Sri garga uvca

yadünäm aham äcäryaù

khyätaç ca bhuvi sarvadä

sutaà mayä saàskåtaà te

manyate devaké-sutam

(SB 10.8.7)


Gargamuni said: My dear Nanda Maharaja, I am the priestly guide of the Yadu dynasty. This is known everywhere. Therefore, if I perform the purificatory process for your sons, Kansa will consider Them the sons of Devaki


Gargamuni indirectly disclosed that Kamsa was the son of Devak not of Yashoda Since Kansa was already searching for Krishna, if the purificatory process were undertaken by Gargamuni, Kansa might be informed, and that would create a catastrophe. It may be argued that although Gargamuni was the priest of the Yadu dynasty, Nanda Maharaja also belonged to that dynasty. Nanda Maharaja, however, was not acting as a kshtariya. Therefore Gargamuni said, “If I act as your priest, this will confirm that Krisna is the son of Devaki”

kaàsaù päpa-matiù sakhyaà

tava cänakadundubheù

devakyä añöamo garbho

na stré bhavitum arhati

(SB 10.8.8)

iti saïcintayaï chrutvä

devakyä därikä-vacaù

api hantä gatäçaìkas

tarhi tan no ‘nayo bhavet

(SB 10.8.9) 


Kansa is both a great diplomat and a very sinful man. Therefore, having heard from Yogamaya the daughter of Devak that the child who will kill him has already been born somewhere else, having heard that the eighth pregnancy of Devakcould not bring forth a female child, and having understood your friendship with Vasudeva, Kansa, upon hearing that the purificatory process has been performed by me, the priest of the Yadu dynasty, may certainly consider all these points and suspect that Krishna is the son of Devakand Vasudeva. Then he might take steps to kill Krishna. That would be a catastrophe.


Kansa knew very well that Yogamaya was, after all, the maidservant of Krishna and Vishnu and that although Yogamaharaja had appeared as the daughter of Devaki she might have been forbidden to disclose this fact. Actually this was what had happened. Gargamuni argued very soberly that his taking part in performing the reformatory process for Krishna would give rise to many doubts, so that Kansa might take very severe steps to kill the child. Kansa had already sent many demons to attempt to kill this child, but none of them had survived. If Gargamuni were to perform the purificatory process, Kansa’s suspicions would be fully confirmed, and he would take very severe steps. Gargamuni gave this warning to Nanda Maharaja.

Bhagvan possess all six opulances which includes complete strength possessed by all living being as well as all strength possessed by all powers of nature .they are all simply infinitesimal extensions of supreme strength emanating from Krishna.

janmaya asya yato ‘

Everything is emanating from Krishna. When we see a powerful person in this world we become impressed, he become attractive but compared to the power of nature, what is the strength of any human being in this world? When there are earthquakes, when there is a cyclone, when there is tornadoes, when there is tidal waves. These are very small gestures to show the strength of material nature then how come overcome them? Just like recently there was earthquakes in the Soviet Union

At that time the Soviet Union was one of the two powerful countries in world with all there nuclear bombs and everything. When the earthquake came hundreds and thousands of the people immediately killed what could anyone do? The power of nature is far more than any man, even all man kind and in America the wealthiest state in all over America is California. There are more milliners in California than any other concentrated place in all over the world. Money is power in this world and yet there is lies some flaw in the earth, as they call it and it is known as a fact that where that crack in the earth must be earthquake and when that earthquake come sit is predicted t not only by geologist, all the scientist but even by, astrologers and everyone that when this earthquake comes there would be so severe that entire state of California will fall into ocean and be utterly destroyed, and its way overdo

And longer the overdo worse it will be, because it is getting deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper towards the center of the earth, so what can they do about it. With all of there money ,with all of there power ,with all of there fame ,what can they do about it?.If the earthquake comes they all will die it is as simple as that. This is just an insignificant token of the power of the nature. What to speak of the destruction we read at the end of the kalpa or at the day of a brahma.It is describe in the bhagavatam and in the puranas, how the sun becomes so hot that completely burns everything, there is a massive fires and there is a deluges of rains that completely, utterly covers the face of earth not only the face

Of earth but all lower and meddle planets in  utter devastations this earth becomes nothing but a massive ocean .So after burning fire burns everything to ashes then everything is utterly drowned in  not just a little water but thousands of miles deep of water. What man can possibly sustain this utter devastations unnn… 

So this is also Krishna says

may hyak a prak iù

syate sa-car aram

Krishna’s is the ultimate power

That I am the controller of this material nature. Material nature is Krishna’s nature. This is only Krishna says that all opulent things that you see in this material world are only spark of my splendors the power of nature is only opulence it is only the spark of the splendor of Krishna. And similarly Krishna in a personal way, when he wants to reveal His strength how He appeared as a lord Narsimha Dev to destroy even that demon  hiranyakasipu who conquered  the entire universe, even conquered the Indra. He appeared as shri Ramchandra to piers the heart of a Ravana causing to fall to a ground death blood

Because He appeared as a Vaman dev who expands His body to such massive proportion that He was able to cover the entire universe with two steps from His lotus feet. And yet the same Supreme reservoir of all power, all strength, is appearing as a baby child in such a way that all of His loving devotees are worrying about Him. They  in great anxiety making all sorts of secretes plans how to protect Him from human being rakshsas.This is Krishna? Lila the supreme reservoir of all power and strength,is appearing as such a help less child that a Nandmaharaj and garg muni who  are both  His pure ,unalloyed devotees ,they are having very serious discussion of how to protect this child. Garg muni is explaining that I am the priest of the Yadu dynasty. And there is really no reason for me to be here to give name ceremony to your children.

I am generally dealing with the very exalted Kshatriyas of the Mathura, but vasudev has sent me. Vasudev indicated to Garg muni tht his own son was at the place of Nand maharaj.And Vasudev was so much concerned with Krishna his love and heart was so much with this baby Krishna. Although he took the child across the Jamuna and put Him in the care of Nand maharaj on the order of Krishna

His mind was thinking in such devotion how could I give best to my child Vasudev was so selfless. He recognize the fact that he mayu never see this child. he was having no power to, to..  enjoy the beauty or lila of this baby child. He was utterly in a selfless condition, he wasn’t thinking what I will get from this child, he was only thinking what can I give. Most parents they want to enjoy seeing their children be raised, they want to enjoy all the wonderful experiences of hearing the child, learn how to talk, how to walk and all of this. Its pleasure so we give much to the child but at the same time, we are expecting so much joy, pleasure to come from it. Therefore our relationship with  our child is motivated to our own sense gratification. If my child gets good grade not only that, if my child do nice  I will enjoy so much. And my child wii give me nice prestige and people would be attracted to my child, so naturally they  will be attracted to me.

But Vasudev, he understood that he was in prison, he was not even allowed to tell to any body and all the world  that this  was his child, because if he did child will be killed. That was his thinking and therefore  he knew I may never see Him, I may, I may never enjoy His beauty, I may never enjoy His Lila. Nand maharaja and Yasoda they will enjoy all this things, but I love this child so dearly that according to my capacity wherever I am simply want to do  what is best for Him. This is unalloyed love. Simply on the level of giving without excepting anything in return. In fact all he is getting in returns is problem because of this child he is in jail. For wasn?  for this child being predicted to be born, he would  not have  been  in prison at all, he would be enjoying  his beautiful palace in Mathura, he was in very royal position. He didn’t have to see, he could have seen his wife fine jewels and dresses and enjoying the high life of Mathura instead he  is watching his wife living in the jails, without any freedom, seeing her.

Own children’s being killed right before her eyes, such  a terrible condition and was that all because of this one child. From  the physical point of view he was not getting any pleasure or joy, he was getting  only sufferings and miseries from this child .Yet his great hope and his great meditation was simply how could I protect Him how could I please Him, how could I show my love for Him. This is unmotivated, unalloyed devotion.

Vasudev is teaching us such an exalted example of what an devotee is.

sa vai puàsäà paro dharmo

yato bhaktir adhokñaje

ahaituky apratihatä

yayätmä suprasédati

This means the supreme occupation is that what brings one to the loving service of the lord in such service, unmotivated and uniterrupterd to completely satisfy the Krishna and to completely satisfy the self.So such unmotivated and uninterrupted loving service Vasudev possessed. Let everyone enjoy Krishna, let me suffer for rest of my life if that? What is required for Krishna, but let my only goal is to please Him to serve Him ,to protect Him , to love Him ,that is Vasudev.

So it was Vasudev  that contacted Garg muni and told him, unless the samskara is performed foe this boy then it will not be, it will not be auspicious  for him  so some how or other you must  go and perform samskara he is living at the house of Nand maharaj he is actually my son.

Garg Muni’s Warning

So Garg muni went and he was warning Nand maharaj that Nad maharaj you know that kamsa is looking for this child everywhere. According to astrological calculations, according to the prophecy that came from the sky that eight child of a Devaki could not have been  a female, it had to be a man, a boy. And therefore when yogmaya appeared before kamsa she even told him  to his face that eight son  of Devaki and Vasudev is somewhere else  and he will kill you. So now he is looking, he is hunting everywhere. Infact he is already suspicious he is already sent Putana he is already sent  sankatasura.

Krishna Love towards his devotees

He has already sent putana and he knows that all of them have been killed by Krishna. So he is already very suspicious. If he founds out that I perform the name giving ceremony then he knows for sure, as as Information that this is the child of Devaki and Vasudev  and we want to protect this child. After all how is he killing all this demons and everything Garg muni knew still  he has loving affection, so warning Nand maharaj.Nand maharaj here is considering the words of sri Gargacharya.And this is really a beautiful display of what love of Krishna really is. In this lila ewe find Vasudev who was selflessly always concerned only krishna? pleasure and welfare. And we find Nand and Garga muni how they are just worrying like  anything for Krishna. How they are so much concerned of Krishna, and this is why Krishna puts Himself in such position to increase the love of His devotees. If He revealed Himself as the almighty Narayan, what sorts of loving affection could they have with Him. Only Om Namo Narayan with love but Intensity and intimacy of the affection of Vasudev ,Nand  and Garg muni  exhibited here is way beyond that. And it appears Krishna puts Himself in very helpless situation only to increase faith and devotion of His servants only to increase the quality of love. And of course those exalted vaishnwas who are in this words they are manifestations of Krishna in the sense they are revealing to the world the mercy of Krishna. They are teaching the world how to love Krishna. And really it is Krishna Who is teaching through them how to love Himself. A real sadhu doesn’t speak his own mind , he doesn’t teach his own ideas  Krishna is doing everything through him. Krishna is speaking through him , Krishna is instructing people through his example. Krishna shows the  world through His devotees how to love Him and how to serve Him how to attracts our mind to him. Therefore guru is representative of God. And Krishna often puts guru in the same types of situations, I remember for so many years when srila prabhupad would come to the devotees where of  devotees have great fortune to meet him in India, in Newyork, in new vrindavan and such a joys occasion was for us to sit at his lotus feet to hear his speech, to see him chanting to his example experience his infinite love. We can not even attempt to explain the great mercy showered upon us and the feelings and the realizations of our indebtedness to him where would be in his physical presence, this was his Lila to attract our hearts to attracts our minds by coming before us in this way. But on many occasions there was an even more intensified experience. When his heath would be in critical condition several times the message came to every temple in ISKCON that srila prabhupad is in very critical condition he  is mobilized  due to his old age and we don’t know whether he would live or would not live. Everyone is requesting to everyone to pray to Krishna that my dear lord Krishna if you desire allow srila prabhupad to be with us .And have twenty-four hour kirtan. At that time although prabhupad was not there present , sometimes he was in India , some times he was   in los angeles this happens on several occasions where we would get  the urgent, urgent  messages .And the devotees I was  in new vrindavan at that time but the  same feelings were there  everywhere all over the world in all 108 temples through out the world .The devotees  would stay up through out the  night  practically everyone just having the kirtan ,  with a big pictures of prabhupad  sitting on vyasasan , just sitting in front of  vyasasan just having kirtan and praying and praying and praying. And while we would be praying  and while we would be having kirtan  it was such an intense anxiety in our minds that he might live us. It was so painful to our hearts  just the thought to live within this world without our guru maharaj it was it was just terrifying   our minds our hearts billion and billions pieces we could not even imagine it .All we knew was srila prabhupad guidance. So devotees were crying and praying and chanting. But we have to chant prabhupad prayers if you desire krishna, we could not demand Krishna, we could only make our, make out if you could desire please allow him to remain with us.

Krishna’s teachings on Karma

And factually how those wonderful circumstances brought the community together, because when such circumstances took place all the ego problems between devotees were so insignificant they were forgotten .All personality conflicts they would just as if they never had a existed. We became better devotees and better disciple our love our affection our feelings   increased gratitude so in this way prabhupad used to tell us that Krishna, puts the guru through this circumstances several reasons one is because guru has to take on the karma of a disciple it has to go to someone so one token, part of it guru accepts takes upon himself showers love by the arranged of sri Krishna, and two to increase the love of disciple Krishna puts guru through this situation.  So in this way just as vasudev and garg muni they were worrying so much because Krishna is in so much precarious situation. And Krishna takes that precarious situation simply to increase love and affection similarly He puts spiritual master His devotee in such situation simply to increase the love and affection of the followers. So Krishna purposely puts His devotees in this situation but Krishna purposely puts Himself in the same situation. So this is how we must understand that Krishna is the supreme controller everything He does is perfect and complete. And if we recognize how and why Krishna is doing this then ha, we are most fortunate. Krishna does not want us to be cold hearted Krishna does not want us to think ,ohh this is happening to gurudev well everything is perfect and complete there’s is  no  why should I be in an anxiety, perfect and complete to put you in anxiety. Nand and garga muni  he things that they are in maya because they are worrying about Krishna they are worrying Garg muni is warning Nand  and  Nand is worrying   lets do it secretly nobody will know not even my closest relatives will know only to show to myself nobody  else will know anything about this. This namakaran the name giving ceremony, this samskara uhh they were worrying .Because it was complete because it increased love it increased their devotion .So similarly we should learn how to see Krishna?  perfect plan that guru is  willing ,guru is willing to suffer like anything to increase our love for him .And krishna is perfectly arranging the situation just to give us an opportunity  to  increase our love but  we take it colt heartedly un.. Krishna is perfect it doesn’t matter, then what   happens no benefit no increase of love no increase of attachment no increase of gratitude. Yes it is happening on Krishna? Control it is perfect for this reason to help us recognize our indebtedness our need for the mercy of sri gurudev. And for that matter the great vaishnwas learning how to appreciate the glories of vaishnwas    increases our service attitude like anything, increases our love,love shown to devotees is love shown to Krishna.

Importance of Serving Vaishnvas

Narrotam das  said without serving vaishnwas one can never approach Krishna .Our love for vaishnawas is our love for Krishna .So just as Nand maharaj and garg muni were so much concerned about Krishna, so we must also have the same type of concern for all of krishna? representative  with all devotees with all vaishnwas .We must see all of them as representative of Krishna.Srila prabhupad used to tell us that you all are representatives of my guru maharaj , prabhupad worried about us thinking about us   it completely on the transcendental platform .And he wanted us to do the same thing for one another, to care about one another ,to protect one another ,to love one another.By doing this Krishna will accept that love.

Love my devotee that? how you love me. Worship my devotees that? how you worship me. Devotee is not Krishna but every devotee is dear to Krishna. If you can not show your love to devotees then you can not show your love to Krishna. Anyway if you try Krishna will not accept it. If you dont care devotees then your so called loving  Krishna has little meaning to Him. And to develop this spirit is really what is Krishna consciousness and to develop this spirit is is in a true sense  the realization of mahaprabhu, sri chaitnya orders.

To be Servant of the servant of the servant to be  a servant does not mean in a formal position, it means  actually put your heart in the  service. Nand  and gargmuni and Vasudev how much they  personally put their heart in serving Krishna therefore they personally very very interested in His well fair in every regard. So to become servant of the servant of the servant means to have that same feeling of well fair for all the servants of Krishna according to our capacity, this is Krishna consciousness.

Is there any question?Anand vrindavan is always dependable to ask question.(laughter).

Question :

You have to hear from the lips of the devotees. In srila prabhupad? purports  does he not  explain what is really is when the devotees offer srila prabhupad explaining elaborating on this purports how can you  possibly think like that. Therefore srila prabhupad said 95  percent of advancement  you make by  reading his books  or reading the purports. Translation you could read you could read you could memorize you can learn the stories. You can? realy graps without the commentaries of the great souls therefore all the gaudia vaishnav acharyas you never find them just translating. Within our line of parampara whenever a great soul or an acharya or a great scholar of gaudia vaishnav tradition  translate he always gives purport, according to the  time and the  place and the  people of the particular area he gives a purport to explain the real parmapara significance of every word. One time  srila  prabhupad was giving a class from Bhagavat Gita

And he read a verse and he said my guru maharaj did not give a purport to this  verse so I will go on to the next verse(laughter).So you see the devotees of the lord who are really compassionate they know the purport is most important part. And really why is the srimad bhagavatam  class and the bhagavat Gita class  so important in our society because it an elaboration on the perport .It is to study the purport and to elaborate upon the purport then we get the true meaning the essential meaning. Without as you saying if one read the tenth canto of bhagavatam and they just think that this is of course every mother and father will think like this and when they read about the gopis they think ohhhh..  Yes every neophyte will going to think like this. Therefore the great acharyas warned us without hearing, in that association you are practically wasting time .And that is why within the gaudia vaishnav tradition we do not give much importance to bhagavat saptaha. Because really how much you can explain within the seven days the bhagavatam. People learn the stories nicely but exact actually understanding the significance of the story and significance of the each verse of the story which is essential that not take place. Therefore srila prabhupad he gave the seven days bhagavatam lecture in new vrindavan in 1972.

Every morning every evening for several hours he spoke. He spoken one verse each section. He didnt go through one canto one section. Because he wanted to show us this things may be very nice and entertaining but if you really want to grasp .You have to go deeply in the purports and explanations of the great acharyas.

Any other question?.

Just last year, in 1968, 68-69 26second  avenue was closed they never owned it they were renting  it. And they moved to another place I believe 71second  avenue because  that was bigger in size. So that time 26 second  avenue was taken  over by someone else and used as some sort of warehouse .And from this place they had some other two place two other places on second avenue. And they moved to Brokelen  Henry street which is a big beautiful temple, which they had from many years and then according to prabhupad? Great dream they brought a wonderful skyscraper in man headen.

Prabhupad liked it very much, but after he left for some extraordinary reason they sold that. Now they have another big temple in broklen  so  for all this years 26 second avenue  was just a warehouse

Storage house for some people it was completely out of the hands of the people of  harekrishna movement. You can buy without buying rest of the building it is a big building costing millions and millions of dollars. It is said all boxes just stored In there  junk  and dust and I don’t know anybody have gone there it is like that for  over 20 years.

Ah! And in just about two years ago, some kermi people rented it out and started a little store. That was nice because there were first stall again devotees to go inside. Because for twenty years  nobody purposefully  go inside it was all fenced off[?] as a warehouse it was just locked [?]           Nobody was ever there, it was locked .But  last year, HARE KRISHNA movement actually got the [   ? ] for that place and they made it into Prabhupada Museum. And just this last summer it was opened was there, not for the opening but I was there just before. It was really auspicious. But I personally do not agree with what they did, because factually there was never any renovation done to that place in the time Prabhupada was there. It was the same. Same wall ,same floor, same ceiling and therefore was all it was not taken care of. So, what they did instead of restoring it ,which could have been done they just put new walls ,new ceiling, new floor all modern, all real modern. And one of those ceilings on the lower level.

[Question is being asked but not clearly audible. Ringing of bell]



We should follow the example of those people who really are inspiring into our Krishna Consciousness, we should not follow everyone. We should follow those who really are living according to very devotional principles & who are inspiring your heart. Those persons you should follow. Others, you should pay all respects and you should look for the good within everyone. And if lie could, could find a sore on a person’s body. Right?

Chaitanya Charitamrita explains that a honey bee is always looking for the honey. No matter what the flower’s condition is .Just a honeybee cares even if it’s being trampled on the flower even if it’s welted .Does it care? It goes right to the honey. And a fly even if a person has a beautiful, wonderful ,healthy body .If there is one ss..,if there is one sore where blood is coming  infection ,will go right there and ignore the rest. Similarly if there is a beautiful flower garden with all blossoming flowers wonderful fragances, everywhere birds  singing. When the fly comes into the garden, what will it do? If there is one ,if there is one …….             [?]      stool on the ground  it will only go there  and completely  neglect and ignore the acres and acres of beautiful flowers and birds singing and you know just sucks that stool .And a honeybee even if  is in the most terrible garbage dump cesspool,  just one flower with nectar in it will go right there . The devotee is like a honeybee and unfortunate person is like the fly. Any rascal can find faults. It takes a sincere noble person to see virtues. A person who finds the faults in others you can understand that person’s mind is a cesspool .That person is fly .But if a person who could see the good even if there may be so many faults,if a person who can see the good it’s there .That person would like a honeybee, he will attract the mind of Krishna .See can you shall find ? If you are looking for faults, you will find faults everywhere & anywhere. If you are looking for good you will find the good everywhere & anywhere. It’s the question of what do you want. Krishna reveals us according to how we approach Him.Shishupal only saw faults in Krishna. Whereas Arjuna , Yudhishthira they only saw the glory of Krishna. Why? According to how we approach Krishna reveals Him.Krishna is in heart of everyone . So finding faults with the devotees is the disease and it’s a  contagious disease, it’s a  sickening disease .And seeing the good and virtues in the devotees is an opulence. It’s a benediction. So we should not be diseased, we should not spread  disease. We should spread the Love, goodness  .Ah?

Krishna sees the darkness in all and adds in light

After all we are all covered with millions of faults. If Krishna didn’t see that little spark of goodness in us He would never have given us the association of devotees by which we can develop. Right? When Srila Prabhupada went to the west, he was dealing with the people who were addicted to eating meat  from the day of there birth ,who were addicted to the illicit sex .In America ,dieting and all these things are just the natural process. They were addicted to gambling .They were addicted like anything to intoxication. They didn’t even have the slightest sense of the four regulative principles .Many of them were atheists .who had no belief on God. He was dealing with people like this. If he saw that one person with the slightest inclined hear Bhagvad Gita or to chant the Holy Name .He would glorify that person .He would think that this person is such a great soul .He wouldn’t care about all the other things,he would only see that .He may, he would instruct that person ,you must give up .,you must follow the four regulative principles. But that was his love to try to improve that person’s spiritual life .But he wasn’t seeing fault in him. Ah? If he would only see the fault, none of us would have become devotees. Right? You have so many faults .We all too. If the sadhus would only see the faults, would you ever have the chance to become a devotee? Because the sadhu sees the little bit good in you and tries to fan that, therefore. But you start finding faults in others, then Krishna is going to take away the privilege from you. He is going to take away the opportunity to make any spiritual advancement. Because what He has given, all He has overlooked for you, so that you become a devotee if you are not willing to do that for others, He is going to withdraw His mercy. Therefore we find the number one reason for falling away from Krishna Consciousness is criticizing the devotees. Person who has this mentality generally cannot last very long.

Question :

Just like in the  Leela of Krishna ,there is sambhog and vipralamba. Sambhog means when Krishna meets the Gopies,vipralamba means when He is separated from the Gopies. They are both essential for the rasa to be complete. Because when there is separation, it makes the meeting sweeter than ever  before.If you are always with someone, it’s happiness .When you are away and there is reunion with the object of your love, this is even greater happiness. Is it not? So the separation makes meeting more beautiful. And at the same time without meeting there is no meaning to separation. If you think that I will never see Him again or never be with Him again then that separation is hopeless. But if you know that the meeting will come .Then that meeting makes the separation more beautiful and the separation, and the separation, and the separation makes the meeting more beautiful. This sambhog and vipralamba. Another definition of Madan Mohan is that this is how Krishna relates with His devotees. You are meeting in separation .So that disturbance apparent disturbance is not really a disturbance, but it’s an enhancement. So mother Yashoda is loving Krishna as an innocent child, whenever they would see  Krishna doing some wonderful things they would  was so awestruck .But then when again they would, they would just forget all these things and ,and see  Krishna in His ,in His beauty as their baby or their child and they  would increase their parental affection ,increase the quality. And also Krishna wanted to prove to the world because so many notorious commentators considered that Krishna was an ordinary boy.

The other, the other night I was speaking to our very highly educated graduate from the big big college, saying like Krishna He was politician .He was a human being like us. Why put so much emphasis .So Krishna wanted to show that even as a tiny little baby He is the Supreme Absolute Truth .He wanted to make this statement to the world .By showing even in His little tiny baby form, He could contain all the universes within His mouth. And how this cause of all causes, is behaving as such a helpless child for His mother. Just to exchange love that in enough itself completely melts the hearts and attracts the minds of all sincere souls .Uh? So Krishna performs such Leelas to attract the minds of all living beings.

Question :

If you are sincere  Krishna will direct you to someone who is sincere .But then after you are directed  to someone who is sincere ,you have to take guidance  from him .We can’t just be listening to everyone  .If you do that it means you have become insincere .Ah?

Question :

Therefore someone else is the authority .You are directed to the authority .It’s just your unwillingness to surrender. That’s all.

Question not audible :

What is better ?Better is then when it’s done with humility .You think, you think the great acharyas have started this movement to create official materialists .You can go to so many training schools and colleges to learn how to be an official materialist. This movement is to teach people how to be surrendered, humble devotees. So whatever your authority is telling you, it is the best thing to teach you how to be a surrendered, humble devotee, it may not be the best thing to be an official materialist.

So therefore if you think you can have a better way, it is your service to very humbly present your alternatives .But then whatever the decision is, you should accept and surrender. And understand that I may not understand this, but I will become purified, if I just surrender .And Krishna ultimately wants that. He wants your, your humble devotion. After all are we doing it for Krishna or you are doing it for expediency.

Devotee : Maharaj, what is this officially means?

Officially means what Krishna wants. Uh? He wants you to make a complete ass out of yourself,  in official way and that’s your service. Right? Look at me I am just an illiterate fool, sitting here giving Bhagvatam class, so many scholars and doctors, high class people .We should be making fool out of me. But if that’s really wants me to do .The order which I am supposed to do this and that will make a fool out of me .I am only trying to please you .Uh?  Any other questions?

Question not audible

He is longing simply to serve Krishna .Simply to please Krishna .Simply to be whatever Krishna wants Him to be. He is showing the attitude of ultimate surrender to the will of God .That I am only meant for Your pleasure. But then He (Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu) also says

yugaitam nimesena

Cakñuñä prävåñäyitam suniyaitam jagat sarvam

govinda-virahena me

That feeling  your absence a moment is appearing to be twelve years or more and tears are flowing from my eyes and whole world is nothing but a [?] void .Bereft of the sight of Govinda .So He is exhibiting the most intensified experience which is in separation .And at the same time He is exhibiting the most intensified spirit of other’s surrender to the will of the God .If You want to come before me My Lord come before Me .If You want to break Me brokenhearted  by neglect then make Me  brokenhearted by neglect .You have the right to do anyway You  please. This is the total surrender unto the feet of Krishna.

Question not audible :

Not like that !We don’t make emphasize on a show of crime .He is speaking in terms of the state of ecstatic love .He is praying to Krishna .He is not ,He is not simply, talking about ,trying to umm attract chip followers. This is a direct prayer to Krishna  Himself .He is talking about not just tears from the  eyes ,talking about tears of love coming from the core of the heart from the very soul .Ah? That type of crying, we are supposed to learn to cry for Krishna like that .Ah? But even Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in most cases when He would exhibit His ecstatic symptoms, when common people were present ,He would become very [?] to train them. He would only, only at Shrivasa Thakur’s house, but He really exhibits these ecstatic symptoms .And there, there were only     WORD            the highest most purified vaishnavas who could understand the true significance. Ah? He wouldn’t amongst the neophyte devotees or even   raganuga bhakti’s only amongst those who have attained the highest states of prema, would He exhibit .Ah ? And He wouldn’t exhibit for there pleasure .He would exhibit because He would just the    love. Himself to be He just completely uncontrolled in His love of ,in His ecstasies of love .But to the common people He would become very composed to not mislead them .Uh? Now the [   ??   ] prayer to learn to cry for Krishna .Not tears of the eyes ,but tears of the heart .Uh? Because [????] tears come from your eyes. If your, if your, if your mother dies tears come from your eyes. (Laughs) Is It not a transcendental ecstasy .Just out of sentiments if you, if somebody crashes into your car ,tears would flow from your eyes . Ah? So, so many sentimental reasons, we can cause tears to come from our eyes. But are those tears really exhibitions of ecstatic love? It is tears of our heart.The devotee are praying to share for Krishna upon chanting His name. Uh? And we understand the only person who could really share those tears of love from the heart, is one who is, who is the most humble, loving servant of the Lord. There is  always ego in our  heart .There is always material attachments in our heart ,you know, whenever tears are following  from our eyes with superficial .So therefore rather than ,rather than one who is looking at another devotee, rather than looking at tears in his eyes ,we should look for the humility of his heart .Even if there is no tears ,you can understand ,there are tears inside .He must be crying for Krishna, such a humble soul. May be they will come up to the eyes, may be they will not .But otherwise any people could ,could put on dramatic performances .That we are attracted to. And for this reason we need the association of Gurudev and the,and the Vaishnavas of our line ,of our sampraday to teach us ,what is true and what is not true ,what is good for us and what is not good for us. That is very important .But in our own life we should, we should be calling out for Krishna that when will that day be mine when those tears of love will spring from the core of my heart upon chanting your name .Uh? And then let them fall from my, eyes if You so desire my Lord! But let them be tears of love .Uh?

[Devotee:Hare Krishna Maharaj]

Hare Krishna.

Questioned by a devotee not audible

Such is the mercy of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

That is the mercy of Chaitanya Mahprabhu. Chaitanya is revealing the highest realizations of love of God  to everyone. But  He is teaching on how to approach it, but it is not cheap. Sukhadev Goswami did not speak because if he would have spoken he would have gone into Trance. And  therefore he did not wanted to make it cheap exhibition of Trance in front of so many sages, who would not understand it. So he purposely avoided talking about this. Ah? Similarly Bhaktisiddhant Saraswati, often times he would very much avoid talking about the love affairs of Radha and Krishna, because sometimes when he would do, he would become very much in Trance and he didn’t want it  display such symptoms to  people in general .He would mislead them .He was very sober .One time Bhaktisiddhant Saraswati Thakur was in an assembly of ,of learned scholars and Vaishnavas & brahmans & people of other sampradayas. And he was on just like that AIDS conference there was a table and everybody ,all the main speakers were sitting .He was one of the main speakers .He was sitting and there were hundreds and hundreds of people in the audience .And he had no intension of speaking of the glories of Radha and Krishna to such people .He wanted to speak about the basic principles of Krishna Consciousness .But what happened is ,one of the persons on the desk started blaspheming Shri Radharani, saying terrible things of Radha .So he could not contained himself ,he stood up and he started to glorify Shri Radharani and explained her real position .In the course he completely defeated that person .He established the truth of Shri Radharani .But as he was describing her, just tears ,just he wasn’t in just tears ,he just fell unconscious (laughs) . He just fell to the ground unconscious in the ecstasy of love .When he called his devotees later that they could see obviously, he was in just complete trance. He told these devotees later ,that I did not want to speak on this [?],but I was forced to .We should never show these types of symptoms to the people in general or even to the neophyte devotees .This will only mislead them .Uh? (Coughs) What was your question?

Question not audible

Ah! Ha, why we discuss?  Because we are discussing according to the parampara.We are not taking it cheaply . We are following Vaidi Bhakti ,we are following , why we are discussing is ,we are following the strict rules and regulations of disciplined sadhana bhakti .If we disregard the strict rules and regulations of vaidi bhakti, and we directly [?] talking about Radha Krishna love affairs ,this is not at all authorized .It spoils everything .Uh? This is a great passion here in India .Unless one is very specifically trained by a spiritual master , and  disciplined by a spiritual master ,according to the instructions of Rupa Goswami .Then to talk about the love affairs of Radha and Krishna will simply be something  very cheap in this meeting .But because we are sincerely following these principles , therefore we speak about the love affairs of Radha and Krishna .We do not ever go into details too much .When we do speak in this regard there is a proper understanding .There is a proper conception of the the approach and it is not taken cheaply .If we hear these  pastimes according to [?] of these principles ,then hearing these pastimes will purify our heart .But if we hear these pastimes without ,they will only mislead us .Uh?

Purification by hearing Krishna’s Pastimes

Just like Srila Prabhupada ,when devotees would just in this Gopibhav ,thinking that we will only just meditate on the Leela of ,of Radha and Krishna and Gopies  from  the antyaleela and meditate on these pastimes .They were enthused by other sadhus ,Prabhupada knew that .Prabhupada was so angry, more than anyone have ever seen him so angry .This is the poison   on ruining  this movement .And devotees said that by hearing Radha and Krishna’s pastimes and meditating on them ,we will become purified .Prabhupada said , you will become purified .You must follow the authorized process .There are certain classes ,they say, ‘ Oh! You are talking Bhagavad Gita, this is for beginners, this is for fundamentalists. We are talking the highest.’ Poison! We talk about Radha and Krishna sometimes.But the emphasis even we are talking about that ,is on the basic principles of Gita .Aa? If we hear from someone ,who is teaching in that way ,then it is proper .Because after all the raganuga bhakti begins after liberation  ,from all material desires and till that point you have to accept Bhagvad Gita and the fundamental principles of Krishna Consciousness and discipline, austerity , and obedience .Aa? So if you are taught in that mood , then the pastimes of Radha and Krishna will be very purifying to your heart .Yes, we can hear the leela of Radha and Krishna ,but unless you first understand ,how to serve the devotees ,it will have, it will not ,it will not go to your heart .It will only be a superficial process of listening .Therefore ,we must learn how to be proper servants .And if we learn how to be proper servants ,and chant the name of God in that mood ,then everything else will come .You don’t have to be jumping ahead .Everything else will come naturally by the Grace of Radha and Krishna .Uh? Have the mahamantras, the name of the Radha .We are chanting Radharani’s name hours everyday.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare |

Hare  Rama  Hare   Rama    Rama   Rama    Hare Hare||

We are being taught, how to approach Radha and Krishna in a proper service. We are being trained how to approach the name of Radha and Krishna. Hare Krishna.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.