If you want to know the place where I always reside, it is wherever and whenever my devotees come together to chant my names and glories. I am always in that place. This means that wherever we come together, we are in the presence of God.  And we are coming for the specific purpose of hearing and chanting His complete glories. It is described that Lord Sri Krishna, He never steps one foot out of Vrindavan. And it is also explained that He is present wherever His devotees are coming together to chant His glories. So what does that mean? That means Vrindavan is not some place you have to take a train or plane to attain. But tonight right here in this very house of Shyam kasat and his good wife, because they have so kindly invited us all to share one another’s devotion, to inspire and enliven one another’s spiritual consciousness, by chanting the holy names, by hearing the topics of the supreme Lord and by taking Krishna Prasad, we can understand by Krishna’s own words that He is here, in this room tonight in His full opulence, with all of His glories. We can understand that this place is not in this material world.  That we are sitting in the Vaikuntha. We are in Vrindavan, the spiritual world. Vaikuntha means that place where there is no anxieties. In fact, to the degree, individually, we absorb our consciousness in hearing the message of the Lord and calling out His holy names to that degree you will be able to perceive the place you are in, Vrindavan.  To that degree you will see, how you are in the spiritual world that place where there is no anxiety, there is eternal life, full of bliss and knowledge. That transcendental atmosphere is invoked, whenever we come together to hear and chant the glories of the Lord.

“munayaù sädhu påñöo ‘haà

bhavadbhir loka-maìgalam

yat kåtaù kåñëa-sampraçno

yenätmä suprasédati”

(Srimad Bhagavatam 1.2.5)


In Srimad Bhagavatam Saunak Rsi asked Srila Sutagoswami on behalf of the sages of Naimiñäraëya, “Of all the spiritual religious literatures throughout this world, what is the essence, what are the most important things to understand? And following that question, there was a serious, important and significant questions asked by the sages. And Suta Goswami replied in this way. He said your questions are glorious, because your questions are inquiring into the nature of God. And answers to these questions involve the great devotion of the Lord’s devotees and the activities, when god to earth. Therefore the answers to your questions are meant for the supreme ultimate welfare of all humanity.


Supreme welfare

Many of us are interested in welfare work. There are many types of welfare work. There are many types of charity.  Feeding the poor is a very noble effort of charity. Clothing the poor, healing the sick, these are all very important and essential parts of life. Humanity which is based on civilized thinking means, that we must be compassionate. What we have we should share with the people who do not have. That is called the mode of goodness. But the supreme welfare is to enlighten persons’ soul through the sound vibrations of the names and glories of God. And therefore that great incarnation Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, He has given order to everyone, who has taken birth in India

“bhärata-bhümite haila manuñya janma yära

janma särthaka kari’ kara para-upakära”

Caitanya-caritamrita adi (9.41)


He explains that every living entity throughout the creation is the child of God. “ahaà béja-pradaù pita”. Krishna declares in Gita that He is the father of all living beings. And therefore it is the prime duty of every human being to revive one’s eternal relationship with the supreme.


Greatest Charity

But Caitanya Mahaprabhu explained that in this land of Bharatavarsha which is today called India, this is the holy land, which is the place the Lord has repeatedly come again, again, again and again to manifest His Lila. It is like the heart of the spiritual culture of the world. And because the culture of India is so spiritually surcharged with the Lord’s appearances and with the appearances of so many great saints, sages, sadhus and acaryas, therefore, He says it is the first and foremost duty of every person born in India that they must perform the greatest welfare service for the whole world, in their life, by spreading the glories of the Lord through the process of hearing and chanting. This is the greatest charity. To heal a man’s soul so that person never has to take birth again in this world. So then it is said “physician heal thyself. Unless we enlighten our own souls, what can we do for others? Prahalad maharaja explains that this is a world where blinds are  leading  the blind. And what happens when a blind will lead the blind, they all fall in ditch together. We have many universities. I myself in America, my principal service is giving lectures in universities. And sometimes also in India I am invited. And we have seen that the faculty members, the administrations, the professors, and students take so very seriously a variety of subject matters and how essential and important it is for them to learn, but I have not seen a single university that seriously teaches the goal of life. Who is God? And how we remember Him at all times? How to find eternal peace that is dormant within us? With all the sophisticated educational facilities we are creating hell out of this earth, that is a fact. Knowledge is power. Misdirected knowledge is the most powerful agent which leads to destruction.  But the knowledge which is directed in pursue of the truth, that knowledge has the greatest power of healing, the greatest power to create peace, prosperity and enlightenment within society. So there is no need to disregard or to relinquish the types of education that we have today. But we must give an understanding of the truth, so we can perform our duty in pursuance of truth. And in this way we can actually help ourselves and help others.

Our guru maharaja explains that the educational systems of today are spiritual slaughter houses. They are simply teaching the children that learn this, make money, have nice family. The goal of life is material prosperity. In the universities of America 90% of what the children learn are greed, lust, intoxication, and all sorts of other devices. I was a student myself. Many of us were living in a small town.  (11.25) We didn’t had exposure to learn too many immoral and inducive things. But when you shift to university  and  then you are on your own, my god, there is a whole world of sinful life just crying out for you to enjoy. And today, you will not believe what is going on. When I give lectures in colleges, I usually stopped night in those places. And at weekends it is impossible to sleep. It’s like Ravana’s palace. Practically every student is totally intoxicated on strong liquor and drugs. And practically everyman is hunting for a woman and every woman is hunting for a man. And they are screaming and yelling with the arms around each other and all they do is get intoxicated and they have sex all night long with blowing demoniac music coming out the speakers at every house, I am not exaggerating. And these children are learning very very sophisticated sciences. They get great power in the form of the material knowledge. What do you think they will do with that knowledge? They will use it for greed, lust, anger, envy and all these devices. What this world need? does not need more technology. This world does not need more money. It does not need food. There is plenty food. It’s only thing this need more resource. There is a source as of mercy of compassion out of love. Everything is also there. But the absence of love, there is greed. And therefore you read the papers, you find all there is going on is violence, which is based on greed. And greed is based on ignorance. Because the truth is

“bhoktäraà yajïa-tapasäà


suhådaà sarva-bhütänäà

jïätvä mäà çäntim åcchati”

Bhagavad-Gita 5.29

That everything is the property of God, what to we have to greed about? Our nature is to render service to god with whatever we have and all is His. This is the greatest calamity within our society. The lack of god conscious and this God consciousness is so easily awakened. It is within us, it is our nature to know god, to love god, to be compassionate brothers and sisters of all living beings. We must seriously take to the process of hearing and chanting of the glories of the Lord and association with saintly persons. And then this nature within us is usually revealed. There is one great vaishnava bhagad his name was Narottam Das thakur. He explains in his beautiful bhajans that I have seen and consider the whole world I have been open headed from down. I have been successful and failure. I had everything and nothing. I have been observing and watching throughout my life. And my conclusion is my lord without you there is nothing that can save me. Without you my lord there is no other shelter. Therefore Narottam Das Thakur is not praying for money, he is not praying for good health, he is not praying for a beautiful wife, he is not even prying for liberation. What to speak of respectability and prestige? He has only pride that let me for ever be your servant. Let me remember you and take shelter of you. In Srimad Bhagavatam there is a beautiful story which explains how a particular devotee who is put through very very extraordinary experience in his life. Then it is explains the conclusion for the realization he attained throughout his experience. The story is found in the 12th canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. It is told by Suta Goswami to Sounak Rsi.

He explains that there was one young brähmaëa man who with the permission of his father accepted initiation from his spiritual master. He took the sacred thread and the on the order of his guru, he went to the holy place of Himalayas to perform very very great spiritual discipline. He put on the simplest cloth of the bark of trees with deer skin and he took a begging pot to hold his water. It is explained that he went out everyday and he begged food for his guru. And with all humility he would come back give up all the fruits and if his guru called him to eat, he will eat, if his guru did not called him to eat, he will go for the fast on that day. In this way by the mercy of his guru he learned how to control his senses. Then he went to the banks of the holy river Kusabhadra, Vedic great mountain Chitra and he performed complete celibacy. In meditation he controlled his life is and he constantly fixed his attention on the presence of Lord Vishnu within his heart. In this way he was attaining greater and greater spiritual power. Now you know people who have much that most to lose. People who have nothing, they have nothing to lose. So generally we find that more a person has the more a person is fearful of losing what he has. Just like sometime we find rich people, my god, how fearful, they have guards around their houses and – and electrical computerized devices for security. And they have guards. They have video camera systems for security. Still they are afraid. Somebody is going to try to take what I have? But the poor man on the street, they have nothing to leave. So all the wealth has a place in the life, sometimes if you do not have the right consciousness more we have the, more we fear. Because the more we can lose. So everyone within this universe the person who is one of the wealthiest of all man, just like American fortune magazine, you have something like that here in India. Some business magazine. Every year fortune magazine, it has the 10 wealthiest men in the world. It explains who they are? How they make their money? How much the worth? Usually these are the 10 mot miserable man on earth too. Anybody of the 10 wealthiest men in the universe, one of such man is called Indra, the king of the heaven. He has a wonderful kingdom. That cannot be even imagined. Even the greatest people like children, they think they rich, but compare to Indra they are like beggars on the street. So Indra who is very fearful, because by mystic yoga, he knows people developed great power. He is always careful to watch the mystic yogis. Because of the power, he is always thinking that they can come in and try to take over my wealth and my beautiful maid servants and everything else. I cannot lose them. So he is always very careful. So he heard this looms of this great Markandya Rsi performing big tapasya at Kusabhadra. So he sent Kamadeva cupid and he sent the whole array of – and of his entire secret agency and told them somehow or other by any means it is the order to make the safe fall of his tapasya. So they came and they create such an environment, somehow the trees every leaf and every branch was embracement with fragrant flowers. It was just as the time of the sediment of the sun. The temperature was just perfect with fragrant breezes everywhere and chirping of sweat birds, and beautiful heavenly apasaras began to sing with such nice voices that can conquer anyone’s mind. And beautiful dancing girls were dancing in front of him. One such beautiful apasara as she was dancing she was playing with a ball that she can look at this great sage. And then the Menka came and took her sharee into the air and Menka was thinking ahaa, now this sage is conquered. So he took his burn arrow and his arrow was filled what the materials called love and what the transcendentalist called Lust. What is the difference between love and lust and in the material world nobody knows the difference. The material world people are thinking lust is love. I love you. In the movies we see people fall in love and in society and in nationwide so many people are falling in the love. They get married and the – statistics is 66% of such marriage is end in divorce within the first three years. What is that mean? They love each other. That means I want to exploit you for my senses and you want to exploit me for your senses. That agreement is called love. So they exploit each others for sense gratification and after some time they tied with each other and they become worse enemies. Its their standard to this in America, is parked a lonely place in your car and looking each others and saying I love you. And then three years later during the court room they are looking at each others eyes saying I hate you. So that court is being a popular place in America. Recently at the perform of funeral ceremony in America and after the funeral ceremony somebody said can you perform – ceremony to we will appreciate; now you did everything. I said I do not perform what is ceremony in America. He said why not. I said I am not a priest like that. He said, you perform your funeral ceremony. I said yes or no. You see at the time of funeral, when I did the ceremony of that person, who is dead. He cannot change his mind. I know this ritual I was performing the violin is taken his fire. The wedding ceremonies there is a 66% chance you can change your mind. So that he soon decided to find another priest and this is called love. Krishna says in Gita that so called love in this world is simply the other side of hate. This is their dualities. This material world is constructive by dualities. You shake a coin. If you have the coin, you have heads and tells. So if you want the heads you take the tells whether you like or not. So similarly everything in this material world is like a coin that the flip side. If you want pleasures of this world you must take the pain. If you want the honor you must take the dishonor. If you want the happiness, you must take the distress. If you want the love, then you must accept the hate. In America murder is consider as the family crime. The more murders among love ones than murder among mafia, drug dealings, and everybody else that so publicly known. Frustrated love creates great envy. So this is not love. This is lust. The propensity for affection within our heart which is very nature of the soul. The nature of the soul is to love. When that nature, that energy within us is directed to god that is love. Like one is directed to the objects for our senses that is called lust. Love and lust are the same energy one is directed towards the truth and one is directed towards a temporary illusion of this world. Now the demigod who is the in charge of this lust is Kamadeva and he shoots his arrows in your heart is very painful. Although you think it is very easy. So he shot his arrow with all his might in the heart of Markedaya Rsi. And Markendaya Rsi just sat completely fixed in meditation of the god in his heart. All the apsaras and all the heavenly divine beings who are surrounding him including chief himself. They felt that his devotion or his tapasya is so great, he was causing such heat in their own bodies that they are about to be burned alive. So they all just ran away with great fear. When Indra heard this new, he becomes very astonished. At that time because of the great devotion of this great Markendaya Rsi that Lord Himself appeared before him. In that munificent incarnation of Naranarayana Rsi. Naranarayan is an incarnation that comes in two forms. One appeared before him with beautiful beautiful by complexion. And other had complexion which was dark, blue like the Tamal tree, like monsoon cloud. In fact Krishna and Arjuna none other than that Narayan and they appeared before him with the glory effulgence lighting up all directions. Markendaya Rsi seen beauty of Lord with tears in hi eyes. His hairs standing on in great ecstasy began to offer his obeisance (pranama) again and again. And then he began to offer beautiful prayers to the Lord that my lord you are the source of all might. It is from you that vital air of life comes of out. And even the greatest o
f all the demigods like Brahma and Siva are constantly aspiring to have your darshan and you are so kind to appearing before me today. How may I serve you my Lord? And Naranarayan Rsi began to speak. Lord Narayan said my dear Markendaya you are giving your life and devotion to me, therefore I come to fulfill to all your desires. I want to offer you any benediction that you have what is I offered, ask anything of me and I’ll provide. Let me fulfill your desires. That great sadhu he replied, my lord there is nothing I want, now I am seeing you. I am perfectly satisfied just have your divine darshan. But that is one other thing I would like. The whole cosmic manifestation is completely illusioned by your illusory energy. I want to see that illusory energy of yours. How it is working? So Naranarayan they looked him in smile and said so be it. Then they back to Vadrika ashram, return to the abode. So Markendaya feeling greatly grateful to the lord’s coming, he began to sitting his meditation and he began to meditate in great love with the mercy of Lord Narayan. And just the sun was setting darkness was coming end; he heard very very loud wind coming his way. Thunders winds and everything around him which was blowing in all directions. Many hurt flounder and he saw lightening in the skys, he saw huge clouds globalizing over his head. Then – of rain, the rain was falling so hard that each drop was like a wagon wheel smashing upon your head. And it started raining and raining with such force that the ocean began higher higher and higher. All the great oceans are they all merged together. Then the hurricane flowing the waters in all directions and due to great waves bashing one way to the next. All the land are of covered and the rain became harder and harder until the sea was going to the sky and all the heavens and all the sky the entire universe was filled with that water. There was no one left in entire universe except Markendaya Rsi, who was floating on that great ocean. The waves are so powerful that they were bashing him one minute in underwater and then they bashing up smashing him to one side to the next, and then he saw gigantic sea masters coming to – him, threatening to eat him and he was fighting and swimming among with one another. Then hurricane likes winds which start pushing him one way on the next and then the whirlpools were drag him down under the water. He didn’t know, whether he is in the sky, in the water, and the man who was in the complete state of confusion. It is described that he was intensely hungry for food but there was no food. He was intensely thirsty but all the water was salty. He come down with deathly illnesses. But there was nothing him for to do. No one to help him. At felt himself died. He is just inches from death. Mean while the waves insistently perpetually what just pounding at his – body, freezing cold, escorting heat and he remain in this position for millions millions and millions of years. And there was no place for take shelter. He was just swimming swimming and swimming. There was no land, there was nothing, there was no one, except this darkness. As he was in that very very difficult condition of life, however sudden he saw a beautiful Ireland and he came to that Ireland. On that Ireland, there was banian tree on the north east side of that banian tree there was a leaf and sitting on that banian tree leaf, there was beautiful charming baby. That baby had a bluish complexion and His eyes were shape like a lotus and He had the beautiful pinkish color of the lotus. His nose was like this – flower. His neck like the throat of the conchshell, His hair was like the scattered feathers of the crow and his lotus feet nails refulgent with scented. Never had he seen anything or anyone so beautiful and simply by seeing the beauty of that child all of his horrible horrible anxiety disappeared. And then the child looked at him with smile. That child was none other than Krishna. Then that child like a baby took his graceful hands and put them around his beautiful lotus foot and He placed the toes of His feet within his mouth. You have seen the babies shucking in their toes, but it is very charming sight to see. Why was Krishna shucking His own toes? It is a very philosophical question. And there is answer to this question. Nothing Krishna does is not with the philosophical reason behind it. You see great saints and sages throughout history they have renounced their homes, they have renounced all enjoyments, they have dedicated their bodies, their minds, their words, their very lives in the service of God, for what reason? Just to taste the sweetness of the dust of the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. So Krishna is thinking, my devotees are doing so much, just to taste the dust from my feet, what is it about the dust from my feet? That is so wonderful. I have to see for my self. Of course when the Supreme Personality of Godhead the Lord of Vaikuntha Narayan just start putting his Feet on His mouth, it is not very look to His devotees. So therefore Krishna took the form of a little baby. Because babies are expected to put their feet on their mouth. Then taking to that form He began shuck on His toes just to taste the sweetness that his devotees are enjoying. In fact Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu came for this reason. Krishna wanted to taste the sweetness of the Love of His devotees and wanted to see what was about himself that so much attractive to His devotees, especially Sri Radharani. So therefore Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu appeared in a form of devotee Krishna, Himself appeared in the form of a devotee just to taste the sweetness of Loving himself. So the baby was shucking on his toes and Markendaya Rsi was so charmed by this. That he was under the peaceful and happy in all situations. And then the baby looked at him in smiled and inhaled. And as He inhaled, He pulled Markendaya Rsi into His mouth and into His body. Now Markendaya Rsi was no longer the ocean of demonstration that he was in the little babies body and he looked around and he saw the entire universe. He saw all the planets of the universe, all the demigods, who control the universe. He saw all the mountains, all the rivers, all the oceans, all humanity, all species of life right before him in all directions. He was stuck with wonder. Then the baby exhaled. When He exhaled Markendaya Rsi has flying out of his mouth and again he was cast into the ocean of that state. The wave are pounding pounding, hurricanes, winds, and the whirlpools and the sharks, – , and crocodiles were all around him. Then again he saw the Ireland with the banian tree, then he saw the baby again. He loved that baby so much, he simply wanted to embrace it. Then he came running to that baby to embrace Him. And then he just approach the baby, baby Krishna disappeared. The whole ocean of demonstration disappeared and Markendaya Rsi was sitting back on the banks of the Kusabhadra River in the Himalayas in his ashram and looked around with the same peaceful that he built and he studied and meditation. Then he began to think how wonderful due to this rain again. And at that time he sat and he was thinking about the glory of Krishna. How wonderful the illusory energy and how the beauty and charm of baby Krishna completely specified him from all of the disturbances he was undergoing. This is the truth. Due to illusion we are now ——instance, in sometimes the waves of happiness pushes up and sometimes the waves of distress pushes down, right? And to a very great instance the waves of the ocean is beyond our control. Nobody looks very distress but they come, nobody looks pain but it comes, it’s the nature of the world. The one who fixes his mind on all attractive form of Krishna even while. At that time Lord Siva and His wife Rudrani (Parvati) they were coming over head and Parvati she looked at Markendaya Rsi. She said how peaceful this man is, he is a ocean in which there is no wind, and all the – are still. There is nothing more calm looking than heart. This man is like that. How calm, how peaceful? How much he attained in his meditation on Lord Har
i. She said Lord Siva we should go down and give him some benediction. And Sankar said what benediction we could give him. He just seen Lord Hari, he is constantly fixed in devotion to Lord Hari, such devotee say do not want any benedictions. But associating with great sage like this is the most pleasing thing for self realized soul and the most important part of life for the conditioned soul. So let’s go down simple to get his association. So Lord Siva came before Markendaya Risi. And he was observed in such a Samadhi on Lord Hari, he could not understand that the Lord Siva with him. So Lord Sankar by his great mystic power, he entered into the sky of Markendaya Rsi’s heart and then Markendaya Rsi saw the beautiful form of Sankar with golden hair, – in his arms. And so pleased with open his eyes. Lord Sankar and Parvati were standing before him and he began to offer his obeisance (pranam) again again and again to the lotus feet of Lord Siva. Lord Siva told to him I have come for my own pleasure, because even Vishnu, Brahma and myself we worship those who are saintly like yourselves. There is no greater pleasure we have that associate with such pure heart saintly persons as Lord Krishna’s devotees. For now that I have come I want to offer any benediction you desire and please note that any benediction you ask from me you will attain that benediction and will be infallible. At that time Markendaya Rsi he felt, he said by achieving you are so kind that you worship the people you rule over. The Lord Sri Krishna, Sri Narayan has granted me His darshan and now you the supreme devotee, your mercy, you give me your darshan, I desire nothing. All my desires are fulfilled. But I have one benediction that I will ask you which you are insisting. Please grant me this one desire that for rest of the eternity I always remember the mercy of Lord Hari and that every moment of my life be engaged in his loving service. And that for the rest of eternity I made find no other pleasure in anything else, except offering my humble service to the devotees to the lord Hari, especially yourself. When Lord Siva heard this prayer, he understood Markendaya Rsi had attained the supreme perfection of life. And he said yes, this benediction is yours. He said this body will live for the rest of the creation and you will never forget about Krishna. You will have the – by all others in devotion to Gold. Then Lord Sankar Departed. Markendaya Rsi he continued to live, actually the soul of all of us continues to live, and it is eternal. The benediction is available to all of us. But we simply have to make a priority in our life the service of god. That is – qualification of -. Markendaya Rsi has to go through terms of for millions of years in the ocean of demonstration. Experiencing all the hardness of life in that condition and his realization was same as Narottam Das Thakur. “I was consign and consider everything my lord in this world my conclusion is, how can I serve you? There is no other shelter of your loving service. And Caitanya Mahaprabhu he prayed in the same way.

“na dhanaà na janaà na sundaréà

kavitäà vä jagad-éça kämaye

mama janmani janmanéçvare

bhavatäd bhaktir ahaituké tvayi”


My Lord I do not come to you for wealth, I do not come to you for beautiful women, I do not come to you for prestige, for followers, for disciples, I do not even want liberation. Simply allow me to be your servant and offer my love to you birth after birth after birth. That is kind desire. That is my perfection of life. Only that consciousness gives complete satisfaction to the soul. Every other realization is incomplete. It is not difficult, so people say it is difficult. They feel difficult. But really if you are sincere then Krishna “ananyäç cintayanto mäà ye janäù paryupäsate” He will preserve you have, he will carry you to back. What ever our qualification or disqualifications if we sincerely take shelter of the service of the lord’s devotees, if we sincerely take shelter, hearing and chanting of the glories of the Lord in that association, then God will reveal within our heart. He will personally annihilate all the dark clouds of the material desires which are causing us pain and like the shinning sun He will reveal the soul within and bring light, happiness, and love to our life. When our heart is lead up by the sun Krishna’s grace then we can enlighten the hearts of others. We can do the greatest welfare, the greatest charity for others, for our family members, our loved ones, and all others. So let’s take our life very seriously. We only have few years to live this human life. And we have a perfect opportunity to attain the same realization a Markendaya Rsi by simply making our devotion of god priority in our life. This world of Maya, is world of illusion constantly trying to convince us that do not have time to take spiritual life very seriously. You have to pay your bills. What about your bills to god? That have been compounding interest birth after birth after birth. Do not paying them. Do you thinking, you have not time. This is the greatest power of Maya. Human life is specifically exclusively meant for self realization “arthato brahma Jignasa” But a human being thinks that he does not have time for spiritual realization but he makes that – everything else first that means that person is under the greatest power and illusion of Maya. Our depth to god must be faith first, after all everything we have, coming from everyone ultimate coming Him alone. So we must make time. Do you saying that you not have time to do anything else in life? All your responsibilities in life will be fully lost in taking care of, if you in a responsible way organize your life so that your consciousness is first. Do not quit your job, do not give up your family, to go to you the forest. But everyday you should chant the name of the god with strict vow attentively; everyday you should read the literature of the god. We should give up sinful activities as far as possibly, we should sick out great anxiety genuine sadhus who are like must in the science of devotion. We should associate with persons who increase our faith. We should come together like tonight to be enlightenment, to hear and chant the glories of lord, to fulfill our next spark of faith within us, and with this discipline whatever we do, we should learned do as offering our love to God. We should take the responsibility of family, obvious about our society, about our nation, all as being the humble service we have to god to Lord Sri Krishna. Any one can do it? It is the time urgent necessity of life. So let’s take very seriously. And then by bless of god we may find that piece, that love, that we are longing for. Thank you very much.

So kind because you are here for tonight.

Now this is a house, what if I decided that I do not like to a be –, I don’t like to the decorate, I am going to change at all. I just tearing me apart. What happens. Please come and take me to the jail, correct. Why? Because it is not your house, you have no right to do what you want? You bring this house you must act that he wants to act. Right. So everything is the property of god. Nothing is yours. To god’s property and not use it according to his will, to claim for proprietorship over what belongs to god, -. Correct. Are stealing sinful? The claim proprietorship over anything which is belongs to God is sinful. So anyway how pious more we are, most all of us very sinful. So why should be proud. Oh, I am very pious. I am from a high birth. “kalau,…..” In kali yuga everyone is in low. So we should be very humble. Nobody in this Kali yuga is anything to be proud off. But still we are proud. Now more day to day level the four basic principles of sinful activities are the pillars of the activities, which are supporting all other sins are illicit sex, intoxication, gambling and eating of meat. Because by these four pillars of sinful activities destroy the four pillars of religion which are truthfulness, cleanliness, mercy, and austerity.

Q.D.  Those person who are materialistic person, who does not have spiritual knowledge, they are constantly disturb by attaining their material desires, even not that piece of their mind. Although they degraded, they will be thinking “I will be getting by doing this activity, by doing that activity”. But finally they not able to get. We have seen in our past experience that, constantly go for a forgetting by doing some activity by which we all to get the piece. But they won’t get. Like that way, although our experience that we are not getting piece from that activities, yet we do not remember why we are not getting piece. Constantly to follow up to get piece by doing that activities, we do not thinking that we are not going to get a piece for that activity. Why is it so, that we are not able to know that what is the theme of it? Although we are getting an experience that we are not going to get a piece of these activities. Yet we go on constantly doing these things again and again. What is that theme that we are not getting that knowledge, although it is that we are not going to get a piece. I just want to know that what is that theme that which is completely dirverting ourselves from the line of soul, although our experience …..

MA: This is called Maya, Maya means that which is not. It is said that there are three classes of man. 1. The intelligent man hears from the God through the scriptures or saintly persons. And based on what he hears, he accepts and lives that. That is intelligent person. The less intelligent man he just as to see for himself. Even he hears the natures of Maya, the nature of the temporary conditions of material life. Krishna says “duùkhälayam açäçvatam” that this material world is a miserable place that everything is temporary. Thus it is said,

“ä-brahma-bhuvanäl lokäù

punar ävartino ‘rjuna

mäm upetya tu kaunteya

punar janma na vidyate”


“From the highest planet of this material world brahma loka down to the lowest planet patal loka, all places are misery where repeated birth and death take place. If one always thinks on me, one always surrendered to me, one to attain my abode, never suffers birth and death again. But attains the supreme happiness. That is the word of God. But yet we are trying to find happy, peaceful eternal situation on this world. It is not possible. An intelligent man simply who hear from Krishna, hear from his devotees, and say alright Krishna I surrendered to you. A less intelligent man has to see for himself and he just gets cheat, he gets crushed, and he gets crunched. Then he said, alright Krishna I give up, I surrendered to you. Then he becomes a purified soul. But a fool, even after hearing and even after getting kicked, crunched, and crushed and better around by material nature birth after birth after birth he still this to maya, who says it is yes but give me one more chance. Just one more chance. If you only have – then I will be give-up them. That is called being fool. It is said in English, “Experience is the best teacher”. You heard that statement. Nature of every one is the unequal the part you like, right. This why we have to hear the Vedas form a self realized soul and disciplic succession. Otherwise people are just forth part of this scriptures they like. In the America who many Christians they one part of Bible. Jesus says give up sense gratification, they said, no, no, that’s not very this part. Or he says the spirit is willing but the weak is the flesh that’s the reopening, we can do it whenever we want. We can enjoy sins everything. We just confess, because after all the spirit is willing that the weak the flesh is weak. That’s one part. And he says jesus you even look at woman, you not even touch, then says no, that’s put on tension me, that something. You see people like to take one part but another part does not suite their senses. So experience is the best teacher. Everyone knows that but that has to be same is. Before same is experience is the best teacher and a fool who is blow no other way. That means an intelligent man simply hears from proper authority and does it. And a fool who does not believe and not accept the proper authority. H has to go to the dense it and he has to be burnt. Like a child, a child is told by parents, do not touch the fire, his hot. But child says, but I want to touch it. Parent says, you are crazy, do not touch it you will burnt your self. But the child says, I will touch it any way. What you that you do! Parent can not lock the child on all his life. So the child goes and touches fire and he burns his hand. And then said, I’ll never touch it again. Parents said alright, we told you, we do not know, why you did this? So lets the fool like the child will give him the class. The most foulest child is a person the child touches the fire and burnt himself, he says but I will touch it again, then if I touch it from my different side or different side of my hand, then I will feel very good. Then he touches, and he got burnt. Then he said ahhh, again I burnt. But this fire is such a beautiful thing that must be somehow I’ll touch it. And maya says aha, you touch with it wrong finger. You touch it with the third finger, not the second finger, or first. Alright, I’ll. It sounds foolish but that’s the life story of every one of us, who are like foolish children trying to enjoy our senses, which is like touching fire. And every time we get burned. Maya just tells us just try to it in different way, then you will feel very nice. Therefore unless you hear from the great self realized souls, you will never understand. So why do people do that. Because Maya the illusory energy constantly through our mind, through the propaganda of this kali yuga all around us trying to convince us that just try one more thing and you will be happy. But the saints, God, the sadhus, the scriptures, they are all saying forget it just chant Hare Krishna and be happy. You have your senses engage them in Krishna’s senses, in Krishna’s service and then you will find happiness.


tat-paratvena nirmalam

håñékeëa håñékeça-

sevanaà bhaktir ucyate”

Caitanya-caritamrita Madhya 19.170

It is saying the senses which are not causing us bondage and frustration, when they are engaged in the service of god – like the soul and bring us to the highest platform of love. So do not give up your activities, do not give up your senses, but use them in the service of the lord of senses which we gets and then we find ultimate happiness.


Q:D:  In one of the episode of Mahabharat that Draupadi said that Dyurodhan is son of a blind man. Because for the entire mahabharat ……..?

AM: Draupadi was the cause, everyone saying?

QD: ?

AM: Dyurodhan protecting. Why we go to believe Dyurodhan? (laughter). No one wants to take the blame. Everyone wants to blame someone else correct. Draupadi was the chaste and faithful wife of the pandavas. But Dyurodhan he wanted to exploit the property of the Pandavas, which meant their Kingdom, their wife, and everything. The cause of the war was the Dyurdhona was greedy to exploit the property of God. Because the Pandavas were the devotees and they were fully conscious that every fully conscious that everything was the property of the Krishna and they wanted to use everything in the service of Krishna. But Dyurodhan wanted to take what belong to Krishna and take that belong to Krishna’s devotees and use it for his own selfish purposes. Present sound phone is your. That’s the condition of everyone of us to some extent. We are trying to serve the property of God for our own purposes. That is the cause. The cause is greed. The cause is forgetfulness that Krishna is the proprietor of everything. Therefore Draupadi was saying that you are coming from a blind father. Blind is not mean physical blind. She talks about the blindness in the sense of ignorance. Dyurodhan was the personification of ignorance. Although some material point of view there is anyone more intellectually capable himself. He was one of the greatest warriors, he was one of the diplomats, he was one of the greatest politicians, he was shower of Vedanta, he had all material qualifications. But he had one disqualification, that he was not willing to the humble servant of the Lord. He was envious of the God and envious of His devotees. And therefore all of his qualification was like Paris sweat rice with sanded. Therefore Draupadi was thinking was the truth. But Dyurodhana like every other person in ignorance in this world who never admit his own ignorance due to false pride, who was always blame someone else. A great man was willing to admit his own faults and the foolish man is always trying to blame everyone else for his own faults. Anyone can do that; anyone can find faults in others. But a very great soul can admit his own faults, correct. The Pandavas they were doing everything which possibly go through to avoid that war. But Dyurdhona he would not give them enough land to put a pin through that was his very words.


QD: God appears in this land again and again. Why did so much poverty, not piece, and disease, compare to other countries where are _ influence.

AM: Because one who has much is given, much is expected. Just like you have one child is two years old and one is 16 years old. If the child two years old, he hates very bad, what you do or do like this, right. But the child 16 years old does he said to the child two years old kicks his mother in the face. The mother just said, do not do that. When the 16 years child kicks the mother in the face. What do you do? The father is very strict, because he knows more. He more responsible for what he does. India has highest knowledge of God and India has been given the highest culture he had to give of spiritual knowledge. Therefore when someone from India commits sinful activities even the held against hundreds and hundreds and hundreds offence more severe if someone from the western world. Where there is so little information of god given in his life. You know India used to be wealthiest country in the world. Just a few hundred years ago. You know how America was discovered. You know the story. America was discovered by the Europeans because the Europeans know the wealthiest country in the entire planet was India. There was more gold, there was more jewels, there was more riches, there was more spices, there was more of everything in bondage than any other portion of the world. And the Europeans knew what ever country in Europe had immediate access to India that country will be the most powerful and most opulent country. So everyone was searching for – to India. So Christopher Columbus said, oh, we just go this way because the world is round and India will be one of world that was round. In the Vedic scriptures 5000 years ago when BarahDeva picked up the earth that was above, correct. In the west everyone was thinking it is flat, people saying if you will go back way, you will fall on. Nobody knows who is fallen. The fallen to sky and drag – and everything else. Nobody knew. He said, no no the world is round must be. Just see the sun rising in the east side. He said, if I go this way, if I go west I’ll reach India very fast. And then I’ll able to get out the wealth and I’ll be, why not so jewelry and opulence. When I bring it back all the European countries wanted to conquer India. Because of the great wealth. India was considered as the crown of jewel of the British Empire. Actually it is said that the most of the wealth of India there is on the British Museum today. So India was the wealthiest country in whole world. The whole world is looking to India not only for spirituality but for the wealth as well. And Christopher Columbus – India, somehow or other came upon this Land. He thought it was India. Yes we are right in India. Then he saw some people were feathers in their hairs, these are the Indians, that’s he got the Indians. But actually that was America. So America was discovered in search of India as a mistake. Because India started taking ways of the west sinful materialistic life. Therefore God – is most on India, anywhere else. Because the people of India knew better. Trying to preach the people in the western world is like trying to wake be a sleeping man, who has been slumber for long time. But trying to preach in India is trying to wake a man that pertaining to sleep. The people of India know better, by their very culture, by their heritage. Srila Prabhupada said in India this path of Krishna where they are running this way but in America this path of Krishna, somehow, he is getting some of they running in this way. If someone who has the birth right of the highest spiritual heritage and all over the creation, does not utilize his human life for the proper purpose. But chases after the sinful ways of other places, then god deal with that person like this 16 year old child who kicks the mother in the face. Your are responsible, you know better, still behaving nonsense, he will be slapped by the rap of god. Of course the parent fair punish the child is not hurt the child, teach the child the lesson. So that the questions when we learned? When we learned the lesson? Our Spiritual master he saw the Indians in India are so much majesty after the west. That was difficult to preach the Indians. But let’s they won’t accept you unless come on with American technology. So he decided, if I really want make India Krishna Consciousness, what should I do? I should go America and get some Americans to take Krishna Consciousness. When I bring them back and tell them that Krishna Consciousness is good. And they oh, Americans they do so, and then we must people to do so.


Thank you, very much.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.