Surrendering to Krsna’s plans

Yesterday we were reading that how the assembly of asuras being defeated by the demigods, took shelter of Maya Danava, who by his incredible mystic powers, is a mahayogi, created three mystical residences in the sky. The demons taking shelter there became so illusive and very, very powerful, they were fighting and showering weapons, and often could not even be seen by the grace of Maya Danava. In life some of the most dangerous enemies cannot be seen, we don’t even know they are there, we may even consider they are our friends. That is the way the minds works.


Problems arise due to uncontrolled Mind

Bhagavad-Gita tells us, for one who controls the mind, the minds is the best of friends. But for one who fails to do so, the mind is the greatest enemy. In-fact the mind is our only enemy. And the nature of the mind, although it is impelling, dictating to exterminate innocent people, the mind is inciting civilizations to create massive degree of nuclear bombs to even drop them. The mind is inducing even pious people to do sinful activities that binds one to miserable suffering, mind even deludes great yogis, and devotees to divert them from spiritual path, and they have to suffer like ordinary people apparently.

The mind is so powerful, and had has so many weapons, weapons of lust, envy, pride, greed, anger and illusion, the most powerful astra or weapon anyone in creation. It is due to needful of these weapons that all others forms of destructions and cruelty are coming. And yet neither the mind nor any of these weapons can we see, cannot be seen or touch, or taste it or smelt, cannot hear with the ear they are so powerful.

Maya Danava has this name for very symbolic purposes, he is especially empowered by maya he is Danava who is really empowered by maya. And he created these three residences very beautiful, very formidable, they were giving shelter and were empowering the asuras and the asuras began to shower all sorts of weapons, they had such force, they were so enthused by these three residences.

You can’t find the better fort, it just like you go to Jaipur – Rajasthan; fort in Udaipur, fort in Jaipur, fort in karoli, in Maharashtra, Shivaji Maharaja has several forts, big walls, very formidable, very difficult for enemy to attack. Fort was given to asuras given by Maya Danava, not only they were formidable, but they could anything, they could fly in the sky. They could become invisible. How do you defeat that? Usually soldiers have to come out of the fort to attack, yes, now here the fort attacks you, all of sudden, in a moment ,wherever you are the entire fort is there filled with asuras. Even the devatas could not withstand them. They were utterly defeated. Vanquished according to the words of Srila Prabhupada,

So the lesson of life is throughout the Bhagavatam, throughout the holy scripture, whoever you are in this world, visible enemies, invisible enemies, but no, they are all visible enemies are being induced and empowered by the invisible enemies. All the problems in the entire cosmic manifestation come about due to the influence of uncontrolled mind succumbing to arrogance, pride, lust, anger, envy and greed – that’s all. They cannot be seen, but they are the power of influence of destruction and suffering.


Seeing is believing?

Materialistic people say seeing is believing, but we don’t believe that, because simply it is not true Even in politics, history can be written in so many ways, according to a particular persons interpretation or perception of history, and what’s really behind the scenes. People are very inclined and equipped to give some explanation, why things are happening on high level within this world? Government, politics, tragedy, so many things but who really knows. Even the people who are instruments of doing these things, don’t even know, who is behind them. There may be people manipulating who have huge amounts of money, nobody even knows who they are, but they control. That’s the way the world has always been, and there people who may be very, very powerful, but who is actually controlling them.

Everything is being done by maya in this material world, maya is invisible, and the mind is invisible and her weapons are invisible. Seeing is believing when we see through the eyes of the scripture, but when we see with eyes of the flash, everything is so imperfect. Cannot even see through this wall? Is there a reality behind this wall? At night when you go to sleep you cannot see anything with your eyes. Some people have their life is like that, does that means nothing exists anymore? So we must learn to see through the eyes of God, and how do we see through the eyes of God? Krishna reveals the truth as He sees it through the sastra, and the Holy Scripture. And it is explained in practical ways through the Guru and sadhus, very important, so the nature of this world is that, whoever you are, there will always be powers greater than you, even the devatas were defeated. They took shelter of Lord Siva, Lord Siva is always eager to help, and who is Lord Siva? He is Vishnu He is actually the Supreme Lord is his special features and he has the powers of destruction, of the guna avatara, he has the power to destroy the entire cosmic manifestation.


Fight between demons and Shiva

And we know that destruction is the preliminary stage of creation, things are destroyed and they are created into something else everything is so interconnected. He is mahadev the greatest most powerful, invincible of all the devatas.

So he came to give shelter to the devatas. And he started shooting his fiery arrows at these three residences in the sky. And asuras however powerful they may have been by Maya Danava’s arrangement, how could they stand before Lord Siva.

Prabhupada says one moon is better than thousands of stars, even a million of stars; stars are giving light in the sky. So similarly one Mahadev is better than millions of devs, but all the demigod couldn’t do, how many millions of demigods there are, but all of them couldn’t do Lord Siva could do, he defeated them all, he killed them all not only vanquished, they were all dead, all the demons cold dead.

But Maya Danava he wasn’t the slightest bit discouraged, he was mahayogi he created a well, and filled it with “amrita”, nectar, specifically mrtyu sanjivani-technical explanation last week Murlidhar’s Prabhu professional scientific enquiry he gave technical explanation.

Prabhupada told in a purport yesterday, even today there is this mrtyu sanjivani, which is a type of liquor, and somebody who is on the verge on death, it gives them strength, so since its liquor you can’t take unless you approach to death.

Maya Danava went out and just threw out demons in this well of nectar, just picked them up and threw them in and by coming in contact with that nectar and drinking it they arose from the well not only they have their life back but they were more powerful than ever. Their bodies became invincible to thunderbolts, this is a lesson of how what appears to be a setback, if you take shelter of a right person that set back becomes a blessings. It transforms us if we take a shelter to become strong, to become more powerful.


Impediments and failures make us strong if we don’t give up

So the test that come to us in life, have this great opportunity, even our failures if we just take shelter of the Lord we become stronger through the process of failing, we become stronger through the process of losing, we become stronger through the process of dying. We become stronger when there are massive impediments; they are hindering our service that is principle both materially and spiritually.

All materialistic become strong due to impediments, yes, we see every great man or woman in history has had major set backs, serious failures, great impediments, sometimes to their health, sometimes politically, sometimes spiritually.


Examples of impediments or failures being stepping stones to success

  1. Every impediment that came before Prabhupada made him stronger,
  2. Every impediment that came to the followers of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu made them more enthusiastic.
  3. The Christians with every death of a martyr, tens and thousands of Christians were converted, even death makes stronger when they took shelter of the Lord.


Then materially so many stories, every great man has got through so many failures, the demons, and pious people everyone, test them, makes them powerful.

Even devotees when they go through tragedies they became purified through the process and become empowered. So that’s what happened with these asuras. It is material principle too, look at great people, look at these demonic people.


  1. Hitler was a failures his whole life, he lost the election, he was rejected by society, he wanted to be an artist, and no body liked his art. But he just kept going, but he practically ruined the world, its principle, it goes through everyone. Impediments and failures make us strong if we don’t give up.
  2. Walt Disney you have heard of Disney one time nobody heard of Disney, his first job in an animation company he was fired because they said he had no creativity, most people will be discouraged if they will be get a job at gas station at something, go to college and study law, no, he didn’t give up he tried even harder, and now he established and transformed the whole world in that field.


In every case and specially it is true for devotees. Krsna will give you impediments. Krsna will put tragedy in your life. Krsna will put inconceivable obstacles, what’s required.

In the same way the demons took shelter of Maya Danava when they were really in problem. We take shelter of Krsna and his devotees and specially we take shelter of the holy name (Hare Krsna Hare Krishna …) and the Lord is always there to give shelter to His devotees. But how the Lord gives shelter to His devotees is according to  what is perfect in His opinion, which is usually not what we expect, because if we knew we wouldn’t be in the mess in were today. When we take shelter of Krsna, we think Krsna will give me this, it’s like an order we take shelter there is big problem and this is the way my problem will be overcome.

But Krsna knows exactly what you need as a devotee, you may be facing a terrible problem, and then you take shelter of Krsna, and then He makes the problem worse, and then you take shelter of Krsna more, and not only does that problem become worse but He puts ten more problems, even worse on you. He may do that, it’s just what we need. He may want you to really not just physically be on your knees, but really in your hearts of hearts, Krsna I am yours, not just Krsna I am yours Krsna I am yours, from the heart, not that we just chant Hare Krsna to get our round done, we chant hare krsna because there is no other way, there is no other place to turn hare Krsna, and then this way we become strong.

In Krsna consciousness how do we become strong? In studies when there are impediments and everything else we become strong by refining our intellect by tapasya, in athletics we becomes strong often by struggling, training and losing so many times learning so many lessons why we lose and keep getting better and in business too we become strong when we fail.

Like Thomas Edison, 900 times he tried to be failed in trying to create battery and news papers said, “Are you discouraged 900 failures you still haven’t got one he said no, this is very, very good, he said I have come close to discovery but I am looking for closer and closer and closer and I have realized nine hundred ways it doesn’t work. Now how many of you would keep trying if you fail nine hundred times, probably will think well we will create something else, invent something else, his persisted, he is great, that’s why he is so great today. So we take shelter of Krsna we have that faith, what it really means to take shelter in the spiritual sense is not that, because I am taking shelter of Krsna he is going to do what I want him to do, to actually take shelter to means that I am yours, you know what is best I don’t, I am yours. And then whatever comes we accepts it as a His mercy, and carry on with full determination and enthusiasm.

So setbacks, the whole Srimad-Bhagavatam is about setbacks if it comes to devotees. Pandvas, mother Kunti, Prahlada, Dhruva, Ambarisa, the brijavasis, Rantidev, many setbacks, Maharaja Shibi, they took shelter willing to give their lives, they become not only powerful but inspiration for all eternity for everyone.


Importance of taking Shelter

So the demon they fought they took shelter because they took shelter of Maya Danava, even though first they became very powerful and started defeating demigods because of Maya Danava. And then Lord Siva came killed them all and once you are dead you can’t take shelter of anybody but because previously to dying they took shelter. Maya Danava felt they have taken shelter I am responsible for them they are mine so he personally took it upon himself to plunge them in the nectar and bring them back into life make them stronger than ever. And this is maya asuras, whatever he is, he is kind of a tricky person to figure out, Maya Danava. He is very, very mysterious personality sometimes he is with devotees sometimes he is with demons. If you take shelter of Krsna even if you die Krsna is going to take responsibility, doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter how you die, wherever you die and what reason you die if you are taking shelter of Krsna.

If Maya Danava is saving the demons after they die what to speak of Krsna (anta kale ca mam evam smaran)” Krsna says just remember Me and even at the time of death I will take you to My abode have no doubt” Krsna says have no, no doubt about this. So once you take shelter of Krsna really you take shelter of Krsna, we are His. And even if sometime people say if a devotee is in coma he can’t remember Krsna so easy, can’t chant, but if that devotee before going into that coma took shelter of Krsna, he is Krsna’s, Krsna is going to take charge of his soul. External physical reasons are really not very important. Krsna tells in Gita if you die at a certain time you go here and if you die at a certain season go there but then Prabhupada and the acaryas say for the devotee none of these things matter, Krsna is in-charge

sarvadharman parityajya mam ekam sarnam varja aham tvam sarva papbhyo mokshyami ma suchah

if you surrender to Krsna you are his, nothing to fear whatever your limitations, whatever yours circumstances, as long as you are trying your best Krsna is there for us, in life and death.

He can empower Maya Danava to do for asuras what to speak of when he personally takes charge of his own devotees. So when they came out with these invincible bodies stronger than ever before more than intellectual than ever before, in every way they were empowered by drinking this nectar, physically, emotionally, intellectually everyway they were just empowered this nectar was very delicious too probably and it was always there in this well and they vanquished the demigods again.

And now what Lord Siva supposed to do. whatever he does, Maya Danava is just going to put back them in nectar and they can come even stronger, like weeds in the garden cut in the garden like weed it grows back stronger than it was originally or the more you cut it, it becomes stronger it grows back and they multiply, unless you pull it by the root.

So Lord Siva was really in dilemma, I kill them, to become more powerful, I will kill them again to become more powerful just to get them eternity, this nectar is just too much. So Lord Siva why was he discouraged he was very much disappointed. Lord Siva was lamenting, there is one particular verse, yes; Lord Siva was very much disappointed and aggrieved. Mahadev is aggrieved and disappointed (this is what says Gita

Brahma bhuta prasanna atma nasocati Na kacati

that one who Brahman realization neither hanker nor laments and nothing to grieve, is nothing to be disappointed about. Now Lord Siva is far behind Brahman realization most people who are seeking Brahman realization worshipping Lord Siva, so why Lord Siva is aggrieve and disappointed.


Compassion of Lord Shiva

Krsna says in Gita you are not supposed to be attached to the fruit of your activity, don’t be elated by success don’t be disappointed by failures .Don’t be overjoyed by victory, don’t be saddened by defeat, this is the Gita. Siva is greatest Vaisnava, if he is aggrieved by and disappointed because things are going wrong what is our hope, it’s interesting. We should understand the greatness of Lord Siva, his aggrieveness and disappointments was not because of his own personal victory or defeat success or failure it was because of his compassion, par dukha dukhi great soul feel pains to see others in pain, they are aggrieved to see adharma.


More examples of compassion

When Srila Prabhupada looked at the world saw that cheating even in the name of the science he saw all exploitation even in the name of material progress he was aggrieved. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu was Krsna himself. When he expressed to Haridasa Thakura that he was aggrieved to see the whole universe filled with people who are forgetful of Krsna.

Prahlada Maharaja even after showing how transcendental pure .he was by going through all those confraternities he never losing his faith, after all that he is expressing I am aggrieved for my father. he is going to suffer in hell, I am aggrieved for all the living entities within this universe who have forgotten you , and who are trying to make material arrangement for happiness and destined to suffer, So great persons are aggrieved to see to the sufferings, the illusion of others.


Reason for Shiva’s compassion

The demigods took shelter of Siva for a good reason and Siva was not able to give them shelter, so he was aggrieved and disappointed. even the greatest of the great amongst devotees and devas falls into such situation in this material world and you are thinking that doing a little meditation, doing pranayama, chanting Hare Krsna few times every things is going to be alright. you can think that if you like by thinking it is not going to be alright, material world is not like that, So what did Lord Siva do, because Lord Siva is greatest of all Vaisnavas he is always under the shelter of Krsna.


Lord Krishna protects His devotees

So Krsna He took it upon Himself, how He does things, just to make the story so sweet, he could have thrown some big fiery weapon sudarsan chakra to dry up that nectar well he could have done it many ways. He could have just send some massive avatar just jump down and drink it but He just send Lord Brahma and Brahma took the form of a calf and Vishnu the cow.

Isn’t a amazing thing in the middle of a war, and in between asuras and demigods, this is not like a world war one or world war two, this is really a war, this is universal war, not a world war, you may think it may just appear like virat rupa and dry up the well, but comes as a cow, and even more incredible, and for a cow to come and the little calf you know how sweet little calf are, innocent cows they mew mew….. Bring such peace seeing such nice cows, so Krsna could have come in the middle of the night no body can see it but Krsna came in a form of a cow middle of battle, at noon which is absolutely lightest time of the day when the sun is at its peak.


Illusory energy of the Lord

Krsna really stages things in such a perfect way he comes right at noon and this cow and calf they just walk through everything and everybody is just looking at them. And the asuras knows this well of nectar is their only hope because they are fighting with Siva, without this well of nectar, they are going to die and they are never going to come back. And they are really attached to their bodies. That’s the definition of asuras that I am this body, very, very much think you are attach to your body. They are willing to massacre millions of people just to sustain your body.

The nature of an asura means is, everything is centered on me, my body, my mind, my prestige. They are just looking right middle of the way no disguise, as far as this goes calf and cow, just walk right up to the well of nectar, and they start drinking. And it doesn’t give any details but we can imagine, they are looking around seeing if that anyone is looking they are just drinking. They are absolutely casual, you know how cows drink ( makes sound ) and the demons are watching.

Very similar to mohini murti, they are also there after nectar, they got nectar and mohini murti just right in front all of them he gets the asuras to give her all the nectar that they fought first they worked so hard, so long to churn the ocean to get it, when they fought the demigod to get it and they had it was theirs. And mohini murti comes and just she didn’t do anything except smile, she just walked in and smile and she glanced at them, each one of them and each one it ha…….she loves me it happens she just looked at them smiled and she loves me. And they were all fighting amongst themselves, who is going to get the first share of nectar, they are all unanimously agreed, whoever you are we will give you the nectar and you can decide who gets it.

She didn’t even ask for she didn’t say give me the nectar I will marry you now she didn’t say anything they just voluntarily gave her everything it’s because she smiled so nicely. They were all convinced she will give it to me, of courses; she loves me, even in right in front of her eyes she started pouring in the mouth of the demigods and demons just stood there and watched.

How is that possible? And exactly what happened here, Krsna is all powerful wherever He is, whether Mohini mataji or cow mataji, very powerful he didn’t come as bull, he came as cow; cows are girls, they are not known for fighting.

So demons are watching at noon time and this cow and calf drinking every drop of nectar and then this cow and calf just walk away and these demons were just watching. The cow and calf returned wherever their gosala was, they returned, and the demons didn’t do anything just watching this is the power of illusory energy of the Lord.

Krsna has this yoga maya and this maha maya. And even this Maya Danava is empowered by this maya, the energy of the Lord. And then still the asuras were so powerful, Siva on his own, could not defeat them. They had drunk the share.

So Lord Vishnu arranges to give Lord Siva a chariot, armor, a bow, shield arrows, and inspires Lord Siva to fight Now knowing that Vishnu is taking interest to empowering him Lord Siva realized, I am indestructible And he starts shooting, feiry arrows.


Krishna is the Supreme personality of Godhead

But at this point, just before Krsna comes and arms Lord Siva, the demigods see that calf and cow drink everything and Maya Danava explains to them what we are reading in this verse, very powerful verse.

Maya Danava said what has been destined by the Supreme Lord for oneself for others or for both one and others cannot be undone anywhere or by anyone, whether one is a demigod, a demon, a human being or anyone else. Srila Prabhupada here explains that Krsna is the Supreme controller isvara Parma Krsna sac cid ananda vigraha.

This is how Lord Brahma begins the section of Brahma samhita, isvara param Krsna, that’s the foundation of everything else, is going to say in his description of the Lord. That Krsna is the Supreme controller. That in it stage for Krsna’s entire pastime. Krsna is not an ordinary being, although he may appear, he may appear like a cow, he may appear like a cowherd boy, he may appear like a fish, or turtle, he may appear in so many different ways, according to His sweet will. But He is the controller of all controllers.

All frustrations are due to our wanted to be the controller, but the problem is we are always controlled (nityo nityanam cetnam cetnamnam) Upanishad tells there is one upreme controller. Who is independent and all there are innumerable little species of God who are always under the control are subordinate to the Supreme.

We are controlled by the mind, we are controlled by the destiny, we are controlled by devatas, we are controlled by the higher powers within this human race, and we are controlled by the weather, the elements. But Krsna is the absolutely Supreme controller of everything. Isvarah param, He is the controller of everything that exists in all material and spiritual worlds.and when we understand this, and when we have some realization and power and mighty and glory of Krsna then our hearts melts in ecstatic love.

When we see Him bound by the of rope mother Yasoda, and crying, lips quivering limbs, trembling, begging His mother please don’t hit Me with your stick. Krsna!! A stick in a hands of a lady Krsna is not afraid of the club in the hands of Vrtrasura, He is not afraid of the bows and arrows and clubs of Kamsa or Hiranyakasipu. But He is afraid of the little gopi’s stick, it wasn’t a gadha it was just a little branch it was little stick. Even if he hit it wouldn’t hurt. And even she wasn’t intending to him and he knows everything, so why was he afraid.

And our acaryas says wasn’t He pretending to be afraid. Some people say oh Krsna just wanted to charm our hearts, so He pretended to be afraid of the stick of Yasoda. He was actually afraid because He is all powerful that universal form that Arjuna saw is utterly insignificant compare to Krsna. Universal form is just the temporary illusory manifestation Krsna is the source of all these manifestation. He is avatari He could lift Govardhan hill He can expand himself in and chock Agasura, He can bifurcate Agasura who is as big as mountain can you imagine a bird as big as a mountain coming to swallow you, what you do. The entire Indian army with all their bombs and archery could not kill Agasura. They couldn’t even kill Vatsasura, who was a calf. How powerful these mystics’ yogis were, and Krsna effortlessly, and yet he is not just afraid.

You have seen a little child when you pick up a stick when they usually say “You are not going to hit me” you are not very happy they may try to fight you or they may little afraid but we have seen fear like Krsna manifested lips queering limbs trembling and tears just to extenuate and he arranged Yasoda to put this kajal, all around his eyes and as he was crying so that everybody could really see that he was really crying, His tears mixed with the black ointment and made black streaks down His face and over His chest and legs and His arms He is crying He was pleading with Yasoda with the flattering voice, “please put down that stick I am so afraid of that stick”.

Once we understand that Krsna is the Supreme controller of all controllers and who He really is that why before we really relish the 10th canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam, we must first realize the teaching of Bhagavad-Gita, and understand the power and the glory of the Lord of the 1st nine cantos.

As Varaha Dev, not only did He just put one smack of His hoof to kill Hiranyaksya but he lifted the entire earth planet on His nose, what you can do with your nose, it’s like a massive thing. He lifted the entire earth with nose, when He started flying in the sky with the earth effortlessly.

So we understand how Krsna is the controller of all controllers and when we see Him afraid of His mother, our hearts melts. And when our hearts really deeply melts in that appreciation of how Krsna is so much how He is the controller of all controllers is controlled by His devotees. For no other reason except love, prema, Krsna’s prema controls the devotees and the devotee’s prema controls Krsna.

When we understand the greatness of Krsna when we see how He is controlled by His devotees. We surrender to Krsna with so much love. And it is so beautiful. And it is the most wonderful thing that exists. The all powerful is controlled by His own devotees. And when our love reaches at certain point like the residents of Vrndavana and then the realization and the knowledge is being the Supreme controller is forgotten, is covered by it’s madhurya rasa, it’s sweetness it’s innocence, it’s charming personality.

The cowherd boys just saw Krsna as their friend, they wrestle with him they fought with they play with him and they usually won, Krsna would like to lose. Such loving relation they didn’t think of Him as God, controller of all controllers.

But then great Asura came to attack Indra, Indra showering torrent of rain, then the gopas and the gopis the cows everyone came to Krsna, Krsna, Krsna mahabaho please save us, you are only shelter after Krsna danced on Kalia’s serpent, resident of Vrndavana I want to sleep with Krsna in the forest and in the middle of night of blazing fire, this fire was actually demon, wasn’t just a impersonal fire was an asura sent by Kamsa, powerful fire going to the sky, a fire like a we have never seen. And what did they do, they turned to Krsna. They knew Krsna can protect them. Then just swallow the fire. That’s all.

We could have every fire brigade on earth with siren boo, boo…….. Coming to the sh, airplane coming like putting like all those they could never extinguish that fire of Vrja, it’ was a mystical fire.

But Krsna he didn’t work it all he just one breath, shoooo!!!!! Gone inside, it, amazing how it is possible, but as soon as it was done and their love for Krsna so much they forgot it. And even if they remember they justify it so many ways, there must be some demigod protecting us, because He is such an innocent little boy. This is Vrndvana, highest roam of love.

So Maya Danava it takes one to know one we seen his power. He could make that palace for Yudhisthira.he made it so amazing it was so amazing. It was so beautiful and his architecture was so intricate, and so bewildering, Duryodana was coming to visit, what happen he just like felling water or something, couldn’t distinguish it was what, and ladies laughs ha .And egoistic it. Like Duryodana don’t like ladies laughing when he makes mistakes really it’s too much he was so envious.

So Maya Danava was very powerful. He is speaking with tremendous realization. Because he is the controller that whether you are demigod whether you a demon, whether you a human being or whether you a anyone else. What is destined by the Supreme Lord for oneself, for others, or for both oneself and others cannot be undone, that is the destiny of the Lord.

We can try, that is principle of Bhagavad-Gita. Krsna tell Arjuna, fight, don’t be attach to victory or defeat or anything else because that’s all in my hand.

When Srila Prabhupada came to America one point afterwards he told us, he told us so many people were telling me I should go to London because really United Kingdom people were controlling India for about 200 years that seems the natural place to go it was much closer too. But Prabhupada said I have decided that I will go to New York. He said because my Gurudev has sent several our top people to London and they failed and Prabhupada said I was thinking if I have to fail let me do it in a new place.

Prabhupada tried he gave his and soul his everything to try but he understood ultimately everything is in Krsna’s hand. In his Jalduta prayer’s he reveal this Krsna if you want you can make my power to speak in such a way that they will understand I am just your puppet. Make me dance as you want me to dance. So we can try for something. We may be successful or we may be failed. We understand, we may live, we may die. For a devotee we are in Krsna’s hand, it’s not just the laws of karma; one who surrenders to Krsna, their life and death; everything cannot be calculated by material considerations. Because it is in Krsna’s hands, that means in Krsna’s hands, if they just take shelter their life is perfect.

And we see materially, spiritually throughout history, just we can see how destiny works to guide people to make mistakes, they are so foolish that how can a person like this make such a stupid mistake and then they lose everything. And same person makes even more mistakes and ruins everything, the destiny of karma how this world works when we take shelter of Krsna we are under His control then nothing can change that.

Maya Danava saw this calf and cow drink all the nectar that he produced. Now Maya Danava could have made some more nectar. And filled other well he had that power but he thought there is no use. He could see it is the will of the Lord that we are all going to lose I am not going to help you any way. No use, no matter what you do no matter what I do no matter both of us together do, nothing   could change the will of the Lord. It’s our destiny. How do us to surrender, to take shelter of the holy name (Hare Krsna)

Many times Srila Prabhupada talks about all the plans making of this world, so much plans making. But at any moment everything could be change, whatever plans we make. Srila Prabhupada ends this purport. We may make our own various plans, but unless they are sanctioned by the Supreme Personality of Godhead Vishnu, they will never be successful. Hundreds and millions of plans are made by all kinds of living entities, but without the sanction of the Supreme Lord, they are futile.                       

Is there any question?

Yes Radhe Shyam Prabhu

Question to Radhanath Swami: Hare Krsna Maharaja in Citraketu pastime Narada and Angira Muni very strongly condemning Citraketu for aggrieving over the lost son, so I had a question here in pastime when one experience a lost should one lament, or should one lament and pray, or should one give up lamentation and prayer and just act understanding that inevitable destiny control by the Supreme Lord let me just perform my action so we only find Lord Siva lamenting here in this. And Supreme Lord Himself took the action of helping Siva

Radhanath Swami: What particular are you speaking about speaking about your own life or just a general philosophical?


I was asking Maharaj whenever we think of the destiny I just often think that, we will do our endeavor and the result is in Lord’s hand so better just act , not just lament or pray because some people they insist a lot that you should pray to the Lord

First of all Lord Siva did not lament, he was aggrieved and disappointed. Lament generally means you give up; he was aggrieved to see the suffering and imminent suffering of the demigod and all living being conquered by the asuras. He was aggrieved by that. He was disappointed that he was not able to give them shelter. So everything was based on both compassion and service. But he didn’t give up he took shelter of the Lord he was still going to fight; he took shelter of the Lord. So we should never give up. That is the principle of Bhagavad-Gita.

Maharaj it is giving in the 12th chapter of Bhagavad-Gita in the verse it says samah satrau ca mitre ca, tatha manapamnayoh, sitosna sukha dukhesu, samha sanga vivarjitah, in that Krsna says a devotee should be equipoise in sukha and dukha here in the 12th chapter devotional service the chapter he says. Apart from that ma pratyasa shaym priyam pratim na dvija priya) when we profit or loss, one should be elated.

Of course, he says many, many place in Bhagavad-Gita but I was very particular about the 12th chapter that he is talking about devotional service. So when a devotee experience a loss or gain, should he label it on the destiny what has happened by Lord’s will and go on with his life or should he dwell on it or lament about it, think about the Lord and prays to Lord or about why it has happened and thing like that.

If devotee losses some big money for example devotee Rs20000 or Rs25000 so he could behave in different ways one is to worry about it how that money was lost he may scold he call devotee, he may lament about the destiny, or he may endeavor to get that back , if he is not able to get that back then devotee may be let it be the destiny So what is right behavior for a devotee if a devotee, it may also due to irresponsibility on the part of the devotee because he may act on just on the destiny so I wanted to whenever we experience the lose of assets or loss of property anything like that what should a devotee acted really do

Answer:   It is the way of destiny if he do everything right, and you lose it’s your destiny, there is nothing else you could have done, you meant to lose, Born to lose. Or you make serious mistake. You lose its destiny its reaction of your mistake, in which case you are suppose to learn from your mistake.

So ultimately everything is the in the hand of the destiny or making your own destiny. A devotee makes his own destiny or her own destiny according to the karma we create, according to the efforts. But for a sincere devotee we have to understand there is something beyond that because when he is engaged in devotional service it’s not just karmic destiny anymore Krsna’s will is there. Krsna is intervening within that destiny to help us.

Karmically we may have been destined to succeed, but if you really take shelter of Krsna. Krsna may intervene, your successful destiny make you fail. Is that good for you yes or the opposite, you may be very, very untalented person karmically. We have seen it devotees have kind of nothing socially, but they surrendered to Krsna and all of sudden Krsna is manifesting the most amazing miracles with them.

So Krsna is the ultimate controller. And if we understand that Krsna is the ultimate controller and we take shelter of Krsna then whatever may happen yes then we see as destiny. We never become discourage we may lose the battle but we never stop fighting the war. Sometime in the battle you may be retreat or stop because this is not good, but we never stop fighting the war.

Many devotee lose many battles, but in the process they just keep turning to Krsna ultimately they do in the war we go home back to Godhead So somebody loses lot of money no issue, he shouldn’t lament, it’s all this material stuff, is nothing to do with spirit soul.

But if we trying to use in Krsna’s service we should be trying for, you know when Prabhupada establish in fund raising to build and Radha Rasbhiari temple, Mayapur temple Vrndvana temple Krsna Balramaji he was putting devotees in lot of anxiety to raise those funds yes, there was anxiety. And sometime when things weren’t working they were in distress. But they kept trying.

So to accept anxiety for the service of Krsna is a good thing, we shouldn’t give up. Bhakti Siddhatna Sarasvati Thakura, his devotees’ best preachers, sometime came very much disappointed that they went to a preaching program and one or two people came, Srila Bhakti Siddhanta was in ecstasy, he said oh” two people’ very good, “if no one comes you should be just as in enthusiastic to preach to the four walls” yes.

Srila Prabhupada the first big program they ever had in Iskcon they rented out a big hall in New York City they were giving out free tickets all over the place. Just a couple of people came the whole hall was empty and Prabhupada preached as if thousands of people are there with that enthusiasms. Devotees were totally disappointed but Prabhupada was not, they said Prabhupada we are sorry, Prabhupada sorry!! You didn’t see Narada Muni was there, Lord Brahma was there, what that means.

We understand that Prabhupada actually saw Narada Muni, he did but even if he didn’t see him if you trying to do your service through the parampara the whole parampara is there. If you are acting on the order of you spiritual master Narada Muni, Lord Brahma six Gosvamis Pancha tatva they are all there hearing what you are saying, yes. They are there along with the four walls.

So Krsna sees our purpose, Krsna doesn’t accept what you offer, he accept the purpose in which is offered the intention and nothing in this material world has the power to change your intention if by your free will you keep your intention for the service of the Lord.

Whether you are living in a palace or whether you lose everything and living under a tree, nothing can take away the intention to please Krsna, except your own free will. And that’s what Krsna accepts, that’s really the only thing that’s important is your intent, your devotion. So if we understand that principle we never hopeless situation. That is not hopeless if our intent to please Krsna, to take shelter.

Losing so much, you will lose it any way at the time of death, Krsna is death personified He is going to take everything anyway. So whether it happen in this life or end of this life, it really just a detail

So yes we should there is power beyond our own there is controlling to results of my action and whether the mind laments or whether the mind is discourage or whether the mind is aggrieved.

Lost losing money is one thing, losing of loved ones, is even a deeper way losing one’s possession is other way there are so many ways of pains of loss. We may be aggrieved.

The important thing is when we understand, the all powerful the will of the Lord, that ultimately everything is happening according to the destiny for a devotee. In that situation whether we are aggrieved or not whether we are lamenting or not Krsna is telling us rise above those things rising above those things doesn’t necessarily means that they are not there, it means our purpose are our intent in our action for a higher purpose.

We were discussing yesterday Arjuna aggrieved, when Abhimanyu was killed, he was really, really in pain. But did he say forget it, Krsna, I am fighting for you, you did this to me, you didn’t have to do this I quit, he promised me in Bhagavad-Gita (Kaunteya Pratijani) You said You protect Your devotee Abhimanyu was your devotee why didn’t you protect I quit( I am going Bombay), no, he was more enthusiastic, more determine to carry on with the service of the Lord.

Matra sparsas tu kaunteya sitosna dukha-dah, agamapayino nityas tams titksasva bharata

O son of Kunti the non permanent appearance of happiness and distress, and their disappearance in due course, are like the appearance and disappearance of winter and summer seasons. They arise from sense perception; one must learn to tolerate aggrieve ness joy ness them without being disturbed.

Tolerate all these thing and be fixed in devotional service fixed in the lotus feet of the Lord and never stop chanting His holy name (Hare Krsna) trna dapi sunicena taror api sahisuna means tolerant like a tree doesn’t mean just mean tolerant like a material inflictions like cold and heat, honor and dishonor is also means tolerant of being internal fluctuations of the mind and the emotion and what does mean to tolerate them, it means, never to give up our purpose our purifying hearts, serving our spiritual master, Krsna and Vaisnavas that’s how it take the to chant the holy name.

Last part one point you said about sukha dukha mana apaman the real meaning of rising above is actually to not giving up serving the Lord, very nice Maharaj, that give the higher understanding of this verse of Bhagavad-Gita Thank you Maharaj

Hari Bol!!!!!

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H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.

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Radhanath Swami

H.H Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide, community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.Born and raised in Chicago,at the age of 19 he discovered India's Mystical devotional tradition and now spread his message of compassion and love around the world.