I would like to very graciously welcome all of you for coming to participate in this event this evening. The topic that they have chosen for me to speak is Conquering Greatest Enemy. When u speak about enemy this indicates conflict, opposition or even warfare. The greatest danger is not to know who and what your enemy is??? . *** is the very important aspect of every government to somehow or other put your people in enemies. The *** is one who enemy thinks you are wellwisher a supporter and a friend. There was a book recently written by the uncle of one of my fathers friend. he was my father never met him for obvious reason. This person was a very high ranking official in the communist government he is an american citizen his purpose was try to somehow or other infiltrate america with communism and give the communist governemt all kinds of information and they would giv e him money to spreak communism in india. they trusted him so much he did so much good work for them. but after many years he saw so much hypocrisy so much suffering he realised that he had dedicated his life to unreal that is completely theoritical and that has no practical substance. so he decided he wanted to overflow the communist government he wanted to go thru the american officials. According to his book only the few of the high ranking agents of the US intelligence knew what his mission was. he would sit with the head of state with the premier cheif ministers and he was giving them the wrong information and they completely trusted him and he would give the American * the  right information.

so they thought the man is their friend they thought the man was their wellwisher they thought he is on theie side but actually he was on the enemy side and he did so mcuh damage to all their effort Haribol…. Its a book you can buy it. when you trust somebody as your friend but you don’t know he is not ur wellwisher he is your enemy such person can do such intense internal damage to your life. what is the greatest enemy who si greatest enemy??/ Acc to the scriptures and Acc. to the basic common sense the ultimate original enemy is Ignorance avidya what is defination of  ignorance???? Maya Maya means illusion Maya means the energy that keeps us in ignorance Maya means that which is nott when we forget who we are  what is our need what is our real desires that is ignorance so who are we??? this is the first question within Bhagavad Gita Acc. to  disposition practically the entire human populariotn in the world is in ignorance surrendered to their greatest enemy. But individually  we are all perfect parts of God. We are not the material body and not the material mind the body is changing how much the mond is  changing to boyhood to youth tp old age and ultimately the inevitable musk will come upon everyone. Death. What is Death>?? the  body is dead?? The heart is dead the organs are dead everything will work except the concious person except the force that has  departed who is that??? We are not the physical components of the body we are the consciousness within the body… when the copnsciusness leaves the body is dead. The nature of that conasciousness that is the highest science that is the most imp. of all  forms of knwoledge

Mama vamsa jiva loke

We are all part of the supreme conciousness the Absdolute truth. The jivatma is sacidananda etrnal full of bliss and full of knwoledge that is you that is your nature. Howevere when we forget who we are what our real needs are what are our real wants are that is the basis or origin of ignorance and all the prtoblems and all the sufferings in the entire creatuon come from that forgetfullness we are sat we are eternal  ****for the soul is completely unnatural it cannot be accomodated>>> But when the soul is identified with this temp. body so many anxieties jivo jiva jivasam so much struggkle for survival so much fear of death so mcuh fear of survival Fear is the greatest stimulator that is. People get jobs and work foaming at the work due to fear of not having food fear of nto having no proper place to stay fear of no security for your self  your family fear of social disgrace and the greatest expenditures in practically in the world today is on defence building military,  weaponary arsenal, bombs  it is motivated by fear. Defence is born of fear. because we are eternal therefore something so artificial  asdeath is really fearful our relationships are eternal. but we are under the conception our relationships end of the body. Thats the  fear. Sacitananda fullof knowledge if we think we are somethign we are not if the eternal thinks this is temporary that ignorance that acit causes so much anxiety and disturbacne but the most essential aspect for the true soul is ananda it is by nature full of bliss it is ecstatic and where does that ecstasy originate in LOVE… Love is the greated need the greatest want in all life. if you have it you are happy in any situation if you don’t have it you will mbe miserable loneyl in any situation the souls nature is to know the absolute that pure supreme person that when we forget our relation with the supreme when we forget the eternal love of the soul for god we cannot livve without that and search somehow for that experiece so if we try to find that thru the temp. obejects of this world in sanskirt that is called Kama – Lust what really this KAMA or LUST eman??

In essence it means to try to enjoy in the state of ignorance . to tyr to find pleasure ananda mayo bhyasat when we try to find pleasure in the temp. objects of this world we ahve nothign to do with our true self that is LUST. end of the body. Gold and iron are both metal but they are very different. Love and Lust the dfference when our propensity is directed to the need of the soul to service to God then we expeirnce intimate pleasyure in thsi world But when the same propensity the same need is misdirected on the basis of the illusion i am this body i am this mind towards the temp. objects of the senses it becomes lust krishna tells in 3rd chap of BG Kama Esa It is lust onyl arjanbu Kama which is later transformed in to wrath which is all devouring sinful enemy of this world . In economics imple problem everyone has unlimited desires and there are so many resources in the world to fulfill peoples desires so people are fighting for property people are fighting for wealth people are fighting for land and food. people are fighting over the limited resources of our planet. even int he house children are fighting over whose toy or whose bedroom and they grow older and older they get higher education they start fighting over money and prestige people kill each other fighting over their allurement governemtn buodl massive armies so much fighting so much competitionin busoiness world so many people want the same post. great conflict. why???we are lookign for spiritual experice whcih is eternal full of unending pleasure we are lookign for love. In the material plane to the material vehicale so krishna explains in BG this is the greastest enemy Lust doesn’;t simply mean passion between men and women lust means desire to enjoy on the gross plane it is to enjoy thru the 5 senses the eyes the nose the tongue the flesh. On the suttle level lust means  the desire for profit adoration and distinction. very dangerous. Krishan explains in Gita that there are 3 places this enemy lust has the place within the senses within the mind and within the intelligence. Now to identify it as a enemy u must learn where that enemy is and how to cxonquer it krishna says in Gita bandhur atma that one who controsl the mind the mind is the best friend but for one who fails to control the mind the mind is the very worst enemy. How to control the mind is desricbed in the beaufil song by Govind Dasa.

He is praying to his mind please enageg urself in the loving serbcie of sri nandandan sr krishna then u will be fearless.  this human form of life is so very very rare. not be wasted seeking the same things available to the lower species of life the fish the brids the reptiles and the animals some physical experiences of the pleasure and some mental satisfaction. All of those goals which people are trying to achieve they are all just like drop of water on the lotus leaf they appear today tomorrow they are gone therefore my dear mind pl. engage in ur natural propensity to worship the supreme lord. the nature of the soul the consciousness if it is lookign for unending unlimited pleasuyre but when it looks for it in the dying temp. objects of the world it is disappointed.when we find even a drop of pleasure of that love u become practically uncontrobaly attached to that object but then one drops away like the water on the lotus leaf such great sugffering such great anxieties and how do people deal with anxieties within this world the extreme frustration comes out in suicide madness. atrocities cruelties of this people are severe murderers. Its not that we are from really poor families it is simply frustrated in wshington DC somebody is just shooting people dead he doesn’t even know who they are. he is just so frustrated this is here he get his pleasure why he thinks he has power to control people’s lifes. Stalan killed 25 million people in hsi country. Such power uncontrolled. In American certain leaders of the past killed 10’s and 1000’s american native indians power control. in India there has been the leaders in the past in the history who murdered 10’s and 1000’s 100’s and 1000’s people simply because they did not believe the same thing they believed. Thats not the vision thats simple extreme expression of frustration for power and for control. Lust how to deal with that??? if you can control your mind the mind becomes your best friend if you cannot control your mind your mind becomes your greatest enemy WHY???bcoz it is an intrument of ignorance it is an instrument of LUST it is the residence of your greatest enemy. 2001 the world health organization has claimed that the greatest cause of the suffering from the medical point of view not AIDS, not  hypetthise Mental disease int he generatyion u r living today the greatest epeidemice of siffering for death is mental diease how is it possible we have so much scientifice technological medical progress that one time a person had small pox he died  and there was mass cliam for the rat lague in vomit fever it destroyed the entire one third population of european continent Infactin London plague was killimng 100’s and 100’s of people. One medical scientist came to the conclusion that the cause of plague is flee on cats.

You know what they did they killed every cat in the UK adn guess what happened the plague multi plied like never before then they realise it was due to the flees on the rats. And the only thing was keeping the rat population down was the cats.so a technical error had  major impact on peoples life almost half the population of the UK died. this plague went on for generations. but now medical science we don;t find it anywhere in the world. People are now living for extended lifetimes this is wonderful influence of meduicine now we have technology now we have cellular phone it used to be phone rings nobody home that was such a simple thing but now u r always home because phoen goes with you everywhere even international you don’t even need to know where the person is.. I don’t know much. I know one of my godbrothers he had phone number in Boston MA. I called his Boston number he picked up the phone i asked where are you he said Moscow and next time i called on hsi phoen and asked Where are you ??? Calcutta… Ah…Anywhere  *****Now there are phones u don’t even need to hold them they hold you u don’t even need to dial u just say my mothers house… hello helloso mcuh technology and all these satellite cokmmunications, computer internet email … very very tremendous progress. there used to be the poney express have u heard of poney express in US. if u write a letter u bring it to post office if u want fast mail thenu mail ey express.  The post office will give to the horse men so he will go there would be anoher men at 200 miles will go from chicago to New York. and got your letter to another horse and about a month later your letter would be delivered and this was considered fast PONEY Express then they got trains and then air mail that was the ultimate u cna get a letter from one place to another in matter of few days but now airmail is considered primitive yes . Somebody asked me my email address and i told him my postal address and they almsot spit on me they felt postal ddrss i was on italy this young american was there she was really enlivened by my lecture she said can i have your address i want to ask you some questions I said 7 K M Munshi marg, Chowpatty Mumbai 400007 INDIA. She looked at me she looked at me like i was i just ate a tiger and came out of a cave.. She felt waht postal address she said i have never written a letter or bought a stamp in my life..all we use is email Haribol what is this email???Its there instantly u don’t have to know where the person is within the matter of seconds it reaches the destination.. I had to write an emergency report i was in ukraine just couple of weeks a go it took me hours to write a report i had to do by email. Modern progress not waste time 3 hours it was time to send it i pressed one wrong button disappeared i am telling u the truth i went to get professional computer expert looking all the way thru i can’t find it its gfone somehow it disappeared i had to write the whole thing again. if i woudl have wrote with ink it wouldn;t have disappeared some how or other so mcuh technology thru this *** computerised communication adn transportation great progress the greatest progress i have seen in transportation is Bombay Pune highway major break thru u got a city miles and miles trucks are sitiing rotis and subjis now there r nice highway so mcuh on every level medically usually bows and arrows gund then machine guns then big big bombs.

Then atom bombs then nuclear bombs so mcuh progress. Haribol. On every level peoples life are longer then they were the life expectancy that are developing technologiccally is raising raising raising Economically – so much progress has been made my father whole family would sit around radio and listen that was ultimate entertainment just few years a go with TV black and white one station. Then four stations then color and then satellite remote control Haribol. i ahve been to the lowest getows in india where there is nothing but TV antennas on the top. I am serious i ahve seen houses made of slappened vanaspati oils they make the roof and couple of bamboo poles and on the top is TV antenna become a necessity of life. so with all this problems why the great medical problem is mental health???

Mental disease depression serious problem today. it is not the problem among poor people it is amongst the uppre class aritoclass and middle class so much depression insanity frustration suicide peoples mind go crazy they go on to rape people and shoot people one person who was friedn of my friend his mind cracked one day he went to the bank to rob it he didn;’t even have a gun he just had a stick he put it behind he said give me money i will shoot you and kill you the person press the button and the policemen came kept the gun at his head the person just drop is or i will kill you.  the person took the cloth off it was a stick he went to jail they asked why u do that he said i don’t know people are turniong to alcohol to drugs why??? because they are frustrated people need happiness but unfortunately in society today people do not know what happiness is?? the enemy the ignorance is prominent . Smoke  the cigaratte and u will be happy Ah I have seen the hoardings in Bombay all these handsome man and beautiful women smoke the cigarette u will have man like that women like that u will be able to wear the clothes like man there .  u will be cool people will look at u like fearless person an then they write smoking is injurious to health and that makes it more prestigious . After they are writing this the cigarate sales went up how is that possible?? in some country a general declared that cigaratte causes heart diesease and blood pressure disease cancer lung ddisease pregnancy defects some people say it will kill you some say it is injuriosu to your health and then people r smoking just to show the world I am willing to risk my life sacrifice everything to be COOL.Such a herioc mercy sucha great soul sa mahatma su durlabha such great souls are very rare who are willing to sacrifice willing to die. to enjoy and be COOL.People like that. i was recently at airport when a man and woman were smoking cigarattes burning the smoke in their face it was like ultimate rom,ance they had . i was thiniig this mad ness first they are killing themselves and they are killing the other person. this is the idea of romance and they were looking at each other with such passion in their eyes as they were throwing smoke on each other.  Haribol…so yes so much tremendous progress our Gurumaharaj SP **** said there is depressions mind is simply not satisfied mind will never be satisfied no matter how much money u make no matter how much respect you have no matter how mcuh power u have how much sex u have the position u have no matter how mcuh land u own the mind will never be satisfied BG says why because the KAMA burns like fire and the more fuel y pout in  this fire Put Gasoline in the fire will the fire say i am satisfied the more u put fire just illumes ore and more if you are poor man u want to be rich if u r rich man u want to eb a millionaire if you are millionaire then u want to be a billiopnaire if u r bilionaire u want to control the vast portions of the world if u control the worldf u want tp control the universe hiranyakashipu did it he was frustrated he was fearful he was lonely it says the loneliest place is on the top when u have everything and everyone is thinking if i have i will be happy.

And you have it and you are not happy such a lonely position and thats the situation perhaps 100% people who have it. Sometimes they try to make a show they r happy but inside there life is uspereficial it doesn’t have joy no ultimate idea so how to control this mind. WILLIAMS blake said mind is such a thing it can make heaven out of hell or hell out of heaven.even if everything happens just acc. to your plan is your mind satisfied always thinking of something else. ***becasue the soul the soul is seeking everlasting eternal ulimited life. the soul identifying with the mind is filled with ignorance and is looking for that love thru the temporary necessities of the body.  Krishna says in BG that this ignorance this lust covers the soul in different stages like smoke covers the fire like dust on the mirror. or like the womb covers the embroy. Womb covering the embroy is just completely immersed in ignorance touch the mirror u can’t see urself the purpose of the mirror is to see yourself. But when its covered by dust what u see DUST. the purpose of the mind is to reflect ur true self. When the mind is clean u see ur eternal pure self full of knowledge full of bliss but when the mirror of mind is covered by lifetimes accumulation of the dust what do you see.  All you see is ontamination.!!so the purpose of human life is to clean the mind not to further contaminate it and how do we clean the mind. howw do we bring our consc. back to natural stage that is great challenge that is greatest need in the world today so much pollution ecology of hew world acc. to environmentalist is on the verge of disaster solar icecaps r beginnign to melt due to global warning global warning is due to unnatural pollutions which are born out of violation of natural laws. no concern for the earth we are living in when western people came to USA then it was just indian tribes they started building their own construction with no consideration for the purity of the water air, or the land and there was an American indian cheif seatle and he was a prophet he said to the people of the west he said that mother eartjh is the bed you are sleepjng on. If you pollute or contaminate the bed you are going to have to sleep in it you know sitting in BOmbay acc. to some statistics it is like smoking 2 packs of Cigarates a day.

If you are breathign so much pollution so many water bnorn diseases due to pollution. people eat fish but the fish are borne of waters that are full of dangerous chemicals haribol. and Acc to the environmental statsics if we don’t do something serious about curving the pollution one fourth of the land on earth will be under he ocean. solar icecaps melt oceans  rise and chowpatty beach is only abouty a block away. So people are becoming more health conscious natural foods natural clothing Ah.. this is becoming very very important today when people in cities like to go in mountains nice river nice nice ocean people love to go to natural places bcozx in natural places you can fel yourself with beautiful scenery that is ur nature unless we clean the pollution the artificial impositions that are upon our mind we can’t uinderstand our natureal state of health the purpose of human life acc. to great acarayas ac. to scriptures is ot clean the mind to make it pure despite it is frustrating insanity of endless desires *** to actiual feel peace within joy within only that person is happy. Pl. think about it is happiness something out of yourself. is happiness something you can put in yourself… real happiness is in state of consciousness real peace is to be experienced and understood within yourself. and the supreme ab. trust descends in this world to reveal to us how to achieve real peave it is simple every spiritual place that is authorised teaches how to clean your heart. how to purify your mind how to see your true eternal self in the mirror of your consciousness such things we have to dump it on our mind by our actities we should live by etchical moral principles we should live in mood of service to others rather than exploitation to others within our society we follow 4 very very essential principlesno intoxication – bcoz intoxication destroys oneself and it destorys the true spiritual nature. we are already intoxicated by so many isconceptions we want to wake up to our true self. No meat eating – laws of karma what u do to others will come upon you every action brings equal reaction whether u believe or not it is a law and it will act if someone goes to store and robs it and police comes and catches him in fornt of judge he says i didn;t know you are not suppose to rob from that store. what will the judge say ?? its ok Judge will say it is the law we call if we are anyway participating in kiling of innocent creature death has to come upon us. we are responsible as human beings.No Illicit sex. Today so many anxieties so many diseases so many frustratiosn are born of just so much unrestricted passion and lust.

AIDS , Hepatissis so manyu ofd incurable diseases killing 10’s and 100’s are born out of intoxication or illicit sex. we are supposed to ontrol our mind and senses gambling feverish people feverishly go to gambling situation it brongs greater greater fever it is intoxicating Intoxication, Gambling, Meat Eating, Illicit Sex these 4 principles constitute basic human morality honesty truthfulmess these r vbery very imp. why???bcoz they do not further thrust contamination upon the midn how to clean the contaminatiosn that are already there there are many various sciences to do this meditation, virtous deeds in this age which we are living in Kali Yuga most powerful means for cleaning the mirror of the heart is the all purifying name of God by chanting the name of the lord it has the power to clean the mirror of the heart and brings our true eternal to shine awaken the eternal love within which is the source of peace and happiness.kale dosa rajan asti ek maha gunaKaliyiuga uis age of quarel and hypocrisy so many difficulties but simply by chanting the holy name one can attain the libreation we take very serioysly as a science the chanting of this Mahamantra Hare Krishna ……..

When the mind becomes cleanse when the mind is controlled by our intelligence thru the processes we have explained then param drstva nivartate then we experience inner peace inner love of the soul for krishna the all attractive supreme onbject of everyones love when we experience that higher pleasure then these entangling pursiuts of mat. existence no longer have any influence on our life. U cannot give up something unless u experiecne something higher. BG does not teach u have to give ur family ur career to be god consci BG teaches you u have to give up your greatest enemy whcih is envy and lust which is seated within your mind you ahve to clean your mind u have to experience higher taste of love of god letthat love motivate you. let that love be the foundation and to share that love with the world many wealthyu people there greatest happiness is giving in charity even *** they build big big house for themself then the elevator doesn’t work then thewy are in anxiety person sleeping on the street is happier something goes wrong tats the nature of the world. if we have high ideals***************What is the highest ideal???to help other people’;s souls to enlighten other peoples heart giving some donation is nice but the greatest need of other person is that they are lostthey are in ignorance they have been defeated by their enemy they need to be relased from the prison house of ignorance if you are not free you cannot free another the more we clean our mind the mroe we can help others the more we can help them to love when thats is the greatest need in all of the world today the greatest need in world today is love and compassion not money and technology thoses things can be used but if the money and tech. are in hand of greedy and lustful people that will not help the world.

You may earn mopney you may use technology if required but let us change our heart be an instrument of love instrument of illumination in this world many of you are young u have decisions to amke of oyur life of what your future will be human life doesn;’t last very long  sometimes youth is wasted on young when u start getting older u realise youth goes so fast u have youthful energu u have intelligence u ahve so many opportunities what is your ideals what is your purpose what is your integrity do you want to chase after a mirage in the desrt in the state of ignorance wheer you are really seeking u want to live for the truth or just sell your soul to the illiusions of this world or somehow or other fit in some statistic death will coem at the time of death will u accomplish the highest idea possible in this world that si the duty of every human being youth is the opportune time to make things to vision the vision should not be based on sceince and research and on thsi subjectr who am i Where am i going what is the Ab. truth who is God what is actual purpose of life make some childtren make some money and die and leave the inheritance for others and thne usually gfight and become enemies of your own inheritance its common what is the purpose of life this is the single question every great spiritualist every great philosopher every great man has asked Life is not meaningless life is full of incredible meaning we must knwo what that meaning is it is the internal meaning you are eternal soul you are part of the supreme soul your nature is to love god thru ewverythign u speak everythign u do and evertythign you think did anyone think of higher idea than that by spreading enlightenmenand love wheereve you go if that is your ideal u will achieve it if you have the proper association. association is essential recently was dasera 3where they celebrate rams vicotyr over ravan in ramayana so many lessons are there practical lessons.Kekayi who is kakayi Kakayi is you and Me Haribol.

Did you ever think that me she is mirror image all of us do you like her?? Kaikayi was a pure hearted person she loved lord rama she was faithgul chaste wife of Dasarath maharaj dshe risked hewr life in batelefiedl to save hium therefore she was favourtie wife she was wiling to give her life to serve her husband and she loved rama a her own child and rama respected and offered love to kaikayio as much as he offered to Kaushalya Kaikayia had same love for her own son Bharat she was virtous good devotee what happened the demigods devatas they ahd a mission if Ram is enjoying in Ayodhya who is going to kill  rvaana they some how or other influenced manthra mantra was greedy .and unched back she was envious of others when u have envy u have greed when u have pride these qualities like formal indications to asking maya come and use me as your instrument people consider strength these greatest weakness person has too mcuh sexual provice it is condsidered strength person is angry frighteneing people that is considered strength ins certain circles it is a weakness because of envy mantra was a easy person for ignorance illusion to enter her and use her like a pupet.just go back to the begining of our lecture. when u think your enemy as ur biggest friend then u r in big trouble. If Kakaiya knew mantra ismaya get out from here then ramayana would have been diff. story not like that i am your friedn i am your maid servant i don;’t need anything from you. I know that i trust you u will do anything fore me. I must warn you there is conspiracy against you. They are coronating  Ram Kakaitya said yes yes i know i am getitng ready oh My Dear Rama will be the king Mantra give so many gifts and congratulations eevryone must celebrate Mantra said u fooll u don’t know Ram is envous of you envious of your son he will destroy you. once he is king.

Kakaiya trusted mantra she considered here worst enemy as her best friend what happened thru that association she felt in the trap of ignorance that which is not maya Ram was her best friend but she considered her enemy she wanted to be controller she wanted to be the mother of the king as good as king she wanted power she wanted the riches. *** due to associaiton if you put ur faith in wronb place and not only did she suffer of that illusion she cause d the death of her husband she caused the banishment of sita ram and laxman and she caused total desperate of every citizend of ayodhya millions of people suffered for 14 years because of her becuase she was instrument of ignorance and lust. here is a message who is that Kakaiya we are all with this association of this material world all trying to be controllers all trying to be the enjoyers but our natural happiness is to serve to be pure and to love Humility rather than pride compassionm rather than envy things we shoudl be striving for. Ravana was living in lanka of golden city he had so much power he was wiliing to risk everythign because of mad attraction for sita Devi sita the properety of God Lust ignorance envy that fills up the heart within him even thoiugh so many good instructions he couldn;’t hear and ultimately ravaana was desttroyed. it was history but the history was presented in sucha way to teach us practical lessons in lfie we must come out of darkness we must come out of ignorance we must see th elight the light of the supreme lords intimate mercy in our hearts and all aorund of us and reciprocate by associationg with saintly people by associating witgh noble activites by associating with krishna who has appeared in his holy namehare krishna….. Questions:- 1. U said so mcuh about technology is technology good or bad.

Just like u have a microphone iun ur hand that is technology it is wireless u can use that wirelss to broadcast hatred enviousness or u can preach the message of BG teach harmony and purity with that mic. so its the mic good or bad it depends how u use it with email with anything our pure gauranga prabhu he comes on TV he is TV personality anywhere u go with him people come i saw u on MA series it is very famous allover world preaching gita so that way Technology is good bcoz Gauranag pr. has appeared but when u turn the station Haribol…u don’t find Gauranga pr, speaking BG on every station there is other things going on Technology can be glorisuys if used by perosn of pure heart and pure idea or it can be utilised thru the greatest power of damagign people if used by rong people. 2. We have acheieved so mcuh of technology we have desire to achieve things in this case is it good or bad???Maharaj: desire to achieve what u wish to achievePlace on top is sp. World. thats very good. desire to be on top is not on bad question is what r u going to do on top. why u want to be on top. we may work for money??? not Only one person  many people what r u going to do with your money r u goig to use for alcohol or go to cinemas to watch show or use eact drink to marry or simply to have big house and live u get old children and fgreat children watch u till u die. Rather use ur money to help enlighten people enhance their conciousness use ur money for dieties uese ur money to raise children in KC then raising money is good thing it is act of devotion to God. so the Q is what is your ideal and how faith ful r u to ur ideal that determines whether it is good or superficial puppet in hands of illusion ignorance>  3. where does spirituality go after some years as technology is ioncreasing???u r youth of today people in this age are potentially leaders of next geenration what difference u want to make to be positive in service of God or ??/the greatness of india is people ask these question but now india is beocming more westernised less people r asking questions that way india is cheating the world of its real wealth of great sp. world we r not against economic strength we r against ignorance where there is knwoledge things can be used in proper direction. yes if tech. grows and gorws more and more people depend more on tech. the workd will be devoid pf viture we must depend on God.

God is providing the sun the moon the rawmaterials with which we make our technology. if thats not there what can we do??? we must declare our dependence on ab. power and meryc of supreme we mst learn to reciprocate to love of suipreme learn to be instruments of supreme lord then we can utlise even tech. to make the worl d glorius wonderful enlightened place. when u take spirtiaulyity out of equaiton the consc. of men and women will become darker and darker more adn more confuised we are not talking about sectarian concept we are talking about the heart to bring it to natural state by broadcasitin gthis gloriosu essage u can do so mcuh for  world. In this humble temple of ours we are using lights we are using videos to show beautiful show there islot  of tech. here but to enlighten people used to be in spirit of service it is nto to exploit not to delude whatevere  we use whether it is intelligence power of speech our strenght influence position welath technology question is this r u being dictated by kakaiya or mantra ignorance or u r dictated byt rama kakaiya could have listened to ram but she listended to mantra therefore her mind became her worst enemy if she would have listened to ram her mind would have been her best friend so who are we listening to the passion of our senses the passion for thigns or the holy scriptures the great sages the realised souls and the lord within our own hearts. whatever we use we use it to serve rather than exploiting in sevring there is great sp. joy in exploitation there is bondage. we have devotees memebers of this temple who r industrialist with 10’s and 1000’s of employees we have doctors lawyers engineers and they r very productive and creative in business world productioin world and professional world. u don’t have to be a simple pauper to be spirtiual u can be powerful dynamic in society by cleaning ur heart by chanting the holy name and raising family with compassion for the soul. and they r tryig to sue influecne to uplift humanity .

What is intelligence what is right mode of direction for intelligence???intelligence is god given power to discriminate the senses r gross matter the eyes see eye wanst to enjoy its not the eye the soul wants to enjoy thru gross and suttle elemenets the eye sees somethig beautiful it comes to mind and the mind wanst it YES i want it how many times u have seen i want it i must look at it Your intelligence is to discriminate is this for my good welfare if u look at this or will it be to my degradation it discriminatesd raitonalises makes decisions the tongue thinks i must taste this. tongue has this desire i want it i want it. intelligence like a little child they don’t know what is good for them he picks up a knife play the child thinks what does mother do if mother thinks let child do whatever he wants he may toture himself cut himself so mother is intelligence so she says give me the knife the intelligecen should discriminate. The Q. is whose side intelligven is on iof the intelligence is dictated by the mind and the senses then intelligent is spolied but if the intelkligence is strethened by associcating with godly people *** then intelligence can dicate the mind this is what sp. life all about. ***if ur intelligence isd not strong by associating with guru, sadhu and sastra then ur mind will comtrol ur intelligence.ex. is given body is like chariot senses like 5 horses mind like reins and intelligence like chariot driver. ****

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.