Today we have the Lord’s special mercy.  We will be visiting the Radha Govindadev Mandir, Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir, Sri Radha Raman Mandir, Sri Radha Gokulanand Mandir, Gopeswar Mahadev Mandir and Bamsi Vat.

I will speak something briefly of my ………. to understand the significant of these places and deepen our appreciation and our devotion when we go to worship the Lord.

Sri Rupa Goswami came to Vrindavan as the humble servant of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.  He made the Lord’s order his life and soul.  He has written magnificent literature, the richest treasure of all literatures in the entire world.  He excavated many holy places of pilgrimage.  But his heart was feeling great sorrow, because there was a particular instruction that he was just not able to fulfill.  Such an incredible quality.  If we do one out of thousands of thing we should do, we become proud.  He did thousands of things, and he encdeavored, with his life and his very soul, but he was unable to fulfill a particular instruction.   According to the Vaisnava scriptures, the predominating deity installed by Vrajnath in this entire sector of Brajbhumi is Sri Radha Govindadev.  He could not find Radha Govindji.  He searched in Temples, in Brijwasis homes, all over Brajbhumi, but there was not  even an indication or clue where Radha Govindji could be.

One day he sat on the bank of Yamuna feeling this sadness in his heart.  A small brijwasi approached him and asked, “why do you look so sad”.  He looked at this Brijwasi child and was very much enchanted by his demeanor, by his characteristics, by his incredible beauty.  He felt complete trust in this little child.  So Rupa Goswami poured out his heart and explained how I cannot fathom the whereabouts of Govinddev.  Then the boy smiled and said “ do not  be sad, let your anxiety go away because I know where Govinddev is residing”.   Close by there is a hill, it is called Gomat Hill.  At this Gomat Hill there is a cow, people do not know but this is a Surabhi cow.  She comes everyday to the top of that hill and lets down her milk.   At that very spot under the ground Govinddev is waiting, come I will show you.  The little boy took Rupa Goswami by his hand and brought him to Golat Hill.  And right before Rupa Gowami’s eyes was a beautiful Surabhi cow just letting  profuse milk down on to the ground. The boy disappeared.  When the child disappeared, Rupa Gowami could understand within his heart of hearts that that was Govinda himself.  Krishna appeared to me and I am so ignorant, I am so fallen, I could not even recognize my Lord when He came before me,  I did not offer Him any respect, I did not offer Him any worship.  Rupa Goswami fell unconscious.  And when he came back to consciousness, he was thinking, ‘I have to put aside all of these feelings, the Lord has given me an instructions, I must carry it out.  So he called some local Brijwasis and told them that Govinddev is living under the ground here.  So they brought their digging instruments, many of them and soon  hundreds and hundreds of people were gathered, because everyone had so much faith and so much love for Rupa Goswami.  A divine voice spoke from the sky.  It was Lord Balarama who explained to the Brijwasis exactly where to dig, and gave His profuse blessing upon them to reveal Govindji to the world.  Then they dug into the ground and in a short time they uncovered the  magnificent all beautiful form of Sri Govind Dev.  When everyone looked upon Him, they were struck with wonder.  The Deity was millions of times more beautiful than Gandharva, the God of love, attracted everyone’s heart.  Soon thousandsc and thousands of Brijwasis came to see the beauty of Govind Dev and everyone was crying out ‘Govind Dev Ki jai’.   Then they made a small temple.  The Brijwasis came and offered everything to Sri Govindji.  And thus Rupa Goswami’s desire was fulfilled.  When Rupa Goswami first began the Puja of Govind Dev, demigods like Brahma disguised like human beings, came to the earth to make their offerings to Sri Govindji.  He had a simple temple.  Rupa Goswami was so happy, he immediately wrote a letter to Lord Caitanya in Jaganath Puri to explain that he has found Govindji.

One day in Gambhira Sri Caitanya Mahaprahu was sitting talking to His devotees and He said “I have not heard anything from Rupa and Sanatan Goswami for a long time, I wonder why”.  And right when He said that, a messenger came in, who walked all the way from Vrindavan, and said “O Lord I have a message from Rupa Goswami”.  When Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu read his letter, Rupa Goswami was sharing his joy that Sri Govind Dev has now ones again manifested to deliver the material world with His all attractive mercy.  Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu was very happy. He rejoiced.  In a private place He called one of his two personal servants – Govinda and the other Kashisevar  Pandit.  He called Kashisevar Pandit who was personally engaged in the Lord’s service for many many years.  And He told Kashiseva that Rupa Goswami has found Govind Dev, I want you to go there and assist him in the worship.  Kashisevar Pandit could not refuse because the Lord’s will was his life and soul.  But in doing so he would lose the opportunity to be with Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu personally and directly everyday.  So he began to cry, yes I  will do it what you say but how will I survive without You.  Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu had a deity made and personally gave that deity to Kashisvar Pandit and told him “this is the Deity of Me, whenever you worship this Deity, you will see me and feel MY presence.  The small deity of Krishna, name of that deity: Gaura Govinda.  Kashiswar Pandit brought Gaur Govinda Dev to Vrindavan and just on the right side of Govinda Dev he placed that Deity and spent the rest of his life here in Vrindavan serving Sri Gaur Govinda and Sri Govinda Dev.  In fact, not far from Sri Govindji Temple is 64 smadhis of great gaudia vaisnava saints.  And amongst them one of the primary smadhi is that of Kashisevar Pandit, the personal associate of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and servant of Rupa Goswami and Radha Govinda.

We will go to Sri Radha Gopinath Temple.  Back to Govinda – Raghunath Bhatt Goswami son of Tapan Misra, he personally served Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu in Puri for about 8 to 9 months.   And Lord Caitanya instructed him to go to Vrindavan and live amongst as one of the six Goswamis which he did.  In the spirit of servant of servant, Raghunath Bhatt Goswami assisted Rupa Goswami in his service to Sri Radha Govinda Dev.  He made for Him a beautiful flute and ear-rings shaped like sharks.  Raghunath Bhat Goswami could sing the Srimad Bhagvatam verses with a sweet voice like a Cuckoo that would melt anyone’s heart and he would sing in many different maladies.  He was an excellent cook.  He would cook for Govinda Dev and sing the Bhagvatam for the Goswamis and thus became intimate associate of the great Goswamis of Vrindavan.  He has a disciple.  Actually Raghunath Bhatt Goswami had many many disciples. But one of  them of a General in the Army of the Emperor Akbar, his name was Rajamansingh. And to please his guru Raghubath Bhatt Goswami, Rajamansingh built the Govindji Temple, the most magnificent, artistic, masterpiece of architecture in all of North India.  That one time it was seven storey high.  But the grandson of Akbar, Aurangzeb, he had a very demonic mentality.  He was uncontrollably envious of the opulence of the Govindji temple.  So he dismantled the top four stories and left three.  And in many ways….. and tried to disturb the rest.  Govindji temple was built so solid that it was just too difficult for him to tear it all down.  Krishna just did not allow him to do it.  But of course before Aurangzeb came, we know the story of how the devotees sent many of the principle Deities to Jaipur to be protected by one of the descendents of Rajmansingh: Raj  Jaisingh, who was a great vaisnava.

We will also be going to Radha Gopinath temple. Sri Radha Gopinath, one of the Deities carved by Vrajnabh, was found by a great vaisnava named Parmanand Bhattacharya right at the Vamsi vata tree “sriman rasa-rasarambhi vamsi vata tata sthitah, karsan venu svanair gopir sriye ‘stu nah”.  Gopinath played His flute and attracted the hearts of all the Gopis under Vamsi Vata tree.  So right there at the Vamsi Vata tree,  Gopinath revealed Himself after being lost from the vision of the world for many centuries.  Parmanand Bhatacharya entrusted Him under the care of one of the greatest of the vaisnavas – Srila Mathu Pandit Goswami.  Mathu Pandit was directly and intimate disciple of Gadadhar Pandit – the incarnation of Smt. Radha Rani in Lord Caitanya Maharabhu’s lila.  And he worshiped Gopinath with such deep love and devotion.  Gopinath was his life and his soul.

Neither of these Deities including Madan Mohan appeared with Smt. Radha Rani visible.  The devotees understand that Smt. Radha Rani is the Empress of the heart of Govinda, Gopinath and Madan Mohan.  So therefore, the Goswamis would worship Smt. Radha Rani, the supreme object of all their veneration   within the heart of the Deity.  In this way they worshiped Radha Govinda, Radha Gopinath and Radha Madan Mohan.

The son of King Pratap Rudra in Jagannath Puri,  his name was Puroshatamjana, he felt that people could actually visually see Radha Rani.  The Goswamis, they are seeing Radha Rani in the heart of Gopinath.  So that the people could see, Gopinath would be very pleased if we install deity of Sri Radha Rani.  So he decided that he would send deities of Radha Rani for both Madan Mohan and Govindaji.  Beautiful Deities of Sri Radhika, from all the way in Utakala (Jaganath Puri), he sent an entourage of people with guarda, brahmanas and pujaries to bring Smt. Radha Rani to Vrindavan.  And when these two Radha Rani’s Deities arrived in Vrindavan, the whole of Vrindavan was having festivals to welcome them.  Now Govindji and Madan Mohan will have Sri Radhika at their left side – so much festival, singing, dancing. The Pujari of Madan Mohan temple had a dream.  Smt. Radha Rani appeared to him and told him that this Purshotamajana, he doesn’t understand the reality and neither does all these people who brought Me to Vrindavan.  Actually one of these Deities, the smaller one is Me and the larger Deity is Lalita Sakhi.  So you should install both of them at your Madan Mohan temple.  I will be on your left side and Lalita Devi will be on your right side.  This pujari had such a pure heart, everyone had complete faith in him.  So he revealed this dream to the Brijwasis and all the Goswamis, they all accepted.  There was a glorious festival, installing on the right and left side of Sri Madan Mohanji, Radha Rani and Lalita Sakhi.  When the news came to Purshotamjana, he was very happy, but still he wanted Govindaji to have Radha Rani also standing beside Him.  But what to do?  He was praying deeply in his heart to have the blessing of offering this service to Govinda Dev.  He had a dream.  Smt. Radha Rani appeared  to him and She told him that in the Jaganath Temple in Puri, where you are the king, I am living, but nobody knows it.  There is a deity there, that for generations has been worshiped as Laxmi.  But actually that is not Laxmi, that is Me – Smt. Radha Rani.  And then the story was revealed.  Long ago in South India, there was a village called Radha Nagar.  And there was a very simple pure hearted Brahman whose name was Brhadbanu.  And he had a deity of Smt. Radha Rani.  It is explained in Bhakti Ratankar that this deity of Radha Rani actually came from Vrindavan just to be worshiped by the pure loving devotee Brhadbanu.  He loved her just like a daughter but millions of time over.  He worshiped here with so much intimate and sweet love.  No one in the entire world could understand the sweetness and intimacy of his love for his deity. He had so much attachment that even if a minute went by, he wasn’t seen Smt. Radha Rani, when he wasn’t serving Smt. Radha Rani, he would become immersed in uncontrollable separation.  He worshiped her with pure love. He became very old.  He had no family. When he passed away from this world to return to Golaka Vrindavan, there was  no one to take care of the deity.  At that time the king of Puri heard the glories of this Brhadbanu, heard the glories of the beauty of this deity of Sri Radhika.  So he went all the way down just to see Her.  When he saw the condition, there was no one to take care of Her, he didn’t know what to do.  Then Smt. Radha Rani appeared in his dream and said “no one is taking care of Me, bring Me to Puri and worship Me in Jaganath’s temple”.  So the king brought Smt. Radha Rani and She was worshiped as Smt. Radha Rani in Jaganath Temple.  But as generations and generations went by somehow or other the people began to believe that She is Laxmi.  But now it was revealed to Purshotamjana the king.  So with the beautiful entaraj he sent Smt. Radha Rani to Vrindavan where She was installed on the left side of Sri Govindji.  Sri Radha Govinda Dev ki jai.

I was talking about Gopinath.  So Gopinath was being worshiped by Mathu Pandit with great love and devotion.   And Jahnava Devi, after the khetri festival on Gaura Purnima that Srinivas Acarya, Shyamanand Goswami and Narottam Das Thakur arranged, she came to Vrindavan with many of her intimate associates.  She travelled throughout the land of Vrindavan.  But one of the very special features of her visit, in her motherly love she went to each of the temples of the Goswamis, cooked for the deities, offered gifts to the deities.  Whatever she had she just utilized to bring ornaments and cloth from Bengal to offer to Radha Govinda, Radha Gopinath, Radha Madan Mohan, Radha Raman and Radha Vinod.  Just before she left Vrindavan, she went to all these sacred temples to offer her love and devotion  and beg permission to depart.  She was at Radha Gopinath Temple and she saw that Gopinath did  have a deity of Radha Rani,  but she was just thinking Gopinath is so big and Radha Rani is so small, they don’t match.  But then she was thinking ‘who am I to say how they should match’.  She did not say a single word to anyone.  She just  thought that way.  Then the Arati started and after the Arati she went back to her place that was arranged by Sri Jiva Goswami.   That night Gopinath, in the form of the deity appeared to Jahnava Devi and spoke that Jahanva Devi what you are thinking  is correct, Radha Rani is too small for Me.  You should have another deity made of Smt. Radha Rani that is harmonious with My size and you should put her on the left and this little Radha Rani Deity you can put on my right side.  And then Radh Rani appeared (that little deity).  Smt. Radha Rani in that little deity form spoke, She said “whatever my beloved Gopinath has said is correct.  That is exactly what I feel and I wish for you to do.  Please do it”.  So she returned to Bengal and ultimately came to her home (Kardaha), and searched out for one of the greatest devotee who was an expert sculpture.  His name was Nayana.  She instructed him to make the deity of Smt. Radha Rani.  In fact, Jahnava Devi herself personally designed the deity.  Now Jahnava Devi is Anang Manjri.  She is Radha Rani’s little sister.  She organized and oversaw the making of the deity.  When Radha Rani’s murty was complete then Jahnava Devi bought a boat and she made nice accommodation and put Radha Rani on the boat.  And on the boat with Radha Rani many of the greatest associates of Nityanand Prabhu went for this tour including Parameswar who is one of the eight principle cowherd boy associates of Lord Nityananda Prabhu.  Parameswar Thakur, Jahnava Devi gave him 700 gold coins and also gave beautiful silk and ornaments for all the deities in Vrindavan.  Then as the boat was about to depart from Kardaha on the banks of Ganga to sail all the way to Vrindavan, Jahnava Devi offered her prayer.  She prayed to Gopinath in Vrindavan.  O Gopinath I pray, please let Your Smt. Radha Rani have a very quick  and easy journey to Vrindavan to be united with You without any difficulty.   And with this prayer the Deity began Her journey.  She wrote a letter to Srinivas Acarya, Narottam Das Thakur and others that after the boat stops in Navadwip for a day, it will stop for a day in Khatava.  Narottam Das Thakur, Ramchandra Kaviraj, Gokulananda, Srivas Acharya, they all assembled with all of their disciples in Khatava to greet Smt. Radha Rani when She arrived on the Ganges.  And Parameswar was bringing each one in to give them darshan.  And they will giving gifts and making offerings.  When they saw the beauty of Sri Radhika they were overwhelmed.  Then She came to Vrindavan and was installed besides Gopinath.  Sri Radha Gopinath ki jai.

Not longer after this Jahnava Devi came again to Vrindavan and with great eagerness she went to Sri Gopinath’s mandir and worshiped His loving form along with Smt. Radha Rani.   And our Acharyas declare that when she left this world, Jahnava Devi who was Anang Manjry, entered into the small deity of Smt. Radha Rani, and she is today worshiped as Janhava – Anang Manjry.

We will visit Radha Raman Temple.  Gopal Bhat Goswami was the son of Venkat Bhat – small boy, living in Srirangam in South India. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu came and stayed in his house for four months.  The little Gopal Bhat was given personal service to Lord Caitanya for four months as a child.   One day the little boy who was weeping and crying, why did I have to live when I am living?  Why could not I see Lord Caitanya as Navadwip Chandra witch His beautiful flowing hair,  as the husband of Visnu Priya, enjoying sankirtan, enjoying beautiful opulence in Navadwip?  Why I am seeing Him only as a sanyasi.  He would not accept any luxuries or any opulence.  He was weeping and crying.  When he was in a secluded place, he had a vision where Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu appeared to him in his beautiful sanyas form, and then He turned into the form of Navadwip Chandra, dancing with His devotees in the streets of Navadwip, right   in front of Gopal Bhat’s eyes in South India.  He was seeing Navadwip, he was seeing Navadwip Chandra, he was seeing the sankirtan of the devotees at Srivasa Anangan and in the streets of Nadia.  And then the Lord became sanyasi.  Gopal Bhat, when he awoke, actually in the dream the Lord embraced him, he ran to Lord Caitanya and understood and realized the mercy of Lord Caitanya.  Lord Caitanya told him to remain at home and serve his parents who were pure devotees, as long as they live.  When Venkat Bhat and his wife passed away and went back home, Golaka Vrindavan, Gopal Bhat Goswami who was initiated by Probhonanda Sarasvati, his uncle, came to Vrindavan.  And when he arrived, Rupa and Sanatan who already had heard so much about him from Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, they wrote a letter to Lord Caitanya who was in Puri.  They said “Your Gopal Bhat has now come according to your wish and now we are living together as brothers”.  Sri Caitanya was so happy.  When He got this message, he sent with a messenger from Jagannath Puri to Gopal Bhat Goswami, he sent the mahaprasada of His of the seat that He would sit on and also His chadar and a copin.  Those gifts are still there  at Radha Raman temple.  But they are not shown in public, you have to know the pujari.

Gopal Bhat Goswami who had 12 Shalegram Shillas that he worshiped with great care and attention.  A very wealthy vaisnava came to Vrindavan and he was giving cloths and ornaments for the Goswamis’ Deities.  Radha Govind was dressed so nicely, Radha Gopinath, Radha Damodar, all these Deities were dressed so nicely.  But he only had little Shalegram Shillas.  So on the day of Lord Narasingha’s appearance, he prayed to Lord Narasingha Dev, he prayed to Krishna.  He said “O Krishna on this day of Narasingha Chaturthi You had appeared from a pillar of stone with Your transcendental form.  Please appear before me so that I can worship You and offer You these beautiful gifts with love.  The next day he went to Yamuna to take his bath, and when he came back to perform his puja, he saw there were 11 Shalegram Shillas but his Damodar Shilla has manifested the most beautiful form of Krishna in His Tribhanga roop, playing His flute.  This Deity has beautiful meticulously fine lotus like eyes, his fingers, and even little teeth in His mouth, and how His body was curved so sweetly.  Gopal Bhat became ecstatic with the self manifesting Deity. Just the little part of Shalegram Shilla that was his origin was still on His back.  The Gopal Bhat called Rupa Goswami, Sanatan Goswami, Lokanath Goswami and Raghunath Bhat Goswami.  They all came running to the place to see this miracle right there at the Nidhivan section where Radha and Krishna performed their most confidential pastimes, this Deity appeared.  And all the Goswamis gave Him the name – Radha Raman.  Because he appeared in Nidhivan, the place where Krishna gives such sweet pleasure to Smt. Radha Rani, He was given that name.  Sri Radha Raman ki jai.

Radha Raman was the life and soul of Gopal Bhat Goswami.  But on one day when he was worshiping Sri Radha Raman, he was feeling guilty in his heart, he had not seen Lord Caitanya in so many years since he was a small child in Srirangam.  Lord Caitanya gave him the order to serve his father.  And after  his father left before chanting the holy name of the Lord, he instructed his little son, who has now grown up actually, he instructed to Gopal Bhat to always worship the lotus feet of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.  So now 24 hours a day I am serving the Deity of Radha Raman but my father instructed me to serve Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.  So one day when he was doing his puja, right before his eyes, and this was not a dream, the deity of Radha Raman manifested the all merciful form of Sri Caitanya  with a  beautiful golden complexion, dancing in harinam sankirtan and giving His full blessing to Gopal Bhat Goswami.  He saw that.  And then right before His eyes Lord Gauranga again transformed into Radha Raman.  Lord Caitanya wanted to establish in Gopal Bhat’s heart that there is no difference between Himself and Sri Radha Raman and he is perfectly fulfilling his father’s wish by simply offering his love to Sri Radha Raman.  Radha Raman ki jai.

Lokanath Goswami was in Navadwip, the son of Padmanabh Chakravarti.  He was very very dear friend of Lord Caitanya, one of His most loving devotee.   One day Lord Caitanya called Lokanath Goswami and told him  that you should go to Vrindavan because very soon I am going to take sanyas, and you will not be able to see Me without my hair.  That you should go to vrindavan and after I accept the renounced order of life I will come to Vrindavan and I will live with you there, you can make all arrangements for Me.  Lokanath Goswami was heartbroken to  hear this that Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Lord Gauranga is going to take sanyas, and he is going to suffer separation!  He was accustomed to be with Gauranga Mahaprabhu everyday.  But we must see the Lord and the Spiritual Master through his instructions that were given.  So Lokanath Goswami took the dust of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s lotus feet and then went to every vaisnava of Navadwip amongst the associates of Lord and worshiped and prayed for the  blessings of all of them took the dust of their feet.  Then went to Vrindavan.

But we know the story, Lord Caitanya’s intention was to go to Vrindavan right from Khatava but Nityananda Prabhu redirected His course to Shantipur.  Then from Shantipur to Puri and from Puri Lord Caitanya went to South India.  Lokanath Goswami heard Lord Caitanya going to South India, He is not coming to Vrindavan.  What is the use of my staying in Vrindavan, so he walked all the way to South India.  When he got to South India,  he found out Lord Caitanya had alreacdy been travelling through South India for two years, He is returned to Puri.  So Lokanath Goswami went all the way to Puri and when he was at the outskirt of Puri, he heard that Caitanya Mahaprabhu has gone to Vrindavan. So he all the way went back to Vrindava and when he arrived in Vrindavan Dham, he got the new, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu was here for two months and He was looking for you, He has already left.   He was about the leave the next morning.  But that night Lord Caitanya appeared to him in a dream and told him “I am always with you, do not leave Vrindavan, stay here always, throughout your life.  Soon Rupa and Sanatan Goswamis will come to join you”.  He remained there on the Lord’s order.  He travelled from the twelve forests of Vrindavan  and ultimately came to the forest of Khadiravan.

According to our schedule we are going to visit Khadiravan, after Prabhupada’s disappearance day.  So please don’t go away if you want to see Khadiravan.

In Khadiravan there is a village called Umarao near chakravan.  And there was a beautiful kund called Kishory Kund.  Bhugarbha Goswami resided there, Lokanath Goswami resided there,  totally immersed in solitary bhajan.  They were not concerned with any material considerations of life, simply immersed in chanting the holy name and meditating on Krishna’s Lila in Krishna’s service.   But in Lokanath Goswami’s heart a very deep desire awakened to worship a deity.   Now the Lord is within the heart of the devotee.   One day a person appeared to be a Brahman, he just walked right upto the Lokanath Goswami who was just sitting on the banks of Kishory Kund, in seclusion, just chanting the holy name.  And this Brahman just gave him something and walked away, in fact, disappeared.  And when Lokanath Goswami looked and it was a deity.  Lokanath Goswami was completely bewildered, who is this Brahman, who is this deity.  He did not know what to do.  And then the deity spoke to him, He said “ My name is Radha Vinod, and I knew your heart and without the help of anyone else I have come to  you.  In other words, the Lord actually expanded Himself as that Brahman to give Himself to Lokanath Goswami.  When Lokanath Goswami heard that, he was a humble devotee,  he was astonished.  He just stood there wept and cried.  And then the Lord said “I am hungry give Me some bhoga”.  So Lokanath Goswami just went out and started picking some roots and begged some grains and he cooked a nice feast and offered it to Radha Vinod.  And after offering he made a flower bed for the Deity and laid Him in the bed. Then he massaged the Deity with his own hands.  He made beautiful garlands for the Deity. Made a little fan out of peacock feathers and other fans out of leaves for fanning the Deity. But there was no home and he had nothing.  Then he begged for some cloth and with his own loving hands he sewed a little bag and that was the temple of Radha Vinod.  He carried Radha Vinod around his neck in that little bag, took Him out and worshiped Him with great love and devotion.  Then the local people of Umarao wanted to make a temple for Him.  He said “no need, no need, I am happy, because I am always travelling as a Goswami, what do I need?”   But when Rup and Sanatan came to Vrindavan, they invited Lokanath to live with them.  So he came to Vrindavan and a temple  was established here.

Sometime later Visvanath Chakravarty Thakur came to Vrndavan.  He came some generations later.  Narottam Das had a disciple named Ganga Narayan Chakravarty.  Ganga Narayan Chakravary, he had a disciple that he loved as his own son.  He had one daughter but no sons.  One little boy, his whole life he loved him like his own son.  And he became his disciple.  His name was Krsna Caran Chakravarty.   And Visvanath Caran Chakravary who was born in Devgram, he was a student of Krsna Caran Chakravarty.  But at that time he was very old so Krsna Caran Chakravarty asked his principal disciple Radha Raman Chakravarty to initiate Visvanath Chakravarty Thakur, which he did.  Visvanath Chakravarty Thakur with his guru’s blessings came to Vrndavan.  He was such an extra ordinary vaisnava.  It was described that when he will sit and read the Bhagvatam, even in the blazing sun of the summer there was always shade over his head.  One time a king, the      great Maharaja was coming by in a palanquin.  Visvanath Chakravarty was so immersed in reading the Bhagvatam that he didn’t even know the material world existed.  There was a torrential monsoon rain storm and the  King was going to all problems with his palanquin and getting shelter and people  caring him, and he looked that this Visvanatha Chakravarty Thakur just sitting in a field reading the Bhagvatam and every where it is flooding with torrential rain and not even a single drop was touching him. So the king came down and surrendered his life to Visvanath Chakravarty.  That is his absorption in the Bhagvatam.

He came to Vrndavan and such a great acarya Visvanath Chakravarty Thakur established the faith in the Gaudia Sampradaya.  Vrndavan was practically in shambles emotionally because of Aurangzeb and so many other conquerors who just tortured, killed and broke Deities and destroyed temples.  Visvanath Chakravarty Thakur so fearless, so learned and so pure, he renovated the whole of Vrndavan and created an entire renaissance of love, faith and excitement based on the pure high teachings of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

One day a Brahmachari who had a deity named Gokulananda.  The deity appeared to him in a dream and told him that I want to be worshiped by Visvanath Chakravarty Thakur, please bring Me to him.  So the brahmachari went to Visvanath Chakravarty Thakur and said that please take care of this deity (thakurji seva), please take care.  Visvanath Chakravarty Thakur said “I don’t have anything, I am renunciant, what can it use to worship the deity, I am not qualified.  The brahmachari begged him, but he said “no, no how can I take such a responsibility, I have no such qualifications, and I have no means. So the brahmachari went back.  And then Gokulananda appeared to Visvanath Chakravarty Thakur  and told him in a dream that it is My desire that you worship Me.  And simultaneously He appeared to the brahmachari and said go back and give Me to him.  The brahmachari said “how can I do that, he has already refused”.  He said “he will not refuse any more”.  So Visvanath Chakravarty Thakur, in the very place of Radha Vinod, the temple of Loknath Goswami, spent so many years of  his life worshiping Sri Radha Gokulananda, and established wonderful temple there.  In that temple also is one of the deities of Lord Caitanya personally worshiped by Narottam Das Thakur.  And also the great Godia vaisnava, Vedant acarya, Baldev Vidyabhushan, his deity of Vijaya Govinda is in Radha Gokulnanda temple. And also Govardhan  Shilla that Lord Caitanya personally gave with His own finger print in the shilla, to Sri Raghunath Das Goswami.

So these are some of the places you will go.  You will also go to Gopeswar Mahadev and Vamsi Vata but we will discuss that another time.

Thank  you very much.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.