Radhanath Swami : Under the influence of the three modes of material nature is full of endless uncertainty and therefore all species of life live in great fear. Fear can only exist, where there is uncertainty, where there is no knowledge, just like darkness can only exist where there is no light, fear can only exist when we are forgetful of the truth and that truth is Krsna, He is the cause of all causes, the very cause of everything for the truth. When we understand it with our intelligence and then we have faith in which may sublime of all principles, then we become fearless. Then we can remain peaceful in every situation of life. And Krsna descends to this world especially to re-awaken within our hearts, knowledge of his transcendental nature and faith in his mercy. janma karma ca me divyam

evaḿ yo vetti tattvataḥ

tyaktvā dehaḿ punar janma

naiti mām eti so ‘rjuna

One who simply understands the transcendental nature of Krsna’s appearance and activities never takes birth in this material world again but attains the eternal spiritual abode. But Krsna in so many wonderful Avatars appears in this world to demonstrate His transcendental appearance and activities and by seeing these narrations, we gradually understand, what is Krsna, who is God? And we develop faith.


Searching of faith

Srila Prabhupad explained this simply how faith takes place within our hearts, by hearing the teachings the glories of Lord in the association of his pure devotees faith would naturally revive within our hearts, the natural atmosphere in which the soul resides is the atmosphere of faith, the spiritual world is beyond this stage and the heart of the real Vaishnavas are the abodes of faith and all of the miserable condition that takes place within our lives are simply dye to the lack of that faith. Actually we should never lose it, it is there, but we forget and that forgetfulness is a temporary loss. If you have something very precious and you need it, even though that may be in your home if you cannot find it, it is lost temporarily, but actually it is not lost because you just put it away, so in this same way, we are all looking for bliss, we are looking for peace, we are all looking for a refuge from the misery in the middle of this material existence and that is right there within our hearts as the very integral nature of the soul to faith in God but we have forgotten because of our association within three modes of material nature, because of the association of those people under the spell of Maya; Maya has covered our knowledge and faith and the transcendental glories of the Lord and therefore we are wandering birth after birth after birth trying to find refuge but it is right within the faith of our own heart. Our spiritual advancement would directly progressive according to our faith. Spiritual realization means development of faith. Faith is the most powerful factor in all of existence. Because it is faith alone could attract the power and the glory of God. Just like lord jesus, he would always test his deciple’s faith and they usually fail the test and in failing, he would give them a good lesson because this is the way we have to learn,we fail due to our lack of faith and in that failure our heart are often very receptive to improve ourselves, and then it is explained he told them “if you have faith, if you tell the mountain to move to the ocean the mountain will move to the ocean, even if your faith is the size of a tiny mustard seed, so of course how do you make the mountain move to the ocean? Not possible in Srimad Bhagavatam we read about the story of churning the ocean of milk by the demi gods and demons were fighting and the demons won. Material world sometimes devotees temporarily appear to be overcome by demonic people but ultimately the Lord always protects his devotees. So the Demi gods went praying to Lord Vishnu saying “what should we do, the demons have taken everything away from us, we have no powers to serve, according to our discharged duties, then He told them that “you churn the ocean of milk that is the solution with all the demons that Amrit (nectar) will come out of the ocean if you churn and even though the demons have conquered all of your abodes and everything else they all are wanting something else”. The nature of material consciousness that we were explaining last night how ever much we have, you have to have more. The more you have the more you need. That is the law of nature.


Pray with faith – Lord will help you.

Prahallad Maharaj explained it is like scratching the itch, the more you scratch the itch the result is the more itch you feel, so why do you scratch the itch? To make the itch go away, but the process makes it worse, that is the law of nature, the more you try to find some pacification for agitated mind and senses through sense gratification, the more the mind and senses become agitated. So the solution to the disturbed mind and senses is not sense gratification it is inevitably who makes the problem worse but itching is a very wonderful experience to learn from, because when you are having itch while your are scratching it appears it feels very nice, you are scratching, scratching, scratching and you feel “very nice, ah!” it is very good but as soon as you stop scratching it is on fire, every scratch inflame that much more and you are just going mad. Little children sometimes their parents they literally tie by their hand behind their back to again scratch, and the children, “I want to scratch, I want to scratch”, sometimes they scratch so they bleed. Children do not know what is good for them but the parents know stop scratching. So that is material life, “so the demons although they conquered everything, if we promise the nectar, they do anything for that nectar, because they don’t have that, how to get nectar, you have to take the mount Mandara, Mount Mandara is huge mountain, 100s and 1000s of miles big, heavenly mountain and it is made out of gold, huge mountain and you have to take that Mount Mandara and you have to take it from the mountains and bring to the ocean and then with the serpent named Vasuki you re trap as a rope the mountain will serve as a spinning rod and demons on one side, demigod on another and you churn and the nectar will come”. So here all the most powerful Devatas Indra, Vayu, Varuna, Agni, Surya, you know how powerful they are and all these great, great demons headed by Bali Maharaj they all went to lift the mountain, but that mountain was so heavy, so big, so they were lifting, lifting and they barely try getting it off and crushing their fingers, they couldn’t get it of the groung , they were struggling, straining, they were practically on the verge of death, all of them, just endeavoring with all of their strength to lift this mountain. Ultimately, what should they do? The demi-gods have faith they prayed to vishnu, Vishnu “if you, you had asked to this, if you want you can move this mountain but we cannot move this mountain and then the Lord appeared and lifted the mountain effortlessly and put it in the ocean. Jesus said if you have enough faith, I must pray mountains to move in the ocean, in Srimad Bhagavatam it was practically demonstrated because with the little bit of faith that the demi-gods had this mountain, the biggest of all mountains was moved into the ocean. So we must understand that the very essence of our spiritual life is faith in devotees and through hearing the transcendental nature and instructions of the Supreme Personality of Godhead because that is the only process by which real, genuine faith can be awaken within our heart and we must very carefully guard against the associating with people who do not have faith, because in the neo-phyte condition we are vulnerable to whatever we associate with. Srila Prabhupad is so powerful as a Paramhamsa, he could go alone to the land of the faithless and give everyone faith. But if we do not have that realization then if we associate with the faithless, we become faithless and if we associate with faithful we become faithful. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said: If you want to be Vaishnavas, you associate with Vaishnavas and you avoid the association of people who are not having that faith and people who are too much attached to the sense gratification.

But here we find that at the time of death if we have developed that faith in the Lord, if you have properly utilized your life in hearing and chanting His glories then Krsna is pleased with you and that’s all of matter samsidhir hari toshanam. If Krsna is pleased you have nothing to fear, if Krsna is not please you have everything to fear, so our concern is not by the material arrangement we make, our only concern is if Krsna pleased and how do we know if Krsna is pleased?

yasya prasadad bhagavat-prasado

yasyaprasadan na gatih kuto ‘pi

dhyayan stuvams tasya yasas tri-sandhyam

vande guroh sri-caranaravindam **

If Guru is pleased Krsna is pleased, because real representative of Krsna is pleased then He is pleased, it is not difficult to understand. Srila Prabhupad,even he tested so many times, sometimes he would say that the moon is more far distanced than the sun and devotees especially American devotees, American devotees they are coming from the culture that is so proud that we are the first nation in the history of the world to go to the moon, that is the Supreme national pride that the American flag was stuck in the surface of the moon and all the newspapers and in all magazines, televisions, radios, stadiums and streets there were celebrations and processions and parades to celebrate the ultimate national pride that the American flag is the only flag on the moon. trained up in materialistic culture of education,____ of what is reality? And then here Srila Prabhupad sitting on his little mat telling us that the moon farther away than the sun and devotees, some devotee said: “Yes, if Prabhupad says, then it is true” and others they said: “I cannot believe this” and they left, they left Krsna Consciousness movement. Srila Prabhupad told us that “whether the moon is closer or whether the sun is closer really isn’t important, what is important is that you have faith in words of Krsna and Guru because if the Sun is closer or the moon is closer, it is not going to help you solving the problem of birth, old age, disease and death and all of these material scientists who are giving so many theories they are subject to birth and death and they cannot deliver you from birth and death, so the real principle is faith. No material arrangement can save us from living and transmigration of the soul to the various species of life but faith in Krsna, pleasing Krsna can save us”. So that is our only exclusive concern in life pleasing Krsna, if we know that Krsna is pleased we have nothing to fear. How is it? It is explained in this beautiful sloka, that at the time of death we become helpless your body is going through so much disintegration, all of the cells then everything in the body is revoking against one another by the massive war taking place and your mind is becoming very, very weak bewildered and confused in that situation. So how, how to remember God at the time of death, how to be in sure that we will remember God at the time of death, there is no insurance, by your capacity you do not know how you will die, you may be in an aero plane in one second and the next minute risk along with the fear to die when you are ______ with, if one thing goes wrong within a second it is on fire and you are dead, it is not that they are going put a light on and say “remember Krsna because we are going to crash, nothing like that, all of a sudden, within seconds, moments. You are driving in a car, this some truck driver runs into you, it is not that he horns and say remember Krsna, I am crashing, no finished. Sometimes death comes with absolutely no warning, it is a common thing; then what is the insurance that we will remember Krsna at the time of death. Krsna gives us that faith, he reveals himself to us at the time of death, if we faithfully try to please him by hearing and chanting His glories in our life. If we are pleasing Krsna it is guaranteed by the Lord Himself that whatever our situation is at that time of death, however we may die doesn’t matter whether it is ghastly death or peaceful death, whether it is death in a warfare or death in the banks of Yamuna and Vrundavan, Krsna promises “I will reveal myself to you as your last part at the time of death and take you back home back to Godhead, if iam pleased with you”. Then how to please Krsna, by doing Krsna Consciousness, by developing that faith through associating his devotees and continually hearing the glories of the Lord and chanting his Holy name:

Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.


Krsna – the source of remembrance/ forgetfulness

The story of Maharaj Pariksit is very wonderful because as Krsna appears in this world to reveal His transcendental nature, he also utilized this with associates to pure and surrendered devotees to help transmit the same message to this world. And sometimes the Lord puts his devotees in situation or state of consciousness that to create an atmosphere for the benefit of others. That He says in Gita: sarvasthu _____ that he is the source of remembering, knowledge and forgetfulness because he is within the hearts as Paramatma. You have no power to remember Krsna without the grace of Krsna, you have no power to forget Krsna without the grace of Krsna and according to your quality of your desire Krsna will give you remembrance or forgetfulness, but sometimes Krsna even makes his devotees temporarily forget by his own personal arrangement just to set the state for something wonderful to occur. Maharaj Pariksit is completely self-controlled person, a liberated soul from his very residence in the womb of Uttara his mother, he is Krsna Conscious and when he came out of the womb he was just looking for Krsna everywhere, “I saw that beautiful form, He saved my life and nothing in this world is attractive only that form.


Being instrumental to Krsna

Srila Rupa Gosvami has said: “if you want to maintain your attachment to your wealth, your home, your family and friends take my warning do not go to Keshi Ghats on the bank of Yamuna because Shyam sundar is standing there in his three fold bending form with a beautiful complexion like a monsoon cloud with lotus eyes, playing unto his flute”, he said: “if you see that form, you cannot maintain any attachment to the temporary objects of death in this world, if you see light you cannot. Krsna is light and material matter is death. Maharaj Pariksit saw Krsna therefore even though he was living in a palace and he had so many wonderful things none of them attracted him he was always just looking for Krsna, the Lord of his heart. So how is it, when he would scene before, he became so thirsty, overcome by thirst and when he went to Samik Rishi’s ashram, when this Rishi was sitting in his samadhi, meditating on the Supreme Lord, Maharaj Pariksit said: “Oh! Rishi, please give me water”. But Rishi did not hear him, he was oblivious to the external world so how is that Maharaj Pariksit did not respect and honor the transcendental consciousness of the great sage and how is that he lifted a dead snake which was highly contaminated with his bow and placed it as the garland around Rishi, he committed a terrible Aparadh due to uncontrolled mind and senses but we understand that Krsna personally put him in that bewildered stage just for that he will be cursed to die and in that process He would reveal to the world the greatness of Maharaj Pariksit and through this great, great devotee he would reveal Srimad Bhagavatam the most important of all scriptures to the world through Sukadev Gosvami, so it was Krsna’s plan.


Maharaj Pratapa Rudra’s anxiousness to see Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

There is a beautiful story in this regard in Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s Lila, you know the story of Maharaj Pratapa Rudra, he was a very, very great king, we were speaking about him in the other day at the Rathyatra celebration. And Maharaj Pratapa Rudra, when he heard through his Guru Maharaj Sarvabhowma Bhattacharya that he said: “Lord Jagannath is worship able object he has given his life and soul to serving had appeared in incarnation in human life form as Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu he delivered a highest message of the Harinam Sankirtan movement”, he has complete faithwas completely, he would do anything for the Darshan of Lord Caitanya, he begged Sarvabhowma Bhattacharya: “Please arrange an interview of me and the Lord”. Sarvabhowma Bhattacharya said: “This will be very difficult”. And when Sarvabhowma Bhattacharya asked Lord Caitanya: “Will you meet the king? He is a very great devotee”. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu he said: “You are asking me to drink poison willingly, if you ask me again I will leave this place”. So Sarvabhowma became very afraid, other devotees went and appealed to the Lord, “Will you meet the king?” And so many arrangements, it is a long and beautiful story to describe. So many arrangements were being made, first by Nityananda Prabhu’s grace, they decided to take piece of Lord Caitanya’s outward cloth Khadiya, the cloth the parafanalia of the Lord is non-different than the Lord and it was temporarily pacify King Pratapa Rudra they got a part of outer garment from Govinda and brought it to the King and he worshipped it and it was actually piece of cloth that he would wear. An other time Ramananda Rai appealed to the Lord and the Lord said: “Bring the king’s son”, they brought the son of the king, his son happened to have beautiful bluish complexion and Lotus eyes and when Lord Caitanya saw him, he remembered Krsna and for Lord Caitanya anyone who reminded him of Krsna was his best friend. This is best friend. A real friend reminds us of Krsna. But when Lord Caitanya saw him, he became so grateful, he began to embrace the child and embraced him and embraced him and embraced and everyone embraced him and fully by heart and love of God that the child began to cry and tremble and was inspired with ecstatic love. “Because you are reminding me of Krsna, you are most dear to me”. And then the son brought home and King Pratapa Rudra embraced the child and because the child was just embraced by Lord Caitanya and he embraced the child, he had the same experience as embracing Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and the King was very happy. So in this way so many arrangements were being made the King he actually declared with all honesty, “if I do notreceive the Darshan of Mahaprabhu, I would give up my kingdom and I would give up my life being the price of the mercy of the Lord then I will reject the kingdom and be a beggar or I will give up my life, that is the determination. That the devotees they made so many arrangements, they tried to pacify the king’s burning desire eagerness. On one occasion they told Maharaj Pratapa Rudra, it is very difficulty for you to see the Lord, and he said: “If there someone anyways, even if I can do it secretly. They said: “Ah! Sometime when Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu when he dances in Kirtan he looses his external consciousness at that time you can come and see him dance”. Then he said: “This is very good”. Then one day Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was dancing with ecstatic love and King Pratapa Rudra was informed that he went to that place and he secretly hid himself and he was watching Lord Gaura Sundar in his beautiful dance of love. Prem Sankirtan. Gauranga Mahaprabhu tears were flowing from his eyes, perspiration were floating from his body, his hairs were standing on him, his body was changing colors, his limbs were trembling, he was dancing so beautifully, sometimes he would fall to the ground so hard that the entire earth shook, sometimes in ecstasy he would roar so loud that King Pratapa Rudra had to hold his breath and his arms were raised like two transcendental pillars as he chanted the Holy names:

Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.


Maharaj Pratapa Rudra taught through the dream

So King Pratapa Rudra he was so happy, he was so grateful that he was given this beautiful, beautiful Darshan that in great happiness he went home, to the palace, but when he was home a doubt came into his mind, he was thinking when Caitanya Mahaprabhu was dancing tears were flowing from his eyes but also saliva was flowing continuously from his mouth and every limb of his body as he was dancing was covered by dust mixed with saliva. Then as we know from the source of upon the view saliva is contaminated, you touch your mouth you are supposed to wash your hands. Caitanya Mahaprabhu so much saliva was pouring out of his mouth that every limb was covered with the thick layer of saliva as he was dancing and Maharaj Pratapa Rudra he was having some doubts why the Lord was dancing like this? So when he went everyone said: Please that the Supreme Lord Jagannath has appeared in this world to chant His own Holy name and beautiful sankirtan. Then within his dream King Pratapa Rudra saw the beautiful form of worship able deity Lord Jagannath. Lord Jagannath was standing before him, it was more beautiful majestic form on His throne and that throne of Jagannath like the River Ganges tears were just flowing from his eyes, but something else King Pratapa Rudra saw that Lord Jagannath from his nose and from his mouth constant stream of mucus and saliva was flowing again and again and again and again and again and again saliva was flowing from the mouth and nostrils of Lord Jagannath, in fact every limb of Jagannath’s body, every part of the body was covered with dust that saliva as there was a from his mouth and Maharaj Pratapa Rudra was looking at this and he was very much amazed, he said: “What kind of ? Why? Why is your Jagannath performing this pasttimes, I have no power to understand and then went to touch the Lotus feet of Jagannath and Jagannath looked at him and said: “You should touch my feet, why do you want to touch my feet, when you offer me sandalwood and musk and camphor and that’s when my feet is dressed, then it is very nice then you should touch, now my feet is covered with all saliva and everything that you should not touch my feet now, when I was dancing today and my limbs were covered with all of these saliva and now I am also with covered with saliva it is not clean, you are king, you are the son of a King, it is not appropriate for you to touch”. And then Lord Jagannath began to smile and Maharaj Pratapa Rudra was stuck with wonder and as he was looking at Jagannath, Jagannath his form transformed into the beautiful form of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Sri Gaurasunder was sitting on the throne of Jagannath and every one of his limbs was covered with dust and saliva. You now what is saliva is? What is Hindi word? So everyone knows what I am talking about? Everyone of his limbs and he was sitting on the throne of Jagannath and then King Pratapa Rudra, he just prayed to the Lord that you have appeared in such a wonderful way within my heart, “Why should you not touch me and why should i not touch you”. And then King Pratapa Rudra awoke from his dream and when he awoke he felt very offensive that even had the slightest doubt in his mind about Lord Caitanya’s dancing, he began to pray: “I am the worst offender, I am so sinful, please forgive me my Lord, now I know without question of doubt that Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is Lord Jagannath himself who has descended to this world”, even Brahma himself could not understand the transcendental nature in full of the Lord’s descendence. But by the Lord’s mercy I have come to this understanding, so he was praying: “Please forgive me, please forgive me and grant me the boon that I may always be your servant, the servant of the servant”. So Maharaj Pratapa Rudra was temporarily was put in a situation of slight doubt just to see this wonderful, wonderful pastime of Lord Jagannath. And by hearing these wonderful pastimes, one becomes completely purified by hearing all the Lord’s dearest and transcendental devotee it is not just an intellectual process. It’s like when you go to a mundane college, when you learnt something in order to pass the exam it is a matter of going to a whole intellectual process of memorization and studies and everything else but by seeing the wonderful story that Maharaj Pariksit or Maharaj Pratapa Rudra, today we are talking about two great kings. Two great powerful wealthy kings, who were both temporarily, put in a certain amount of illusion by the grace of the Lord to awaken people understanding of God In all of us. When we hear these beautiful narrations of the Lord’s pastimes and those of his devotees submissively with a service attitude from the right source and who is the right source? One who had heard from his Guru submissively and who had the service attitude toward his Guru.

Sukadev Gosvami spoke Bhagavatam at a certain stage of his life, he heard from his Guru Vedavyas submissively in the mood of a humble servant. Similarly Srila Prabhupad he explained: “I am qualified to speak only because I have submissively heard from my Guru Maharaj and I am speaking as his servant”, so you should hear only transcendental subject matter from those who have heard submissively within the part of disciplic succession and who have proper mood of service to the Lord, to Guru and to the devotee because only that subject matter coming from such sources could stay in our heart. You can study the scriptures for your whole life through and memorize so much, so many slokas, so many stories and so many everything but that will not help you at the time of death. It is only if you think of Krsna, if you seek submissively, ”

tad viddhi pranipatena

pariprasnena sevaya

if you surrender yourself, listen submissively and willing to serve that type of hearing actually awaken the Grace of Krsna within us. And it is by that Grace that Krsna would be open self within us. So let us be very anxious, very eager to find that virtue pledge in life, not in watching the television or reading the magazines or going to cricket matches let us find our pleasure in life in hearing the glories of the Lord and if we are eager to make this our goal then Krsna will be pleased and from within the heart you will cleanse all of the Anarthas, you will establish faith and He will reveal Himself just is because of that.

Thank you very much

Is there any question?

Question to Radhanath Swami: In fact, Srimad Bhagavatam, Prabhupad used to give so much enthusiasm where in, I am till this date I am not able to understand one thing, is that when so much emphasis is given to hearing then why is it so when we take initiation at that time, we have been told that you have to just chant and follow these four regulative principles, why we are not taking the vow of hearing often because only if you do hearing then all these four regulative principles as well as chanting can be perfect, otherwise it cannot be perfect. So why we are not taking a vow of hearing, when we are taking initiation?

Radhanath Swami Answers: Because you are, hare Krsna. Because you are taking the vow to follow the instruction of spiritual master and it is instruction of every spiritual master that you must hear the Glories of the Lord, the four regulative principles and chanting sixteen rounds is a very strong basis but actually unless you are hearing sufficiently you cannot do these, you cannot follow the four regulative principles in the spirit of devotion and you cannot, and you cannot without hearing you cannot chant. Nastaprayeshu abadreshu nityam bhagavata sevaya. Srila Prabhupad’s instructions are Krsna’s instructions that if you hear Srimad Bhagavatam daily. That one time in Vrundavan, Srila Prabhupada gave a class where he was describing the meaning of Tapasya. He said: “The meaning of Tapasya is to read my book, three to four hours everyday” something like that. Srila Prabhupad wanted us to read. Srila Prabhupad made every devotee within the temple to attend Srimad Bhagavatam class everyday and to Bhagavad Gita class in the evening and from other temple. So this was Prabhupad’s instructions, to read his book, to attend his classes, while he is preaching about Krsna, and after the understanding when you are chanting the Mahamantra sixteen rounds what are you doing? You are hearing they are inseparable, when you take a vow to sixteen rounds; you take a vow to hear sixteen rounds. So will ask you to do everyday. One of the offenses to the Holy name is to not be attentive, correct it is our duty to chant the Holy name attentively, what does it mean to be attentive? To hear, to hear, the syllable. Krsna is within his name, all the philosophy of Bhagavatam is within the name the name of Krsna, the whole Gita everything is within the name of Krsna. That when make a vow to chant sixteen rounds you are making a vow to hear sixteen rounds everyday.


Question to Radhanath Swami: How can we understand that we are pleasing our Guru and Krsna?

Radhanath Swami Answers: If you are following the instructions He will be pleased, if you are not following his instructions he will not very pleased, quite simple. The Spiritual master has given general instructions to everyone and he may sometimes give specific instructions to you, the general instructions with that specific to you also, to everyone, to chant sixteen rounds everyday, to follow the four regulative principles, you try to be humble, to always engage in devotional service, it is the mission of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu everyone of us, even though his devotees has never perfectly met Prabhupada or spoke a word to him, they had forty volumes of books of instructions that was directly spoken to them. That no one could say Prabhupad never gave me any instruction, so many instructions and to the degree you are trying to serve those instructions so that degree Krsna is in your heart will see kinds of things you are doing? And He will give you all mercy, special mercy for that. And sometimes we are given specific instruction, we should make the instructions of our Guru our life and soul. That the Guru to please Guru and to please Krsna. This is not difficult and if something arises or confused state then you just act, willing directly or you act someone who is a representative of our Guru, servant of the servant, should I do this or should I do this? What pleases? According to, if you do not want to act that means you do not want to know and sometimes we get clear answer “No, do not do this when sometimes they tell you to do it or want, you can do anything you like in this regard, what does that mean? That means we can do either one but we should do it in the mood of service. So we should never be bewildered whether we are pleasing Krsna or not. Quite simple. “If you are cheating, you are lying, if you are criticizing devotees you know you are not pleasing Guru and Krsna. If you are honoring Vaishnavas, nice Sadana, trying to humbly serve you know you are pleasing Guru”.

Question to Radhanath Swami: So let’s say when Lord Caitanya was dancing like that, while he was dancing his body covered with saliva and dust, you are asking me why?

Radhanath Swami Answers: Because he likes to do like this. His saliva is nectar when he was foaming at the mouth in his ecstasy, Subananda understood the nectar of that, he caught it and drank it. Hari Bol. He got his ecstatic love by doing so. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu completely transcendental form of God, everything about him is transcendental love of God, his saliva is Amrith, it is not like our, our’s is repulsive, contaminated, filthy. But His is dear full nectar. He is the personification or manifestation of Radha Bhava of highest ecstasy of love. He such an extra ordinary form, Pure. That we do not have to say.

Question to Radhanath Swami: In the association of devotees spiritual advancement other some association of devotees or spiritual master how to work smarter?

Radhanath Swami Answers: ____ 0:58:20 way by our own independent desire then we will have difficult time because we will really not be under the protection of the blessings of the Lord, even if we are away under the instruction or with the blessings of the Lord and his representative, when we are sincere, do not exploit the opportunity to do all non sense, because you do not have much association but you feel endeavor and pride to remain pure, and associate with vani through the book to study instruction smaranam remembering then Krsna will definitely protect that devotee. You will have complete association, full association in the mood separation, if we are doing it sincerely under the order and with the blessings of the higher power.

Kalavati Devi mataji Questions: Maharaj we are told not to give any importance to our dreams, so when to understand whether it is in spiritual or it is feeling of our mind/ relation of our mind?

Radhanath Swami Answers: Advance devotees like Maharaj Pratapa Rudra, Madavendra Puri, they do not dream like us, our dreams are just all sorts of fascinating stuff within our deep sub conscious subtle body is coming to the surface and getting all mixed up with each other and it creates all dreams. So we don’t take it very seriously. There are some classes of men especially in were there whole religion is interpretation of dreams. But substance of their subtle body, some of its nice, some of its not nice, we want to go beyond all this Maya and go right to the soul by keeping our mind attached to Krsna’s Holy name.

Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

But if there is a dream that reveal Krsna for something that is Krsna Consciousness and that dream is confirmed by what Guru, Sadhu & Shastras has held up then we can take such dreams to be of the Lord within our heart. But we have to confirm with Guru, Sadhu and Shastra. But such elevated soul as Maharaj Pratapa Rudra as we know, it was actually Lord Jagannath and Lord Caitanya from within the heart simply appearing For them. The previous of life perfectly from the mind is directly Jagannath and Mahaprabhu appearing, so within the scriptures we only read about dreams like this. We read about the dreams who are liberated souls in pure devotional service where the Lord personally and directly appeared to them to give them instruction. _____in Caitanya Caritamrita, Caitanya Bhagavata, _______ Bhagavat, we don’t read about the dreams of the conditioned souls, because they have no value.

Question to Radhanath Swami: 1:03:21___________ association of devotees _________ he had the best association ___________?

Radhanath Swami Answers: Srila Prabhupad explained to have the best association for the misuse of independence bad association and due to the contamination of that bad association, he was actually willing to live the association of the Lord, that is the power of association is. Everyone in Krsna Consciousness movement has the best association but if simultaneously you associate with people who are contaminated then that association can actually pollute your mind to such an extent that it will take you away from the association of devotee. Lord Krsna taught us Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu served him servant, watching in the love of God. Then he began to associate with who was they were dressed up as Sanyasi, they were highly renounced but actually, they had sinful, sinful motive that just by associating with them, he became so polluted that he left Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to join them, but Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was so merciful as he went to this  he said: You are all sanyasis, I am also Sanyasi, you know that I require his service, why you have taken my servant, so they wanted to kill him, then they picked up axe, swords, clubs and want to kill Lord Caitanya and they started running at him but Caitanya Mahaprabhu was Supreme Personality of Godhead he was the Supreme of material nature that the swords, knives and clubs they were running and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu grabbed and brought him back. Brought him back to his senses then he was very repentant, he realized, he had made a big by associating with these people. Srila Prabhupad said: “This is the power of material association, even if you are directly the associate of Supreme Personality of Godhead, if you associate with people who are too much materialistic, your mind will be bewildered, what to think of us Prabhupad said”. So how careful we should be.

Srila Prabhupad ki jai!!!!

Gauranga Maprabhu ki Jai!!!!!!!

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.