Radhanath Swami: I am very grateful for all the devotees for coming this evening. We have festival in remembrance and celebration of Sri Balaramji’s Rasalila in Vrindavana. It is also Krishna’s day of His Vasantarasa, His Rasalila in this spring season at Govardhana. It is also the appearance day of Shyamananda Goswami and the appearance of Hanuman.

Which subject would you like to hear? With the little time we have, I’ll try to speak briefly on a couple of these most auspicious subjects.

While Krishna and Balaram were residing in Dwaraka. Sri Balaramji was remembering the inhabitants of Vrindavana, the sweet and loving friendship he had with gops, his friends. The supremely affectionate love he received from Yashoda and Nanda, the relationships with the cows. He began to remember the beautiful activities or pastimes between Krishna and the gopas and the gopis. He was feeling within his heart the deep pains of separation that they must be experiencing. So he decided to go alone to Vrindavana to try to pacify the separation of the devotees there the Vrajavasis as well as experiencing the supreme enjoyment of their association.

One may ask why Krishna did not go. Krishna wanted to go but the Yadu’s, His mother Devaki, father Vasudeva, His queens, and friends; they would not allow Him to go. Krishna is very much captured by the love of His devotees. So they said to Krishna when they saw His inclination that if You go there is no doubt that the loving dealings of the Gopas and the Gopis of Vrindavana are so sweet, they are so supremely enjoyable to You. They sacrifice everything for You. After You have been away from them for so long. If You go back they will never leave You again and You won’t be able to leave them. You will be captivated. You will be enchanted. You will be captured by their love and we will never see you again and we won’t be able to leave. So You must stay here. You cannot go.

Krishna, He revealed at another time that everyday He would go to Vrindavana into the hearts of the gops and the gopis. Although they did not see Him physically with their eyes, in their deep separation from Him they were experiencing in total absorption. His love they were feeling and the love that they were all offering Him was unparalleled in all material and spiritual worlds. So in these feelings of separation Krishna was giving the residence of Vrindavana the highest ecstasies and He was also feeling the highest ecstasies within their hearts. He knew, if He went and if He did not go back to the Yadus they would die and if He went to Vrindavana and left again, they would die. But just the promise that Krishna made that He would return was keeping them alive and He was entering their hearts and performing His loving pastimes with them was nourishing them infinitely with spiritual love.

Balaram boarded his chariot and went to Sri Vrindavana. When he arrived how happy the Vrajavasis were. After so long time Sri Balaramji had returned. Nanda and Yashoda, even though now Balaram was the great prince in Dwaraka. It was many years since he left Vrindavana as a little 10 and half year old boy with Krishna to go to fight with Kamsa. But still they see him that little Balaram. They put him on their laps and they embraced and kissed him. They stropped him. They asked many questions. How is your health? How are you? How are all the inhabitants of the Yadu dynasty? They must be living very happily since that vicious king Kamsa has been killed. Now from Mathura you all moved to Dwaraka in the sea surrounded by the walls. You must be very protected and happy there. Please tell us. They were also asking about different individuals and Balaram was answering.

He greeted everyone according to their positions. To the senior cowherd man and cowherd ladies, he offered his obeisances and with folded palms he greeted them. To his friends he embraced them and joked with them. He spoke all friendly words. To those who were junior to him they offered obeisances to him and he gave blessings. The Vrajavasis, they offered him a nice seat. They offered him nice Prasad and nice seating places and he took rest. Then the Gopis, Balaram saw the gopis looking at him from a little distance.

When he little away from the others and met with Krishna’s gopis. They inquired that Krishna ever remember us. Does He remember Nanda Maharaja and Yashoda Mai, who gave their hearts and their souls and everything only for him? Does He remember Vrindavan, Govardhan, Yamuna, the beautiful trees of Kadamba and Tamala trees? Does He remember us, the gopis? When He played on His flute and called for us, we abandoned everything for him. We abandoned our fathers, mothers, husbands, brothers, sisters, home, wealth, prestige, and everything only for His pleasure and then He abandoned us to go to a foreign land. But all we could do is thinking of Him and thinking of His beautiful smiles, His wonderful gestures, His dancing, and His sweet words. Another Gopi said, “Why are we always thinking of Him? He does not think of us. So why should we think of Him”? Then another gopi said, “He may not think of us but we cannot stop thinking of Him. We gopis are very different people. We are not ordinary. If any girl loves a boy as much as we love Krishna then in separation they will die. They will not be able to maintain their lives. It is impossible. Neither the lover nor the beloved could possible tolerate such separation. They have to die. But we gopis were in that ocean of separation and yet we live. This is the fate that destiny has written on our foreheads.

They were enquiring about Krishna in every way. Especially wondering, now that He is with His very sophisticated city ladies, He must not remember us at all. But those poor ladies they do not know, how His sweet words and enchanting smiles will capture their hearts and then He may leave them also. Thinking of Krishna in every way, how they would made garlands for Krishna and how they would pick flowers for Krishna. They would cook for Krishna. They would dance for Krishna. They would dress for Krishna. They would live for Krishna. Thinking of every little detail of what was like when, Krishna was with them. Actually in their hearts all day, everyday, they would simply wake for Krishna to come. Krishna promised that He will come. That kept then alive. From the earliest time in the morning they would make garlands, wonderful sweet preparations all that Krishna liked. They would dress themselves. Everything either physically or in their heart of hearts with the hope that Krishna would come that day. But when the sun was set they would simply cry all night long. Then the next day, in their heart of hearts they were forming their lilas for Krishna and performing their service of Krishna in their meditation. All the while crying and crying.

Krishnadas Kaviraja Goswami explains how form the days that Lord Krishna left Sri Vrindavana Dham the gopis cried to the rest of their lives. Now for many of us ordinary person, if we loose loved one time heals the broken heart. But for the gopis time was only like fuel poured upon the fire of their separation. Because in the spiritual platform of gopi bhava, their love is ever increasing. In their separation the pains were ever increasing with every moment. The gopis cried, they could not control themselves. Even in front of Balaram who is Krishna’s elder brother where the gopis in general would be very restrained and respectable toward him. Seeing him and remembering Krishna so intimately they cried and they cried. Balaramji, he felt so deeply in his heart for them.

Previously when Uddhava saw this, he was sent from Mathura with a message from Krishna to Gopis. He saw the same experience of the gopis love in separation. Uddhava, who was Krishna’s foremost friend in the entire Yadu dynasty, practically he was constant companion. It is not that he felt sorry for the gopis. Most of us will think that why Krishna would put them in such separation. They are crying. They seem to be suffering. But Uddhava was kameswar of rasas of divine love. He saw this crying in separation and understood to be the highest expression and the deepest ecstasy of love, prema bhakti. Uddhava was thinking “I have no relationship with Krishna compared to them. There is no love in my heart when I put myself before the gopis. They are consumed in that fire of love. They cannot think of anything or anyone else except Krishna and it is ever increasing”. Even though physically Krishna was so far away in their hearts not a moment passes when they are not rendering most intimate service to Krishna. Perfection of Samadhi. Samadhi means complete absorption. The impersonal Samadhi is to be completely absorbed always in brahmana with the gopis who were far far beyond that. 24 hours a day for all eternity, the gopis their very souls are immerged in the shoreless, bottomless ocean of intimate remembrance of Shyamsundara. They were making garlands, cooking, dressing, smiling and dancing for Him. This is nothing of this world.

Uddhava upon seeing this he wanted to take the dust of the gopis feet. But being a great prince form the regal city of Dwaraka to take the dust from the feet of simple gopis would embrace them too much. So he prayed. He performed tapasya to be a little creeper in the vast land of Vrindavana. He just wanted to be one little creeper in the ground with the hope that the gopis will step on his head with their lotus feet. Actually Uddhava in his perfected form is eternally living in Vrindavana as that creeper just waiting for the gopis to cast the dust of their feet on his head without even knowing that he is there. To be such important associate of Krishna in Dwarka, what a humble position being that one little creeper in the vast pasture of Vraja near Govardhana! Nobody knows he was there. He was completely hundred percent totally unknown. He was just to the vrajavasis, cows, and everyone else; he is just another piece of grass. “trnad api sunicena”. He was literarily more humble than a blade of grass. He was a blade of grass by his own choice. He choose that over being a prince of Dwaraka Krishna’s best friend. That is how much he honored the love of Goloka Vrindavana, the love of the Vrajavasis.

So Balaramji was seeing the gopi’s crying in their absorption of their love for Krishna, the ultimate samaddhi and he meditated on Krishna and he brought Krishna into his mind to pacify the gopis. Before he left Krishna gave messages for the gopis to Balaram. But now Sri Balaramji in his heart of hearts meditating on Krishna and bringing Krishna to personally manifest within his heart and mind. He spoke those messages. It was just as Krishna was speaking the messages personally to the gopis and they could feel that. In every world Balaram spoke they could hear Krishna’s voice. They could feel Krishna’s love so intimately. They were pacified.

We speak about Balarma is the original guru. The servant of god head who is always facilitating the loving relationship between the lord and His devotees, he especially went to Vrindavana for that purpose. He remained in Vrindavana for two months, the months of madhu and madhava. There were set of gopis, those were his own gopis. They were younger than the gopis that Krishna performed the rasalila at Vamsibatta. With those gopis, he performed his rasalila at a place called Sri Ramaghata, which is quite a distance from the Vamsibatta in Vrindavana on the bank of Yamuna. There lord Balaramji he was singing and danced.

Our acaryas explained that when Krishna and Balaram were living in Vrindavana near Govardhan, once Balaram with his gopis and Krishna was with His gopis and Sankshachuda came to steal the gopis away from Krishna. Because they were so beautiful. He was very close to Kuvera, who is the treasurer of the demigods. So he was very wealthy and he had a magnificent jewel that he kept on his head. Because he was so wealthy and so handsome and so strong and learned, he could not tolerate anyone having something that he wanted. This is the mentality when we become proud we think that we deserve. When we think we deserve so much of what we want, we naturally become envious. When we become very powerful, people listen to you. It becomes intolerable, when you do not get your way. You never get your way, when no body really cares what you say. It does not hurt that much. The more you have the more your ego needs under control.

Sankshachuda could not imagine. No one can enjoy these ladies except me. So the stick he took the gopis away. They were crying, “Krishna, Balaram”. Krishna told Balaram, you take care of gopis, I’ll take care of him”. He did. He ran after Sankshachuda and Sankshachuda ran away. Then Krishna punched him. That was the end of Sankshachuda. Then He took away his jewels and presented it to Balaram. So Balaramji, here is laughing, dancing, exchanging pure spiritual loving relationships at Sri Ramaghata. Then Varuna the lord of the sea, he sent his daughter Varuni to take the form of a highly celestial beverage. The fragrance of that beverage was so enticing and the affect of drinking this delicious beverage would intoxicate one’s mind. But it is not like the intoxications that people take in Mumbai. This is Varuni. This is divine experience.

So Balaramji, he smelled from the hollow of a Kadamba tree this Varuni beverage and he said to the gopis let us search out the source of this fragrance. When they come close to the tree, Varuni, the nectar called out “Oh, Balaram my father, my other father Varuna sent me just for you to enjoy”. So for more read from the Srimad Bhagavatam, it appears that Varuni is something like a divine beverage that something like honey but beyond honey by millions and millions of time. But Balaram began to drink it and began to feed to the gopis. Soon Balaram’s eyes were rolling in ecstasy of intoxication. Then he and the gopis were really laughing and dancing. Balaram was dressed in blue garments. His beautiful white complexion was perspiring.

Srimad Bhagavatam explains the beats of perspiration on his beautiful white complexion looks like snow flakes. His large lotus like eyes. He had one earring. It was beautiful as he was dancing with gopis. Then he looked toward river Yamuna and he cried out Yamuna come here we want to swim and have our water sports in you. Now this is usually, you go to the river. This is the common tradition is, you go to the river. It is not that you demand the river to come to you. So perhaps Yamuna Devi never heard such request before. So seeing Balaram with his eyes rolling and laughing like this she was thinking, “he is very intoxicated”. So she did not come. But Balaramji wanted to show the world that we should not underestimate the instructions of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He became transcendentally angry. Oh, retched river, you dared to defy my order. Today I’ll bring you here by my own power with the tip of my plough and I’ll caught you into hundreds and hundreds of streams. Then he took his plough and he headed into Yamuna and began to pull her.

When Yamunadevi saw in a personified form of Kalindi, she stood before Balaram with folded palms, eyes glazed with love in surrender and she said, “Oh, mighty arm Balaram, who could possibly understand the magnitude of your and strength. All the universes in creation are resting upon just a small portion of your energy. Please forgive me. I did not understand your powers. I was negligent. Yamunadevi, she cried out like this. Now I surrendered to you. I am your devotee and you are always kind to protect your devotees. Please accept me. So Balaram was satisfied. She surrendered to his life. Actually Yamuna is the divine river that descended from the spiritual world. Yamuan eternally flows in Goloka Vrindavan the highest realm of Vaikuntha to facilitate the sweetest loving pastimes of Radha and Krishna. The gopas and the gopis. When Krishna descends into this world, he brings Yamuna, Govardhana, forest of the kalpavriksha trees of Vraja, spiritual world, and His eternal associates, Suravi cows, the nityasiddha devotees. He also allows pure devotees, who have just perfect their lives from the material world to enter into those pastimes to be trained by the nityasiddha devotees. So that they could return to Goloka at the end of His lila in this world.

Yamuna devi as Balarama and gopis saying and paying within her waters, she was just the temperature, the breeze and everything was just absolutely for the pleasure of lord and his devotee. Can you imazine? Yamuna, is an expansion of Srimati Radharani. She is an expansion of Visakshadevi the gopi, who is an expansion of Sri Radha. Yamuna devi is Krishna’s pleasure potency. In the form of this river she is creating most beautiful and fragrant lotus flowers. The taste of her water, the fragrance of her water, the temperature of her water, the sight of her water, the breeze coming from her water, everything is a full fledged expression of her intimate love. That is Yamuna. Among all the lotus flowers and the fragrance of the Yamuna river, intoxicated by Varuni Balaram and gopis enjoyed on this full moon night in this spring time of Vrindavana.

Sukadeva Goswami says that Balram is like Airavata the great elephant enjoying with so many she elephants. Then he came out from the river with the gopis and goddess Kanti who is Lakshmidevi herself appeared and she offered Balaramji a garland of unfading eternal lotus flowers and fresh brilliant blue garments, gold ornaments studied with diamonds and jewels and a beautiful earring. For the pleasure of goddess Kanti Balaramji accepted those garments and spent that night at Sri Rama Ghat with his beloved gopis.

Sukadeva Goswami tells that every night for two months Balarmaji gave this enjoyment to the gopis. In doing so, every moment, every night was a completely new experience. Because in the nityalila, although it appears that Krishna may perform same lilas again and again in different universes. Every time He does it, it is absolutely fresh and new. In fact for a pure devotee, when one devotee chants the holy name of Krishna, it is not like while I have been chanting this, there is sixteen names a hundred and eight times and one mala and sixteen malas have been doing this for 40 years. Because Krishna’s lila, from and everything are non different than His name. When we chant the name of Krishna with love by the residence of Vrindavana who are approaching Krishna with prema. When Krishna reciprocates in an ever new, ever fresh experience for Him and for His devotees.

In the spiritual world or in spiritual consciousness there is absolutely no such thing as being bored. It is not the you have to find something to do just to pass time. In this world people are really bored and they trying to consume themselves in all source of different types of activities just to forget that loneliness and forget that boredom. But in the spiritual world everything is ever fresh and everyone is always remembering Krishna and Krishna is none different than remembering Him with love. Even in the mind, Krishna is inducing ever new experiences at every moment. In separation there is the greatest pain of loneliness but in that loneliness there is total companionship with Krishna who is drowning us in fathomless oceans of loving pastimes. That is this spiritual world. So this is how Balaramji and gopis spent two months and it seems to them like it was not even one night passed so quickly.

When Krishna perform rasalila with gopis in sarad season just to please the gopis, who sacrifice everything only for him by His own yogeswar mystic powers, He extended that one night to a night of Brahma, which is a long time. But even though it was full night of Brahma for the gopis it seems to pass like in moments because they were so absorbed beyond time. In spiritual world, where time is conspicuous by His absence. In the material world, everything is being destroyed. Everything is decreasing. Like life sapn,


With every rising and setting of the sun, one is one day closer to death. Except those who find pleasure in hearing the glories of Krishna, for them every rising and setting of the sun, one day come closer to eternal life. Instead of the sunrise and the sunset diminishing and draining our life sapn, it is actually enriching and nourishing us with eternal life. Because Krishna is Suryanarayana.

You approach Krishna with love and devotion eager to hear and chant His glories, then in the form of the son, will give light, not only to your eyes but to your hearts and increase your duration of life to eternity. “ye yathä mäà prapadyante” but if you do not find pleasure in hearing and chanting about Krishna then you have to look for pleasure in other ways. Then that same sun, Krishna’s energy is simply taking away in your life old age, disease, and rebirth again and again”.

In Sri Caitanya Bhagavat Vrindavana Das Thakur close to the beginning he tells this beautiful pastime of Balaramji’s wonderful rasalila on the banks of the Yamuna at Sri Rama Ghat in Vrindavana. Because he wanted to glorify that the same Balaram who is Krishna himself in the mood of the most intimate servitor of Krishna has come to this world as Sri Nityananda Prabhu. Just as Balaram to the vrajavasis, they felt that Krishna was again with them. They felt reunited with Krishna through Balaram’s love and compassion for them. In a similar but extended way in this material world we are all Krishna’s devotees and associates essentially but we have been away from Krishna so long. Not suffering like the gopas and the gopis but really suffering in this material existence.

Balaramji comes as Lord Nityananda Prabhu to bring us back to Krishna. We only know about Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu because of Nityananda Prabhu. How thoroughly just as Balaram is serving Krishna in his devotees and every way in the spiritual world? Nityananda Prabhu, he ordered Krishnadas Kaviraja goswami to go to Vrindavana and there Krishnadas Kaviraja Goswami wrote Sri Caitanya Caritamrita and he gave all credit to Nityananda Prabhu, who originally sent him there and then Rupa Goswami and Raghunath Das Goswami who he heard these lilas and these teachings from. It was Nityananda Prabhu that brought Rupa and Sanatana Goswami to Caitanya Mahaprabhu in Ramkeli. It was Nityananda Prabhu that blessed Raghunath Das Goswami to achieve the shelter of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s lotus feet for ever. These are the people who have given us, everything we know about Caitanya Mahaprabhu. It is said that the last disciple that Nityananda Prabhu made was Vrindavana Das Thakur the son of Narayani and Nityananda Prabhu ordered him to write Sri Caitanya bhagavatta. Not only he did order him to write it but also he appeared in his heart and manifested through him. Vrindavan Das Thakur says again and again, “It is not me writing. This is the inspiration. This is the power of Nityananda Prabhu glorifying Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu as Anantasesa. With thousands of mouths he constantly was chanting the names and the glories of the lord. Beyond Anantasesa it is Nityananda Prabhu, who provided the whole world the opportunity to connect with Sri Sri Radha and Krishna in the form of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and returned to original natural relationship with the Lord through chanting the holy names of the Lord. “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare”.

One day after Sri Ramachandra returned from forest to Ayodha, He was sitting in His palace as the king with Bharat, Lakshmana, Satrughna, Sitadevi, and Hanuman that time Agastya Muni came to visit Him. Now Agastya Muni was very dear to Lord Rama. He helped Him a lot. Agastya muni was near the Panchavati. Agastay muni actually gave Rama the mantras, the arrows which ultimately killed Ravana with the blessings of Agastya Muni. So Ramachandra asking him many questions about the great personalities of Ramayana. At one point he was telling about the history of Ravana, history of Bali. One time there was encounter between Bali and Ravana. Bali was really powerful. He picked up Ravana and put him under his arm and took him away. So Ramachandra asked the question to Agastya Muni that we read about how powerful Ravana and Bali was. But even more powerful was Hanuman. The courage, the strength, the intelligence, the devotion, the skills, and everything about Hanuman. It is unsurpassable and unparalleled.

When Bali exiled Sugriva, why did not do anything? Why he just follow Sugriva into exile? Why did not he fight? He loves Sugriva. He gave his heart and soul to Sugriva. Why he did not try to help him? He was far more powerful than Bali or anyone. Is it that he forgot his own powers? Can you please tell me the story? So Valmiki Muni explains Agastya Muni’s reply.

There was a great king of Banaras, his name was Rikshyaraja. He was a very very powerful person. He was very effulgent. He had two sons, Bali and Sugriva. After years by the power of time, Riskhyaraja left this world and Bali the elder brother was made the king. Bali and Sugriva were best of friends. They were like inseparable brother. They were always there for each other. The nature of this world is misunderstanding. I am not going to go into that story but there was a demon, who came and attacked Kiskindha. Then Bali and Sugriva went together. Bali went into the cave and told Sugriva, “You wait here and I am going. Do not come in. Just wait here until I come out”.

Sugriva was obedient. Day after day they were fighting. Sugriva could not go in because it was the order of Bali. Then he heard the hideous war of rakshays sound and he saw blood flowing out of the cave. Then there was silence. Then he was broken hearted, his beloved brother Bali was dead. So he put a huge rock in front of the cave, so that the demon could not get out. So he went back and told everyone. He was coordinated as the king. In the material world he was trying to do some seva. Bali killed the demon and Sugriva blocked Bali into the cave. Bali was really upset. Why my brother did this? I was in the war. What he do this? It was not easy to moving that rock. Then he finally gets back. He saw Sugriva sitting on the throne being worshiped. So Sugriva’s motivation was in sadness lamenting over Bali’s death. He was trying to protect Bali’s citizens. Bali’s interpretation, “Why he was trying to lock me in”? So he can exploit and take everything I have. So there was a big fight and due to curse of Matanga risi Sugriva found shelter on the Rusyamukha Mountain. So he was living there. Hanuman followed behind him. He was faithful. Why did not Hanuman join Bali? He was the king. Why did not Hanuman killed Bali, he had the power to do so? Why he just followed exile with Sugriva? So Rama is asking this question and Agastya Muni is answering.

He explained why Hanumanji was forgetful? Begins by talking about the great mountain Sumeru, which by the grace of Sun it was Golden Mountain. There lived Kesariraj, who was the king of monkey race and his wife was Anjana who previously was an apsara. But somehow or other She inadvertently made fun of the appearance of one sage and for the shake of the Lord’s pastimes, she was cursed to live in the dynasty of monkeys. Although she was actually extraordinarily beautiful. Still she married to Kesariraj.

Agastya Muni, he explains how Vayu was very very much attracted by Anjana and knowing the ultimate will of Lord Sri Ramachandra the Supreme Lord Vishnu, he impregnated Anjana. Some puranas describes how he carried the seed of Lord Shiva in the form of pioson for her to drink. There are different explanations in different yugas of how Hanumanji was born. One is that if you remember on Ramanavami, when Rusyasringa perform that yagya that was their pioson, divine nectar that was given to the three wives of Dasarath where Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata, and Satrughna were born from that. But one portion was carried away by a large bird into the sky. He had a mission and then vayu took that right away from the bird and brought it right to Anjana. Then she drank it and Hanumanji was born.

Now having the potencies of Lord Shiva, the potencies of Vayu, he was extraordinary. So one day he was just a little baby and he was hungry. When he was just little monkey, this little baby monkey Hanumanji. He was not named hanuman yet. He was Anjana Nandana. So he went into the forest looking for some food and it was the early morning. Then he was lonely for his mother. He started to call out for his mother to feed him. Then the son was rising on the eastern horizon. When he saw the beautiful rising sun that above Hanumanji considered it as a fruit. Now if you pick up a piece of fruit from where you standing in your hand and hold it in front of the sun, the piece of fruits bigger than the sun, is it not? So he was not thinking in terms of distance. He just saw the sun is about this big, what it rises. That is how big it is to our sight. So he saw a piece of fruit. He really wanted that fruit. So he jumped toward that fruit toward the sun. The devas were watching him and they could not believe what they were seeing. This little baby was flying. He was flying faster than Vayu the wind. He was flying faster than garuda could fly the bird carrier of Vishnu. He was flying faster than the mind toward the Sun. Within a moment he was almost there. Vayu, because he was getting closer and closer Vayu followed right with Hanumanji and with his cooling wind, he kept Hanuman cool. He protected him from getting burnt.

As Hanumanji was approaching the Sun understood that this is Rama’s servant and in the future he is going to very very great service to Rama. So he was just accepting whatever may be. But it is just so happen that that day meant to be a solar eclipse. So Rahu was charging toward the sun and he saw somebody else charging toward the sun. This was very disturbing to Rahu. Because you know only uncertain intervals that he gets to swallow the sun. Here somebody else is trying to swallow the sun. Hanuman saw Rahu coming and Rahu saw Hanuman is coming. Then little baby Hanuman just grabbed Rahu and through him aside. Rahu was gigantic. He was really a big entity. So he was really discouraged just being slapped aside by a little baby monkey. So he went to Indra. Rahu complain to Indra. He said, “You are the king of the heaven. You are the in charge of the management and how everything works. I am supposed to, it is my allotment to swallow the moon at certain intervals and swallow the sun at certain intervals. This is by interval, this is the time for me to do eclipse of the sun and you are supposed to make sure that all the different department has and everything is in the order and everyone is cooperating. There is another Rahu, that is going to take my portion of what I deserve and you should do something about it. So Indra said, “I’ll take care of this”.

So Indra got on his elephant carrier Airabata. Airabata is really big. He was not just born from she elephant. He was churned out from the ocean of milk. He had four tusks. He was really a big elephant. So Indra was charging toward surya to solve the problem. But as he was coming Rahu felt that now Indra is going to take care of Hanuman and I am going to swallow the sun. So he separated from Indra and Rahu started charge toward sun again. Hanuman grabbed him. Rahu seeing Hanuman coming at him he turned around and flew away as fast as he could. Rahu started screaming out Indra save me. Indra said, “I am coming to save you. I’ll make sure work of this monkey”. Indra started attacking Hanumna and then Hanuman, he heard Indra’s words and he turned his eyes away from Rahu and he saw Airabata to be a really big piece of fruit. So Hanumanji flew toward Airabata to eat him.

Now Indra had to take it seriously and now Hanuman was charging toward him to eat his elephant. So then Indra took his thunderbolt and threw it. It crashed against Hanumanji’s chin. Then the little baby monkey fell onto a mountain and role down the mountain was unconscious. Vayu came to his baby son and found that there is no consciousness in his son. So he became very disturbed. For him this was serious child abuse. You killed my baby. All he wanted to eat some fruit. What was his fault? Every baby want to eat fruits. So Vayu wanted to give a good lesson. So he is the deva in charge of the air. So he withdrew the air of the universe from both within and without. Now nothing can happen without air. Immediately everybody became like a pieces of wood, nobody can move. Because your joints cannot move without the life airs between it. It is the prana that in different forms. There are different types of pranas and different types of airs. Without air you cannot move a single limb. You cannot blink your eyes. There cannot be any movement, whatsoever anywhere in the universal creation without air and without space. Everyone became totally constipated because whatever they ate is got stock wherever it was. Nobody could pass urine because you drink water and it is just stuck there. Nothing moves. Beyond that people started suffocating. The universe was about to end.

So the devas they understood exactly what happened and they were really disturbed and they went to Brahma. They approach Brahma that you are the father of all living beings. You are the father of Vayu also. Please help us. So lord Brahma brought Shiva, Agni, Varuna, and all other devas and they all went to that mountain. Vayu had that little Hanuman in a cave and then Brahma, the magnanimous Brahma, the first living entity, the secondary creator of all life within the universe appeared. When Vayu saw Brahma, he approached him and offered his full prostrated obeisances before Brhma and with great respect he honored the great father of the universe and the little baby Hanuman in his arms and presented him to Brahmaji. Brahmaji with his nectarine touch, he stroked little Hanuman’s body with his hand and Hanuman came back to life. Vayu was very happy. So he released all the air for the universes and people started moving their eyes and blinking their eyes and they could start moving their arms. They could start breathe. They could pass urine. They could do everything. You can understand the power of any element of this universe; we are totally dependent on every element.

In this material creation everything is so inter connected. One thing is goes wrong and life cannot exist. Such a machine is material nature created by Krishna. Brahma instructed all the devas that this child is going to be the most intimate loving associate of Sri Ramachandra and he is going to do your work. What you cannot do, he is going to do. He is going to be the greatest most powerful warrior for your shake and for the shake of dharma and for the pleasure and service of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. So let us all give him the primmest benedictions that we can. Indra put a flawless garland from his own neck on Hanuman and he said, “I bless you Hanuman that even my thunderbolt will not be able to harm you. Every limb of your body will be stronger than my thunderbolt”.

He was getting so many boons from all of the different devas, from Varuna, Kuvera. Viswakarma gave him the boon that both the devas and the demons have weapons made by me. No weapon made by me will ever be able to harm you. Lord Shiva gave him the benediction that you will never be defeated in battle and you will not be subjected to time or death. He was given boons by Yamraj that my rod of chastising will never be able to touch you and you will be out of my control in the form of death. He was given the boons to be very powerful. He was given mystic siddhis. Surya the Sun god said, “I’ll give you one hundredth of my effulgence and when you become little older in age I’ll personally instruct you in every form of knowledge and you will be the most learned person and more learned than even the disciples of Vrigu Muni. You will be eloquent in speech. You will know every subject of spiritual, material, and everything. No one will ever be able to defeat you in debate and your words will be sweet like nectar”. He was getting boon after boon. Little Hanuman was listening to them and he was becoming really surcharged.

Vayu picked up little baby Hanuman and brought him back to Anjana and Kesariraja and said, “Here is your son. He is now blessed with the boons of the devas. Lord Brahma was given him boon after boon. He will never be defeated. Be the greatest devotee of the Lord. He will live for the eternity in the parts of the history. He will insurmountable in the battle”. When grew little older as a small child, Hanuman knowing he had all these boons and having the tendencies of monkey. He was extremely playful restless. It was not mischievous and naughty way of hurting anybody. He was just extremely playful.

You have been to Vrindavana and other places where monkeys are. Can you imagine of those monkeys have those boons? That kind of Hanuman was. We try to chant our japa. In Treyta Yuga, the brahmanas were instead of doing japa, they were doing yagya. So Hanuman was just jump up and he would take the wooden ladles and spoons and just break them into pieces and throw them. Then the yagya was finished. Then in the forest the risis they wear tree bark. But wearing tree bark, unless live in the forest with sages you do not know it is a science. They take very very soft tree bark and make it into their clothing. So when they would be bathing or whatever Hanumanji would take their tree bark clothing and ripped into threads and throw it into the air. Now they have nothing to wear. They have no ladles to do yagas. All the ghee thrown all over the places and all the wood broken into pieces. They have no cloths. Sometimes they go into the river to chant their mantras and hanuman would pull them by the feet under water. So he was doing much mischief and was very playful. He never hurt anybody. He never causes them physical injuries. He was just playful. The risis were tell him do not do this. You know little boy, what do you go do against me. I have all these boons. He also got a boon, I think it was from Brahma that he could not be cursed. So he was really infallible.

So they went to told Anjana and Kesariraj. They said, “He is same way at home”. So with the permission of Anjana and Kesariraj they gave blessings where they pronounced with their mantras to Hanuman that he would not remember that he had any of the boons or powers unless someone began to speak the glories of these powers. So instantly he forgot everything. Then he became very respectful. He would bring grains to the brahmanas and bring fumes. Carefully washed their tree bark clothing and everything was very nice and he received so many blessings for giving so much pleasure and so much nice favor to the sages.

Years later of course we know Hanuman he studied under Surya. Everyday from the time Sun rose in the eastern horizon to the time the sunset in the western horizon, Hanuman would follow the sun and Suryadeva the whole while would instructed him on grammar, on logic, on philosophy, on debate, on poetry, on psychology, on history. Surya knows a lot because he sees everything. He is around a long time. So Hanuman every word he spoke was in pristine eloquent Sanskrit poetry. He did not speak. He was saying. Everything was so charming. He was so gentle. He was so respectful and so humble that literarily he could conquer all most anyone just by his sweet speech. Then he knew all the scriptures, not only by memory but with full realization. And with such compassion he could present it in such a way that will transform anyone’s hearts. At the same time he had super natural powers.

So Rama asked and Agastya muni was explaining that Hanuman lived and because Sugriva was the son of Surya the amsa. When Hanuman asked can I give you dakshina for so long you taught me everything about knowledge and academic scriptures. Surya said that always be a friend at the side of my son Sugriva. So Hanuman was loyal and he was faithful. He would rather be vanished in exile and have everything taken away than do not be loyal to Sugriva. This was another quality of Hanuman, absolutely loyalty. But since his childhood he never knew he had power because nobody ever reminded him. So he was living like a regular banar, very strong.

Then we read about Rama searching for Sita after Ravana had kidnapped her. Jatayu had informed Rama that it was Ravana that stolen her and he take her in the southern direction. Rama and Lakshmana were searching weeping in the forest on the southern direction looking for any hint, any trace, and anyone knew anything. Then there was at huge mountain like asura named Kabandha. It was like the mountain with one eye is chest. His belly was his mouth. His chest was an eye. He was just tarsal but he was bigger than the mountain. He had long arms and he was just eating elephants, tigers, and rhinoceros like we eat chana. Most people do not eat one chana at a time. They eat handful at a time the way he was eating elephants, tigers, and leopards. He was going to eat Rama and Lakshmana.

As it is a beautiful story, ultimately Rama and Lakshmana they defeated him. Then Kabandha said, “Burn and buried me then I tell you, how you could find Sita”. Because he understood, who he was. He was actually a gandharva in his past life that was cursed to this form. So they made a big whole and they would bury him. Just as they completed the job, Kabandha became a beautiful golden complexion Gandharva on a chariot. Then he said that if someone is seriously distress and needs help the best person to help him is someone who is similar distress, who needs help. Because he will feel for you. There is no where you will going through and you could be allies and help each other. So there is someone. You have been exiled from your kingdom and you have lost your wife. There is a monkey from the banar race named Sugriva, who has been exiled from his kingdom and has lost his wife to his enemy. Go and make allies with him. He has a minister named Hanuman. Go and make allies with him and he with all his horizons of monkey soldiers under his command. If you help him to conquer Bali his brother, he will help you to find Sita. I am sure of it. He is – at a lake called Pampa Sarovar. He gave them direction. As Kabandha in his gandharva form was going back to his abode lord Rama said, “Now you go back to your abode. Thank you for your help”. Kabandha in the sky his last words were, “Make allies with Sugriva”.

Then Ramachandra and Lakshmana they went to Pampa Sarovar. In those days it was very large and beautiful lake right in the foot of Rusyamukhya mountain. There He met Savari, the simple lady who was living in a little thatched hurt in a cave and she greeted Rama with great love and devotion and fed Him those nice fruits. Then with Rama’s permission she united by her own mystic powers fire on her body and her original spiritual form manifested and she went back to godhead. So Rama Started walking along the edge of Pampa Sarovara with Lakshmana. Then He saw a Peahen dancing with a peacock and he remembered how He would have beautiful lilas with Sita like that. He began to cry. He saw some red fruits and He thought Sita’s beautiful lips. He saw some lotus flowers in Pampa Sarovara and He remembered Sita’s eyes. He saw white swans swimming in the Pampa Sarovara. He remembered Sita’s white complexion. He saw male and female dear playing. He remembered Himself playing with Sita like those dears. Everything He was seeing was reminding Him of Sita. He began to cry very loudly in separation from Sita. He cried out to Lakshmana, where is My Sita. We have to find Sita. He was crying. Lakshmana said, “We will find”.

Meanwhile Sugriva was on the top of Rusyamukha Mountain and he heard this loud crying and he looked down to see what it was. He came out of his cave. He saw Rama and Lakshmana. So he became very afraid. He called his five chief ministers. One of them was Hanuman. He said, “I saw there are two very powerful looking princes. They must be sent by Bali to come to kill me”. Because every king is afraid of enemies and every king wants to exterminate all possibility of any adversary. So surely he has sent these princes to come to kill me. So these monkeys they jumped from one mountain to another and came to a place from high above that they could look down. Hanumanji said to Sugriva, “Actually let us study the way they move. The way they talk. The way they look at things. What their gestures are? And we will be able to surmise what their motivation is”. So it was Hanuman’s wisdom. He could just look at someone and know everything about, what their motivation is. He said, “They may be friends, who have come to make allies with us”. Sugriva said, “No, we cannot take it chance. If they become our friends and they are actually Bali’s spies then we are even more vulnerable to the trouble they could make”. Hanuman said, “I do not think so. Something in my heart is telling me that they have come to be our friends”. Sugriva said, “You go down in disguise and see everything for yourself”.

So Hanuman disguised himself by his mystic powers as a wandering mendicant brahman and he came down to the Pampa Sarovara. Then he approached Rama and Lakshmana very respectfully. He asked, “Can you tell me, why are you here? Who you are”? As he was speaking looking at Rama and Lakshmana the beauty of Rama’s form was melting Hanumanji’s heart, who was uncontrollable. Because Hanuman was a great devotee and even though he did not know, who Rama was. The love of his heart for Sri Rama was expanding and growing in such a way that Hanuman was intoxicated in ecstasy. Before Rama and Lakshmana even said anything Hanuman said, “Actually I am not a brahmana but I am Hanuman. I am the messenger of Sugriva. I have come to you to find out who you are”. Hanuman could realize that this was god Himself. Hanuman understood that this is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and in his heart of heart he surrendered.

Then Rama said, “Oh, you are the minister of Sugriva that’s just we are looking for”. Then Lakshmana told the whole story of Rama in essence. How He was the prince of Ayodha and due to the conning behavior of Kaikei, He was exiled into the forest. How Ravana had stole Sita. How they met Kabandha and he had instructed them to make allies with Sugriva to find Sita. Hanumanji he said, “I’ll bring you instantly to sugriva”. Then he assumed his original form as Hanuman. He said, “Please get on my shoulders and I’ll take you there within a moment”. So he put Lakshmana in one shoulder and Rama in other shoulder and with one jump he was standing before Sugriva on the top of the mountain. Then he put Rama and Lakshmana down and introduce them to Sugriva. Then they both told each other their problems.

Sugiva told the story of, how he was exiled from Bali. His wife was captivated by Bali. Then Rama, He held Sugriva by the hand and said, “We are now allised. Let us vow to be faithful to each other to help each other in our times of need”. Then Ramachandra embraced Sugriva. Just by seeing Rama, Sugriva’s eternal love awakened because he was also very great vaisnava. His eternal love awakened within his heart. When he saw Rama embracing Sugriva and vowing to be allies to help each other at that moment Hanumanji started a scared fire to consequent their relationship. Then they sat around their fire. Just as we vow at a sacred fire, they vowed faithfulness to each other.

Rama did away with Bali. First He through three dundobi along a distance just to show Sugriva His strength. Then He shot His through seven Tal trees. Finally Sugriva said, “Yes I have faith that you could fight against Bali”. So by Rama’s mercy Bali was sent back to godhead and Sugriva was given the throne and he ruled over all the Banar Dynasty of millions of gigantic monkeys. Then the monsoons came. Then they understood that it would be impossible to search for Sita during the rains. So in Kiskindha, Rama choose a cave named prasravana where he remained for the four months of the rainy season.

Meanwhile Lakshmana coordinated Sugriva as king and during the monsoon Sugriva was really enjoying being a king. Because there was really not too much else that they could do that season. Just like in the olden days, sannyasis were just stay on one place and perform tapasya during chaturmasya. But the kings they were just stay on one place and enjoy. So on the monsoons were ending Sugriva just intoxicated with all source of pleasures and he forgot all about his alliance with Rana. But a few days past that Rama told Lakshmana, “All types of vile activities of all disgraceful behavior the worse is to be ungrateful. Of all graceful behavior there is nothing worse than ingratitude. I did so much for Sugriva. I cleared away all his obstacles. I put him in a place today. Now he has forgotten My needs. He is so consumed by his sense enjoyment. You should go and you should teach him a good lesson”.

Now Lakshmana seeing Rama’s anger, he became very angry. He said, “On this very day with my arrows I’ll send him to the house of death”. Rama said, “Do not do that. Just go there and convince him to be grateful and do the right things. If he does not do that then you can do”. So as Lakshmana was coming down Hanuman so wise and so sensitive and always thinking about the will of the Lord, he saw that the rains stopped and immediately he went to Sugriva and said, “You gave your word to Rama to be his allied to find Sita right after the rain season and now the rain season has ended. We have to call our troops together and do it”. Sugriva just woke up from his intoxicated delusion and said, “Yes, we have to do that”.

Hanuman save Sugriva’s life from Lakshmana. So when Lakshmana approach Angada and Hanuman came to greet him. They brought him to Sugriva. Sugriva had already started mobilizing his forces. They were all coming. He said, “Let us go to Rama and make our final plans”. So they took them to Rama’s cave and there Sugriva vowed that with every last monkey we have, we are going to send them to find Sita. He was a very powerful ruler. He divided all of his millions of soldiers in to four groups. One is going to north, west, east and south. He had Angada heading the party going south because that were thought that Ravana went. He particularly told Hanuman you go with Angada because if anyone is going to find Sita, I believe it is going to be you. Because your power, your devotion, your determination, your wisdom is unparallel.

Sugriva ordered all of them, “I am giving you one month to find Sita and anyone who is not back here one day late from one month, I’ll kill you all. Now you go”. He wanted them to take this order very seriously. Rama turned to Hanuman. He said, “I believe by your devotion, by your love that you will find Sita”. He gave him a ring with which His own name on it and said, “When you find you give her this ring that she will know that I have sent you”. Hanuman put that ring to his head in great reverence then offered his dandavat pranams vowing down at the lotus feet of Sri Rama with tears of affection in his eyes. He stood up and began to search.

They searched everywhere without any clues. Ultimately they got a good lead from Sampati, the brother of Jatayu, who had really good vision that he could actually see Srilanka and he could see Sita there. He told them that is where she was. That is where Ravana’s Kindom was. But it was 800 miles of ocean. How to get there? Each of the different monkeys was expressing their own power and their strength. One said, “I could jump one yojana”. Another said, “I could jump two yojanas”. Another said, “I could jump three yojanas but that’s my capacity”. Angada the son of Bali, when Bali was dying entrusted under the care of Rama and Sugriva. Angada said, “I could jump it but I won’t be able to jump back”. They said, “No, you are our commander. You should not go”. Then there was silence because there was nobody who could make it.

It was that moment that Jambavan spoke. Jambavan he said, “Hanuman, when you are a little boy, you went to eat the sun and you are hit by the Indra’s thunderbolt. After that by the power of your father Vayu, Brahma came down and you got all these boons. You could do anything. But then you became so much mischievous the great risis they gave you the different kinds of boons that you would forget unless somebody chanted your glories. Hanuman, when I was young I could circumambulate the world without any problems but now I am an old man I cannot do it. But Hanuman for you to jump over this ocean is nothing”. Then he started extolling beautifully the powers of Hanuman.

When Hanuman heard it, as far as we understand, he was reminding it since he got the curse. He said, “Yes, see what I’ll do”. He expanded himself to be 50 times his size. Then he climbed the mound Mahendra and roared and called out to the Angada and to the others “I’ll jump right now to Srilanka. I’ll annihilate the entire rakshasa dynasty and I’ll killed Ravana. I’ll exterminate every one of his soldiers. His entire armies and I’ll bring Sita back. Just tell me I’ll do it now”. Then Angada said, “All you are asked to do is give Sita the message. Just give her the message and comeback and tell us what happen”.

Then Hanuman with folded palms, he chanted the name of Rama with pure love and devotion in his heart and completely surrendering to Rama’s instruction feeling totally empowered by Rama’s mercy and he jumped. When he jumped the whole mountain began to go into the earth. Then the pressure started forcing snakes from under ground to come out and started – out. Lions and tigers were coming out in screaming because they did not know what was happening. The whole mountain was shaking. As he flew away the velocity of the wind was like the leaves and the flowers were started following with him from the whole mountain. In this way he leaved across the Indian Ocean to Srilanka.

On his way the mountain that was stuck down by the Indra along ago was under the ocean. That was the mountain of gold. Actually came up for the first time in honor of Hanuman to give him a resting place. Because he had jumped and he had already been a long way. The mountain came up in his personified form and said, “Please rest for sometime in your service to Rama”. Hanuman was determined. He offered respects and touched the mountain and said, “Until I fulfill the mission of my lord, I have not time to rest”. Then he carried on and out from ocean came Surasa. She was the mother of the Nagas. She told Hanuman, “I have been given a benediction by Brahma that no one can pass me without being eaten by me”. So she opened her mouth to eat Hanuman but Hanuman expanded his size and she expanded her mouth. He expanded his size and she expanded her mouth. That was yojanas. She had a big mouth. Hanuman just kept growing bigger and bigger and her mouth became bigger and bigger. Then Hanuman became the size of a thumb instantly and her mouth was already enormous yojanas wide. So he became a little form and he walked in quite ways and then he came out. He said, “The benediction has been fulfilled. You ate me”. Then Suras came to her normal size again and she with great love and devotion said, “Hanuman you are very intelligent. I was testing you. The god’s send me to test you. I blessed you, may you be successful in the service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead Rama”.

After offering his respect to Suras, he continued on. “trnad api sunicena”. Hanuman conquered her by taking a very small position. When one humbles oneself to take a very small position, one can access such power of god that one can overcome the most gigantic obstacles. Because false pride is one of the greatest impediments in one’s spiritual life. Actually bhakti is trying to rescue Sita, who is bhakti devi from Ravana, from the greed and lust of maya. We are trying to rescue Sita, our innate devotion from the captivity of the Ravana the exploitative tendencies, selfishness, egoism. So there will be many obstacles. But false pride is the greatest obstacle. Hanuman showed in this situation, how taking a very humble position feeling oneself very insignificant, one can easily overcome the obstacles of material energy of Maya in order to find Sita and to rescue the love of god within our hearts.

As he was air jumping suddenly he could not move. He was stocked in the air and nothing moved. Then he looked down and he saw there was a rakshasi named Sihmika. Sihmika, she had the mystic power where she could grab a person’s shadow and capture them through that process and then eat them. So Hanuman confronted her. She opened her mouth to devour Hanuman and she also had a very big mouth. She was really a rakshaysi. She swallowed Hanuman. Hanuman again took a small form and just went down her throat and went into her body and then hard like a diamond. He took his claws and started ripping her organs and then went right to her heart and ripped it to threads. Then Simhika opened her mouth and grinned and died. Then Hanuman came out over mouth and watched to fall into the ocean. Hanumanji ki jay.

Then he continued on his journey. There he saw Srilanka, magnificent Ireland with Trikuta Mountain and the top of the mountain was actually Srilanka the city. Practically everything was made out of pure gold.

Yesterday I was listening to a lecture of Srila Prabhupada. He describes there that Ravana wanted to build the city out of pure gold. So he sent his brother Kumbhakarna to get the gold. Kumbhakarna was so powerful along with Ravana that he found massive gold mines in Brazil and Kumbhakarna built an underground tunnel from Srilanka to Brazil to bring all the gold. Now you may thing this is impossible. But Kali Yuga Humans can build like the Holland tunnel under the sea of New York. Then what’s the problem for Ravana and Kumbhakarna to do this. It is very easy thing.

So Hanuman saw this spectacular city and he landed. He was greeted by Lunkini, who is the goddess of Srilanka, the presiding deity. When she saw Hanumanji approaching that time Hanumanji was in a smaller in size. She said, “You cannot come. Who are you? You are a monkey. You cannot come in”. Hanuman said, “I want to go in”. Then she started blaspheming him and chastising him. This is the city of Ravana and the rakshasas. Without my blessings and consent you cannot enter. She started threatening to punish and kill Hanuman. So Hanuman, he did not like to do these things but he was for Rama. So he could do anything. He slapped on her face. He could it done not worse because she was a mataji, he just slapped her. She was demoniac in that sense. She was an obstacle. She felt to the ground and then she got up and she became ecstatic. She said this is very good. I was given the benediction that nobody would ever have the power to come by me. But I was told that some day someone is going to come and slap you and you are going to fall down. When that day comes you should know that that person is going into Srilanka and the entire Rakshas dynasty is going to be destroyed. So she blessed Hanuman, “Now you go in and perform your mission. You have all my blessings”. Hanumanji took a very small form about the size of cat because he wanted to investigate everything about Srilanka because he assumed that the war will soon come.

Hanuman was always eager to serve with his heart, soul, and life. He is the very personification of bhakti. No obstacles could stand before him. Not because of his strength but because of his love.

When you look at the full moon this night, remember Balaramji at this moment dancing with gopis and Hanuman is coming into this world to show the universe forever, what is the power of pure devotional service and the power of bhakti.

Srila Prabhupada also crossed oceans and overcame all unbelievable obstacles to rescue Sita, to awaken bhakti within our hearts. As Rama says there is no more disgraceful quality than to be ungrateful. Let us be so grateful to Srila Prabhupada for what he has given us and let us assist him in his mission. Let us be grateful to everyone, who has ever helped us in our life. In this spirit let us share the gift of pure bhakti and together flood the world with the holy name. “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare”.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.