Story of Ramanujacarya

Kantimati gave birth to a beautiful and auspicious child, it was in the year 1017 of the Christian era. Just at that same time her sister Diptimati also gave birth to a baby child. After few days the 2 sisters came together also bringing their children together and they were both just merged in great happiness. When this news came to Sri Rangam to Sailapurna, he decided to come to give the blessings of his Gurudeva to these 2 nephews of him.

91-005 'To Be In The World But Not Of It (SB 9.1.1-8)' by HH Radhanath Swami, in Mumbai

śrī-rājovāca manvantarāṇi sarvāṇi tvayoktāni śrutāni me vīryāṇy ananta-vīryasya hares tatra kṛtāni ca (SB 9.1.1)   Translation : King Parīkṣit said: My lord, Śukadeva Gosvāmī, you have elaborately described all the periods of the various Manus and, within those periods, the…