Hare Krishna,

I believe some of you went to Gokul Mahavan today, Yes? Or tomorrow or the next day. Today is diwali and with your permission on this very illuminating day I will speak some few words about Gokul Mahavan. The Srimad Bhagavatam tells in quite elaborate details how Lord Sri Krishna appeared in Mathura as the beloved of Devaki and Vasudev. In those pages of Srimad Bhagavatam it is revealed in more subtle ways that Krishna also was of Nanda and Yashoda in Gokul. Some of our acharyas including Srila Jiva Goswami elaborate on how that transcendental pastime manifested. It is explained that there was the great king of the Yadu dynasty named Devamrita who was based in the kingdom of Mathura and he had two wives as was tradition often in those days for kings. One of his wives was born of a kshtriya family and other of a vaishya family. From the wife of the royal dynasty he gave birth to Surasena, from the vaishya family he gave birth to a daughter Parjanya. Surasena ruled over kingdom of mathura and Yadu dyansty, his principal son was Vasudev. Parjanya went to gokul or Brhat Mahavan and he became such beloved leader of the Gopas and the Gopis. He would grow crops, raise cows and bulls. It is said that Parajanya he loved and very much served the brahmanas and all of the people that were under him. He had all trascendental good qualities. He was compared to Prahalad and Dhruva in his devotion, kindness and selfcontrol. As far as his charity, he was compared to Bali. As far his principles he was like Bhishma. Even the great kings of all of the lands had such an honor and respect for this cowherd man. Parjanya means a cloud and he was like a cloud torrential monsoon rains of divine qualities were constantly showered in the form of his good character.

He had five sons Upananda, Abhinanda, Nanda, Sunanda and Nandana. Of them the little child Nanda, he captured the hearts of everyone among of the vrajvasis at Gokul. There was another cowherd man named Sumukha, he had a daughter named Yashoda and anything that connected to her became supremely auspocious. He brought fame and fortune where ever she cast her glance. Everyone simply was in love with her. Sumukha gave Yashoda in marriage to Nanda maharaj. As the five children grew older, Parjanya decided that he would corornate his eldest son as the ruler of the cowherd men and ladies and he would go to the forest of Vrindavan to fix his mind and heart on loving service of Govinda. So there was a ceremony. Vasudeva came from Mathura , Gargamuni the high priest came. Parjanya expressed the wish that he was now going to give the responsibility of the leadership of all the vrajavasis to Upananda. Something very special happened then. Upananda stood up, walked over to Nanda maharaj and embraced him. He said, “what I am about to speak is not just something just thought of in this moment. But after much consideration and deep realization I am going to express my will. Nanda maharaj has conqured all of us with his love. He rules our hearts by his affection. His affection are the symptoms of his transcendental good qualities. We are all completly dependent on the affection he is showering upon us. I will speak for the whole of Gokul. I am going to voice what is in the heart of all of the vrajavasis. We all want Nanda maharaj to be our king.” Nanda maharaj was very shy he was very withdrawn. “You are the elder brother, you are meant to be the king of Vrindavan.” But Upnanda, front of every one, put the royal tilak on Nanda maharaj’s head and every one cried out, “Nanda maharaj ki jay!!!” And the devas they showered flowers on this auspicious occasion.

Parjanya, he was just so happy to see the love among his sons. In the history of the world where there are so many power struggles for leadership this is very rare and very special. Here in india we find Aurangazeb who did so much damage to Vrindavan for cetian period.He imprissioned his father. He imprissioned or killed his elder brothers so that he could usurp the power of the kingdom. We all over the world in democracy how one party will do anything to tear down the other party to get the power to rule. Even enemies become allies to gain a little power over common enemy. In families brothers fighting, going to courts, hating each other over some money and power. And here we find in the spirit of Vrindavan, Upananda he didn’t want to rule he just wanted to make everybody happy. He just realized, “Nanda was so qualified he could do the best service, he could make the people most happy. Let him be the king and i’ll be the servant” And Nanda was thinking, “let Upananda be the king. He is the rightful heir to the throne. I’ll be his servant. ” There was a competition of service. But the primal thought was always one thing, how the people could have the greatest benifits and ultimately by the will of all of the elders brothers and vrajvasis Nanda maharaj agreed to be vraja-raj the king of vraja. And Upananda became his chief minister. But what was interesting about this, Jiva Goswami tells, that Nanda maharaj was completely obedient and surrendered to anything that Upananda told him to do or asked him to do. Not out of fear but out of respect and love. This is the environment in which the Supreme personality of Godhead wanted to appear to perform his holy pastimes.

Under Nanda maharaj everything was flourishing, every one was so happy about everything in their lives. The crops were growing abundantly, the cows were giving incredible quantities of milk, the rains were coming and the rivers were full with beautiful flowers and pure nectarine water. But there was one thing that was deeply paining all the hearts of the people in Vrindavan. Year after year passed and Nanda and Yashoda didnot have a child. Krishna wanted to be the child of Nanda and Yashoda because they are his eternal parents in the spiritual world. And therefore Krishna in the heart of all the vrajvasis, who are his dear most devotees, it was His wish to become their child was manifesting in their hearts. And Nanda and Yashoda they had this deep deep yearning to have a son. Upananda performed a yajna with some other leaders of Vrindavan. But nothing happened. One day Nanda maharaj spoke to Yashoda mayi, he said “The type of child that I am yearning for in my heart, can’t be the result of karma kanda yajnas, something very different. Yashoda practically day and night I am having this recurring vision. I am seeing this most beautiful child that has ever been seen. He has a bluish complexion with beautiful long lotus like eyes. His every limb is soft like butter and fragranant like musk. And this little child with his sweet lips is smiling laughing and I see him on your lap and you are holding him and embracing him. And your motherly love is manifesting through milk springing from your breasts and this little child is hungry to drink that milk. This type of child that I am seeing cant be done through some yajna. Only by the mercy of the Supreme personality of Godhead.” Yashoda told Nanda maharaj, “I am constanly seeing the same vison of the same child on my lap. How are we going to please Lord Narayan, so that this inner most yearning will be fulfilled. We should perform the dwadasi vrata fro one year.” They did that and after a year worshiping the Suprme personality of Godhead for a year and offer the fruits of their sinceriest love to that child, who was simply a form of their meditation, Lord Narayan appeared to them simulatneously in their dreams. Lord Narayan said, “Why are you lamenting, you are worshiping Me with pure unalloyed love and devotion. Therefore you should be happy. I will fulfill all of your desires. Very soon that beautiful child that is the object of your love and meditation will be your son. ”

Just after this Yoga maya, the internal potency of the Supreme personality of Godhead came to Vrindavan in the form of an elderly ascetic woman of the name Purnamasi. She had with her a young boy who was about the age where he graduated younger school. When she came to Gokul, the vrajavasis were very attracted. And she said told them, “I am the mother of Sandeepani muni. I am a disciple of Narada muni and i’ve come to bestow knowledge of what is going to happen here in Gokul. Nanda and Yashoda will soon have a son. Not an ordinary son, but the most beautiful loving son, whose pastime will totally enchant everyone’s heart. When this child comes He will free gokul of all danger and he will fill everyone’s hearts with the highest bliss and He will perform extraordinay activities.” They were so happy to hear this good news, they celebrated and told her to live there. So they made a little hut for her on the bank of the yamuna out of leaves and straws and she stayed there with her boy. Purnamasi said this child, his name is Madhumangal. And both of us we never age and we both are eternally this age.

Just after Purnamasi came to Gokul, Vasudev being tormented by Kamsa in Mathura, sent one of his wives Rohini who was then three months pregnant with his child on a horse drawn chariot secretly to be under the care and shelter of Nanda Maharaja in Gokul. When Rohini devi and Yashoda mayi met, the love between them, the bonding of their hearts was indescribable.

One day Nanda and Yashoda both had the same vision simultaneously, they saw that beautiful child of their dreams being carried by a celestial woman from the heart of Nanda to the heart of Yashoda. And then that celestial lady, the Yoga maya potency, she entered into womb of Yasoda and from that day Yasoda mayi manifested the symptoms of pregnancy. This was a cause of great joy and celebration for the vrajavasis. Out of Yashoda mayi’s motherly love to give pleasure to her child who was in womb, she had a hunger for whatever Krishna loved to eat. She would get hungry for very special rice that was cooked with camphor and ghee and milk and very sweet natural sugars. And whatever Krishna liked she would be hungry for that.

Meanwhile on the seventh month of Rohini’s pregnancy, on Krishna’s instruction, Yogamaya caused Rohini to wakeup in the middle of the night, after she had a dream that she just had a miscarriage. She was shocked. She realized that it was not a dream but she actually had the miscarriage. But Yogamaya spoke to Rohini and said that, ” Actually I am transferring Devakis’s child into your womb.” Rohini is the eternal mother of Balaram. Rohini, according to Jiva Goswami, was pregnant for 14 months just so that Balarama would be about the same age as Krishna and so that they could really be brothers and share the pastimes together.
On the full moon night in month of srvana, Balaram Jayanti, Sri Balaramaji was born. And on the eighth day of Bhadra month, Krishna appeared in Gokul to Nanda and Yashoda. When Krishna appeared from heart of Yashoda mayi, by Yogamaya’s mystical potency, she was so tired that she didn’t really know exactly what was happening. Meanwhile at exact same time at midnight in Mathura, Lord Narayana emerged from the womb of devaki in His four armed form holding conchshell, disc, club and lotus flower. Vasudeva and Devaki in the prison cell, bound by shackles, offered prayers of devotion to the Supreme Personality of Godhead who appeared as their son. In her motherly affection, Devaki prayed to Krishan in his Vasudeva feature that, “Kamsa has been waiting all these years for You to be born just to kill You. He has already killed six of my children. My seventh has been a miscarriage. If he sees you in this beautiful form of Vishnu, he’ll know that You are his enemy and he may cause You some harm so please cover or disguise this form of Yours.” Just when she made this prayer, yogamaya carried like a flower pollen in wind, carried Yashoda Nandana Krishna from Gokul to Mathura. Without anyone knowing what was happening, the four armed of Vasudeva merged into the two armed form of Krishna the son of Yashoda.
Vasudva was told previously to take the boy to Gokul and leave him at bedside of Yashoda mayi. Just when this incredible pastime took place, the little baby Krishna with two arms lovingly looked at Devaki and Vasudeva, everybody in kingdom fell asleep. The doors opened, the shackles unlocked. Vasudeva took little baby. The river Yamuna was flooding, there were rains. Ananta sesa came as an umbrella for little Krishna so that not a drop fell on Krishna’s body. Yamuna parted and he came to Gokul to the house of Nanda.
Meanwhile while all this was hapenning, yogamaya as yonger sister of Krishna took birth from Yashoda and was laying next to her as Yashoda mayi was soundly sleeping. Vasudeva put the little boy on the bed and took Yogamaya the girl away. And we all know what Srimad Bhagavatam tells us that when he came back to prison, shackles fastened again and the doors locked itself and all woke up and the little baby girl cried. Kamsa was immediatley notified and he ran down and picked up that baby girl while devaki was pleading and crying. “You’ve killed all of my sons, this is a baby girl, there is no need to fear. I’m your sister allow me to have one child”. He mercilessly lifted her up to smash her to death on a stone, but the little girl slipped up and manifested an eight armed form of Durga riding on a lion and said, “Kamsa you are a fool. Why are you harassing your sister and her husband in this way. You do not know the child that is going to kill you is already born somewhere else.” Then she disappeared.

Kamsa became quite sober and that moment and it didn’t last much longer than that. Kamsa fell at Devaki and Vasudeva’s feet and begged forgiveness. And can you imagine he started preaching philosophy to them, “I’m really sorry I kept you so much pain. You are my brother-in-law and sister. I’ve kept you in prison. I tortured you and killed all of your children. But you should know that it happens by karma , can’t really blame people, it all happenes by the will of the providence.” And Devaki and Vasudev completely forgave him and blessed him. They were such loving vaisnava devotees. And he let them free. But they knew it was not going to last because as long as kamsa was in association of powerful envious people they would corrupt his mind again and soon he was going to put them in the prison.

But meanwhile Yashoda mayi woke up and laying next to her was Gopal, who is the Supreme reservoir of all opulences.
The name Krishna means all attractive. Parasara muni in Visnu purana describes Bhagavan, who is all attractive is the one who possesses all opulences in full, forever. All beauty, knowledge, wealth, fame, strength and renunciation. Krishna tells in gita whatever wonderful beautiful enamouring things exist in creation, they only exist because they are infinitesimal spark of My supreme nature. We all have the experience of how we all could be infatuated or enamored by the things of this world. What gives them that potency? It is because whatever exists is just a spark, not even a tiny particle of a ray of the infinite sun of Krishna’s opulences. And here the supreme reservoir of all beauty, the supreme object of all love, in the form of an apparently helpless little infant baby, was lying on the bedside of Yashoda. And she is totally enraptured, knowing absolutely for sure that this is my son who has come from my womb.

She was looking at Krishna’s beautiful little face and tears were pouring from her eyes and the love of her heart was manifesting in every way her hairs were standing on end and in motherly affection her milk was streaming from her breasts. Her heart was dancing in ecastsy as she embraced her little baby. And Krishna not only took birth as the child of Yashoda. Krishna took birth at that same moment in the hearts of all Brajavasis. All the older Gopas and Gopis could feel the presence of this little Gopal in their hearts. How did they feel it? By an overpowering indescribable surge of love, they knew the child was born. Rohini and other gopis went to Yashoda’s room and saw little Gopal. The same way that Yashoda mayi fell in love with the child, every one did spontaneously. Krishna was the child of Yashoda but everyone felt, all the older gopas and gopis felt it was their child. There was no envy or competition. Krishna can fulfill everyone’s desires simultaneously.
Rohini sent an elderly brahmana lady to inform Nanda Maharaja. That lady went to the cow shed just at the time when all the cows were being milked. She looked so happy. As soon as Nanda and others saw her, they understood that the most auspicious news we had been yearning for has happned. They asked what have you come to tell us. she was so emotional and in such transcendental ecstasy that it was so difficult to talk, because she was so happy. Have any of you experienced that you can’t talk when you are so unlimitedly happy. But she somehow or the other she talked that child of Nanda Maharaja has been born. And Nanda maharaj started dancing. Everyone was like, after a hot drounght of summer, when monsoon rains pour down the peacocks dance in ecsasty with thier tails raised in that way everyone danced and celebrated. Nanda Maharaja went took bath, put new clothes and in anticipation of seeing his son Gopal rushed to the place of Yashoda. He would fall unconsciousand then getup, walk a few more steps and then fall down, and somehow or the other he made it there. There was a curtain. Yashoda was on the other side. Rohini told Yashoda mayi that Nanda Maharaja is here. Rohini took the little baby and brought and put it in the arms of Nanda Maharaja. Curtain opened. When Yashoda mayi heard and saw the happiness of her husband it multiplied her happiness.
Nanda Maharaja called for a beautiful felstival to bless his child. The day is Nandotasava. Brahmans were chanting mantras and doing yajnas, instruments playing, Harinma being sung. Every one so joyous, they were dressed in their best clothes just to invoke auspiciousness on this family. And they celebrated in so many ways. Srila Prabhupada explained that the wealth of gopas and gopis was in their milk products and grains. They were so happy they were exchanging love with each other by throwing butter and yogurt and ghee on each other. Now, one time we tried that at RadhaGopinath temple and it really created a mess. It took so many hours to clean up. Remember Govinda? This cannot be done artificially because love can be exchanged in many wonderful ways.

If you see among brajavasis at Gokul, the is was the gifts of God to them. The beautiful opulences were provided by the cows, the ghee, milk and other sweetmeats they making – this was more valuable and precious than diamonds or rubies or gold or platinum or even land. So they were expressing their love for God by sharing their love for Krishna with each other by making each other happy, by sharing these loving exchanges. What gives anything meaning is the affection of the intent of an exchange. Srila Prabhupada writes “Krishna doesn’t accept everything which is offered, but the purpose and the intent of that thing.” Things can give some flickering pleasure to mind and senses, but things can never give any satisfaction to the heart. Only love gives satisfaction to heart. And when love is centered on eternal truth, Krishna, the Supreme personality of Godhead, the ultimate object of eveyrone’s love, when we share love for Krishna with each other, when there is actual affection, then whatever we offer is priceless – whether it is a beautiful palace or simple leaf or flower, it is the affection which gives value and pleasure to heart. So Nandotsava was the ultimate festival of affection where everyone was showing their showing their love for eachother by celebrating and sharing their love for Krishna and it was beautiful.
And our beloved Gurumaharaj, Srila Prabhupada appeared on the day of Nandotsava when everyone was celebrating together the festival of love, the festival of welcoming Krishna into our hearts and into this world, while everyone was blissfully chanting the holy names.

Soon after Nanda Maharaj went to pay taxes to Kamsa becuase Kamsa was the ruling king of all the kings, he was the emperor. He did all the tax stuff indirectly. In a secret place Nanda Maharaja met Vasudeva. This is just before Vasudeva was put back in prison. And Vasudeva told Nanda Maharaja go back soon to take care of these two children under your care. Meanwhile while Krishna was just few days old, Kamsa had already changed his mind. When he understood that the child that was suppose to kill him was already born some where else, he called for some of his allies to help him. This was 5000 years ago, before Kaliyuga really set in. Yogis could use their power for the greatest good or to perform the most terrible deeds.

One such yogini’s name was Putana. She was a Raksasi. She had incredible supernatural powers. She could fly in the sky, and her passion in life was to eat the flesh and drink the blood of human babies. She was in outer space and she came down to Gokul and by her power she transformed her body into a most beautiful looking lady. She looked so beautiful it was some that not belonged to this earth, it was something like a heavenly damsel or everyone thought it might even be the goddess of fortune. Putana in this disguised form, walked right into Nanda Maharaja’s house where Rohini and yoasoda sat with Gopal. Why no one checked her was because they thought, “she must have been some expansion of laxmi that has come to bless our child, let her bless him”. But her intent was to murder the baby. She looked at baby Krishna and in her heart someone spoke to her that this tiny little child is death personified, and little Krishna closed his eyes because she was coming in role of mother to kill him. He thought she has killed and eaten flesh of so many innocent babies in Gokul all around the world. Srimad Bhagavatam explains that she was like a razor sharp sword in a very decorated silken sheath. She picked up little Gopal in front of all and they were happy about this. She had placed upon her breasts a deadly poison that could kill hundreds of grown men, and pretending to have motherly love for the child she struck her breats in Krishna’s mouth to kill him. Krishna sucked. He was just few days old and he didn’t look any older than that. When Krishna wants to suck, he can do like no other. He sucked so intensely that first he drank all poison, than all the milk and then all life force from her body. She got weaker and weaker and it caused so much pain. And then to increase the experience of purification, Krishna with his tiny little fingers, you’ve all seen an infants fingers, they look so soft and delicate that you feel afraid that even looking at it may hurt it. Those little fingers which were like newly sprouted leaves from a tamal tree, squeezed Putana and she felt agonizing pain. She tried with all of her strength to rip this child away and she screamed “Leave me child”she ran out into pastures and assumed a gigantic form to counteract Krishna. Her form was gigantic 12 miles high. You may say impossible only because you can’t do it, but for one who has these supernat powers it is as possible as you are sneezing or coughing as somany of you are doing today.
So in this gigantic 12 mile form, Krishna was same size and she was with all her supernatural powers tried to rip Krishna aside until finally her eyes were reeling in pain. And she fell to the ground dead. And she broke a lot of trees. And Krishna was just playing. And when Gopis saw this, mother Yashoda she was in utter anguish when suddenly this lady expanded like this. And when Gopis found Krishna crawling and smiling on this giant hill of her breasts, they brought her back to Yashoda mayi. Soon after Nanda Maharaja and cowherd men came back from Mathura, they saw this gigantic form and to walk around her took about 3.5 hours. She was huge. And when Nanda Maharaja found out what happened, he thought “Vasudeva must be some sort of a prophet, he warned me that I should be back soon as some danger may befall Krishna-Balaram.”
So they chopped her body and burnt them, and the smoke that came was the most sweetest, most nectarine fragranance of incense. Because when Krishna sucked out her lifeair, He purified her and her body became His mahaprasada, becasue he drank the milk from her body and her body became mahaprasad. And not only that, but Srimad Bhagavatam, Uddhava and all the great acharayas all declare that Krishna gave putana liberation of being his own motherly nurse in spiritual world Goloka Vrindavan. This is Krishna’s love. He liberated her from from her misdeeds, and the little pain she suffered while He was sucking and squeezing, cleansed her of all of her sins she had ever comited and all of her sinful tendencies in her heart, but because she offered Krishna the service of a mother. And in the very end moment, before she died, Krishna awakedned in her heart motherly affection, and she was given this supreme liberation of being an eternal motherly nurse of Krishna in ecstatic love in the spiritual world.
BVT explains that these different demons killed by Krishna in Vrindavan represent obstacles on the path of pure bhakti. Putana represents a false cheating spiritual teacher or Guru. It may appear that they are giving us nourishing milk, but if their own concoctions, speculations or vices are mixed in it, it is like poison. So we must be careful to receive transcendental knowledge from pure sources.
Meanwhile Srimad Bhagavatam explains that every aspect of a child’s life in Vedic culture is celebrated. Srila Prabhupada explains that there is happiness in family life according to the Vedic spiritual culture. Children are not considered a burden, but gift of God. There is the Garbadhan samskar at the time of conception; at the time when child is starting to grow in womb, another auspicious celebration. And when baby is about three months old, and starts to turn himself and slant itself before starting to crawl, it is called utthana. When Yashoda mayi saw Krishna doing this, she told Nanda Maharaja and whole of Vrindavan and Brahmins came to celebrate that little Gopal is starting to get up. Haribol! There were kirtans, yajnas, and musical instruments and Yashoda and Nanda Maharaja were giving gifts. Becasue if you want to get blessings, the greatest way to receive is to give. In the culture that they were from, they’d give cows to Brahmins. And each cow would have gold plated horns and beautiful silken embroideries on bodies with pearls and jeweled necklaces. The more you can give, the more the blessings are naturally going to come from their hearts. When Krishna sees we are doing somethings very special for those He loves, Krishna blesses us infinitesly. When those celebrations were going on, little Gopal was getting a little tired. So Yashoda wanted to put him to sleep. Little babies like this, three months old, feel most protected when being with mothers, so Yashoda lied with Krishna so that little Gopal would feel the complete shelter of the love of His mother and he would go to sleep. And she left him under a big cart that was carrying all sorts of utensils.

According to Srila Jiva Goswami it was a very big cart. And then there were many guests she had to rceive and she was doing a lot of seva. She had some little children watching to make sure that Krishna was alright. Little Gopal felt hungry for Yashoda’s milk and as he cried, and as he cried this tiny little flower petal soft lotus foot kicked the cart. But our acaryas tell us from the Srimad Bhagavat that another demon asura of kamsa had come to Gokul. His name was Shakatasura. He was a ghost. He had no gross body and such ghostly beings ….

58 mins till 1hr: 28 mins


His name was Shakatasur

He was a ghost. HE had no ghost body and such ghostly beings, they try to enter into another body to haunt people and to try create havoc in the world.

He especially wanted to kill Krishna. So he took the opportunity from the sky and he entered into the body of this cart& Krishna knew that& very immediately he put the foot and kicked the wheel of the cart and on touching it, the entire cart flew up into the sky! Shocking! Inconceivable! The wheel was broken, ripped of the axle, the spokes were torn to thread and the whole Cart came tumbling down and all the utensils were pouring on the ground thatmade a tumultuous sound. When Nand and Yashoda & everybody heard this they came running to the scene. And there was little Gopal, Just smiling, Surrounded by this whole massive scenario of broken up stuff and Shakatasur, Not only did he destroy the cart, but he liberated Shakatasur and sent him back to liberated state. Hegave him Mukti.

Meanwhile, the Brijwasi’s, they were wondering how did this happened? Was there some big wind? Was there a thunderbolt of lightning that came? Why all of a sudden this cart was destroyed and how was it that Krishna was not harmed when he was right under it? And the little boys who were watching, they said we can tell what exactly had happened! Little Gopal kicked it& it flew up in the air and fell down and crashed. And the adult said, how can we believe these little children! This is not possible!

When Putana was killed, liberated; when Shakatasur was also; the loving parental affection that the Brijwasis had for Krishna, it just would not allow them to think that he was God because it would interfere with the intimacy of how they served him and loved him.

So by the Yoga Mayapotency, by the spiritual potency that covers the person’s awareness of Krishna’s supremacy, of his all-powerful nature, they just see him as the little beloved child.

So they were thinking,it must be because we have worshipped the supreme lord and because our child is so pious that He is protecting him.

And Yashoda mayi took little Krishna and she embraced him “Oh! Somehow or rather you escaped death once again.”

And it’s a symptom that the child is in good consciousness when he sucks the mother’s milk very enthusiastically!

So Krishna sucked it and Yashodamayi was very very happy.

Shakatasur represents the mentality of holding on to our old bad habits. It’s like a demon in our mind. Just like this cart, had so much stuff on itand ultimately all that stuff came crushing down; for the purpose of killing Krishna, similarly for our Bhakti, for the Krishna in our hearts, we have to be very careful of protecting it from that cart with all those utensils and stuff in the form of the bad habits of our past that we hold on to.

“BhoktaramsarvaTapasam, sarvalokMaheswaram, Suhrudamsarvabhutanam ….”


The Bhagavad Gita explains, we can become peaceful if we just understand just three things.

That Krishna is the Supreme Proprietor of everything that exists,

That Krishna is the ultimate enjoyer of everything and everyone and

Krishna is the most loving intimate well-wishing friend.

But our past bad habits, We want to be the proprietor, we want to be the controller we want to be the enjoyer. And as everyone knows in this world,it is very difficult to break bad habits.

Shakatasur was a ghost, sometimes our old bad habits like ghosts they come back.  Even 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 100 yrs later,Even lifetimes later to haunt us. There is only one way to actually deal with it.


Krishna tells in Bhagavad Gita, we must somehow or other restrain ourselves from these old tendencies of ours and at the same time we must fix our mind on Krishna

If we can use whatever we have learnt whatever we know from past, in Krishna’s service in a favorable positive way, then we purify those habits andbad habits become completely transcendental forms of devotional service.

But when the selfish envious attitude, which is so much the foundation of Materialistic bad habits, when we allow them to come back to haunt us they could cause havoc in our life. Srila Prabhupada explains

The way to give up bad habits is to replace them with good habits

WE all want to find pleasure. Find Pleasure in serving Krishna in serving each other for Krishna

“Paramkaruna….. Kevalaanandkanda….”

Lord Chaitanya came with such a simple process that is joyful, by taking nice Prasad, by associating in devotional ways with beautiful people, satsang, By dancing in kirtan, by rendering loving service, by seeing the deities, By hearing Krishna beautiful past times and especially we can purify our hearts and literally inundate our mind with transcendental happiness by chanting the holy names

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare


Nanda Maharaj in order to bestow good fortune on Krishna after this apparent calamity, He invited Brahmins who he deeply trusted and he understanding is fruitful and had themChanting mantras and performing yagnya’s for Krishna.

Soon after this, Vasudev secretly called his family priest, Garg Muni and said “Please go to Gokul and perform the name giving ceremony and bestow auspiciousness upon these two children, Rohini’s child and Yashoda’s child.”

So Incognito Garg Muni came to Gokul. Nand Maharaj was so happy to receive him. He said Great People like you, Sadhus,you come to the household of people like us, you come in the guise as beggars but actually your motivation is to liberate us By giving us association and transcendental knowledge.

But now that you are here, let us take this opportunity to bless the two children, through the name giving ceremony.

Garg Muni said, “I warn you, if Kansa finds out that myself, a leading priest of the Yadu Dynasty, is doing a name giving ceremony for your children here in Mahavan, he is going to know for certain that the child that’s meant to kill him is here and he is going to harass you.

Nand Maharaj said, “But still we don’t want to lose this opportunityof your blessings! We will do it secretly. We will not tell anybody. We will have the name giving ceremony without any celebration in the shade where we keep the cows.”

Garg Muni performed the ceremony and he said “that this child of Rohini and Vasudev, because he will give ecstatic spiritual pleasure where ever he goes, his name will be Rama.

Because he will display incredible spiritual strength, His name will be Baldev.

And because he is united, Davamita had two children, Sura – Apajanya, they became two dynasties, the dynasties of Mathura and the dynasties Madhuban, Vasudev & Nand. Because this child is bringing these two families together, his name will be Sankarshan.

And as far as this other child, according to the scriptures and according to the transcendental vision of the Great sages, and my astrological calculations, I can tell you that this child takes birth in every one of the Yuga with different color and different attributes. He has appeared in white color in Satyuga, he has appeared in a red color, he was appeared in a golden yellowish color and Now he has appearing in bluish dark color like a monsoon cloud. This child will bring about all auspiciousness and awaken the greatest happiness in everyone’s heart. He has many names because he performs so many incredible past times. In fact in the past he was a son of Vasudev and so one of his names is Vasudeva.

He will be the liberator of many demons, asuras. And I want to tell you this child he comes to this world to attract the hearts of everyone, he is extraordinary, hisqualities are every bit as good as the supreme personality of Godhead, Narayan.Please be very careful to take care of him.

After Garg Muni left, little Krishna and Balaram started to grow.

As they crawled, they enchanted the hearts of everyone in Mahavan.

Little Krishna & Balaram they would crawl around like little snake with their legs dragging behind them, their arms struggling to go forward and they would crawl through the dirt that was mixed with cow dung and cow urine and  their parents would pick them up& embrace them and bathe them and everyone would come to watch little Krishna Balaram crawl.

There was no greater pleasure toanyone’s heart than this because Krishna is all attractive. Today they find some pleasure, people go to cricket games, or football games, or they go to movies or they watch television; to get better pleasure they get better television and better televisionAnd flat screen televisions and round screen televisions. People go to natural sceneries, to the mountains or to the rivers or to the waterfall and people in the mood of passion you know what they look at. People in the mood of ignorance they are taking intoxication. So many ways people are trying to find pleasure in this world.

But in Vrindavan,when you love Krishna, to see Krishna crawl is the fulfillment of every desire that you could possibly have, infinite pleasure because Krishna is all attractive.

Yes! He can lift the Gowardhan hill with the little finger of his left hand and hold this gigantic mountain on the tip of his finger for 7 days and 7 nights.

And Krishna could give same pleasure to his devotees by learning how to crawl.

Little Krishna & Balaram, they were crawling around and sometimes because they were all over the ground, they could hear the ankle bells because both of their mothers, the Rohini & Yashoda would wear ankle bracelets.

And they hear this ankle bracelet and they would be crawling as fast as they can to get to their mother and to the two mothers and they crawl and they crawl and they crawl and they finally get to the source of the tinkling sound and they look up and it was two other gopis. And Krishna & Balaram would start crying and they would start crawling back looking for their mothers and Yashoda and Rohini would pick them up and embrace them, and feed them their milk and all the gopis would lovingly laugh and smile and chant the holy names.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

One day, Krishna was about 1 yr. old.

There was a beautiful festival for Krishna and Yashoda Mayi was holding Krishna and at that time Kansa had sent another mystical demon of the name Trinavart. He came in the form of a whirlwind and he especially wanted Kill Krishna and Yashoda.

Krishna understood this. You see when God appears in the world he does not need to perform any mystical practices to become God. He is always God. Even when he was a baby he has all the powers of the absolute truth.

So He did not want to subject Yashoda to what Trinavart was about to do. So he became very heavy and Yashoda mayi was thinking how is Krishna all of a sudden so heavy. HE seems like he is becoming heavy like the whole universe. Then she put Krishna down and was wondering Why , what’s happened and naturally she took shelter of the supreme lord for the lords protection. She went back to perform her duties.

When Trinavart started whirling, this wind, it was deafening to everyone. It was such a cyclonic storm, that dust rose from the ground and nobody could see anything around them. There wasn’t a single person, cow, animal or anyone that could even see their own body, what to speak of anyone else.The dust blinded them. And the whirl of the storm was heinous. And everybody was gathering around. They did not know what to do where to go/

Meanwhile Yashodamayi was frantically trying to find Krishna but she could not see anything.

And meanwhile Trinavart picked up little baby Krishna and went higher and higher into the sky with him. And when the dust cleared Yashoda mayi ran to the place she had left Krishna and he wasn’t there anymore. She was looking, everyone was searching everywhere. She was in so much anguish. She fell unconscious with a cry like a cow that had just lost her calf.

Trinavart went higher and higher, way higher up into the sky with little Gopal. His intention was to kill him. Gopal was having a real fun time, because He was getting the most incrediblepanoramic view of Brij bhoomi from up there. And not only that he was getting a ride. You know how children like to take ride. Well he was taking such a ride. So Krishna was actually enjoying,but then when he went so high, he decided enough of his. And Little Gopal, to his mother he became very heav, to Trinavart he became light as a piece of grass so that he could higher and higher in the sky.

Then, he got heavier and heavier and heavier until Trinavart could not hold him any longer and Trinavart was trying to push him off. But Little baby Krishna , this gigantic Asura, he wrapped his little tiny arms aroundTrinavart Neck to hold on to him and Trinavart was trying to push him off and Krishna squeezed and he was choking him and ultimately he choked Trinavart. And Trinavart, his eyes blotched, he could not breath and he fell down on the ground on this massive slab of stone and all of his limbs were dislocated.

The gopis ran and brought Krishna back to Yashoda and she bathe him and wiped the dust from him, fed him her milk and they had all sorts of auspicious rituals to protect Krishna for the future.

How is it that the lord could perform such supernatural deeds and not one single person in all of Gokul suspected that he wasAnything other than their helpless little loving child who somehow or other due to Karma or due to God’s grace was always saved.


Trinavart representsthe false pride of material scholarship. Being very learned can be a great attribute. Knowledge is one of the opulence of Krishna But if it causes us to be proud the whole purpose of knowledge from spiritual perspectiveis totally undone it is contradictory. Real opulence is if we can actually have transcendental knowledge like the Goswamis who we were speaking about yesterday and the day before. But if that knowledge is properly assimilated and realized, it will make us more and more humble.

“Trinadapisunichena, tarorevasahisnunaamaninamandenakirtaniyasadahari”

To be humble like the blade of grass, to be forgiving and tolerant like a tree; to offer all respect to others and not to expect what the man expects respect for oneself.

That is True Knowledge!because that is the knowledge that attracts god.

Knowledge without good qualities is useless.

When the digvijay pandit Keshav Kashmiri came to Navadwip he came boasting how no one could defeat him. He was attracting followers, attracting fame, and he was enjoying so much ego.

When the young students told Nimai pandit told about him that no one has ever been able to answer his questions, there is no question that he cannot answer. HE has defeated all the scholars in the world. It is said that the Goddess Sarasvati manifests on his tongue every time he speaks.

Nimai Pandit is the lord. If you don’t please the lord, nothing that we do is of any value.

He said that a person with good qualities is like a tree with many fruits. Because of the heaviness of thosefruits of good qualities, such person is always bowing down to respect others.

But the tree that does not have good fruits, keeps its head up very high above all others.

So what is the use of so called knowledge if it does not bring about good character?Krishna will not tolerate it. It is just a matter of time till everything is vanquished.

So yes Trinavart, like the demon of the false pride of the material scholarship, it makes us think that we are going higher and higher and higher above everyone. But, Krishna can save us, save us from this demon within our heart if we sincerely and humbly take shelter of hearing his glories, of serving his devotees and chanting his holy names

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare


Soon after learning to crawl Krishna began to learn how to walk. This is incredible. KRISHNA tells in Gita I’m the ability of man, I’m the intelligence of the intelligent, the strength of the strong. But that sam lord is learning to walk. Sometimes Nanda or Yasodha would have Krishna hold on to their little finger. And h would walk a couple steps and then his fingers would slip from his finger and then he would fall to the ground and cry. They would say, “Try again Gopal. Try again.” And soon Krishna walked. How is this? To give pleasure, not only to the devotees of Vrindavan but to enchant, attract and conquer the hearts of anyone who sincerely hears these beautiful pastimes. The absolute truth is assuming such a helpless position in relation to his devotees conquers the heart. This is the special feature of Vrindavan. In Vaikuntha, the supreme absolute Narayana doesn’t learn how to walk and fall down and cry. Only in Vrindavan. Because Vrindavan is madhurya dham, where the Lord’s pastimes are so full of infinite sweetness, where we could love Krishna beyond the aishwarya, majestic respect of the all-powerful God. We could love Krishna intimately as our friend, as our child, as our lover. And Krishna reciprocates accordingly.

When Krishna learned how to walk the first thing he started to do with his friends was his pastime of stealing butter from the neighbourhood of gopis. The gopis, elder gopis would come to Yasodha to complain about Krishna. What is this complaining? Srila Prabhupada explains again and again in his purports to Srimad Bhagavatam 10th Canto beginning. How these lilas of Krishna as a baby are so charming. They can completely purify our consciousness. If we can just some how or other develop a taste for hearing them and speaking them in the association of devotees we can transcend all the miseries of material existence. KRISHNA is the ultimate object of our love. And he comes in the form of a little baby just to enchant our hearts into his eternal pastimes. To hear and to speak about Krishna is the ultimate fulfillment of a bhakta. Because the sound vibrations of Krishna’s names, the sound vibration of Krishna’s pastimes are Krishna. He is manifesting in that transcendental sound. He is personally present. Ye yatha mam prapadyante, tams tathaiva bhajam yaham. Bhagvad Gita tells as we surrender, as we take shelter, Krishna reveals himself. We are in Vrindavan. What krishna’s lilas, what we are speaking tonight, they are happening eternally in this land of Vrindavan. By simply focusing on hearing and chanting these beautiful lilas, according to the sincerity of our hearts, Krishna reveals those lilas, gives us entrance into those eternal pastimes – the highest perfection of yoga, the highest state of liberation according to the scriptures. The gopis would say to Yasodha, “You don’t know what your son is doing. Right now he is sitting next to you, and he is smiling like he is so innocent. But he and his friends, they get up early in the morning, and they walk around Vrindavan just to look for the next place, they are going to attack. Early in the morning before our husbands get up they let the calves out. And bring the calves to their mothers to drink their milk. And then when we and our husbands go to milk, there is no more milk. And then they come into our houses when we are not around. And start breaking the pots of our butter and start eating the yogurt and butter. And sometimes when our husbands, they are grown men, they see little Gopal eating the butter, and we want to stop them, but Gopal looks at them and smiles and enchants them so much that our husbands becomes like statues. They can’t move. They can’t speak. They just watch Krishna eating all our butter. And there is nothing they could do about it. And at other times, we say Krishna you are a thief. And Krishna looks at us and smiles and says ‘No. You are a thief’. And sometimes when we hide our butter and yogurt, Krishna goes into a private room, where our children, our little babies are, and he pinches them and makes them cry. Other times in order to keep our butter away from Krishna, we hang them from hopes from the rafters of the ceilings and Krishna and his little friends, Balarama they stack up boxes and piles and grinding mortars, and somehow or other they reach up and get the butter and yogurt and eat it. And we see that Krishna not only does he at it, he distributes it to his friends, and when his friends are completely full, he calls the monkeys. And he’s personally distributing, with his own hands, to the monkeys and the monkeys are eating and eating all our butter until the monkeys are so full that they can’t eat anymore. And then Krishna breaks the pots, and says ‘This butter is so useless, even the monkeys don’t want it.’ And sometimes in the dark, Krishna he wears these jewels. And these jewels are so shining that they light up the whole room so that he knows exactly where to find the butter.” Mother Yasodha said, “Then I’ll take th jewel off him.” They said, “No. No. No. don’t take the jewels off him. Because even without the jewels these children are so special they seem to illuminate wherever they go. And when we really to try to hid all of our butter, in such a way that he cannot find it, he goes into our temple room and passes urine.” You are laughing. How many times have you passed urine in your life? Would anyone like to make an estimation? You could take out your little computerized cell phones and try to figure out how many times have you passed urine in your life? I have a simple question. Who cares? Nobody cares. But Krishna 5000 years ago passed urine once. And we are still talking about it. That is the difference between God and you and me. Not only are we talking about it, but just by hearing about that one incident self-realized, paramhansa, liberated souls weep and cry in ecstatic love. That is Krishna. All-attractive. The gopis said to Yasodha, “Now we are lodging all these complaints and KRISHNA is looking at the floor like he is completely innocent but actually we know that in his mind he is plotting at his moment when he’s going to steal our butter next.” And Krishna just. Yasodha mayi and gopis looking at Krishna all thy could do is smile and laugh in love. And the gopis told to Yasodha mayi actually the only reason that we come and complain is that it just gives us an excuse to talk about Krishna.” They weren’t complaining. They were glorifying. They were expressing their innermost heart’s love. Some people ask, why is Krishna Makahchor, stealing butter? After all, the highest morality is coming from god. So how is God a theif? God is not a thief, but he is a thief accordingly to his own independent free will. Sarvaloka maheshvaram. If we want to understand these beautiful pastimes of Srimad Bhagavatam, first we must know the conclusions of Bhagvad Gita. We can’t just jump ahead. Krishna explains who God is. He is the proprietor or everything that exists. That means everything in every planet in all material and spiritual worlds is the property of God. The sign of a proprietor  is that we have control over something. Ultimately, whether we are simple people living in a village, or whether we are kings. The nature of this world is that any moment anything could be taken away from any of us. And by the power of time death is certain to take everything away from us. Nothing is really our. KRISHNA is the supreme proprietor of everything including the butter of Vrindavan. So he’s not stealing it because it belongs to him. But he appears to steal it. But the gopis the only reason the only they churn their yogurt into butter, is with the hope and the prayer that Krishna will come to steal it. He is reciprocating with their love. Krishna is hari. Hari means one who steals away everything inauspicious and steals our heart. The ultimate pleasure of the gopis when Krishna comes to steal the love of their heart which is personified as the butter in their pots. And when our hearts becomes soft and sweet like butter by churning it through bhakti, through devotion, then Krishna, Hari will steal our hearts. And there is no higher joy or spiritual perfection than that.

One day after the elder gopis were lodging so many complaints against Krishna just as an expression to talk and glorify him and to emerge their consciousness, the gopas complained to Yasodha. That we saw Krishna in a secluded place eating dirt. Yasodha mayi became very worried. She took great pleasure in hearing about Krishna stealing butter. Because butter is very nutritious. But eating dirt. She got very worried. She said, “Krishna, how are you going to maintain your health, if you are eating dirt? Isn’t there enough butter and sweetmeat and sweet rice and so many tasteful things in the house? Why? Why are you going to eat dirt?” Krishna said, “I didn’t eat dirt.” Yasodha mayi said but your friends are telling me. Even Balarama, your older brother and your dearest friend, he would never speak a lie against you.  KRISHNA said NO. We were playing a game and they got angry at me. Actually I’ll tell you mother Yasodha, they were stealing butter, and I was telling them, NO, we shouldn’t steal. I’m going to tell my mother that you were stealing. And they said well that even before you do that we are going to tell a lie against you that you ate dirt. I never ate dirt. Yahosda mayi said, if you didn’t eat dirt, let me look in your mouth and see if there is dirt. Now these are very transcendental, puzzling concepts. How is it that the absolute truth tells lies? The absolute truth cannot tell lies, because absolute truth is absolute truth. But as a baby by saying that he didn’t eat the dirt, he is increasing the vatsalya rasa, the loving affection of her mother. And that reciprocation of intimate love on the liberated platform is the highest truth. KRISHNA doesn’t have to worry about what we relativistic people say is moral or immoral. Because on the transcendental plane its already perfected where there is no ego, there is no selfishness, it’s a total liberated state where to increase the intimacy and the ecstasy of love Krishna is speaking what is apparently a lie. Vatsalya rasa and all other rasas spring from Prema. Prema is ecstatic spiritual love. That prema resides within the hearts of devotees. And that prema arises due to Krishna’s natural affection for his devotees. Krishna is bhakta vatsal. He is always affectionate to his loving devotes. Vishvanath chakravarthi Thakur explains that of all the characteristics and qualities of Krishna this is the crest jewel. KRISHNA is all-merciful. KRISHNA is supremely pure, supremely truthful. He is the absolute all-pervading Brahman. He the protector of his devotees. But the crown of all these qualities is Krishna’s love. Krishna’s affection for his devotes. Its because of Krishna’s intimate and loving affecting for us that our love for him awakens. And therefore Krishna’s stealing and Krishna’s lying is the most beautiful ornament because it deepens the rasa between the lord and His devotees.
KRISHNA said look in my mouth and see if I had eaten dirt. But the reality was that Krishna did eat dirt in a secluded place on Brahmanda ghat on the bank of the Yamuna in Gokula, which all of you on the yatra have either gone or you will be going in the next few days. It is a very special place. In 1971, I was here in Vrindavan, when Srila Prabhupada came. And everyday he would take us in the morning for several hours to the holy places. He took us to Radha Damodar, to Imli Tal, to Nandagaon and to Barasana and he took us to gokul Mahavan. And I remember, he told the same story of Krishna eating dirt, right at the place where it happened at the bank of Yamuna. In order to charm his mother’s heart and protect himself from being caught eating dirt he had to somehow or other distract Yasodha from seeing dirt. So when she looked in his little tiny mouth this big, she saw the universe, the virata rupa. She saw all the planets, all living entities, all the devas. Within little Krishna’s mouth, she saw all the planets within this universe, all the mountains and the oceans. She saw the three modes of material nature personified. She saw the creation, maintenance and destruction of everything and everyone. She saw all the 8 material elements in their basic crudest forms. She saw all 840000 species of life. And in his little mouth, she saw Vrindavan. And when she looked closes she saw herself looking at Krishna’s mouth. When Yasodha mayi was seeing this, it was incredible. Because Krishna’s mouth was only this big. The whole universe was in this size. And the universe did not shrink to fit in his mouth. The universe with its full-scale, unlimited size. What our proud modern scientists could not even fathom with their greatest telescopes, the most distant planets, Yasodha was seeing it all with all the space between it. But then __________ how is that? It’s Achintya Shakti. Krishna has inconceivable potencies. He can do anything anytime anywhere. Yasodha mayi because of her mother affection for Krishna she just could not. It was impossible for her heart to accept that Krishna could be the all-powerful, all-mighty God. She was wondering what am I seeing? She was thinking am I dreaming? No. Because my eyes are open. I could feel myself. I’m not dreaming. I’m wide awake. May be I ‘m in illusion. But why would the demigods bother putting such an insignificant little gopi like me into an illusion. So I can’t be in illusion. Or maybe I’m in a deranged state of consciousness and I’m seeing this. But I’m quite fit. Mentally, physically everything is fine. I’m not deranged. What am I seeing? And how am I seeing? Why am I seeing? What is this? Is it perhaps that my son Krishna is some powerful mystic? Like Gargamuni during the name-giving ceremony, Gargamuni said this son will perform incredible activities and he is as good as Lord Narayana. Could that be? Yasodha mayi was thinking, no it can’t be. What does Gargamuni know? When Krishna is thirsty, he cries unless I give him milk. When Krishna is hungry, he cries unless I give him butter to eat. When there is thunder in the sky, Krishna gets afraid, and he comes running and he holds on to me and trembles for shelter from the lightning. And Krishna is so naughty. He steals butter, and he runs around and he does all these things. Gargamuni could think whatever he wants to think. But I can’t live without Krishna and Krishna can’t live without me. And I know who he is, and he knows who I’m and that’s the truth. But still she’s seen the universe within his mouth. Srila Prabhupada explains that when we are bewildered by a situation where we just cannot understand or figure out, what is the logic behind it? Why is this happening?
A devotee simply  takes shelter of the supreme lord. Tatenu kampam susumikshu manu, bhunjana evatma krtan vibhagam. In this particular verse or the Bhagavatam, Srila Prabhupada quotes this verse of Lord Brahma.  That when inconceivable things happen, even reversals, even the most difficult challenges come upon us, we may not be able to intellectually understand how or why. But in such a state a devotee naturally takes shelter of the Lord. And the simplest most direct way of finding that shelter is to call out from our heart of hearts for Krishna’s mercy by calling out his holy names. Yashoda mayi began to cry out with folded hands. O supreme personality of godhead narayana, I don’t know what I’m seeing or how I’m seeing but I take shelter of you. You are the cause of all causes. You are the creation, maintenance and destruction of everything that exists. You are the shelter of your devotees. Please give me shelter. And please protect Krishna. Under your illusionary potency of maya, I’m thinking that I’m the wife of Nanda maharaja, and I’m the queen of Vrindavan, and all of the gopis and of the gopas and all of the cows and all of the forests belong to me, and I’m thinking that Krishna is my child, and I’m proetecting Krishna, when actually you are the controller and protector or everything that exists. She was praying in this way. Because seeing this universe in Krishna’s mouth, she was worried about Krishna. How is he going to digest it? She was worried about a little tiny piece of dirt in his mouth. And now she is seeing all the mountains and all the salty oceans, and all the humans all the animals in Krishna’s mouth. So she is praying to Lord Narayana. Please protect my Krishna. You are the all-mighty. You are he all-great. I don’t understand. And Krishna was listening to her and watching her. And he thought within his mind. If my mother is philosophical like this, then who is going to cuddle me with sweet motherly affection? He didn’t want Yasodha to be a learned scholarly philosopher. He wanted her to be his mother. So Krishna just smiled. And with that smile he covered Yasodha mayi with his yogamaya potency and she completely forgot everything that she had just seen in his mouth. And milk started springing from her breasts. And she put Krishna on her lap. And he sucked on her breasts to drink her milk. And Krishna was completely satisfied. In this instance Sukhadeva Goswami tells us in Srimad Bhagavatam the good fortune of mother Yasodha. The 3 vedas worship the absoluter truth as yajna purusha. The Upanishads worship the absolute truth as Brahman. The sankhya phisloshopy scriptures they worship the absolute truth as purusha. The yoga sutras they approach the Lord as paramatma. And the pancha ratras they worship the lord as bhagavan. But mother yashoda she was infinitely beyond all these levels of knowledge and realization, because she was seeing that supremem Brahman as her own little loving child and Krishna was seeing Yasodha as her own mother conquered by her love. Parikshit maharaja hearing his incredible story, was aksing sukhadeva goswami tell me who is mother Yasodha and nanda maharaj to have incredible loving relationship with God, with Krishna. And sukhadeva Goswami explained that in their previous life, drone and dhara, two vasus, they worshipped Lord Brahma and Lord Brahma gave them a benediction and the only thing was that they could take birth in this world to be the parents of the supreme lord. To witness his intimate loving pastimes. And to love him as his own mother and father and they prayed that anyone who hears the pastimes of our loving relationship with our child that they will be liberated from all suffering forever and attain the supreme bliss of the spiritual world. Drona and Dhara were two partial expansions of the eternal mother and father of Krishna from Goloka Vrindavan – Yasodha Mayi and Nanda Maharaja.

One day when little Krishna was roaming around Vrindavan, a fruit vendor came out of the forests with a leaf basket filled with fruits. She was a tribal lady coming from a society where there was no education. People living in the forests. This lady a pulinda she cried out, O residents or vrindvan if anyone would like to buy some fruits I have fresh ripe fruits for you. Little Gopal heard this. And he picked up a handful of grains. Because he used to see his mother and father and other brajvasis barter grains for other goods. It’s a natural currency – we trade what we have for what someone else has. So little gopal he went running to the fruit vendor who was just sitting on the ground with her basket. And as he was running, because his hands were so tiny, the grains were falling out and by the time he reached the fruit vendor lady, there was hardly a couple of grains in her hand. And he smiled at her and said please give me fruits. Here is the payment. And the fruit vendor looked at the smile of little Gopal. His glance upon her, those little eyes hypnotized her heart. That smile on Krishna’s beautiful face. Because his smile is like the kunda flower, his name is mukunda. She was charmed. By this time there were no grains left in his hand. And the fruit vendor just said, I want to make you happy my child. Take as many fruits as you can hold. And with her own hands she put one fruit after another after another on Krishna’s hands. And then she started filling up her arms and then Krishna was so happy.


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One day, when little Krishna was roaming around Vrindavan, a fruit vendor came out of the forest with a leaf basked filled with fruits. She was a tribal lady, coming from a society where there was no education, people living in the forest. This lady, a Pulinda, she cried out, “O residents of Vrindavan, if anyone would like to buy fruits, I have fresh ripe fruits for you.”

Little Gopal heard this and he picked up a handful of grains because he used to see his mother and father and other Brijwasis Barter grains for other goods. It’s a natural currency where we trade what we have for what someone else has. So little Gopal came, he came running to the fruit vendor who was sitting on the ground with her fruit basket. And as he was running, because his hands were so tiny, the grains were falling out and by the time he reached the fruit vendor lady there was hardly  a couple of  grains in his hands. And He smiled at her and said, “Please give me fruits, here is the payment”.

And the fruit vendor looked at the smile of little Gopal, his glance upon her, those lotus eyes hypnotized her heart. That smile on Krishna’s beautiful face, because his smile is like the Kund Flower his name is Mukund. She was charmed.

By this time there were no grains left in his hand. And the fruit vendor said
“I want to make you happy my child, take as many fruits as you can hold.” And she with her own hands put one fruit after another fruit in Krishna’s hands and then she started filling her arms. And Krishna was so happy; he smiled at her and ran home.

The Bhagavad Gita tells us “Patrampushpamfalamtoyam, yo may bhak……”

Krishna says that if one offers me even a leaf, a flower, a little water or a single piece of fruit, if it is offered with Bhakti, with devotion, I accept it.

“ Santosh….  “

The success of any endeavor that we make in this world, of any occupation is that we please Krishna . And Krishna is pleased by our Bhakti, by our devotion.

That leaf basket filled up with precious jewel. Not jewels of this world. Celestial jewels of diamonds, pearls,

And the fruit vendor, she was so conquered by Krishna’s little innocent child like smile, she wanted to give Krishna more fruits. She decided that I am going to take my basket home, and I am going to fill it with more and more fruits and I am going to Krishna home and feed the whole family with the fruits. Anything  I have to do to make Krishna happy, I will do.

She picked up the basket and she did not even see what was inside and she ran home.


And when she started getting fruits from her house, and she started putting it in the basket, she saw that there was no space,It was over flooding with precious jewels.

And Jiva Goswami was telling us, what she was thinking ,“it was the precious wealth I have ever achieved by Krishna’s beautiful smile. She was feeling such intense separation from Krishna loving smile, she was completely transcendental to anything of this world. She just wanted to go back and please Krishna  bybringing him more fruits She couldn’t care less about jewels.  She had attained the ultimate jewel of Krishna smile.

So she ran back to Krishna house and meanwhile Krishna ran back to his house with all these fruits and he came up to mother Yashoda and said “Look what I have, I have all these fruits.” And Yashoda mayi said “Where did you get all these fruits from?”

Gopal Said, “There was a lady, this tribal lady and she was selling fruits. I gave her some grains and She gave me the fruits.

Yashoda mayee became worried, She said, “Its not, Krishna you cannot trust everyone in the world just like you trust in our house.


And Krishna said what does it mean to not trust somebody. That was Krishna and when Krishna understood that the fruit vendor was outside, so he ran outside just to satisfy her with his loving smile.


126 min onwards


Krishna brought them back in and told mother yashoda, “please distribute the fruits to all our frineds and relatives. And to please Krishna that palmful of fruits that krishna carried in Yashoda mayi started to give them to friends and relatives and gopas and gopis. And however many fuits she gave away there were always more fruits. Krishna just put the fruits wrapped them up in a cloth and as she was giving them up there were hundreds and thousands of fruits and they never ended. And anyone who tasted the sweetness of even one of those fruits, Jiva Goswami tells us that person for the rest of eternity could never ever forget the sweet taste of those fruits. In this way Krishna captured the heart of this simple lady.


This is Bhakti. Anyone from anywhere Krishna doesn’t care what we have done, doesn’t care who we are, because ultimately we are all eternal souls…jivera swarupa….we are all eternal loving servants of the Lord. And if we simply offer a little love to Krishna, Krishna reciprocates, Karuna sindhu, with an ocean of infinite love. Srila Prabhupada explains if we take one sincere step towards Krishna, Krishna is willing to run thousands of steps towards us. Just wants to see our sincerity. Why should we be attached to the illusory jewles of this world which simply binds us to ego and attachment when Krishna is eager to give us the crest jewel of all realization, prema pumartho mahan, the jewel of ecstatic love – prema. when Lord Caitanya & Lord Nityananda have come to this world to distribute this fruit. Lord Caitanya when in Varanasi gave this analogy that, “I am like a fruit seller, and my fruits are the fruits of love of God, prema bhakti and I have so many fruits, infinite fruits. I can’t with my two hands distribute all these fruits. And hardly anyone in the age of kali wants to take them. I will give any one these fruits of ecstatic krishna prema for the smallest cost of just the sincerity of willingness to accept it. I am asking all my devotees for all time to come to render the highest welfare work the paropakar, by helping me distribute the fruits of love of God, by promoting this chanting of the holy name..


HKHK(2:10:50) till 2:45:00


Today Diwali is the day we celebrate Krishna performing his lila of Damodar. So I would like to conclude the class today by briefly something about this most enchanting pastime,Whether I am ending the class with the pastime or beginning  the class with this pastime , that you can decide. Yasoda mayi was so much thinking that why is Krishna going to all those houses to steal butter.Is it because my butter is not satisfying him. Nanda Maharaj and Yashoda  had 9 lakh cows of which 1000 cows gave the most nectarean milk.They had special patches of grass that were so fragrant Padmagandha Grass, this grass smelled like lotusflowers very soft to the touch of the tongue of the cows and extremely tasteful and those grasses would produce milk that was so good for her health and of those 1000 cows she would water the grass and give it to the best 100 cows and of them the best 10 cows and then there all of this to few cows which were best cows in all of creation. That milk was so intoxicating that would make it into yogurt and churn it for Krishna pleasure. On this morning she woke up early and what usually her maid servants did Yashoda wanted to do it herself because she wanted all of her love in the heart to go for the pleasure for Krishna and as she was churning it was a beautiful scene. Sukhdev Goswami  talks about how Yashoda  mayi had an illustrious sari of saffron yellow color.As she was churning she had ankle bracelets and belts that were like musical instruments playing ching..ching.Yashoda in her love for Krishna she was spontaneously composing poetry to glorify Krishnasform Krishnas pastimes and Krishna qualities. And she was totally engrossed in remembering Krishna.She had bangles and her jewels and she had all her heart into this service. And she was working very hard and would perspire and the malati flowers that were decorating her hairs were showering to her feet because those flowers wanted to take shelter of her feet to see her motherly love for Krishna. And in that affection milk sprouted from her body and Krishna who was in the next room sleeping. He is bhavagrahi he accepts his love of the devotees. The milk that comes from Yashodas body is not just milk its liquid prema, its the most intimate inconceivable infinitely ecstatic love of her heart offered to Krsna in the form of milk. And Krishna was so hungry for that milk he got up, jumped out of bed and ran towards mother Yashoda who held the churning rod and the yoghurt and he looked at her and held the churning rod in one hand and said when I want your milk there Is no other duty to perform but that was his glance speaking. Her heart melted she sat down and she placed Krishna in her lap and started feeding him and as she was feeding him she was looking into his beautiful face and she was seeing his little teeth, which were like drops of milk and they were growing and then she would count the teeth like mothers like to do tears filled her eyes as she looking at Krishna’s beautiful face.Suddenly in the next room she was cooking with this padmagandha that special milk which she used for preparations later and that milk was boiling over because of the fire underneath it.Our Acharyas say that everything in Vrindavan is conscious ,it  is cintamani dham nothing is dead matter where Krishna manifests his lila.The milk was only existing to be tasted by Krishna. But the milk was thinking that mother yashodas love for Krishna is so much that Krishna is drinking the milk from her.Her love for Krishna would increase unlimitedly and her taste for milk would increase unlimitedly,what is the use of my existence. So let me enter fire.So the milk boiled down to the fire. Yashoda put down Krishna and  soon as she came to pick the pot off the milk all the milk jumped back into the pot, by the kindness of Yashoda Mayi. Meanwhile Krishna was thinking why did she leave me for anything else.Now actually she was only doing it for Krishna. But Krishna wanted to perform a pastime that would be eternally engraved in every devotee’s heart. He became transcendentally angry.His teeth bit his ruby red lips. And he started to cry and he picked up a piece of stone and smashed with his little tiny hands the clay pot that had the yoghurt that Yashoda was churning and after breaking and spilling all over Krishna was thinking what more mischief shall I perform today.So he went into next room where there were pots hanging from rafters by rope.Krishna took a wooden grinding mortar, turned it upside down and climbed on it and then reached up to get that butter then he called the monkeys , and so many monkeys jumped into the courtyard and Krishna was eating the butter and feeding it to the monkeys. And the monkeys were so happy it is explained that in Ram lila Ram was exiled into the forest for 14 years. He did not had any possessions and his only possession was the tree bark he was wearing and the bows and the arrows and Hanuman Sugriva Angada all these monkeys worked so hard to build the bridge across the Indian Ocean to Sri Lanka they fought so hard against Ravana and Kumbakarna and Indrajit and the whole Rakshasa army and Ram didn’t had nothing to give them in return so Krishna called the monkeys , and he was telling them you did so much seva for me in my past incarnation now let me pay you back with this butter. What it would be like to be one of the monkeys .jumping around Krishna glancing at you and each monkey is thinking Krishna loves me personally and he is giving me the best possible butter and the monkeys are eating butter and Krishna is giving them more and more and more. And meanwhile Yashoda mayi comes back where she was feeding Krishna and Krishna is not there. She sees the pot is broken and the butter is spilled aroundall over the place and she touched her finger to her nose and thought this is the doing of my Gopal she saw little buttery footprints  on the floor and she followed the butter foot prints into the next room. She picked up a little stick because after all she is the mother and she had to create fear in Krishna to teach her the proper behavior properly. She peeped in the next room and saw little Gopal on this grinding mortar distributing butter to monkeys. And while he was doing this his eyes going this way and that way with the fear of mother Yashoda. So very quietly and slowly she approached him from behind because she wanted to Grab him but while she was approaching the monkeys saw the stick in her hands and  keeewank with fear in the eyes they started jumping of the windows and he saw Yashoda mayi and jumped off the wooden grinding mortar and ran…Yashoda mayi ran after him and he ran and she ran.Srimad Bhagwatam tells us the he is the Absolute Truth  he is faster than the speed of the wind and even the greatest gyanis and yogis with the knowledge of the scriptures cannot touch the lord. Even the Yogis after developing supernatural powers they cannot catch the Lord.So how in the world possibly could this simple gopi catch Krishna. But she wanted to catch him to protect him from his mischief and as she was running she was perspiring and flowers were falling at her feet, taking shelter of her feet. Because the flowers were thinking who is this Yashoda, the power of her love have conquered the supreme Lord Sri Krishna. Ultimately according to Jiva Goswami when Krishna was looking forward Yashoda mayi couldn’t catch him but when he looked back Yashoda mayi catched him.And when he was caught by His mother and she started to chastise him and He was crying put down that stick put down that stick. Yashoda mayi said you are the king of butter thieves and Krishna said you are calling me the king of thieves well I definitely didn’t get it from my father’s side I must have got it from your side. Yashoda mayi  said you are the king of the monkeys, because you are associating with the monkeys you have become just like monkeys…Krishna said if you don’t like them then I will just leave home and leave with the monkeys and Yashoda mayi thought he might actually do that.I have so many responsibility to perform to Nanda today and for the Vrajavasis he might leave home to live with monkeys. I have to protect him, meanwhile Gopal was crying put down the stick. Queen Kunti describes in one of her beautiful prayers says that. She describes this scenethat his limbs are trembling in fear hips lips are quivering . Tears are flowing from his eyes. And those tears are mixing with the mascara the kajal that is under his eyesand making beautiful streaks all over his body which is  like a monsoon cloud. Kunti Devi is praying Krishna the absolute Lord of all Lords is feared by fear personified but yet He is afraid of his mother. This is the power of the love of Vrindavan. And Krishna is not pretending to be afraid, its not just a show. He is so much conquered by the love of her mother that it increases her maternal affection to the degree her maternal affection increases his affection increases and they are both conquering each other with love.This  is the highest revelation of God and if ultimately crescendo is in the pastimes of Radha &Krishna in Vrindavan. Mother Yashoda was thinking that she is too much afraid of stickso she threw away the stick… I am going to perform chores so now I am going to tie you up. Because this wooden Grinder was an accomplice to your stealing .I am going to tie you together. So she took a beautiful silken rope to tie the calves when the mothers were being milked and sometimes to tie the rear legs of the cows when they were being milked. Mother yashoda was like the Cow and little Krishna was like the calf.So she took this silk rope to tie it around Krishna’s waist. When she did  it was exactly two fingers in width , too small. She took another rope and wrapped it around his waist and  it was two fingers too small she took another rope and another rope and each time it was two fingers too small. Mother Yashoda was struck with wonder. I have already tied over 150 ft of rope and the waist is not growing and I go to put it around his waist and its the same two fingers too small. Soon she ran out of ropes and other gopis they heard about this they came running to their house and gopis were giving more and more ropes and Yashoda mayi was trying again and again and each time two fingers too small.This is inconceivable, how is it possible ? How to tie up God.. The supreme Absolute Truth  is the cause of everything that exists everything is simultaneously is inside of Krishna and nothing can be inside of Krsna for Krishna there is no interior or exterior He is the all-pervading Brahman how do you tie him up with a rope? But mother yashoda kept trying and there were all different colors of ropes coming from all different directions and the gopis were laughing it was a festival of ropes and the gopis were saying to Yashoda mayi that can’t you see its not Gopal’s destiny to be tied up. And Yashoda mayi said no no ,  I have to keep trying for two reasons. One is I just want to know how much rope it takes to wrap around the waist of little Gopal. I have to find this out and another thing is I have to protect Gopal by keeping him tied up nicely while I am doing my chores. Yashoda mayi was trying more and more ropes until she was perspiring and her saree was loosened and Krishna was seeing the hard work that she was offering in motherly love and by his own free will Bhagavan Sri Krishna allowed Himself to be tied up by Mother Yasoda. Vishwanath Chakravarti Thakur says that the width of two fingers represents , in order to conquer Krishna this is what is required the sincere heartfelt endeavor and hard work of a devotee to serve to perform there sadhana, to remain pure and to please Krishna ultimately. The hard work and the sincere efforts to please Krishna attracts Krishna and when Krishna sees that then he bestows His causeless mercy.The reciprocation of the sincerity of our devotion attracts Krishna mercy and the combination of the two is our love conquers Krishna. In this beautiful pastime Sukhdev Goswami explains how Brahma, Siva even the eternal Laxmigoddess of fortune can never ever receive the mercy that Yashoda mayi received because she loved Krishna so intimately as her own son she bound him she controlled Him by the rope of her motherly love. And from this  day on he is celebrated as Lord Damodar – one who is bound around the waist by the love of his mother.

Yashoda mayi then went to perform her duties but before going she had some cowherd boys there to watch over Krishna first he started crying and then he started laughing and he told the cowherd boys that now we are going to do even more mischief. They were telling jokes and Krishna a was bound up by this Grinding mortar and he was crawling and the Grinding mortar was slightly moving and he crawl a little more and it slightly moved and the cowherd boys were cheering and said well I am like this but all of you know nobody is expecting this you should go to the Gopis house and steal there butter and bring it back to me and all of the gopas were going and stealing butter meanwhile Krishna saw in the courtyard a little distance away the Yamala Arjuna trees gigantic trees they were very ancient huge like mountains very wide and thick.Arjuna trees have extremely deep roots. My godbrother Dinabandhu pr was telling us once he went to Maurititus and there was a cyclone and so many trees were torn down but Arjuna trees could not be moved because they have huge roots and very very strong bases.Gopal looked at those Arjuna trees and He knew exactly who they were. The two sons of Kuvera and Manigriva was cursed by Narada Muni to become these trees. And whenever my devotee curses someone it is always benediction, therefore I must honour  the word of my beloved devotee by giving them the highest love. Somehow or other those trees were watching Krishnas pastimes every day and every night.In brief the very deep story but we are getting very deeply late. Sukhdev Goswami tells  tells us how Manigriva and Nalkuvera  were so wealthy and physically beautiful, learned famous , young and they had everything and they became very proud , intoxicated. They were taking all kinds of intoxications and with beautiful young heavenly ladies even in the heavenly world they were bathing and having sports in a lake and they were all without clothes, And Narada muni happened to walk by and the ladies they understood they are in front of a sage like this they went in the water and put on their clothes.But Nalakuvera and Manigriva  they were so proud that they had to respect anyone they were intoxicated by ahankar ego. Queen Kunti  prays like this that the greatest disqualification for spiritual life are a high birth, physical beauty, extravagant wealth and a very high education. Why are they such a disqualification because they make you proud. When you are proud you make offences to others because you think you are superior to others. It is your ego that destroys your service attitude and therefore you cannot feeling cry out the holy names.


Lord Caitanya made it very simple what we should aspire for higher than any other goal Prema Bhakti and that is given to us by the mercy of the Lord when we are in that spirit of gopi bhartur pada kamalayor das das dasanudas .servant of the servant, servant of the servantservant of the servant of the Lord. Lord Chaitany defeated much of the greatest opposition by taking up the humblest position. To show us unless we humbly cry out God’s names we have no power against maya. Narada muni saw that and he cursed them act tually he blessed them you are  so proud of yourbeauty , your birth , your  knowledge become trees. They wanted to be naked alright be a tree but be a tree in Krsnas backyard so that you can see Krishnas pastimes.They were waiting for thousands of years before Krishna took birth in  Mahavan. Sometime we have to be patient. They became completely purified byKrishna pastimes chanting Krishnas glories. So Krishna crawled with the wooden grinding mortar and he crawled right between the two Arjuna trees but the grinding mortar got stuck between them and he pulled and he just crawled, and the force of His little crawling caused the grinding mortar to push the trees. Though it was a massive sound practically created a tumultuous earthquake ,As the trees came crashing to the ground every one in the entire Brajbhoomi heard this monstrous crash and they all came running what happened what happened meanwhile Manigriva  and Nalakuvera they  came out of the trees they offered beautiful prayers to Krishna and by the grace of Narada muni by having cleansed of our False Ego now all we want is to be your eternal servants, never forget you and always chant your glories. And Krishna blessed them and sent them in the perfected spiritual states back to their abodes. Meanwhile the cowherd boys were watching. They tried to unties Krishna but they couldn’t because it was tied by Yashoda. But then nanda Maharaj came running Krishna was there with His friends and Krishna was smiling and the Demigods were praising and it was fun.But when Nanda Maharaj came Krishna started crying and he found that the trees had just fallen and Krishna is right in the middle of the fallen trees and none of them had fallen on Krishna.How is this? Meanwhile Yashoda mayi she fell unconscious and because she thought she tied up Krishna and because of her tying up these trees have fallen on him.

——————— 02:45:07——————————————————-

Yamlarjuna trees broke down voice by Maharaj………

The tree came crashing down to the ground. Everyone there entire in the Vrij Bumi hered that monsters crashing voice. What happened what happened. Mean while NalKuvar and Miani Griv came out of the tree in the beautiful celestial demigod form. And offer beautiful prayers to K. By the grace of the Narad Muni we have been cleasened from our false ego and now all we want to be your eternal servant and never forget you and always chant your Holy Name. Krishna blessed then and send them in perfect KC state back to there abode. Meanwhile cowheard boy who are wathching who tried to untie Krishna but the couldn’t because Krishna was tied by Yashoda. But then Nanda maharaj came running. Krishna was laughing. Krishna was with His friends laughing and smiling with them.    Friend telling Krishna knocked down the tree, demi god came out, offered prayers, it was fun. But when Nanda maharaj came, then just to increase the excitement, Krishna started to cry. And Nanda maharaj saw that giganitic tree just fall and Krishna is lying in the middle of both gigantic tree, how is this happened. And mean whil Yashoda mai fell unconsciousness, thinking that she tied up K. And because of her tieing up Krishna two tree fall down because of grinding mortal, she was speech less. Nanda maharaj untie K. He was tied with unlimited/torental affection and could only be untie by the love …. And then he put Krishna on lap and embraced him and Krishna embraced Nand M. Nanda maharaj with other cowheard man took Krishna to the Yamuna river and all bathe together to get auspious blessings. And Nanda maharaj said to Krishna while He was sitting on his lap, who tied up you like this, Nanda maharaj knew that Krishna says my mother tied me like this. Then Nanda maharaj said do you like it to your mother do that? Krishna said you ask. You want to see mother… No I don’t want to see mother. I only want to be with you. And mean while Mother Yashoda could hear all news that Krishna that Krishna don’t even want to see her. Krishna appear to be angry at her.  She was speechless, she was crying, she was in pain, she was suffering. Rohini devi came running and said Krishna that your mother is in great distress. She want to give you her milk, she want to feed you milk. And Krishna said I don’t want her milk. Nanda maharaj said what wil you drink? Krishna said I will drink the milk of cow that was mixed with pure natural sugar. But if you don’t want to be with your mother, whom will you play with? Krishna said I will play with my father. Nanda maharaj said if you are  angry with your mother for tying you up then I will hit her and showing his fist. Krishna said No father no father, don’t do that. Krishna wouldn’t even look at mother Yashod, He wouldn’t look in the direction of mother yashoda. Then Nanda maharaj said Rohini devi is amplifying His words that you are breaking Her heart, she is dying. And when Krishna heard that, that her mother is dying in gilt. Krishna jumped out of His father’s lap and run, crying out mother mother mother… I am yours and He run into mother Yashoda’s arm and Yashoda ma bathed him with her tears. Put him on her lap and fed Him with perscious love with milk. And for three days Yashoda Ma was so ashamed to show her face to Nand M. But then Krishna brought Nanda maharaj. In this past time Krishna churned the nectar.

Through this pastime Krishna churned the nectar of devotion through the dynamics of beautiful rasasor spiritual loving emotions between himself and between His devotees. this is the unique transcendental quality of Sri Vrindavan ..that exalts it million of times of beyond any other level of liberation or any other level of pure love of god. Krishna appeared in this age with the compassion and the love of Sri RR to reveal to the most unqualified fallen people from any part of the world even Jagai and Madhai  It gives entrance into the beautiful pastime of Sri Vrindavan.  Lord Caitanya quoted the famous quote that some people out of fear of material existence they worship puranas, Vedas or the Mahabahrat, but ask to me I worship Nanda mahaaj, In whose courtyard the supreme brahamn the absolute truth is crawling around like a baby. These are the pastimes of Gokul Mahavan. Damodar is resplendent in His lila to show the world that when we do not want wealth, power, fame, followers, liberation from suffering or even elevation to Vaikuntha. when all we want is to please Krishna and please Krishna devotees than Krishna is bound, He is conquered by our love. this is Vrindavan where Krishna eternally conquers his devotees and his devotees conquers Krishna. Srila Prabhupada travelled the world around 12 times just to share this most precious blessing with all of us. let us sincerely offer our humble prayers to Sri Damodar and our gratitude to our SP and all our great acharyas. Pray to make the singular treasure of our hearts Prema Bhakti as the servant of the servant of the Lord and let us express our gratitude and celebrate our good fortune that we always been raising our arms high as loud as possibly we can filling the world with the holy name.


Thank you!


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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.