tasyapi bhagavan eṣa

sakṣad brahmamayo hariḥ

aḿsaḿsena caturdhagat

putratvaḿ prarthitaḥ suraiḥ


satrughna iti saḿjñaya


Being prayed for by the demigods, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Absolute Truth Himself, directly appeared with His expansion and expansions of the expansion. Their holy names were Rama, Lakṣmaṇa, Bharata and Satrughna. These celebrated incarnations thus appeared in four forms as the sons of Maharaja Dasaratha.



Lord Ramacandra and His brothers, Lakṣmaṇa, Bharata and Satrughna, are all viṣṇu-tattva, not jīva-tattva. The Supreme Personality of Godhead expands into many forms. Advaitam acyutam anadim ananta-rupam [BS 5.33]. Although they are one and the same, viṣṇu-tattva has many forms and incarnations. As confirmed in the Brahma- saḿhita (5.39), ramadi-murtiṣukala-niyamena tiṣṭhan. The Lord is situated in many forms, such as Rama, Lakṣmaṇa, Bharata and Satrughna, and these forms may exist in any part of His creation. All these forms exist permanently, eternally, as individual Personalities of Godhead, and they resemble many candles, all equally powerful. Lord Ramacandra, Lakṣmaṇa, Bharata and Satrughna, who, being viṣṇu-tattva, are all equally powerful, became the sons of Maharaja Dasaratha in response to prayers by the demigods.


Importance of appearance of Sita Ramachandra

This beautiful sloka from Canto 9 chapter 10 of Srimad Bhagavatam is being spoken by Srila Sukhadev Goswami for he is explaining to Maharaj Parikshit in summary the beautiful appearance and activities of the Supreme Personality of Godhead who appeared in Treta Yuga as son of Maharaj Dasarath in the wonderful form of Lord Ramachandra. At this time in this very Holy place Sri Sri Radha Rasbihariji mandir we are celebrating the auspicious festival of Ramanavami. His Divine Grace A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupad especially instructed his devotees in the love of own heart for all the fallen and conditioned souls as well as the devotees in this great city of Bombay to install in this temple the beautiful deities of Sri Sri Nithai Gaura Sundar, Sri Sri Radha Rasbihariji and Sita Ram, Laxman and their eternal servant Sri Hanumanji. Here in this purport it is explained that the forms of the Lord being explained here are Vishnu Tattva but their relationships are very significant and while Srila Prabhupad shows this three sets of deities to be together here is more important for us to understand for our progress in our Krsna Consciousness. Krsna explains in Gita:

tadatmanam srjamy aham

that he appears in every age within this material creation for the purpose of delivering the pious and annihilating the miscreants and re-establishing the principles of religion. In fact Srila Shukadev Goswami describes that the appearances of the Lord throughout the history of the innumerable universes within creation and what to speak of this one creation every time Mahavishnu inhales the entire cosmic manifestation is destroyed and remains dormant contained within his transcendental body and every time he exhales again innumerable, innumerable universes are created. And so many billions of our years, trillions of years, equal days, months, life of Brahma and we understand there are innumerable Brahmas and in every Yuga, in every day of Brahma the Lord is appearing, so how many incarnations of the Lord are there. It is explained in Bhagavatam as there are waves in the ocean in the same way there are countless incarnations of the Supreme Lord, but to understand any of them we must understand on the basis of Guru, Sadhu, and Shastra.

So the prominent incarnation in the age of Treta Yuga is Lord Sri Ramachandra and he killed the great demon Ravana with his sharpened bow and arrow and with his beautiful form and displaying his most sweet loving relationships with his devotees. He attracts all the hearts of those who hear these narrations and by his words and by his exemplary behavior he established the truest, purest and highest principles of religion of total surrender unto him. When Dwapara Yuga came into existence the Supreme Lord appeared in his beautiful form of Sri Sri Radha Rasbihariji. Krsna taking birth in Mathura moving to Vrundavan attracted the hearts of all fortunate souls and the Lila of the Lord in Vrundavan, Dwaraka, Kurukshetra, his pastimes are eternal they are non different from the Lord himself and simply by hearing his Lila janma karma ca me divyam evam yo vetti tattvatah– we can be delivered from the repetition of birth and death. But this charming relationship with his devotees attracts our hearts, he killed the great demons like Kamsa and on the battle field of Kurukshetra he established the highest principles of religion through speaking of Bhagavad – Gita.


Prabhupad’s ingenious in arranging altars

So in the altar of our right side, we see how Lord appeared as Sri Ramachandra, his first expansion appeared as Laxman, his pleasure potency appeared as Sita and in Dwapara Yuga Krsna appears as in his original form and his pleasure potency appears in the original form of Srimati Radharani and on the left altar is how the same personality appears in the age of Kali yuga. Radha and Krsna, Sita and Ram both appeared in one form of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Laxman or Balaram the original spiritual master, the first and foremost servitor of the personality of Godhead appears as Nityananda Prabhu. But in the age of Kali-yuga the Lord doesn’t come with the arrow of Ram or the Chakra of Krsna because if he did he would practically have to destroy the whole human society. Therefore Gaur Nitai appears with the weapon of the Holy name. Knowing that in this age of Kali-yuga so many impostors will claim to be God, so many impostors will claim that God is speaking through me that Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who is Ram and Sita, Radha and Krsna he appears in the form of a devotee. Why? To teach us how to be devotee of God and by spreading the Harinam Sankirtan movement he is giving us all of the necessary requirements to attain the Supreme perfection of life of reassurance to his eternal Lila.

So how Srila Prabhupad arranged these beautiful altars, is so instructive, so ingenious and wonderful for all us to understand. We have the Lord who appeared in Treta Yuga that same Lord who appears in Dwapara Yuga and here the combination as he is appearing to us today as Sri Sri Nitai Gaura Sundar to bestow his causeless mercy of invoking everyone to chant his Holy name:

Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

In this way Srila Prabhupad has made this temple into a spiritual atmosphere which is completely beyond time, we have Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, and Kali Yuga all right in front of us and at the same time through each of all these altars we can enter into the spiritual world. But it is Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Nityananda Prabhu whose mercy Srila Prabhupad has brought us. There are so many wonderful stories in Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s Lila. Where Lord Gaur Sundar revealed himself as Ram Laxman and Sita to such great devotees as Murari Gupta, he revealed himself as Radha Rasbihariji to Ramananda Rai, all these forms are included simply by surrendering to Lord Chaitanya by chanting his holy names we can achieve the ultimate perfection of entries into the eternal Lila of the spiritual world. So this way Srila Prabhupad’s great compassion to all the people of Bombay not only to give us the opportunity to come and see the beautiful form of the Lord but to teach us to educate us how to live according to his instructions within this age of Kali-yuga. Harer Nama, harer nama, harer namaiva kevalam, kalau nasty eva, nasty eva, nasty eva gatir anyata – by hearing and chanting the glories in the names of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Yesterday we celebrated the birth or the appearance of Sri Ramachandra. With the very limited amount of time that we have I would to speak for a few minutes on this transcendental subject matter. As Krsna has said in Gita: If we simply hear submissively from the proper sources of Parampara about the transcendental nature of the appearance and activities of the Lord our heart becomes purified our natural attraction to servitude to Godhead awakens and detach from material enjoyment takes place within our minds. So let us listen very carefully to this wonderful story.


Story of Valmiki Muni

Valmiki Muni who was at one time a hunter, an evil man was approached by Sri Narada muni and Narada was very compassionate, after all he had no business coming to this material universe save and accept to show compassion to others.

närada muni   bäjäya véëä

rädhikä-ramaëa näme

Thakur Bhakti Vinod sings a beautiful song about Sri Narada Muni how he simply plays on his veena chanting the holy names of Lord Sri Krsna trying to invoke love of God within every one and great devotees of the Lord there mission is to change people’s heart their mission is not simply to beat head on head with philosophy. Whatever is necessary to actually convert or transform a person to spiritual consciousness it is what is required. So in the story of Valmiki muni we really get a nice understanding of how Acharyas can present things according to time, place and circumstances. He saw the atrocities of Valmiki in his previous situation in life, hunter and he told him that: “you should chant the name of Ram” but he was so sinful the name of Ram could not come on his mouth because he was so busy trying to create pain and death to others that he could only chant the name of the Lord of death, so Narada muni told him that he should chant the name of the Lord of death, this is preaching according to time and circumstance. Nijabija Maharaj would say that he would be in great controversy chant the name of the Lord of death. But he had a plan out of his great compassion but he understood what would happen “You chant the name of Mara”, so he this hunter began to chant very carefully “Mara, mara, mara, mara, mara, mara, mara, mara, mara, mara, mara, mara, mara” Hari Bol and he became a pure devotee by chanting the name of Ram by the mercy of Sri Narada rishi and Lord Rama actually induced to him through Narada and others to actually write the beautiful story of the birth and activities of Sri Ram Chandra. He was empowered with his vision.



Dasarath Maharaj performs Yagna

So he explains how in the great city of Ayodhya which is in the kingdom of Koushal there a king was named Dasarath, Dasarath Maharaj with 350 wives of which three were prominent Kausalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra. And despite many, many years of endeavoring he did not have even one single son. Now Maharaj Dasarath was coming in the line of great king Ikshavaku who is in the solar dynasty. Srila Prabhupada explains in the Kshatriya race there were two dynasties, one coming from Surya – the Sun God and the other coming from Moon God, so this is very, very sacred dynastic succession and it is one of the very sacred duties of these great God conscious Kings is to have a son to take the kingdom after him and lead the world according to the highest principles of Krsna Consciousness. But Dasarath had no son. So one day he gathered together his ministers and the great rishis, sages and he explained to them: “That although I am the emperor of the entire world I have no challenge practically and everything in my kingdom is flourishing with all prosperity and all of my citizens love me and are very obedient to my laws, still my life is empty, I feel that everything is spoiled because I have not had a son, what can I do?” And he was advised that he should perform a yagna. One of his ministers explained to Dasarath that a long ago the sages Sanat kumar and others explained to you that “you would have a daughter”, which he did, her name was Santa and one great King who was friend of Dasarath whose name was Romapad had no children so Dasarath allowed his daughter to live with Maharaj Romapad and later this daughter was married to a great sage of the name Rishyashrunga, he was a Brahman. This is a fantastic story some day we can tell of how Santa married Rishyashrunga, it is a good story for Brahmacharis to hear especially, for everybody but especially.


Lord Vishnu accepts offers of yagna and blesses

So anyway Rishyashrunga was a great Brahman, very pure from birth and Sanat Kumar said: that someday Dasarath Maharaj through a yagna performed by Brahman Rishyashrunga will have four sons who will be the very expansions of the Supreme Personality of Godhead himself. So Rishyashrunga was called to perform the yagna and he did and the various demi gods including Lord Brahma himself came to accept the offerings that were made to them in the yagna. At that time the demigods Dasarath was praying: “Please award me with a son to carry on my service” and the demi gods were praying to Brahma that “there is a terrible demon of the name Ravana, he is so strong”. “Why he is so strong? “Because of the benedictions you gave him. He cannot be defeated by anyone, he has such power, he has already conquered the earth, he has conquered practically all the universe, even Indra cannot stand before him, he is causing all the pious beings to cry, he is a murderer of Brahmans, he is destroyer of sacrifice and his great pleasure is to drink the blood of humans. But we cannot stand before him. So please appeal to the Supreme Personality of Godhead on our behalf to save us, there is no one else who can save us”. Just at that time, Sri Sri Radha Rasbihariji ki jai, Sri Sita Ram Laxman hanuman ki jai, Sri Nitai Gaura Chandra ki jai. Lord Vishnu appeared in sacrificial arena riding on his bird carrier Garuda and he announced to everyone that “soon I will appear, I will appear in my beautiful incarnation as the son of Maharaj Dasarath and I will kill Ravana and will bring pleasure and glory throughout the world”.


Demi-gods appear as dynasty of monkeys

And then the Supreme Lord after being worshipped by Brahma ascended again to the spiritual world. That time Brahma instructed the demi-gods that they should take birth in the form of their own expansions in the dynasty of monkeys in Kishkinda Kshetra in order to assist the Supreme Personality of Godhead when he appears in this world, to destroy the demon Ravana and establish real dharma again on the earth. So Indra, arranged to take birth as Bali, Surya expanded himself as his son of the name Sugriva, Vayu expanded himself in the form of Hanuman and Nevada, Mainda, Angada so many wonderful powerful, powerful monkeys who were big like mountains and very strong appeared on this earth simply to serve the lord.


Birth of Ram, Laxman, Bharat and Shatrugna

After the Yagna Rishyashrunga gave the Prasad that was offered to Lord Vishnu to Dasarath. Dasarath divided that Prasad into two parts; he gave half to Kausalya the senior most wives and the other half he divided into three parts, one part he gave to his other wife Kaikeyi and two to Sumitra. After some time sure enough the three wives became pregnant and they became very, very effulgent and extraordinarily beautiful holding the Lord’s expansions within her womb. And it was in this ninth day of the moon Ramanavami that the first child is born to Kausalya at the most auspicious moment in that great city of Ayodhya. Ayodhyapathi Sri Ramachandar appeared and soon after Bharat appeared from Kaikeyi and then Laxman appeared and Shatrugna appeared. And these four brothers were the very embodiments of all attractive qualities. Ram was the senior most and all the three brothers were devoted exclusively to him from their very infancy Laxman would never ever, ever for even a moment leave beside of his brother Ram. He was absolutely dedicated, to pleasing to serving in every possible way. His life at every moment was simply on meditation on serving Sri Ram, pleasing Sri Ram protecting Sri Ram from any inconvenience that could possibly come in this world. And Shatrugna at the same type of devotion and dedication to Bharat, the four brothers began to grow and as they grow they simply conquered the hearts of all the city of Ayodhya especially the mothers and Dasarath Maharaj.


Vishwamitra Muni’s Arrival

One day, the great sage Vishwamitra came to the court of the King Dasarath and although Dasarath Maharaj was the king of the entire world he always felt himself to be the most humble servant of the great devotees of the Lord. This is the quality of a great person.

Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said in this regard that a great person who has abundance of good qualities is just like a tree that has abundance of very right fruits that tree would bend very low it will never stand upright. Similarly a real great soul is always bowing down to others in taking a humble position; he will never stand straight to exalt his own qualities. And according to real culture, the Kshatriyas were always humble and submissive to the great devotees who are learned in the science of Absolute Truth. So when Vishwamitra came into the court of Maharaj Dasarath. Dasarath Maharaj sat him on his own throne and washed his feet and with his own hands as well as his ministers and soldiers and queens they were serving him in every possible way. In fact Dasarath Maharaj offered his entire kingdom to Vishwamitra muni. And this is why the Kingdom of Ayodhya was so blissful, so happy because of the king like this who is genuinely well wisher of all. So after Dasarath offered “How can I serve you”?


Ram and Laxman went to forest with Vishwamitra Muni

Vishwamitra muni requested the service the Dasarath Maharaj did not expect. He said “there are terrible demons Subahu and Maricha who are contaminating my sacrifices in the forest and they are so powerful that no ordinary living being can stop them but I know someone who can stop them, your son Ram. I want you to give me Ram and Laxman to come to the forest for sometime to kill these terrible demons”. When Dasarath heard this, he was unbelievable, he was just a child, normally in his teenage years and although he was the all powerful personality of Godhead due to fatherly affection Dasarath simply saw him as his son who was depending on his fatherly affection for survival. Besides he was a prince he was accustomed to living in the luxuries of the palace of the kingdom of Ayodhya, how could he live in dangerous forests fighting against Rakshasas? Dasarath Maharaj replied: “I will go myself and I promise you I will bring an entire Akshohini division of soldiers and I will kill those demons but let Ram stay here. Tell me about who are these demons, who are they working under?” And Vishwamitra muni explained: “They are working under the order of Ravana that great Rakshasa who is claiming the universe” and when Dasarath heard the name Ravana, it struck a thunderbolt of fear in his heart, he said: “No one can stand before Ravana; even Indra the King of heaven cannot stand in his presence”. Vishwamitra muni insisted he had given a word; a Kshatriya will never go back on his word of honor. Prominent qualities of Kshatriyas. These days in all countries throughout world have even the intentions to keep their words. I will not speak about India, because I do not know so much but I know in the west when politicians go on their campaigns they promise everything and then when it is time for next elections that the citizens come forward and say “everything you promised, you have done nothing” and they all will say “it is not my fault, what can I do? It is because of him”. In this way no citizens have really any trust in their leaders anymore, because nobody values their word of honor. A real Kshatriya anything he says, he will die before he goes back on his word. Where is such honor in this age of Kali Yuga? Vishwamitra muni said: “You have given your word”. At that time Vashista Muni explained to Dasarath: “I know who this Vishwamitra is? He could all these demons himself and you have nothing to fear, Ram is all powerful”. So with very, very happy heart, Dasarath surrendered. He surrendered what was most dear to his life, his own beloved son Ram and Laxman. So Ram very happily along with Laxman went into the forest with the great sage Vishwamitra.


Ram ends atrocities of Subahu and Maricha

And they came to the hermitage and there the sages were assembled they were in great fear. And what they did is they started throwing blood and dead corpses and stool and urine all other abominable substances all over the arena of sacrifice. That is what they would do. And they would personally come and terrorize and killing sages that resisted, so on this day when they appeared in terrible, terrible fearful monsters forms, Sri Ram Chandra took two arrows and with one arrow he killed the demon Subahu and with the other arrow it struck the chest of Maricha and threw him 800 miles into the ocean and the sages they were very happy and Ram and Laxman playing the parts of noble human beings in this incarnation, they actually worshipped the sages and were grateful to these great Brahmans.

Namo Brahmanya devaya go brahmane hitaya ca. The Lord’s greatest Lila of pleasure is to serve his devotees, to give pleasure to his devotees Bhaktavatsal.


Ram and Laxman serving Vishwamitra Muni

After Vishwamitra being very pleased with them would instruct them each day as they were in the forest. Ram and Laxman in order to show the world how whoever you are, however learned and great you may be by worldly estimation the virtue of life is to approach the spiritual master, inquire submissively and render service. Wherever they would go and travels with Vishwamitra they were always inquiring, what is the body? What is soul? What is the Absolute truth? When they approached the Ganga, they asked can you tell us the story of the history of mother Ganga. And Vishwamitra muni explained in great, great detail all of these stories and at the same time Ram and Laxman they would collect wood for their Guru, they would massage his legs, massage his Lotus feet, they will do any menial service just to show the world the necessity of following the great spiritual injunction of approaching the spiritual master enquiring submissively and rendering service. In fact Ram would not do anything of significance without the blessings of the great sage Vishwamitra.


Ram, Laxman and Vishwamitra Muni visiting Mithila

One day Vishwamitra Muni told Ram and Laxman that we will go on a pilgrimage to the very holy city of Mithila – The Kingdom of Maharaj Janak. When they arrived there Maharaj Janak knowing that Vishwamitra Muni had come, came with his ministers and secretaries and rishis and welcomed him with great affection and when Janak Maharaj saw the beauty of Ram he was simply astonished and he enquired “who is this?” “This is Ram, son of Dasarath, his brother Laxman”. Vishwamitra Muni asked Janak to explain the story of this great bow ceremony that they were having on regular basis. And Janak said: “That one time the demigods were fighting against demons and Lord Shiva he gave his own very, very powerful invincible bow to fight against the Asuras and that bow was named. This bow is so mighty and powerful that no one has even able to lift it but I have made a vow. I have vowed that it will take that great king or prince who can string or bend this bow to marry daughter Sita”. And he explained who is this Sita, how while he was ploughing the fields she was born from the very earth itself, she was more beautiful than any other personality on earth, she was a very embodiment of charm, sweetness, beauty, she was an ocean of loving qualities and the demigods, great kings and Rakshasas every one were mad to have the hand of Sita in marriage. Then they were all lining up coming to try to bend this bow and there was big, big arena like a stadium what we would call it today where thousands of people would gather to watch the tournament of various people trying to lift the bow. Much more interesting than the cricket matches of India, more purifying also. So it is said even Ravana himself came but he could not even budge this bow from this and Janak said: “so many great kings and princes they would come and not been able to lift the bow, they would become so angry that they would begin to attack the city” and Janak had used all his resources just to defend the kingdom of Mithila from all of these greedy and lusty people. It was carried, not carried pulled on wheels in the beautiful chest by the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of very strong stout people.


Ram sees Sita

Previously Sita and Ram happened to see one another and just by the glance from each others most loving eyes the original love was awakened. Ramachandra is the Supreme enjoyer and Sita is the Supreme devotee whose existence is exclusively meant for the enjoyment of God. What is the difference between Sita and Ram? The shastras explain that Radha Krsna, Sita Ram are both Absolute Truth Godhead, there is no difference. But that one Supreme Truth Bhagavan who is the controller of all controllers, cause of all causes the source of everything -the absolute truth. And in expansions of those incarnations are determining the affairs of this entire creation. Who is the source of all demi gods – devatas that one Supreme Truth divides himself into two forms for the purpose of enjoying eternal pleasure? Rasbihari simply to enjoy the loving exchange the lord enjoys himself. Sita is the pleasure potency – Haladini Shakti of the Absolute Truth. She is Godhead who appears for the enjoyment of himself. She is the Supreme essence and source of all Bhakti or devotion. And there is nothing that pleases Ram except Bhakti or devotion. So therefore in Gaudiya Sampraday it is our eternal aspiration to simply trying to assist as the servant of the servant of the servant the wonderful loving pastimes that God has with his own eternal energy in the form of Sita or Radharani. So in this Lila it was the first time that the Supreme enjoyer Sri Ram and his pleasure potency Sita were exhibiting this. This truly is the perfection of our hearts to hear of the wonderful meeting of Sita and Ram by playing the role of human beings.


Ram bends the bow and Strings it

Sita was simply praying, praying to the Supreme Godhead that “Ram would lift the bow and take my hand in marriage”. In knowing that this was the loving desire of his consort Ram and Laxman and Vishwamitra muni entered the arena where all the great persons had failed to even lift the very bow. Ram Chandra turned to Vishwamitra muni for blessings just stepped for forward and tried. Vishwamitra muni said: “Yes string the bow”. And Ram Chandra came forward all the citizens of Mithila were simply charmed to see his beauty and his qualities and they were all praying from the core of their hearts because their lives were simply for the pleasure of Sita “that please let this Ram be husband of Sita”. And Sita devi on seeing the limbs of Ram which appeared very youthful and very soft very gentle and then looking at this bow which was so hard, so cold there was great anticipation in her heart, there was complete silence in the assembly, even Janak himself was simply immersed in prayer that the Ram could lift the bow otherwise if he cannot do it Sita would be a widow for the rest of her life. So as Ram Chandra walked forward everyone were immersed, immersed in this beautiful pastime and Sri Ramchandraji the son of Dasarath, effortlessly lifted the bow and then when he pulled the string the bow bent further and further and further and further and he pulled more and more and more until it cracked and when it cracked the sound of the cracking of that bow was so thunderous that practically everyone in assembly except Ram, Sita, Vishwamitra, Laxman and Janak fell unconscious. Even the demigods upon hearing the thunderous crack of this bow in the heavenly planets were falling unconscious and the entire earth was shaking. And when everyone came to their senses again they saw this beautiful young form of Sri Ram standing with the bow broken to pieces. And for those of you who may have the fortune of going to this Holy place of Mithila that actual site where Sri Ram Chandra broke the bow is there. The history of these wonderful pastimes still exists in these Holy places. That time everyone was jubilant and Sita Devi came forward with the blessings of the father Janak with the garland of victory and she placed it on the neck of Sri Ram and everyone began to cheer and chant his Holy name:

Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

Sri Sri Sita Ram ki jai

Janak was just jubilant; he was so excited that let us have the marriage as soon as possible. Just at the time of Ram and Sita’s marriage (it rings nine times, celebrating Ram navami). It is also warning us to we should end the program to night, so we will continue this narration of Sri Ram’s Lila tomorrow night at Kandiwali. So in this way Sri Sri Sita Ram reunited and Janak Maharaj sent the new to Maharaj Dasarath and invited to agree to this wonderful proposal and he sent his ministers and the ministers arrived in Ayodhya that their letter from Janak Maharaj that Ram has strung the bow, we are proposing to you that he take the hand of Sita in marriage and Dasarath is overjoyed and Maharaj Janak in great devotion he actually sent all the way from Ayodhya to Mithila hundreds and hundreds of miles a they made beautiful, beautiful roads for the bride groom’s party not only beautiful roads but he very quickly in a matter of just days he erected wonderful guest house for them to stay on the way and sumptuous Prasad be served to them, filling the most royal percept. Kausalya and his ministers and so many of the important citizens of Ayodhya thousands and thousands they all finally came to Mithila and there the wonderful wedding ceremony took place. And Maharaj Janak gave Janaki hand to Ram and he and his brother gave their three daughters to Bharat, Laxman and Shatrugna and this way all four of the illustrious sons of Dasarath were suitably married and this wonderful festival. And then they returned very happily to Ayodhya for some time and we will discuss that tomorrow.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.