and here krsna is speaking through the mouth of a terrible ugly demon .

You see in the world , reversals happiness means not to be attached and how to be detached . yesterday one student came to me , this person studied one and a half year in a collage, she is working so hard studying so diligently, her colleagues , they go out on a dates . They hardly studied at all , they listen to crazy music , they do all sorts enjoyment and she was studying disciplined and they all passed the final exam and she failed . She was weeping , she came to my room and was weeping and told me that I can’t face the world and she was crying and you know the Sanyasis just don’t take these thing very seriously. My response was ha, ha ,ha, haa , haaa, ……ha ha very nice , very nice you failed I am very happy to hear this. She watched what kind of well wisher , she didn’t said but I can feel it , what well wisher is this . why are you so attached, you tried your best , are you a devotee or a gross materialists , if you are a materialist you will be attached to the results , if you pass you will be happy , if you fail you will be miserable . But are you a devotee or a ignorant fool, ignorant fools , they are very much attached to the result but anybody who understand anything about the truth ,they can simply content rendering services but krsna is not pleased by results , krsna is pleased by endeavour . You tried your life is perfect, your results that is in Krsna’s hand.Krishna told arjuna you fight as hard as you can , you fight to win and if you lose, your life is perfect, and if you win your life is perfect because you fought for me with all your might.

The true meaning of success

Karmaye vadi karaste ma phale su kadachana

Krishna says you have the right to perform the duty but you no right to think you are entitled to the result. I am the supreme authority that determines the results and I will give you whatever result is best for you. You may not understand it immediately, but I will reveal it in time if you have faith. Whatever we do in the service of the lord we are simply attached as anything to do it nicely for the pleasure of Krishna, for the pleasure of the devotee, for the pleasure of our guru and that’s all that matters. Krishna will determine what is best for me in regard to result. We are happy if we succeed, we are happy if we fail, we are happy if we get honor and we are happy if we get dishonor, we are happy if the result is pleasurable and we are happy if it is painful. Because we know that the result is a loving gift coming from god. Now sometimes it is said that you can judge a thing by its result but you have to understand result is not necessarily something that is immediate. The result is also the consciousness in which you accept it, if you are actually Krishna conscious, the in success or failure in victory or defeat, you will be equi posed and faithful to Krishna ,thank you very much. That consciousness is actually the result that Krishna wants. Not the temporary external result because you know at the time death whats going to determine your future, not how many times you passed or how many times you failed, how many times you are victorious and how many times you were defeated. All that matter that how you have developed through all those circumstances faith , gratitude and love for Krishna. To remember Him in all circumstances all this ,So this devotee who approached me. I was explain like this that if Krishna doesn’t want you to continue the study why should you want to do, you tried your best, he accepted your devotion, go on with your life and chant the holyname

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

The story of King and his prime minister

The king punishes his prime minister for offending him

Whatever Krishna does for his devotees is perfect .But only one who has faith can understand this like Srila Prabhupad our guru maharaj sometimes tells us the story about the king who had a very, very devoted and wise prime minister. And this prime minister was a great bhakta and whatever would happen to the king and whenever the king would ask that why this does happened he always give him the same answer it is Krishna’s mercy. One day the king was on a hunting excursion and by accident the arrow cut off his thumb, very painful, Not only painful but it’s not very nice looking. You know, aristocratic people, they like to look nice. So he was very angry and very depressed. He went to his prime minister why? Why? Did my thumb get cut off? What did I do? And his prime minister said him your thumb became cut off because you received Krishna’s mercy. What Nonsense you are calling this mercy, this is not mercy, and this is blasphemy. So he took his prime minister had him arrested and put him in a jail. Mean while the political enemies of this prime minister. You know how politics are, however nice you are someone wants your position and that person hates you. So some of his opposing party member, they went to the king and said “yes, this prime minister what a blasphemous fool, he called that this is krishna’s mercy that your thumb got cut off. You make me prime minister I will give you good guidance you keep him in jail. King said “yes, yes become, my prime minister”,

The King is saved because of his cut finger

so the prime minister was always with him they out for another hunting excursion and doing their hunting excursion. There was a band of dacoits, and these band of dacoits they were worshipper in the mode of ignorance of a particular goddess and every fortnight they would perform human sacrifice before that goddess. So at that time they have to kidnap some good looking men so they saw the king and the prime minister and they captured both of them and tied them with ropes and brought them to the temple. And the priest looked at the king all decorated in a nice way, very nice sacrifice, very nice sacrifice, that today you are fortunate king that you will give your life for the godess. Your head get cut off and she will drink your blood. Hari bol! he didn’t told hari bol, that’s our purport. So they took him , they began to perform all the preliminary rituals, they gave him a bath scented oil. He was not enjoying it and they took him put him beatufiuljewelary and silk clothes and they brought him before the godess and there was a chopping blade in the alter, they put his head in the alter and they picked up a big sharp sober sword and the pujari about to perform this offering, he placed the sword at the top of the neck and the king started chanting all types of mantras and he lifted the sword. And just the sword about to come down, the pujari saw that this king doesn’t have his thumb, that means he is not a complete human being. Means he is not offerable, so the pujari said “this man has no thumb”. We cant offer him, but that prime minister there he has all his fingers. So they put that prime minister on the alter, they give him the bath and they put him on the alter. They chanted the mantras and chapak, finished . Then they told the king you go away you are not offerable, you are contaminated bhoga. So the king went back and on his way back he was thinking of my god, really was krishna’s mercy that he cut off my thumb. It didn’t get my thumb cutoff, then became my head cut off. My prime minister was right. So, he personally went to the prison, he met him and said you were right really was krishna’s mercy, prime minster said “yes, Krishna’s mercy is so wonderfull infact everything that happens to his devotee is Krishna’s mercy. so the king asked, “if everything that happens is Krishna’s mercy then why if there so much love and affection that you gave me such a good advice, why you had to be thrown in jail and suffer in the dark cell all these weeks”. He said one reason, tell you why what kind of Krishna’s mercy is because, “If I was not in this dark cell I would have been your prime minister and I would have been next to you and I would have been one whose head got cut off. So its krishna’s mercy” and then king said

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

The importance of association of devotees

If we always remember Krishna and Krishna will reveal it. He will reveal to us that every stage of our life how we can progress in serving and loving him under every situations and it is further reason that we chant the holy name and it is further reason that we require the association of the lord’s devotee because unless we regularly associate with deeply serious spiritual aspirants, we become so caught in the temporary results of our daily activities we become so much influenced by the duality of material nature, success, failure, happiness, disgrace, pain, honor, dishonor, heat and cold. But the devotees continuously reminds us just perform your service for Krishna, just be sincere and chant this holy name then life will be perfect, Krishna will protect you. In that association we can be able to recognize kishna’s mercy in every stage of our life, without that association we are bound to see everything according to our own material calculation.

We need spiritual vision to see who is a devotee and who is a demon

So vrtrasura is preaching to indra that indra I am a demon and you are a devotee atleast as far as external appearance, but what kind of devotee you are so attached to this body which is going to perishtoday or tomorrow anyway yours duty, yours service is to fight with me. Why do you care that you never die, you can die anyway, you just do your duty and the he told indra that personally I am also a devotee. Even I am disguised as a demon, sometimes demon disguises as the devotee and sometimes devotee disguises as demon. You have to have spiritual vision to understand who is who. You have to understand not by how they appear, but the speech and what they do. You see sometimes people are very much mislead to evaluate a person by certain external appearance. For instance today in india there is the caste system. This caste system was originally created by Krishna. Its perfect, its good, this is the most excellent possible way of organizing the society so that every one without exception progress materially as well as spiritually. But due to the nature of exploitative mind of greedy people and proud people, they have completely perverted this system.

Qualities of Brahman and Kshatriya

Krishna says….

Chaturvarnam ………………………………….

According to the persons qualities and persons actions he should be considered a brahmin, a kshatriya, a vaisya, a sudra or a brahmachari, grahasta, vanaprastha or sanyasi. Krishna didn’t say anything about janma or birth, but today if you are born in untouchable family, you are condemned to be untouchable forever . if you are born in a Malechha nation you will be condemned as Malechha forever. If you are born in Brahmin, even if you are addicted to eating meat, drinking alcohol and having all other illicit activities, you to be respected as Brahmin. Krishna condemns this conception. If you have the birth in the house of a doctor, you have every oppurtunity to become a doctor. But if you don’t go to medical scool, you don’t pass your exams even your father is a great doctor and your grand father is a great doctor, will you be considered as a doctor. But even If you born ina family of street sweepers if you go to a medical college and get your degree. And actually know how to be a doctor, you are a doctor. A Brahmin is explained by Krishna in the gita, one who is self controlled, one who doesn’t engage in sinful activities, one who is equally poised, one who is friendly and kind to all living beings, who is learned, one who is clean inside and out. That is a Brahmin. And a kshatriya is one who is heroic, who is a leader, that is not that you win votes that you are a kshatriya. You have to be willing to boldly give your life for justice and you have to be honest, one of the qualifications of kshatriya in bhagavad gita, honesty. I am not going to pass judgement on any particular person but if you travel around the world, how many people think that any politician is honest. You know whatever they say. You don’t know whether you can believe them or not believe them. You don’t know why they are saying it. Therefoe in practical, not a single kshatriya leading the nation in the world anymore. They don’t have the qualities but there is so much confusion. When our spiritual master went to the western world and he gave foreigners born in families not even hindus, families, that were eating meat, drinking liquors, having illicit sex, taking all type of intoxication, gambling the whole western culture is practically nothing but this and so many Indians are anxious to go to the west thinking to become rich. They might get rich materially but generally they lose all sense of morality, and it is such a shame there is no happiness, no one will be happy unless we are progressively advancing spiritually.

We must do our duty with devotion , in whatever position we are in

The other night we are giving you an example of how so many people from india, they work so hard so that they can live in America with their nice wide roads with the telephone. And when they come back to India some people criticize him you cant do this. They show them gita, these men are qualified they are following the principle of gita, they are real brahmanas, they are real sanyasis. Its not a question of birth , it’s a question of their qualification that what type of action they doing in their life, it’s the question of their humility and the desire to serve, we should not be proud of our position. We should be simply be grateful that we can serve him in whatever position we are in and it is said that sincere sweeper of the street is far more virtuous than a cheating spiritual master. Krishna sees our heart and whatever Varna and whatever ashram we are in, we do it sincerely with the pure heart in the service of lord. Our life is perfect, we are to be considered saint, real Sadhus, mahatma. Krishna doesn’t cares about your classification. These classifications are simply meant for practical social service. But, the goal of all the varnashram


Is to please Krishna . If you are pleasing Krishna by honestly doing the work with devotion then your occupation is perfect. And if you don’t, you are failure.

The exalted position of vritrasura

So vrtrasura, he was in the body of a terrible demon, but he was actually displaying the qualities of great paramahamsa devotee by his words, by his fearlessness and by his detachment and indra, leader of the demigods, he was behaving like a coward attached to his body, his life, his wealth, his kingdom, and everything else. Vrtrasura preached him you may think iam demon because I look like one what actually I am always thinking of Krishna. Therefore I am not afraid of birth and death. In fact I want you to kill this body because I don’t need this demon body. If you kill me I will go back to godhead. You are so attached to your kingdom, your wealth , your riches, your high position, your prestige that you are afraid of death, but I want to die. Because I know I am going back to Krishna so please fight and kill me. Such a devotee, that’s detachment, such a faith, such a conviction, and vrtrasura he arranged in such wonderful way so indra would defeat him and he was simply immersed in a beautiful path of his beloved lord Narayan and he returned to his original spiritual form in spiritual world.

So victory and defeat, we must know is very temporary in this world if we remember Krishna in every circumstances of life , we are victorius over death, over illusion, if we forget Krishna even if we are so called victorious we have been defeated by illusion, we have been defeated by maya. This is the only standard by which a devotee calculate whether something is successful or a failure by how much we are living by the word of god and remembering the holyname,

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

Seeing the situations in our life from a spiritual perception

So the inconceivable arrangement comes before us in our life, we have to see it as an opportunity to come close to Krishna. What you look for to, if you look for Krishna in everything that comes in your life, we will find Krishna, if you looking to see material situation and try understanding the reason why, then all you see is the material situation and you get some material answer why. And for those who are simply remembering him, praying to him and chanting the holy name ,whatever comes in life is the perfect mercy necessary for that devotees progress and therefore such a devotee is grateful to welcome whatever gift Krishna gives and every situation he simply want to reciprocate with that gift by offering more and more service. Now this may seem very difficult but actually it is natural. As we develop spiritual qualities, to joyfully accept Krishna’s mercy in every situation is our nature and the purpose of this human form of life to awaken that original nature of that is within us. How to be awaken that nature, by hearing the glories of the lord, by honestly and sincerely being the servant of the servant of the servant of those person who are genuinely trying to serve the lord. And most of all by purifying our heart by associating with the lord who is eternally present within the beautifull sound of his holy name.

Tonight program so wonderfully arranged by beloved friend chandrakanth tiwary and he especially organized this program to invoke love in the blessing of all the devotees upon his daughter and the grandson sheela and aditya because today is the birth date for both of them and ofcourse we understand thathumanbirth is meant for self realization. Human birth is not meant for just eating , sleeping, mating, defending. However grandiose we may do it the fact we did given is opportunity of human birth is so blessed, so glorious. To utilize this human birth properly we can attain the complete perfection, liberation from the birth and death. And enter into the eternal loving service of the lord, this is the glory of the of our birthday, when we use this birth for a real divine purpose and the purpose of human birth is attained by receiving the blessing of the great devotees of the lord. Receiving the blessing means we accept them, it means we ask for it, and then we receive it by following the teaching, then our human birth is glorious. So on this evening I would like to thank all the devotees to ask a prayer, give the blessings sheela and aditya on their birthday.

Mr Tiwary even not his birthday he has made so many wonderfull arrangement for all of us to be here in beautifull place together hearing and chanting the glory of the lord.

Thank you!!!


Written by

Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.