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Radhanath Swami - Greatest Things Is To Become Servant | Radhanath Swami Lecture Transcripts

“yoginäm api sarveñäà


çraddhävän bhajate yo mäà

sa me yuktatamo mataù”

Bhagavad-Gita 6.47



yoginäm—of yogés; api—also; sarveñäm—all types of; mat—gatena—abiding in Me, always thinking of Me; antaù—ätmanä—within himself; çraddhä—vän—in full faith; bhajate—renders transcendental loving service; yaù—one who; mäm—to Me (the Supreme Lord); saù—he; me—by Me; yukta—tamaù—the greatest yogé; mataù—is considered.



And of all yogés, the one with great faith who always abides in Me, thinks of Me within himself, and renders transcendental loving service to Me—he is the most intimately united with Me in yoga and is the highest of all. That is My opinion.



The word bhajate is significant here. Bhajate has its root in the verb bhaj, which is used when there is need of service. The English word “worship” cannot be used in the same sense as bhaj. Worship means to adore, or to show respect and honor to the worthy one. But service with love and faith is especially meant for the Supreme Personality of Godhead. One can avoid worshiping a respectable man or a demigod and may be called discourteous, but one cannot avoid serving the Supreme Lord without being thoroughly condemned. Every living entity is part and parcel of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and thus every living entity is intended to serve the Supreme Lord by his own constitution. Failing to do this, he falls down. The Bhägavatam (11.5.3) confirms this as follows:

“ya eñäà puruñaà säkñäd

ätma-prabhavam éçvaram

na bhajanty avajänanti

sthänäd bhrañöäù patanty adhaù”


“Anyone who does not render service and neglects his duty unto the primeval Lord, who is the source of all living entities, will certainly fall down from his constitutional position.”

In this verse also the word bhajanti is used. Therefore, bhajanti is applicable to the Supreme Lord only, whereas the word “worship” can be applied to demigods or to any other common living entity. The word avajänanti, used in this verse of Çrémad-Bhägavatam, is also found in the Bhagavad-gétä. Avajänanti mäà müòhäù: [Bg. 9.11] “Only the fools and rascals deride the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Kåñëa.” Such fools take it upon themselves to write commentaries on the Bhagavad-gétä without an attitude of service to the Lord. Consequently they cannot properly distinguish between the word bhajanti and the word “worship.”

The culmination of all kinds of yoga practices lies in bhakti yoga. All other yogas are but means to come to the point of bhakti in bhakti-yoga. Yoga actually means bhakti-yoga; all other yogas are progressions toward the destination of bhakti-yoga. From the beginning of karma-yoga to the end of bhakti-yoga is a long way to self-realization. Karma-yoga, without fruitive results, is the beginning of this path. When karma-yoga increases in knowledge and renunciation, the stage is called jïäna-yoga. When jïäna-yoga increases in meditation on the Supersoul by different physical processes, and the mind is on Him, it is called añöäìga-yoga. And when one surpasses the añöäìga-yoga and comes to the point of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Kåñëa, it is called bhakti yoga, the culmination. Factually, bhakti-yoga is the ultimate goal, but to analyze bhakti-yoga minutely one has to understand these other yogas. The yogé who is progressive is therefore on the true path of eternal good fortune. One who sticks to a particular point and does not make further progress is called by that particular name: karma-yogé, jïäna-yogé or dhyäna-yogé, räja-yogé, haöha-yogé, etc. If one is fortunate enough to come to the point of bhakti-yoga, it is to be understood that he has surpassed all other yogas. Therefore, to become Kåñëa conscious is the highest stage of yoga, just as, when we speak of Himälayan, we refer to the world’s highest mountains, of which the highest peak, Mount Everest, is considered to be the culmination.

It is by great fortune that one comes to Kåñëa consciousness on the path of bhakti-yoga to become well situated according to the Vedic direction. The ideal yogé concentrates his attention on Kåñëa who is called Çyämasundara, who is as beautifully colored as a cloud, whose lotuslike face is as effulgent as the sun, whose dress is brilliant with jewels and whose body is flower-garlanded. Illuminating all sides is His gorgeous luster, which is called the brahmajyoti. He incarnates in different forms such as Räma, Nåsiàha, Varäha and Kåñëa, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and He descends like a human being, as the son of mother Yaçodä, and He is known as Kåñëa, Govinda and Väsudeva. He is the perfect child, husband, friend and master, and He is full with all opulences and transcendental qualities. If one remains fully conscious of these features of the Lord, he is called the highest yogi.

This stage of highest perfection in yoga can be attained only by bhakti-yoga, as is confirmed in all Vedic literature:

“yasya deve parä bhaktir

yathä deve tathä gurau

tasyaite kathitä hy arthäù

prakäçante mahätmanaù”


“Only unto those great souls who have implicit faith in both the Lord and the spiritual master are all the imports of Vedic knowledge automatically revealed.” [ÇU 6.23]

Bhaktir asya bhajanaà tad ihämutropädhi-nairäsyenämuñmin manaù-kalpanam, etad eva naiñkarmyam. ”

Bhakti means devotional service to the Lord which is free from desire for material profit, either in this life or in the next. Devoid of such inclinations, one should fully absorb the mind in the Supreme. That is the purpose of naiñkarmya.” (Gopäla-täpané Upaniñad 1.15)

These are some of the means for performance of bhakti, or Kåñëa consciousness, the highest perfectional stage of the yoga system.

His Holiness Radhanath Swami Maharaja.

We are reading from this afternoon is he final or concluding verse of this chapter of the Bhagavad-Gita. In the sixth chapter of the Gita Lord Sri Krishna is explaining this is the system of Sankshya Yoga. He is describing the various message as prescribed in the sashtra, by which one can through show the body through fasting, through various disciplines, asanas, try to control the parana or the life force and how to control the mind by fixing at one point or Samadhi. Arjuna was admitting to Krishna, that my dear lord this process is very impractical to me. After all for someone who is a yogi, living in the caves of Himalayas, who has no responsibilities, no commitments in this world. Such a process still appears very impossible, but before him. But look at me my lord, I have three wives, I have many children, and I am a politician, I am a warier, people are depending on me. Besides that you tell me I have to stay in this battle field and fight. So this method of worship, the method of yoga seams very intolerable and impossible for man like me. And Krishna is explaining here

“yoginäm api sarveñäà


çraddhävän bhajate yo mäà

sa me yuktatamo mataù”

Bhagavad-Gita 6.47

That all yogis, one who has great faith and devotion worship the lord, always remembering him. He is most intimately united with the lord in Youga and he is the highest.

“man-manä bhava mad-bhakto

mad-yäjé mäà namaskuru

mäm evaiñyasi yuktvaivam

ätmänaà mat-paräyaëaù”

Bhagavad-Gita 9.34

Krishna says always think of me, become my devotee, worship me, offer your homo yajna to me. In this way will come to me without fail. This is promise to every living being. In the third canto of Srimad Bhagavatam Lord Kapiladeva explains to His mother Devahuti that I am explaining to you this very very vast, intricate, and complicated philosophy of sankshya yoga, which thoroughly explains, how this material creation of working and why? What is the absolute truth? What is the living entity? What is karma? And how to attain the transfer for material conscious to spiritual consciousness. In fact all the vedic scriptures in the world, the bible, the old testimony, the new testimony, the -, the Koran, the Kabala, the Granthsahid, the _, the Buddhist sutras, ultimately all the scriptures are giving so many injunctions and so many things, do not do this. Do do this. So many process are purifying the heart. Lord Kapila deva explains all the scriptures and all the instructions are all meant simply to bring the living entity to the perfection of that form which is to always remember Krishna and never forget Krishna. The gopis of Vrindavan they are considered the highest yogis. Do they have any mystic powers? They were simple village living. They were not in the caves producing ashes and gold and then listening to the sound of the Universe and controlling people’s mind and making millions of disciples. They have nothing than the cows and turning the butter and cleaning the house. But they are considered the supreme yogis, why? “ ….govinda dämodara mädhaveti” Because they were always prying to their tongue please never stop chanting Hare Krishna. Never stop the chanting the names Govinda Damodar and Madhava. In this way they were always thinking of Krishna. This is the perfection of life. A devotee does not care for any other position, seven expect in the humble service. “gopé-bhartuù pada-kamalayor däsa-däsänudäsaù” A devotee does not care for any amount of material acquirement, does not care for any amount of mystic power, what even liberation. Does not want followers, does not want a prestigious historical man, that all they are remain in the books. He simply wants to be the humble servant of the Lord’s service and worship the Lord with all humility. It is all. It is the only ambition.

“Sa bai punsam paro dharmo yato bhakti radhokshaje

Ahaituki apratihata yaya atma samprasidati”.

Srimad Bhagavatam 1.2.6

The Srimad Bhagavatam describes the supreme occupation for all humanity is that which brings one to the open at platform of loving service to the Lord without any expectation anything in return. Unmotivated, uninteracting service to the Lord and His devotees. That is the only aspiration of those who are sincere to please Krishna. Because you see, why should be compete with God? He is Yogeswar. He has all mystic potency. Mystic powers also available to the demons. In the Ramayan there was a story of very great mystic yogi. He was most powerful, why? Because he performed the mystic yoga system. He performed yoga, tapasya. He controlled his senses. He controlled His mind. He controlled his life to such an extent that he forcibly – Lord Brahma before him to give whatever benediction, he wanted. And by the all might power of Lord Brahma he was given the ability to fight in such a way that anyone he fought would be conquered. This person was the son of Ravana. The eldest son, whose name was Indrajit. Just to test his great power, he went to the abode of Lord Indra, the king of heaven, who is very famous, because he was always victorious due to the strength of His _. This Indrajit, he gained his name Indrajit because he effortlessly defeated Indra to such a grown person, capture as a child, and punishes him. He was undefeatable. So during the great battle in Sri Lanka between Ravan’s soldiers and Lord Sri Ramachandra’s army of monkeys. The brother of Ravana Kumbhakarna was killed by Rama, at that time Ravana was very much. How anyone could kill Kumbhakarna? He was so big and so huge and so strong. How is it possible? He became very amorous. Not only because he was moaning over the death of his beloved brother. That he was also stocked with fear. That how could be so formidable powerful to killed Kumbhakarna. At that time Indrajit stood forward, he said my dear father please do not worry, I’ll go to the battle field. I’ll mount my chariot with my armies and I’ll to destroy this useless, insignificant son of King Dasarath and all of his armies. When Ravana heard the conviction of Indrajit the young conquerable. He became very happy in enlightenment and gave all his blessings to his son and his son armed himself with the most beautifully effulgent armor. He mounted his chariot joined by black horses and with his formidable army he marched into the field of battle. At that time Bibhisana Ravana’s brother who had taken shelter of Sri Rama Chandra, he warned Rama and Laxmana that this Indrajit, he is very powerful and clever mystic. We must be very cautious. He has never been defeated. So the soldiers headed by Nala, Nila, Angada, Sugriba, Hanuman, Jambavan, and various other formidable, soldiers of the Kiskinda -. They all went to fight with Indrajit and he was shooting so many arrows with such force that no one could see anything except his arrows. He filled the sky He literally became invisible. So nobody knew where these arrows are coming from. On moment he appeared in the sky in one direction and he would be showering the arrows and in the next second he would disappear and then he would appear in the sky in another direction and he would be shooting arrows. And his arrows were shot with such force and they were so shock that factually he was inundating the entire armies and the entire armies of the monkeys were simply laying on the grounds screaming in pain. Then Dasarthnandan Rama and Sri Lakshmana they appeared before the Indrajit. Indrajit began to shower them with formidable arrows and enters their bodies and they fell to the ground. How is it possible? Because you see Lord Brahma gave Indrajit the benedictions that any one day you fight with your arrows will be defeated. And because Brahma because a great devotee of Sri Rama. Lord Rama has to be very careful of his devotees benedictions are always kept intact. He had to prtect the word of Brahma. So therefore in order to protect the word of Brahma, Laksamana and Rama had to accept defeat the hands of Indrajit. And they were laying there and everyone in Rama’s army was destroyed. Except Hanuman and Bibhisana. And at that time Indrajit, he thought we have won the war. Rama and Lakahmana everyone else is killed. And with soldiers he began to blow on conchshell, the sound of victory and he returned to the palace of Ravana and he very proudly versed to his father that they are all slain, they are all fallen due to my great grand. Then Ravana embraced his son and they began very happy and there was a grand festival taking place. At that time Bhivisan took Hanuman and he said lets look to see who are still alive in the battle field. And as they are looking, they were walking to the battle field. There they saw Angagda and Sugriva and they saw Nila, Nala, Kanda mandana. In fact they saw all the most – chief teams of the army laying they are covered with arrows just crying with pain. Then they came upon Jambavan. Jambavan was so much filled up with agony of these arrows, he could not even see. Bibhisana said, Jambavan is that you. You are still alive. Jambavan said ah, I am hardly alive. I cannot see you, I cannot hear you. But I can tell hanuman is with you. He said, hanumanji, you are the only one who can save us. Rama and Lakshmana are laying in a condition covered by the arrows of Indrajit. He said there is one way you can save them. He said, you must go very quickly to the Himalayas. There is a mountain of the name Bishapa. You must climb to the top of the peak of that Bishapa mountain. Then you look toward the north, toward the great peak of the mountain Kailash the abode of Lord Sankar and right before there are two great peaks. You will find a beautiful that is covered with life giving herbs. And he began to describe the various names of these different herbs. How one can bring life that to a dead person, was called Mitra, Sanjivani, -, like that and another one will heal all bruises, cuts, and dismembered -. Another will give strength that one who has been completely destroyed in battle. In this way he began to name all the various different herbs and he said you bring collect of these herbs. You bring them and administer them to Sri Rama and Lakshmana and save them. Then you bring them for the rest of the armies and bring them back to the life. Hanuman we are all dependent on you. Now this is the glory of Hanuman, that he never considered, what is possible or impossible. Hanuman never consider himself very great. Hanuman always consider himself simply the insignificant servant of Rama. But when it came to pleasing Sri Ramachandra. He could do anything and everything. He never questioned. This is difference between us and such great souls. When we are asked to do something that is difficult that we think oh, guru maharaja I am sorry, I cannot do that, I do not have time. How can I do that, I do not have time, or I do not have time, or do not have the strength, I do not have the intelligence, I just can do this things. I will do, what I will do. But Hanuman was not thinking in terms of time, he was not thinking in terms of his own strength, he was not thinking in terms of his own money, he was only thinking in terms of own faith, what will please Rama. And therefore he completely was free from any false ego (ahankara). In the process of Bhakti, the annihilation of the false ego, is not simply through fasting in the performance of tapasya. But it is by becoming so indorsed, so immerged in trying to please the Lord and his devotees through service that you completely forget yourself. You will only thinking of Krishna. You will only thinking of Krishna’s devotees. So much immerged that you no longer having any consideration, what is possible or impossible. That is why, it is said

“mükaà karoti väcälaà

paìguà laìghayate girim

yat-kåpä tam ahaà vande

sri guru dinataranam”

If one attains the mercy of his spiritual master, if he is a lame man, he can cross the mountain. That is impossible. If he is a dumb, he can speak beautiful poetry. He can preach and convert the hearts of millions. Even of a blind, he could see the farthest stars on the sky. Are not the same ourselves that we are so petty in our neophyte condition. We are thinking, oh, this is too difficult, I cannot do it. That means we have no faith. Hanuman’s power was in his faith. He had faith on Rama that he would just anything and Rama empowered him to do it. Surely Rama empowered us to do anything, if we have faith like Hanumana. It is that our faith on our own excuses and justification, why we cannot, then god will empowered us to just keep making so many more excuses. This is the glory in example of Hanumanji. So Hanuman as soon as he heard the word of Jambavan. He went flying across from Sri Lanka to the eastern trip of Bharata Varsha over the ocean. And then he leave that there was one lift jump he flew to the sky ways to that holy mountain of the name Bishopa. He climbed the mountain and there to the north, he saw the beautiful snow cap tip of kailash Dhama and before him there was that beautiful mountain with all of its life giving herbs and vegetation. When the mountain saw Hanuman coming, did not want to sacrifice her herbs and she drew all the herbs back into her soils. Hanuman was just thinking what is this nonsense? Try to understand. Listen very carefully here. Try to understand we are all like this mountain. Everything we have belongs to Rama, correct. This is says in Bhagavad-Gita

“bhoktäraà yajïa-tapasäà


suhådaà sarva-bhütänäà

jïätvä mäà çäntim åcchati”

Bhagavad-Gita 5.29

Everything is my property, Krishna says. All planet belongs to me and everything within each planet belongs to me. Nirmama. You are not this body and nothing that belongs to this body is yours, the greatest illusion. Lord Brisabha deva said “janasya moho ‘yam ahaà mameti”. That we are thinking that I am this body and everything in relation to this body is mine. My body, my family, my wealth, my prestige, my business, my abilities. Nothing is yours. It is all gods. He has given it and some day he will take it away. That is sweet well, everything will be taken away. So just like you are speaking, just few days back we went to Pandarpur about one hundred devotees one our pilgrimage to the holy place of Pandarpur. We were describing how one of the eldest son of Jagannath Mishra, Visvarupa, how he took sanyasa. He left home entered into the forest and became a sannyäsé. So Jagannath Mishra began to think I am lamenting so much because my child is left. But actually Krishna has given me the child, and Krishna wants to take him away, what can I say? That child belongs to god, everything belongs to god. But we like this foolish mountain, when the lord wants to take what belongs to him in our care for his service, we want to hide it. We want to be attracted and say no, no Krishna, I do not have anything and if I do, I am using it, it is already too busy for you. It’s mine. But Hanuman is very merciful. He understood that this mountain was in Maya. Maya means you think that you are the proprietor and you are the enjoyer. And bhakti means to understand that Krishna is the proprietor and He is the enjoyer. Therefore that mountain was just like you and me trying to keep what god has given us for ourselves. We do not want to use it for Krishna. What kind of faith is that? Rupa Goswami Said, anything you give to Krishna, know that you will gain a hundred million times over. Sudama Vipra gave few spices of rice to Krishna and in returned h attained abode more beautiful and luxuries in that of Indra the king of heaven. That is how Krishna works. So Hanuman being a sadhu as he was, he was not content to just go by the mountain and said, oh, you are not giving. Like the spiritual master, if the disciple is not willing to surrender to Krishna, the spiritual master do everything within his power to get that disciple to surrender. So Hanuman lifted that mountain and said alright mountain, if you are not willing to give me, I’ll take everything. And he up rooted the entire mountain and held that upper his hand and began to fly about to Sri Lanka. So Hanuman was thinking, how this mountain is so heavy, how will I do it? It is very heavy. Hanuman did not have the power or strength to fly with that mountain. But Rama has the strength to maintain that entire planet. He is keeping every planet in orbit by his strength. For Him what is the weight of the mountain? If he wants to empower his devotee, that devotee can do anything. So as Hanuman came with that mountain as he came to Rama, Lakshmana simply the fragrance of those herbs brought them back to godhead. They were perfectly healed of all their wounds. Actually externally it appears that Rama accepted defeat from Indrajit to fulfill the benediction of Brahma. But in actuality he accepted defeat simply to give Hanuman chance to render the most glorious service. There was no greater pleasure in the heart of Krishna than glorifies His own devotees. In the battle field of Kurukshetra Krishna could have destroyed those armies within a second. When he revealed his universal form, the virat rupa to Arjuna. He was showing that simply by opening His mouth, he could sallow all these armies in the form of time. But he wanted Arjuna to great the credit. He wanted to glorify Arjuna is the greatest hero of the rest of the eternity. So therefore he empowered Arjuna to win this war. So similarly Ram put himself in a desperate, helpless position by His own sweet will just to show the world the glory of bhakti of Hanumanji. Just show the whole world what hanging on that house the victory of Hanuman running with this mountain. And Rama was very happy when he heard it. Because hanuman has given his life in the Rama’s service. It is described that the Lord, he says that because my devotee has to surrender everything to me, I surrender everything to my devotee. So then this herbs, the fragrance of the herbs brought to live everyone in the battlefield and they all became very – and interesting fighting again. And when too much roar of Rama and His armies were heard Indrajit became very disturbed. So then Ravana became very angry. How is it possible and he send the son of Kumbhakarna and many other great soldiers with hundreds and thousands of rakshyas warriers into the battle field and Ram and Lakshmana and the monkey soldiers just completely destroy the -. And when they appeared everything was finished. Then Indrajit said, Ravana let me go. Ravana ordered Indrjit, you are our last hope. — arrows created clouds in the sky and from these clouds rained -,-, trident, arrows, clubs, raps, and all abominable weapons. They are raining in the monkey soldiers and raining on Rama and Lakshmana. He could not be seen. So Lord Sri Rama who was Yogeswar the master of all mystics. Try to understand whatever power, Indrajit had, he was getting from Rama. But he was not willing admit it. This is the difference between a devotee and a demon. A sura and an asura. A devotee is willing to accept and admit that whatever I have my Lord, it is because of you. But Indrajita was thinking this is mine. And he was usually against the will and purpose of lord. What a chance did he have? Just like a cat plays with foolish rat, but ultimately kills it. Similarly the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Rama Chandra was simply playing with this demon. Ramachandraji was told by Bibhishana that at this time Indrajit, he is completely barred us with his bows and arrows and his various artillery weapons. And he thinks that we are all in a defeated position and he has gone to sanctuary for he is doing a puja, a sacrifice, and after he complete the sacrifice he will become so powerful and so undefeatable that Ram, I do not think you will have a chance. We must kill him before he completes the sacrifice. So Ram told Lakshmana you take our soldiers and you go and destroy him. So Lakshmana went into the battle field and the soldiers of Indrajit over all thoroughly defeated by Lakshmana and hi army, and Indrajit had to stop his sacrifice and come out to fight himself. At that time Indrajita and Lakshmana face to face in one another. Indrajit was very proud, he said to Lakshmana that now, you dared to face me, you dared to stand before me in the battle field. I’ll send you to the courtyard of Yamaraja on this very day. We all have Indrajit within us. Do you not? We are not little proud. Indrajit was the symbol of this pride. That is why a devotee he does not want mystic powers, because he knows the more you have in this world, the more of tendency you have to be proud. As soon as he become proud, the whole relationship with god is disturbed. I am very learned. I am a very good cook. I am a very good singer. I am a very expert business man. I am a very professional manager. I am a very very compassionate doctor. I am a very wonderful mother. I am a very learned and obedient son. I am a very great devotee. We are all inclined towards being proud. Even on this level understand that this is the voice of Indrajit within your heart. A devotee realizes that I am nothing. I am simply the insignificant servant, completely depending on the mercy of God for everything I can do. Everything I can save. Even my heart can not beat without the mercy of the Lord. I cannot take one breath to nourish my lungs without the mercy of the Lord. If we are depended on Lord for such crucial elementary, life giving activities like this. What to speak everything else we can do. It is all by the mercy of Krishna. And here Indrajit was facing God face to face telling Him I’ll destroy you, with what you are giving me. Lakshmana he said, oh, is it. Anyone can speak very boldly on the b
attle field. But let us see. And then Indrajit began to shoot his arrows and Lakshmana began to shoot his arrows. And it was very furious war. The battle there was shoot event the demigods, on the higher planets were stuck with wonder, watching the head of the chariot of Indrajit was cut and fail to the ground. All the Indrajit Horses were killed and fell to the ground. His chariot was destroyed. His bow and arrows were destroyed. Indrajit was standing helplessly alone against Lakshamana. At that time Indrajit disappeared. He was not seen anywhere and appeared again in Lanka and he got a new chariot and new army and new armor and new bows and arrows and again he came out into the battle field to attack. So powerful was his -. Then Lakshmana, he placed a beautiful and effulgent golden colored arrow on the string of his bow and he pulled it back with all grace and let that go. And as that arrow show through the sky was effulgent like thousands and thousands suns. And as that descended from the sky towards Indrajit, everyone one was completely silent. The demons and the devotees alike simply waiting to see, what -. And then that mighty effulgent bow, showed down and shave the head from Indrajit’s body and that head was decorated with beautiful be jewel crown and earrings fell to the grounds. And there was great war victory the armies of Sri Rama and Rakshasas knowing that the death is eminent. Simply play back into the Gage of the palace of Ravana. And then Lakshamana was brought back to Lord Sri Rama Chandra and Rama Chandra was so happy that He embraced to Lakshmana. He laid Him down and the Lord with His hand, He began to massage him and try to relieve him from any pain due to the arrows of Indrajit. In this way the divine love between Rama and Lakshmana has been manifested for the ultimate benefit of all living beings. So try to understand that there is use being a great yogi. If you really want to the greatest thing, we should simply become a servant of Rama and Lakshmana. They are the greatest Yogis. They are the greatest most powerful. “janma …” everything emanating from from them alone. So what us is there to attain in life greater in being their humble servant. Therefore Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu has played

“na dhanaà na janaà na sundaréà

kavitäà vä jagad-éça kämaye

mama janmani janmanéçvare

bhavatäd bhaktir ahaituké tvayi”

Caitanya-caritamrita Antya 20.29

My lord I do not want any amount of wealth. Because wealth is like moorage in the depth. Here is the promise that will satisfy all our desires or we will attain that desires by simply increasing. I do not want beautiful woman. Although the people in this world are mad after a beautiful wife or a beautiful girlfriend. Caitanya Mahaprabhu explained that the attractions of this world are just a tine little glimmer of reflection of the supreme attractive beauty of Krishna. I do not want followers or disciples or prestige of fame and I do not even want liberation. Because liberation is also a selfless desire. We are still thinking that I do not want to suffer anymore. Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu he prayed, “I only want one thing. I want to be your servant birth after birth after birth. If you want to me to suffer, my greatest pleasure will be suffer for you, if it pleases you”. “saàsiddhir hari-toñaëam”. The supreme perfection of the lord is to please Krishna, by our humble service. One who takes the position of such a humble servant, he is the greatest of all yogis. Ambarish Maharaja was just the humble king. Durbasa Muni was such powerful yogi. When Drubasa Muni try to destroy Ambarish with his define weapon, he created a demon to made a fire, that could be devour the universe, Ambarish Maharaja, he did not try to fight. He did not try to make some mystical arrangement to save himself. He simply stood with folded palms. “Mare Krishna Rakshe ke. Rakshe Krishna Mare Ke”. Krishna if you want to kill me, I’ll be very happy to die. If you want to save me then what to I have to worry about. I am your servant. Durbasa Muni had to fall and kiss the feet of Ambarish Maharaja. This is the power of Bhakti. This is the power of simply putting yourself as the dependant servant of the supreme Lord. Sri Krishna. The most practical and immediate nectar by which we can put ourselves in the humble service of the Lord. Just to chant His holy name. All of glories of the God is within His name. “nämnäm akäri bahudhä nija-sarva-çaktis” one who takes shelter of the holy name of the Lord and who humbly serves the Lords devotees, there is no person is dear to the Lord than Him. And Krishna promises all of his protections of such a great soul. So these most beautiful, wonderful historical stories, they are not simply to entertain our mind. Although they certainly do. They all have very very deep profound essential message that is to be kept within our heart. What is that message? Let us make our first and foremost priority in life to cultivate devotion to god. To learn how to depend on the mercy of god, by serving, by associating with saintly persons and by chanting hi holy names. Let us make this the top priority of our existence. After all we getting old, death is soon coming. God has appeared in His name. Just as Rama appeared in the battle field to destroy Indrajit and Ravana that same Rama has appeared in His name to destroy the demons within our own hearts. But unless we called out His name and attentively chant, the  mercy of the benediction of the Lord, we will be losing the opportunity is at hand. So let us chant “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare” and find the supreme peace and supreme happiness within our own hearts and let us broadcast the glories of the holy name for all the world to hear. Let us give up our prestige, Let us give up all our laziness, and let us – surrendering to the supreme god of our life by chanting his holy names. Thank you very much. Hare Krishna

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.