Thank you for so kindly attending this auspicious event tonight. it is my honor and priviledge to be amongst you. I was asked to speak on this subject the power of love. pewrhaphs this is the broadets and deepest fo all subjects which can be approached form many angels of perception. Let us begin by examining the idea of love as it is known in the world we live in today. when two people say let us make love what does that mean?? Who would like to say ?? You have all heard this expression to make love?? It means sexual experience in the name of love this is practical idea that people are very much influenced by Kama or Lust. In Caitanya Caritamrta it is said that metal is one there is Gold and Iron. Love is like Gold and Kama or Lust is like Iron. it is so influencial in the world that is the basic thing of the movies they spend hundred’s and millions of dollars on movies and they make profit sometimes billions of dollars on movies. They are usually love stories somehow or other that always has to be a part. And on the Television screens we have our satellite antennas people all over the world. Recently i was with my american godbrother we were driving through some very poverty strucken area of Bombay where people were living in tin shacks where bags as doors. And practically every house had antenna on top. And mostly what is the subject?? Various type of love stories. Advertising one of the greatest ways of promoting any product whether it is a paper or glue. it is with a beautiful women or handsome man to somehow or other connect that passion within the heart through the product. Fashions are very mcuh to attract the opposite sex – To awaken passion. Krishna says in Gita


käma eña krodha eña


mahäçano mahä-päpmä

viddhy enam iha vairiëam


It is lust or Kama only arjuna this great symbol of sin which is later transformed in wrath unfulfilled which is the all devouring sinful enemy of this world. the scriptures declare that this material world universal creation is maithunya agar. which means everyone is shackeld by these attractions of sex. the power of perverted love. the power of this kama is so great it drives people mad. it defeats even the greatest conquerors of the world. Historically from the western and eastern point of view the subject matter just to give the universal idea. In the old testaments the western scripture there was the most powerful man in the world. His name was samson Before he was born an angel appeared to his parents and told them ur son will bevery powerful and he will free the israelites form great strength but never cut his hair so he was born his father dedicated to God and he had such pits of strength what a powerful man he was. One time he was walking in the forest and a man eating terrible tiger came to attack and he wrestle that lion and ripped his hand and mouth and just ripped him apart. Then later he came back he saw bees made a hive in his mouth and he drank that honey. later on the philistines powerfvul armies of the rural tribes a thousand of them attacked they all had weapons he had nothing as they were attacking he saw a dead donkeys jaw bone lying down he picked up that and wihtin minutes 10,000 philitines were dead. His career was like that he was the most powerful but he felt in love with a women. her name was Diliala and the philistine kings they understood the power of love so they bribed diliala they told her we will give u large quantities of silver u just by somehow or other by ur feminine powers find out where he gets his strength from so we can tie him up and capture him. So very sweet necterean words she was whispering in his ears please tell me O beloved where u get the strength please tell me how can u be tied up please tell me he said Ah if someone ties 7 bowstrings and ties around my body i will never be able to escape. she sang very very sweet lulaby songs and he fell asleep She had philistine soldiers outside she said the philistines r coming he just ripped those bow strings apart so they ran away. he didn’t see them. so the next night she said why did u cheat me. I never cheat you u say u love me tell me how can u be tied up if i am wraped around my body with brand new ropes then i cannot escape so she sang sweet songs he felt a sleep and hten she tied him up with the brand new ropes. The she said the philistines r coming he got up and ripped apart the ropes. should i continue???? Haribol

Sometime later she said my dear love please satisfy my heart and i will fulfill all ur desires how can u be tied up. he said if my seven strands of my hair r tied up and put it on the loom then i will not be able to move, so he fell a sleep and she did it the philistines r coming and he ripped his hair right from the loom. she was desperate for the silver. she put all power of her passion and presented it to him. If you really love me and really want me to be with you then u must tell me. She began to breathe on me do various massages on him and look at his with passionate glances on him; His heart melted and plus he didn’t want to hear this again from this women and he wanted to do other things with her besides talk about these things. he completely became infatuated by the power of passion of diliala and he said now i will tell you the truth, If anyone cuts of my hair i will be like any ordinary man. she sang sweet sweet passionate songs of love and he fell a sleep and his hair were cut off. She said the philistines are co,ming so they came bound him up and made him a slave. And she got the silver. Haribol. So here is the man who can conquer singlehandedly thousdands of people with weapons when he had nothing himself. he was the unconquerable champion of all warriors but he was conquered by love by passion by that great need within the heart . In the old testaments of the jews and the christians as well the islamic faith there was the King David. he was such a powerful king there was a giant over 3 meters tall named galiaf there were 2 armies the philistine and israelites and galiaf was the strongest man on earth he just came forward and said i dare to fight anyone of u if i win u all become our slaves and if u win u we all become ur slaves. he had armour all around him and a sword just by looking at him everyone ran away. And one little shepherd used to sing and take care of sheeps. his father had his elder sons in the army of the king. He saw this galiaf and no body could come before him they were defeated This was a joke this keeper of sheeps against the most powerful warrior on earth. so Galiaf looked at him what is this And David had no weapon he just picked up stones from the river. he had little caterbelt made of wood. And Galiaf said what an insult this little shepher boy is coming to destroy me i will kill you and you will be the food for jackals in the world. This is the universal language amongst Kshatriyas.

And little David said you amy be armed with sword and armour and big strong army but i am armoured by the power of God. then he picked up a stone and that hit galiaf on the head cracked his skull and he fell down dead.then David became king he was general and victorious in all of his efforts in war. What a powerful personality he was. But One time in the afternoon he came out of his palace on the roof andhe saw a very beautiful women taking her bath bcoz he was way up high so he could see another peoples houses so in the courtyard of her compund wall she was taking her bath without clothees. Ah that was the end of David in one sense. that was the end of his moral vows. eh is the King. he send the messengers he said the king wants to see her. So she came to see the King. He had sexual affair with her. Then he send her home he decided I want to marry her. but there was a problem she was already married. Ah how to resolve this problem. her name was betsheva and her husband was uraya. So he called uraya who happened to be a warrior and told him and said there is a big battle i want you to fight. And gave a secret letter to the general and it said go to the most powerful part of the enemies army attack it with uraya in frontline and every one else should cheat and leave him here to die. And thats what happened. He went to Bethsheva oh so sad your husband has died and he married her. Then the messenger of God said you have sinned. and you will suffer and generations and generations of your descends will suffer and his own son died as a reaction such terrble sinful reaction due to lack of morality becaue he was conquered by the power of Love. All respect to these great souls. but there is a good lesson in the power of Lust. Even the greatest conquerors are conquered by Lust. in our vedic scriptures we have the great Kashyap muni performing such severe tapasya but diety was feeling extremely passionate and he pulled on him right when he was in middle of doinghsi religious activities and he could not withstand and he came together with his wife at an inauspicous improper time what happened the result was the birth of Hiranyaksha.

Then we have the story of Indra he is the king of heaven the most powerful of the devatas. with his thunderbolts he rules all the demigods. but yet Indra when he saw the beauty of Ahilya somehow or other what happened he could not restrain he was just conquered by Lust with all obeaisances at the feet of Indra. And he disguised himself as her husband Gautam Rishi and had affair with her and then Gautam Rishi happened to come and cursed him. Ah that his whole body will be covered eventually with eyes. Indra conquered by love and then we have the greatest of the yogis he was so powerful in the summer he could sit without eating or drinking in the desert with 12 fires around itting in wrap meditation controlling his mind and sense. In the winter he will go to himalayas and up to the peak of his neak was the water of ganga. how he could control his mind and senses so powerful that even Indra feared him. Indra sent meneka. Meneka did she have mystic power like Vishwamitra not at all but she had power to attract the lust within the heart just by tinkling of her bracelets and her ankel bell he was conquered by lust. Correct. And there was the great saubarya muni he was such a great asetic how he could control his body, mind and senses. compare urself to him he can go under water a months at a time in samadhi. How many of u can do that sitting on a nice couch. But he happen to see 2 fish male and female having an affair together and he was conquered by the power of lust. We have spoken about history in the history books Now look at today’s society. In the western world powerful christaian preachers there was this J. Becker he had millions of followers. He was on TV if he would say give a donation 100’s and 1000’s of dollars were in his hands. He had such power to speak H e was speaking Morality, ethics dedication and faith and then he was caught having illicit sex with protitutes and what happened he was conquered by Lust. And then when he was exposed he lost everything. He ended up in prison because he exploited lot of money too.

Visvanath Cakravati Thakur said Money and opp. sex. are the greatest dangers. He felt to both. And then there was more powerful staggart he was telling bogus he had 10’s and 1000’s of followers. He would go to stadiums and millions and 10’s and 1000’s of people will come. Millions will hear him on TV everyday. And they found somebody took videos of him leaving his wife to go to the houses of prostitutes in the middle of the night. Then they showed on TV on the network he was finished he lost all his followers all his credibility he was conquered by the power of LUST. And the indian yogis and gurus. Those very very famous yogis some of them lived in himalays for many many years. I don’t want to mention their names. Western names i don’t mind mentioning in INDia. But publicly i don’t want to mention their names. you may know you may not know. some of these great yogis some of these great gurus with millions of disciples some with 100’s and 1000’s of disciples. Some of them have mystic powers they teach asanas, they teach miracles. just at top of my ehad i can pick 8 of them most famous and each one of them have been exposed for scandals of illicit sex with women some with men and some of them lost everything – Conquered by the POWER OF LUST. My own experience perhaps younger than all of you i was about 19 or 20 i lived at Bodhgaya. The Place where Buddha attained enlightment i was studying buddhism Tibetan buddhism , burmese buddhism, zen buddhism. and for sometime i was studying under zen buddist master. This ofcourse was before i came to Krishna and this zen vbuddhist person was so powerful. He had crowd of Indians, Americans and Europeans. Not a big crowd but he had a crowd and he would have them.. All you were allowed to eat was barley in soaked water once a day. And you have to sit in meditation for about 12 hours a day. In group meditation you were not allowed to move and if you moved his meditation was watching to see if you move. He had a bamboo stick. if you just moved your neck WHACK.. But he would preach such intense detachment from sense gratification. Material world is illusion. You have to break through this illusion and attain NIrvana and in order to do so you ahve to completely renouce all sensory pleasures and completely be fixed in medittation one night one of his students went out in middle of the night to respond to call of nature and he saw a young lady coming out of his Kutir. So he watched the 2nd time then he asked the lady what are you doing this she told him. There were some foreigners they became so upset with this yogi Zen MAster they were going to find out truth of him so everyday they would take tea and they would secretly put LSD in his tea. While he was in influence of LSD they told him we know that you are a cheater and you have been conquered by LUST they all left him his name was ruined although he was famous japenese Zen MAster travelling all over the world.

Many of the Gurus have lost everything conquered by the POWER of LUST. A few years ago who is the Predident of the United States not the present one but the previous one i would not mention names.And he is now only famous because he was commander in cheif of all forces. Army Navy Airforce. He was the most popular president of America. he was speaking about morality and ethics. But you all have heard the story although so powerful so big so popular so famous how much he suffered how much he lost because he was conquered by the POWER OF LUST. CORRECT. The greatest misery in the 14 worlds is when this so called LOVE is frustrated. I remember a song you ahve a bad headache some aspiring will do you have a backache some rubbing with oil will do. But if you have broken heart there is nothing u can do. People sing about it. People write books and drams about it. There is greater pain when that propensity that need to love is reposed in someone and then someone cheats you or deserts you or dies there is no greater pain. where do people commit suicide due to physical miseries even people with cancer, even people dying of turmoil diseases rarely do they commit suicide. but when there lover leaves them they cannot face life you know the famous words of William Shakespere to BE or not to be Do you know what that is in reference to – ROMEO and JULIET. HARIBOL. ROMEO loved JULIET and JULIET oved ROMEO it is common tale of the truth but some how by the interference of parents and society they were not allowed to associate with one another. They tried everythign but when they understood it was impossible or marry together TO BE or NOT TO BE was their only question. SHould we live or WE DIE. the only refuge to their misery was death through suicide they were both conquered by LUST. CORRECT. And we find in the world today when love is frustrated Kama esa krodha esaIt often times just blazes into the fire of anger. IN world is histories of men who killed other men and women who killed other women because they have voilated the faithfulness of the one they loved. We have personally seen men comes home sees his lover with another man before he even knows whether it is day or night the man is shot in 10 places on the head.

Uncontrollable anger this is the common theme that police departments have to deal with. there is no greater pain then frustrated love. he love of this world is so deep. the love of a mother for her child. what austerity that women is willing to do for her child. No one else will they be willing to stay up all night every night just to take care of – 24 hour call. U practically can’t even pay someone to do what a mother does for her child.Do you Agree?? A mother is wiling to sacrifice her life in total out of love for her child and the father out for his love for hsi wife out of his love for children sometimes fathers work all day long 6 days week foaming in the mouth as beast of burden Why never questions the love of a father for his children can be of so very very deep when i was living in vrndavan first time i gave my parents a address they can write to me in some years and i got a letter from my father who was in seperation from me every page of that letter the ink was bathed in his tears. hsi handwriting was from a hand which was shaking in misery and he signed that your broken hearted father. My brother wrote to me he said your father you are killing him his hair is turning grey he just looks at days in to the sky and cries just wondering where you are and when will you come home you will murder your father if you do not come home. and i talked to the great sp. master under whom i was living at that time and i showed him that letter and he said for a person living in renounced order of life this is the part of test to break the heart of the father. I understtod what is the power of the fathers love but the happy ending is since he has come to radha gopinath mandir he is veyr happy and he chants Hare Krishna .. Haribol.the power of love between lovers in the USA in the middle of 19th century there was civil war have you heard about civil war of America the entire nation was divided North and South and each one built up massive armies to fight and conquer each other over economic and ideological conflicts. One nation became 2 enemies. hundres and hundres and 1000’s and milliosn of people died in that bloody war that lasted years. they didn’t have time to send people to training camps. they would just recruit men any young men they would recruit him give a gun in his hand and send him to the battlefields. there are histories please listen carefully of a man who was being drafted from armies lover a sweet young innocent women it was so unbearable to live without husband knowing that he would never come home alive that they would tie back their hair and mens clothing on and be in army to be their husbands comrades and they would be in front lines and they would die together. That is the power of LOVE. Here in India it was a tradition of a right called SATI today it is properly banished and outlawed because of its corrupe application but perviously the bind of the heart of the husband and wife was so deep.

It was hard living in seperation without her lover. That is the power. Now let us examine what is the origin of that most powerful of all conquerors of all conquerors within this world. And why si it all pervading this is the very very essential question in life. The material body is declared in BG to be yantra like a machine who is the passenger within this vehicle of this body. To that matter the body of all species of life. it is the ATMA – ATMA refers to the body to the mind to the eternal soul depending on our consciousness atma means self. Those who are under the delusion that they are this body they think their body as theirself so that is their ATMA. Certain on platform think that their mind is theirself. But the life giving force of the body and the mind is the ATMA the soul. When the soul leaves this body this body is dead. like a vehicle without a drive it can do nothing. feed it to the birds put it in the ground feed it to the fish or put it in fire. Where is that person we loved if he is the body why we are disposing him the real person is the soul. The person who loves and the person who is the object of love is the soul. what is the nature of that soul. It is sacidanand full of knowledge and full of bliss. Anand mayo bhayasat – because our nature is ananda our nature is blissful. we cannot live without bliss it is our integral constitutional position to enjoy ecstatic fulfilment that is why every living beign is looking for pleasure we all have that in common whether we are indian , american, african, chinese eskimos in the arctic circle we are all looking for pleasure we are all trying to protect ourself from that which disturbs our pleasure that is called pain. because the sould is pleasure seekign and wihtin this world what is the highest pleasure and what is the cause of deepest most unbearable pain LOVE. are you convinced of this IT is love. You can have money you can have fame you canhave health but if you don’t have love your life is empty it is frustrated not fulfilled.

There is a history recent histories I think it was in 1960’s or 70’s the msot famous musician hehad millions of young ladies screaming just upon seeing him what to speak of when he played guitar women will fall unconscious. HAribol he made millions and millions of dolalrs beautiful cars he made a big mansion everything a man could want. his wife betreaying him he went out with a shot gun shooting at her in a car totally frustrated he had everything in the world but he was miserable why because he was conquered by LUST. it is the essential need within the heart of every living beign to LOVE and to be LOVED. depending on our freewill of how and where we decide to direct that propensity to love that propensity for pleasure we will come under the subjedication of either the material or spiritual energieas of the lord. For thoise who direct that propenstity to love and be loved towards selfish egoistic temporary experiences are undre the control of maha maya and this maha maya is very very powerful Daivi esa guna mayimaya is veyr very difficult to overcome because she is lords supreme absolute truths material energy and what is her greatest most powerful weapon material love. Maithuna Aaagar means that we are all in the durga the prison hosue of maha maya what an unbeleibale creation this prision house is in America in the 1940’s and the 1950’s the msot high security prison was alcatress. Alcatress was an islanfd on the coast of california and they selected a place where there were shark infested waters they would even regularly throw blood in the water just to attract thousands of sharks swimming in the island. and then Iany island there were thick gigantic stone walls on top of the wall they had barb wires all lazor sharped devices and every several feet there were all guards with machine guns to keep the prisoners from escaping and you know something many prisoners escaped but Durga Ah… Mahamayab she has created a prison hosue no walls no bars but no one can escape because no one is ins hakles and chains we would remain in this world prisoners because we cannot escape tjhe power of Love. And we don;’t even want to what an incredible prison to make a prison where nobody wants to escape even when they are suffering terribly no need no need. this is the power of Maha maya but wyhen we direct our natural loving propensities to the sp. energy of yoga maya.

Daivi esa guna mayi..then we can easily cross over it. it is described that this bhava sagar it is unlimited how deep it is how wide it is how long it is no one cross it but for one who surrenders to Murari to the supreme Absolute the entire material ocean becomes no more difficult to overcome then the water contained within the holf print of a calf baby cow. peopel who have intelligence who see the all of their efforts birth after birth to find the pleasure thru the love of this world is frustrated they often take to the process of anhilation of mat. desires anhilation of mat. conceptions thinking that this body this persona;lity this desires are all causes of suffering so let me be free from all of them. and enter in to the impersonal existence of the supreme aham brahmasmi. impersonal liberation is a genuine spiritual level it is partial. Impersonal liberation means transcending the worlds of the aspiration of love thru material dualitites and attaining the allpervading sky of spiritual light. but there is no birth oldage disease death there is frustratiosn of desires because our desires are sleeping however the sastras excplain tjhat from that state eventually one falls down again in material dualities. why because although there is perfect relief from all sufferings we have not fulfilled the essential need of the soul which is to reciprocate pure love brahmeti parmatmeti bhagavan eti there fore our great acharyas declare that the highest most essential need is of the Absolute truth is BHagavn the supreme personality of Godhead who posseses all oppulences in full who is the source of complete knwoledge, fame beauty oppulence and renunciation. the Ab. truth is called Krishna there are many names oif God Krishna is the all inclusive name because Krishna is all attractive Krishna has the power to attract all of our souls propenmsites to love he is the ultimate object of everyone love universally. Sri Rupa Goiswmai he wrote if you are attached to material wrealth, society the friendship of this world do not go tot he Yamuna on the banks of Kesi ghat because standing there in the three fold bending form with the peacock feather playing the flute is Govinda. When you see him your heart will be stolen param drstva nivartate we can transcend all of the passion of this world when we experiuce unlimited pleasure of krishna;’s love. Sripad Yamunaachrya of Ramuanujacharya Sri sampradaya prayed that i was * pleasures of this world but now that i have tasted the sweet nectar of krishna when i think of the passionate things of the world my lips curved just taste them and i spit at that thought when krishna plays upon his flute his love which permeates the holes of that flute permeates the atmosphere of entire vrndavan and all living beings become captivated the Yamuna river which flows downstream starts flowign upstream. the wind stops to hear the cows lift their ears to drink the nectar and become motionless.

The calves that are drinking the milk from their mother ecome so much inundated by love for krishna that they cannot even suck tears flow from their eyes and they embrace krishna from heart to heart the little gopas the little baby children they just start crying they want to run out to the pastures even though they can’t walk to be with krishna the gopas they dance and cry in ecstasy and the gopis they are willing to leave everything they are living to leave their family their homes even their social ethic they r willing to renounce everything completely consumed by the love of rishna that is the power of krishna’s love aham bija pratha pita krishna is the supreme mother and upreme father of all living beings. and what is his love birth after birth even though the living being rejects him yada yada hi dharmasya Still krishna continues to descend in this world continues to empower his devotees the sadhus to attract our hearts back to his eternal abode of Transcendental love it is love of krishna that is the essential constituitional nature of every living being within the scriptures there are primarily various purushartas or goals artha kama vama moksha. people perform religious sacrifices pujas to get material wealth to get a greater degree of sense gratification when frustrated by therse then liberation moksha .

muktänäm api siddhän


sudurlabhaù praçäntätmä

koöiñv api mahä-mune

(SB 6.14.5)


But even thoose persons who have all these things they can never be really peaceful because it is not there nature without love of krishna whatever arrangement we make whatever sp. realisation we get, even mystic powers we are like fish trying to be happy outside of a sea. You can imagine we are happy if you have all megoric devices around you. but fish can never find satisfaction laying in the hot sand nor can the spirit soul find satisfaction with any arrangement that is contrary to our eternal nature which is to ternally to be sweimming int he Nectar Of Devotion the nectar of ecstatic love . In this world universally inspired by love of God are able to renounce all of the pleasures of this world. In the western religions saint francis his father was the most wealthy merchant in the whole town and he was goin to inherit everything but when he tasted the drop of strong inclination to love god. he gave it all up he wanted to up just become a total renunciate and to that his father imprisoned him in the house to not let him go can you imagine you offer him massive amount of money fame prestige property and he wants to escape and he has to be in prison in that situation but he escaped. He lived a life of total material poverty but only thing was fulfilment because he tasted some drop of love for God.

There is no wealthy multi millionaire or athletic stars or script years that 700 years of his death that millions of people are coming to see him and pray to him and gigantic cathedral in his honour we read about Rupa and Sanatan Goswami they were the prime ministers and finance home minster of the whole kingdom fabulous wealth massive palaces beautiful estate fame prestige youth beauty everything but when they met Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu there love awakened and on basis of that love they renounced everything for that love Sanatan Goswami was willing to go to prison and ultimately in vrndavan they would sleep under different trees every night wearing tadded cloth doing Madhukari begging for some roti giving up multi milions for poverty materially but there eyes were always satuirated with the love of God they wanted to share the ultimate wealth with the world because they were conquered by the POWER OF LOVE. This is real love. Raghunath Das Goswami he was the only child of the entire family 3 brothers Govardhan *** they were land holders with mass wealth power prestige he was young he was handsome he was young he got married to a women who was more beautiful than an angel. . . would you like that be honest millions of dollars a bg estate 10’s and 1000’s of people working for you popularity and fame, youth adn beauty and having a wife like angel how many of u would honestly be happy to receive such a benediction. he wanted to give it up he would run away from home every night. people are running after these things and he was running away from these things. Hsi parents had to have 12 guards on 24 hour alert.

With strict vigilance guiding him from escaping this material luxaries and beautiful wife HAribol. But he escaped one time he tried to escape his mother said we should tie him up with ropes. Hsi father said a beautiful wife could not tie him.All this wealth all this prestige if this doesn;t keep him here what will these chains do he has been affected by love by the mercy of lord Caitanya he gave up everything he went to puri and later in vrndavan he just slept under trees drank little buttermilk every few days but yet people from all over the world rich people simple people . people of all life go to the banks of Radha Kund bow their heads to the bhajan kutir and samadhi mandir of Raghunath Das Goswami begging for the wealtyh that he had the wealth of lvoe he was the man who was truely conquered y the power of LOVE. And we have the example of Srila Haridas Thakur chanting krishna’s names with love giving krishna’s love. Mayadevi came herself for 3 nights with all her powers to attract him to the love that conquers everyone in this world. that same maya that deluded samsin and dilila that deluded david and bethshiva the same power of maya that conquered the kashya , saubara muni, indra the same power that conquered so many great yogis gurs of the ages of today and in the past both in the east and the west whether the president of the US that same power of maya ************because Haridas thakur was conquered bvy the power of Love there fore he could conquer all the powers of lust. There is gross lust and suttle lust gross lust is the passion the passion of sex the passion to possess the passion to create the passion to destroy. and suttle lust is the passion for adoration, passion for profit and distinction Daivi esa guna mayi mama eve ….Krishna says this material nature is always difficult to overcome maya but one who surrenders to em can easily cross beyond her. param drstva nivartate. It is the higher taste everyone is living for everyone is dying for. But it is being misdirected the science of Bhakti is so simple in principle but sometimes not so simple in application due to our full activities of misdirecting the propenmsty to love. All you have to do is to take same passion and love and direct it to krishna. is it natural to smoke cigarates does a child come out of a womb of a mother and say give me a light. Ravana did something like that. unnatural the first thing first time a person smokes a cigarate he doesn’t like it he hates it. I have seen Give a person his first cigaratee coughing and ask Do you like it yes yes it is very good it is a social matter because they want to impress people. You want to be cool then u must like smoking cigaratte. At the beginning they nobody knew it is harmful to the health but when they found out they are addicted to it. and now its become such a socially prestigious thing to do that they have this stick of poison hanging out of their mouth that people don;’t even mind it that they are going to die infact it is very very heroic thing to do in this material world of prestige and society.

Don’t you know it says on every packet cigarate is dangerous to your health people started buying more cigaratees so heroic . I am willing to die for sense gratification AH PAMHO that is the love. but once you are addicted with that poison that deep nicotine the fibers of your body u can’t give it up so difficult you see a chain smoker trying to give up smoking they go through all kinds of nicotine fits they become wild and crazy they are just longing and longing for the next cigaratte. HAve you seen such people is it natural it is totally foreign totally unnatural and it does cost a lot too. its easy not to smoke its easy not to spend your money but because of the bad habit we can’t give it up. It is easy to Love God. It is easiest and most natural thing for us to find happiness bliss internally in krishna. we are addicted we are habituated to misdirecting our loving propensites towards the temporary sources of miseries of this world. ye he samstha

Krishna defines intelligence in BG in thsi way that an intelligent person doesnot take part in the sources of misery called sense gratification knowign that are temporary. But at the same time we have to find pleasure we have to find love the science pof bhakti is to dovetail that everlasting propensity towards its origin krishna King Pratapura ** he was great king of Orissa out of love he wanted to so much serve Lord Sri Caitanya. ********we can conquer krishna’s heart by our love. Sridama is one of gopas he wrestles krishna and he defeats him how do you thing Sridama has such big muscles that he can beat in wrestling that personalityu who si more expansion is mahavisnu who destroys all cosmic manifestation but yet krishna is defeated by sridama because kishna’s greatest pleasure is to be conquered by the POWER OF LOVE. Krishna is makanchor and yahoda mayi caught hiom and picked up a whipping stick he ran away she ran after him she ran far the source of Varahadev the source of Narashimadev the source of Ksirodaksayi visnu source of Ramacandra the source of Virata rupa why that person is running away from a simple lady and caught by her is weeping trembling and begging forgiveness and ultimately allowign her to tie her up with the rope becayuse krishna takes the greated joy in being conquered by the PWOER OF LOVE and gopis braj gopis because they sacrificed everything with the msot intense love for krishna Krishna is always conquered by them. You know the story how krishna send the messenger to great sages and rishis and told them i have a headache the only cure is of the dust of their feet i put dust of my feet on krishna’s head i will go to hell i cannot do such a thing and when they went to gopis immediately they collected all the dust they could find on their feet and go go now. Don’t you know what the reaction wodul be yes ofcourse we will go to hell forever for putting our feet on krishna’s head but we don’t mind if we can help krishna to releive him from his headache even for a moment we are willing to go to hell forever. that is love SB teaches the purest conception of love.


Sava pumsa paro dharmo yato bhakti adhoksaje.


Question ?

Question: How do we practice being in Love at the same time being detached.

Maharaj: The perfection of detachment is attachment to love for the pleasure of God. The supreme of all gopis is Srimati Radharani when she left rasa lila klrishna could not even remain happy with all others without her. krishna told them that you have done everythign for me i have no power to repay you i am indebted to you. the lord of all worlds is sayign i have no power to repay you please be satisfied with the love within ur heart. krishna is completely conquered by the Power of Devotees love. That is the understanding of truth wqe all have the power within us the powe rof love but we have forgotten it is not gone it is simply lost. *********what is no. 1 the most powerful influencial book in the middile east the HOLY QUARAN there is no comparison it may bve misunderstood or abused but still the power of love for god is most priominent. What is the most prominent book today and through out history.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.